Leaving Iloilo – A Few Bumps Along The Way

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  1. The transportation system seems to good.  Scenery reminds me of rural Jamaica and the closed ferry reminded me of the hovercraft from Hong Kong to Macau many years ago. 

  2. Brings back memories henry, i did a lot of travel all across luzon in baliwag transit busses they are quite comfortable video,aircon,wifi bit slow sometimes, but in the end you get there. the only boats i’ve been on was the one from Manila to Corregidor and one at 100 islands so far, but those supercats seem pretty fast. any way wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2015 Henry and keep them vids comming

  3. The few ferries I rode on had boiled eggs for sale on board.  About 8 pesos each. Not bad for a quick snack.  But that and coffee was about all they had.  I probably rode on the cheaper ones.   They all had toilets on board that were acceptable but not extravagant by any means.  I was always impressed how affordable the rates were.

    1. @prairie mark i’ve ridden the slow ferries (14 hours) and i think next time i’ll spend the little extra for a private cabin.  the bunk beds were sufficient and i slept fine, but i kinda slept light wondering if someone might go through my backpack while asleep.  for security, i’d splurge for the cabin if it was more than 6 hours ride.  very affordable way to get around, just kinda slow.  🙂

    1. @bradley prior thanks.  i use the hero3 silver edition and been quite happy with it.  it’s light, shoots HD and with 8gb of fast-memory (not included) i can shoot until the battery goes out, about 45 minutes or so.

  4. Tired and exhausted, Henry. Love your attitude and patience. Interesting tour. Did not know you can take the fast boat or a ferry from Iloilo to Bacolod city. Looking forward to your next tour to Cebu when you get ready puhon, btw it’s my beloved city in the Philippines, although beautiful Negros is my birthplace. Extend my best regards to Lyn. Hope to meet you lovely people one day..

  5. Enjoyed your video, if you ever get a chance I would like to view the CR situation on the bus, how do you handle bathroom calls if no CR on the bus. Thank you again for a good video.

    1. @Joy Carmel a CR on the bus.. now, that would be cool.  someday.  seriously, they stop maybe twice along the way for a CR break.  the stops at terminals are only for maybe 2 minutes, not enough time to use the CR there.  but they do make one stop for about 15 minutes midway between departure and destination.

    1. @Alan Wood at the iloilo end there was a snack bar so i got some noodle soup, siopao, mixed nuts and 2 bottles of water.  at the bacolod side it was heavy rain and i didn’t see any food anywhere at the terminal.  i had dinner around 8pm once i got to dumaguete though.  🙂

    1. @Chemin Herman the ferry from iloilo to bacolod was about 90 minutes.  and then it’s a few hours bus ride to cebu.  (cost was about 250p or so)  or you can take a ferry from iloilo to cebu, which took me about 10 hours on a slow shipping ferry.  (they have bunkbeds) and it cost around 600p if i remember correctly.  (was about a year ago)

  6. A question on Security at your apartment.
    Did you have someone “watch” your apartment while you travel?
    Or is your housing “compound” safe enough to leave stuff behind?
    (I realize this was old vid before Lynn, so assume she watches your place now.)

  7. Did you manage to eat something during this whole day of travelling? Yes, people need to learn to adapt to new things or in this case, situations quickly. I thought you were abt to stay at a hotel in iloilo or bacolod due to typhoon ruby. Patience is a virtue but it’s also the key.

    1. it was hectic when i left iloilo. i had stayed about 4 days on iloilo prior and found plenty of places to eat near my hotel. but once i got to bacolod i was lucky to have a few snacks in my backpack before jumping on the bus to dumaguete. we made a stop at a gas station with a store so i got more snacks there and ate a proper meal once i reached Duma.

  8. Doesn’t surprise me one iota that as soon as you hit Bacolod it “started raining”…That’s all I can remember about that place and I was there a decade or so ago for about a week…Can’t remember ANYTHING about the place (like a blank sheet of paper)…Well, one thing that the streets were always wet…That’s about it ~ totally non descript and completely void of any character at all quite frankly…And I think the pronunciation should be like “Ba – Coal – Load”…Please keep the salute and the smile going after every video as your signature sign off please… 🙂

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