Leaving Boracay, Dodging Typhoon Ruby

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    1. @HonestAbe White so far i’ve traveled solo since i kinda make up my itinerary as i go most of the time.  if something interests me, i stay.  i definitely want to begin taking my g/f with me though.  just have to work it out with her work schedule.

  1. I’ve done the whole trip from Toledo Cebu to Boracay and It stands out as one of the best adventures I’ve had in the Philippines catching Ceres buses and vhires is always a joy for me though my lower back doesn’t like it that much. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great channel i just found it and i lovet it! I think im going to the Philippines in January i need to ask you something what do Philippines think about tattoos? I have alot of Tattoos on my arms i got 2 sleeves and a tattoo on my neck. Will the Philippine people judge me or think that im a Badboy, or will it give me problem? If i meet a girl and follow here home and meet here parents what will they think about me? Great channel keep up the god work and be safe.

    1. Some of the younger generations are into tattoos now, but the older folks will probably pre-judged you at first glance but Filipino’s are known for being hospitable and even if they disliked tattoos they will probably keep their opinions to themselves when you are present. Tattoos in the Philippines in the old days are linked to prison inmates or military to signify toughness. But times have change, the kids will probably gawked at you with fascination.

  3. Hi Henry, I am wondering what actually happened on Boracay during the storm.  Did they have a lot of damage?  Did you need to leave after all?  I guess, you never know how bad it will be… so better to be safe than sorry.  Are there homes and apartments on Boracay or do workers come and go each day? Monthly rentals?

    1. @Mark Stone i’m not sure since i was in iloilo by the time the storm passed by, and it was barely even drizzling in iloilo.

    1. @edwinodus i will likely return there later to see more of it.  it was rainy/gloomy my 3 days there so i didn’t shoot much video on this trip through.

    1. @Donnie C they are penalized for being off-schedule so, it’s pedal to the metal and hang on.  i had ‘heard’ (still haven’t verified this) that the bus/van line companies only pay out funeral expenses if they hit someone, that is the extent of their liability.  anyone familiar with PH law that can give some more info on this?  

  4. The outrigger thing was kind of cool.  There were quite a few porker Pinays in the cam background, Brother Henry.  Double helpings of White Rice.  LOL

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1 shade in the summer, heat in the winter.  or so they tell me.  “there’s someone for everyone.”  🙂

  5. wow yes Henry those V hire are fast used to go from Cebu to Bogo on them I thought the bus drivers were crazy drivers those guys are worse and im a big man I was so squashed to  

    1. yes it is nice im near the sea on the road 3 klm from Bogo Nailon is pretty to love just watching the sea  and sometime brother in law take me on the boats which I have video’s of

    2. @Kriss Bartlett i’ve travelled that road.. lots of curves, but some beautiful scenery.  i like bogo, it’s a nice little town.

  6. I remember those typhoon days that covers the whole Islands.. Mother natures always gets it’s way while, we dock out of the way.. Runnnnnnn Henry!!!!
      That boat you’re on it’s called,  banka in tagalog and the big  fairy one is bapor.

  7. Seems like you got all the avenues covered or you have done alot of research on how to get to those places etc.  I mean the driver could be taking you anywhere he wants since you dont speak their language or know where he is heading,  good luck on that trip,   another thing you stated you had your mobile Wifi – how much you pay for that service there? and the device you bought it in phils???

    1. @BenFern kay it’s just a basic, no-name, android tablet.  i had loaned out some money and found myself keeping it when they couldn’t repay after 60 days.  it was a more than fair enough trade though.  eventually i plan to get a bigger tablet.  

  8. yeah GT express in Bohol driving damn fast. Many deadly incidents with them as well. Gosh the dogs on the roads there…..
    Anyway not surprised they speedy drivers elsewhere…:)

    1. Yes…. Phil needs some traffic regulations.

      Usually in Bohol I try to avoid the GT Express cause they look like careless drivers. Rather I take the yellow Southern Star bus cause that more safe and are not such speedy drivers.

      I think this is matter of finance for them. They charge about 150 php to get from Tagbi to Alica and if they can make it in 2 hours with 12 passengers then that 1800 php to them. And if can do this 6 times a day they have a lot of money. Not everybody drives the whole 120 KM but… still their income good that way. So I understand the hurry they in all the time.

      Just i fear the kids walking on the street. One time almost a kid was hit when i drove near badjiang spring (Valencia Bohol). Driver was doing near 80 mp/h in crowded area where dogs out on the street. Here in Holland we would allow a maximum of 20 mp/h and anyone for driving faster than 40 mp/h would definitely loose his driver license.

    2. @Pieter Nierop just last night, after getting off work, my g/f (lynlyn) actually witnessed a 20 year old student get hit by a ceres bus.  she didn’t stay but said he went into convulsions and it didn’t look like he was going to make it.  🙁

  9. wow!  such an ordeal to go to/from Boracay.  I felt your pain… 🙂  isn’t there a direct flight from Cebu?  it shouldn’t take more than 30 minute to fly…

    1. @Syd Ray the flight from cebu only goes as far as cataclan, which is where i went.  from cataclan there is a helicopter flight, but it’d definitely a bit more pricey.

  10. Why do philliphine women always want you to meet there family straight away when you want one on one time with her to get to know her better they always want there family there can anyone tell me why when you meet a girl from the philliphines the girl wants to take you straight to her family.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      Hi thanks for your feedback i appreachiate it, ok so the ones that are serious and genuine do this is is this what you mean because im planning on coming to philliphines this year and meeting up with a women ive been talking to online and on skype and she always says things like when you come we will go to the beach with my parents.

    2. @paul cooper dating here is the opposite of western dating.  in the west, we spend time getting acquainted with several people of interest, then get ‘serious’ about on person.. know them even better and then meet the parents just before the wedding.  here.. totally opposite.  they want exclusivity form day-1 and meeting the parents is part of that.  not all filipinas, but the better ones are this way.

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