Let’s Go For A Ride Through My Thai Town – Honda Forza 350 Review

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  1. Thank you Joe !
    You paid $1,200 US less for your Forza 350 than I paid for my CF Moto 650 MT. Mine is not automatic and has 6 speed manual. Here in the Philippines they have a 400 cc rule for Highway & Toll roads. The demo you gave was superb. Since I can’t bring mine over there. I will sell it after I get approval to come over. This sounds like a Dream bike for Thailand.
    Stay safe and Ride strong!

  2. Just watching Joe, I plan on heading your way in the new year, plan to end up rayong and ride with ceejay, TTT so maybe if it fits in with your plans , ride safe

  3. that’s a bad ass bike Joe!…i was just talking to my wife about this bike, it’s what we will be buying when we move there too! safe riding friend, hope to meet up with you on one of our regular trips to Thailand ( when this covid BS is done with, hopefully soon!), Danny.

  4. I just sold my bike here in Udon Thani, I am looking at the forza and the x adv but is the 350 enough with a pillion? I’ve always had sports bikes so lack of power was never an issue. I have looked at the 2020 Honda750 x adv and it feels good I’m waiting for the new 750 forza before I decide. Great video btw

  5. Thanks mate the bike looks great I will think about buying. One thing when riding down hill dose the bike hold the gear range so you can save the break system

  6. Ha brother morning from Illinois youtube. Scanning ran into you. Nice toy. Good in Asia ha I bet you have that girls wants a ride ha. I think in Illinois girls run. Well piece yust keep it ☝ say hello to your right hand partner. Drive slowly. Safely piece God blesspiece 🇱🇦

  7. Forza Joe ! It’s enough to have good rides. Thank you for this fine video. Be very careful in wearing good helmet, gloves, and strong jacket. It’s thai freedom, you can do what you want and imagine … Super !!! ( in french )

  8. Sweet Bike Joe, Definitely has the power and the extra weight holds the road better than a smaller bike. I think it is way more than I need to get around Roiet. I’m looking at getting a ADV 150 next month. It’s basically a PCX with upgrades and is about 95,000 baht. I really enjoyed your demo. It showed me that I need to stay within my needs. If I have to go on a highway for a longer trip I can rent a car for a reasonable price. I have a older Ford Ranger but my wife dumped it in a ditch a month ago and I refuse to drive it now. Hence, the need for a scooter to get around. Good Luck, ride safe and God Bless. Keep the videos coming. They get better each time.

  9. Nice motor Joe , perfect for Thailand, I have a bopper half cut Harley but no way near as comfortable as the 350, happy and safe travels brother..

  10. Hi Joe, I have the same as you with the topbox and phone mount but my one is red, i’ve done 700kms on it so far and am very happy with it and will be riding it from Hua Hin down to Phuket and back in a few weeks time.

  11. I’ve been waiting for this video, …. and wow, I’m impressed , the Forza really moves out, it’s so smooth at those high speeds, I didn’t want to say anything but I really didn’t like the way your last bike shifted through the gears, seamed like it was “ banging” from gear to gear, the Forza is so much smoother and I’m sure feels a lot safer do to the heavier weight and bigger tires .I also owned a road king (2002) and currently have a street glide (2010) and a PCX 150 (2016) and I totally agree that the 150 is great for around town and “ not so much “ for the highway as it’s very light and top speed is only around 62 mph. You are definitely living the life Joe with that great weather and beautiful girlfriend ( as I look out my window at a foot of snow )

  12. thanks. refreshing break from my boring “teaching english to foreigners” online class ! hard to hear you when you are driving with the wind. nice bike. i had planned on supporting my thai mother in law when i move to thailand, now i will get the bike instead. 555

  13. i own forza 300, it is an amazing scooter! I love the storage! I ve got same shad top case as yours… Lot of storage for camping and even carry bbq stuff to the beach 😀

  14. The bigest problem with it is the suspention its shit. I live in Pattaya and the travel is too short plus you feel every bumb.
    Now pattaya central area roads are basically off-road, they are broken beyound repair so i wait for the X-ADV version of the 350. with long travel suspention.

    last thing the diameter of the turning is too long so if you want to turn back its not as a 125 scotter.

  15. Great video Joe 🙂 Made me want to take my own bike out for a spin, but since its about 0 degree Celsius here, I gues that´ll have to wait a few more months ;D

  16. Thanks Joe, I ride a bike and enjoyed the ride for the ride’s sake. My Africa Twin has been sitting a few weeks but hopfully in a day or two it will warm enough that I’ll venture out on it; I have time off from work. Thanks for the tour of your bike, she’s sweet and a perfect bike for you and Gift. Personally I’d lean toward the CRF300L. Not as convenient in town but I was raised on dirt bikes and always like exploring dirt roads. Thanks again and stay safe.

  17. I just bought the Honda ADV 150 at the same shop. After having a BMW F650 at home, I can notice the difference on the highway. But this will suit me for here in Thailand.

  18. I noticed that the bike doesn’t lean over too far when on the side kickstand. Nice. You seem to be a sensible driver. Using the added horsepower to get out of tricky situations, rather than getting into them. Good video. Take care.

  19. Joe, appreciate your videos, always look forward to them. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and Gift. Tell Gift her videos are great too. She makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face.

  20. boy that thing hauls ass!! Looks like a great choice for the roads and villages around your area! Watch out for those overloaded trucks and crazy drivers LOL!! I have done allot of driving all over Asia and have seen some crazy shit!! LOL Be safe brother!!

  21. Great review of this Forza 350 & it seems to tick all the boxes for what I will want. When i’m ready I will be checking it out, with a view to buying.
    Maybe I will want some extra strorage adding for two up touring Thailand. Do you know if it’s available?

    Another excellent video Joe, the perfect Thai vlogger to share this review.
    Thank you so much.

  22. Hi Joe! I’m planning to buy Forza 350 next year when it comes to Brazil. Have you tried the windshield upper position to reduce wind noise? Greetings from Brazil!!!

  23. Hello Joe. maybe you could add a soft back rest for Gift. Easy to stick or bolt on the top box. Great review, and I totally agree that an automatic gearbox is a must in the traffic jams.

  24. A very handsome looking bike ,, love autos , I got an auto diesel Citreon , beautifull car ,, after 50; odd years of manual changing 16 speed non synchro boxes in trucks all my working life

  25. Hi Joe, great review, i bought one just after they were released too, same color as yours, I’m looking forward to riding it when i return to Thailand late February. It seems to fit the bill, ABS breaks too! A great bike.My wife loves it, compared to our old Kawasaki 125.

  26. I’m always amazed at how little torque motorbikes create. It’s all revs, gears and a clutch. I quite like the look of the 150 PCX. Not as nice as this bike, but reasonably smart.

  27. Great video and review Joe. Just a suggestion to raise your windshield on the Hwy as this should cut down on your wind noise on the camera. This will definitely be a contender for me as I will want to have a scooter for traveling and this seems to meet my requirements. I’m used to riding much bigger bikes myself but I know I don’t need a big bike over there. You mentioned you were planning on reviewing another bike as well. Thinking maybe you are talking about Klaus’ bike! Looking forward to that as well. Thanks again and stay safe. Make sure you don’t let Gift ride unless she wears her helmet 😁

  28. Hey Joe , it’s been a while ,new phone , and just haven’t been turning in .
    I’m in jersey , and I’m seeing Thailand is accepting tourists from every country now . What can you tell me about the visa ? Can I get a visa on arrival ? From what I’m reading it sounds like it .
    But do you have an idea about it ?
    Stay safe

  29. Hi..very nice bike joe.I’ve got a zerox 155 there as a runabout and miss that little more that yours will have with the bigger engine..Honda have excellent build quality as well..good review really enjoyed it..been watching the others with the weigh in challenge..think you are on top at the moment lol…stay safe

  30. I really like your new scooter! You may have to get a different mic, if you plan to talk at highway speeds. And, I really hope you do some touring videos on it.

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