LAX to Bohol, Philippines.. I’m Back!! :)

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    1. Good on ya mate, out of the rat race and doing some REAL living. But I was just wondering how you coped, when the typhoon hit a few months ago…. were you there at the time?

  1. gosh i am sooo glad you’re BACK !! and i am super duper mini cooper EXCITED to see your upcoming videos about life in the philippines .. thanks alot for your efforts sir and it’s been an honor for us and YOUTUBE to get to know a nice guy like you … keep up the good job and MABUHAY , maligayang , pagdating sa pilipinas ^_^

  2. Welcome back Henry…..I also missed you and your videos.  I will be there in another year and hope to meet up with you.  I will be on Machtan.  Take care and God bless.

  3. Love your vids Henry,my wife and I will be leaving for the Philippines about the 1st or 2nd of May and will arrive in Cebu.We always use Korean Airlines,love them

  4. Hi Henry, welcome back to the PI. While you like Korean Air, I like Cathay Pacific. I just booked my flight, I paid $1,250.00 we go through Hong Kong and it’s a 19 hr flight from San Francisco to Cebu. I arrive on April the 8th and I’ll be there for 3 months. 

    1. hehe  🙂  We decided to be remain just good friends.  She’s a real sweetheart but I’m still as of this moment unattached and single.

  5. Thanks for the vid! It must me such a great feeling getting on a plane and travel. Those are one of the things that makes my life worth living.

    1. Leg room in coach was ‘adequate’ but not exactly spacious.  ha!  Overall I travel well even for 16 hours in flight, I can sleep almost anywhere with one of those neck-pillows.

  6. Thanks to God your back…. I’ve missed ya.. hope to see you in a week… I will be back at Alona also… we could meet up at ICM bose café… cake and latte on me Henry… Dan….

    1. I just drifted on over to Cebu for a few weeks.  If you land on Cebu maybe we can meet up before you get to Bohol.  Add me on Facebook, search ‘Reekay’.

  7. Nice to see you broadcasting again Henry- your vids are fantastic. I’m
    thinking of moving out there, and you sure give people a realistic idea
    of what to expect-very well done. I’d love to meet you out there, as you
    would be someone that’s great to talk to. I’ll add you on Facebook Henry.
    What type of camera or Camcorder is needed to do nice clear vids like
    you do?? I wouldn’t mind doing some in the future.

  8. welcome back to ph 🙂 upload some more videos for us, why do u pick Bohol to be ur spot in ph, dont u like the north part, like by the ilocos norte please

  9. I wonder about safety at your house, whether you’re there or not if it’s outside the village. Do you feel safe sleeping with no protection while being on your own? Also when you go off on a trip somewhere you have to leave most stuff at home. Inside a village seems a safer option for a single foreign person.

    1. It’s a toss-up.. depends on the area, how well the yard/house is secured, how much traffic near your home, your ‘reputation/standing’ in the area.. many variables so it’s tough to nail down a pulse on how ‘safe’ it is at any particular area.  Just like in the USA.. even ‘nice’ neighborhoods have home robberies.

  10. WoW!  first time I’ve seen toilet with bunch of bottons..I wonder if it plays nature ambients while, in the bush without the snake bitting your rear LOL  what city was that on?

    1. @Baguio Kim so many fond memories of bohol province life there.  fireflies, amazingly bright stars.. that place is awesome.

  11. Way back in 09 my folks and my two nepews vacation in the pi we also flew to the same airport opo in South korea… Then 4 hours later we boarded the plane going to the Aquino Airport.. We exit the airport around right after midnight out relatives meet us outside & we to North Luzon the province of Tarlac and we got there around 3am. We also visit the former U.S. base in Subic bay our relatives took us to the zoo. Next time when we plan to go there again in Subic bay i wanna to try the Tree Adventure.

    hej how aer you,i need your help i see almost your many program,realy i buy ticket from philippines, i want to go cebu and lapu lapu, can you give any reference i found home or livning place seprate in lapu lapu,i am i reach in 5 novmber,2014. i am from sweden,thanks for you if you help me for livning place, and some good resturant for eating in lapu lapu

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      hej how are you,i hope all is good with you.thanks for you i read you message and see video,i need one more help,that is okey if i dont exchange money i use my visa or mestro card on ATM . can you tell me atm is avaliable easly and how much money i take one time from atm,that is possible i take it out from one time 10000 pco. first week of nov. i am going there,that is good idea first i book hotel for 4 days then i try to found home,may be i live more then one month,

    2. @Ahmad Ali as for good places to eat near lapu lapu.. i would suggest the Family Restaurant, near Tamiya and the airport.  Also Manny Fe’s BBQ, near the Grand Mall.  Also The Landaw, over in Cordova about 10 minutes from Lapu Lapu.  Another favorite of mine is the Maribago Grill in Maribago, also near lapu lapu.

    3. @Ahmad Ali if you don’t mind paying a higher price, you can view apartments/condos for rent online via or .  but if you really want to find a deal, you need to canvas the neighborhoods looking for ‘Rent’ signs.  I cover this in more detail in this video;  Finding an Apartment in the Philippines

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