Living and Dying in the Philippines, Wake me up When November Ends

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Living and Dying in the Philippines, Wake me up When November [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I look back and reminisce on the times spent and the fun times I Shared with one of the nicest people I have ever met


  1. Well a great homage to your friend Tom. That’s the way to live life as you want, not what’s expected. Enjoy each day and leave this world happy and content.

  2. To be honest not a big fan of your videos lately, but kudos to you for the heartfelt dedication. That’s the best tribute I have ever heard for another person. Respectful and very well spoken. I think he would be very proud of your video dedication, i would as friends like you are far and few. Sorry for the loss of your good friend, seems to have been a great person to have known…

  3. I’m sorry for your loss paul Tom sounds like a good friend and people like that are hard to find and even harder to loose but one thing I believe is the people we love that have passed away are never truly gone they live on forever in our memories and hearts and have become part of who we are through the rest of our lives as long as we hold onto there memories of the life they shared with us they live on forever ❤ stay strong my friend and keep on sharing your life with your friends and you will live forever in their hearts as we’ll God bless you and baby mae. Respectfully your friend Bob

  4. It reminds me of my friend. I met him when I wans in my 40s and he was in his 60s. He became like a father more than a friend, really. The man loved tobacco. He smoked hand rolled cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. I don’t think I ever saw him without something lit. Long story short, he found out he had terminal cancer at 72. His daughter complained to me that he still didn’t quit smoking. “Why would he?” I replied. The manoved it. As you described, it really was his bliss. It was like a light went off in her head. When he passed, she had me roll a cigarette and place it in his fingers so he could have a smoke in the afterlife. We only live once. If what you love harms no one else, why judge?

  5. what are those new little cycle car things called not talking about trikes i want to check there prices im rethinking the nice bike ill prob kill myself on one

  6. i find my bliss in fitness and travel .. i don’t drink or smoke .. at 57 just turned i feel fantastic and look much younger .. however i make no judgements .. Tom sounded like a good guy and im sure i would have liked him .. yes as Paul says .. live your bliss .. be true to yourself and love others or at least accept others as they are .. a beautiful tribute to your friend .. Paul !

  7. Nice video Paul, as a recovering alcoholic I listened with a subjective ear. I made the decision to abstain from alcohol, (Two years thus far) although I am well aware of the lure of inebriation. Tom lived his life by his own rules, and it sounds like he made the correct choice for him. Who am I to argue against his decision, As I am just one drink away from the same conclusion? So far, I have returned to the gym (I traded one obsession for another, but that’s my bliss) As always, a great monologue.

  8. Hey, Paul! I always find your videos interesting and down to earth. You have a gift for storytelling with heartfelt messages that actually make sense. I, being a female your age, almost unsubscribed because I thought you were sexist and I judged you for your way of life. However, I’m happy I continued watching your videos and I find them enjoyable and funny. Looking forward to watching more.

  9. Paul, I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. It surely sounds like he lived out his last being happy with his life! Really that is all we can hope for. God bless

  10. he kind of sounds like me when I was stationed in Germany back in 1984 to 1986, I dank so much (in my dorm room) where I could polish off 2 fifths before I passed out; when I got stationed stateside I mellowed out and now “I’ lucky” if I have a drink at all, haven’t had a drink sense covid, because I got to where I’d only have a drink when I took my wife to a “steakhouse”

  11. Video’s like this are the reason why I’m suscribed to your channel. I know they cannot be ‘mass-produced’ like livestreams and that makes them interesting.

  12. RIP Tom. He lived his own life on his own terms, and from what you experienced, he had many positive, kind traits. For guys wanting to retire to the Phils/South East Asia, it’ll be good for them to decide before they leave the West as to what extent they want this chapter in their life to be a marathon or a sprint, to the extent that such things can be controlled. Tom chose the latter, to be sure…most of us, I suspect, would wish to do the former (established bad habits permitting), yet still carve out a path that is meaningful according to our own standards.

  13. Hey Paul great vid 👍. I really like your story of Tom! You are right about have fun to the end! I am 59 and wanting to come there really bad! So keep on smiling 😃 Paul JIMBO

  14. Paul, I concur that everyone determines what “living” is for them – those who judge others because of those choices can “kick rocks”. Well said – condolences.

  15. Thanks for the memories Paul. There have been a few that have passed this year; Tom Sullivan, John Martel, Stuart Schelp, Tom Clark. Quit drinking and you will live longer? It will only “seem” longer.

  16. Great Video, I know some people will mention drinking’s effect on his health but they’re missing your point , my 67 yr old neighbor who rode his bike miles everyday unfortunately last year was killed by a car hitting him while he was biking, people got mad when I said i was happy he died doing what he loved

  17. As long as Tom wasn’t hurting anyone from his drinking…no issue. It is when it hurts those around you (you are abusive, don’t fiscally take care of your dependents and spending on your addiction instead, stealing, etc.). Sounds like he was a happy guy and so different from those with addictions that have anger issues or otherwise. Like you said, follow your bliss and don’t judge others on their choices…you got one life to live and live it to the fullest and whatever makes you happy, just as long as you respect and don’t harm those around you.

  18. What is Tom Sullivan on YouTube seems like I remember seeing his face and name when I followed Youtubers? Does anyone know I would appreciate it because I could be mistaken thank you. Rest in peace Tom Sullivan.

  19. A romanticised story of a sad and painful death. Unless you are with someone as they go through this you don’t understand the torment that alcohol addiction causes.

  20. May your Friend Rest in Peace. 🙏. Indeed, you are right that people should follow their Bliss. However comma you are amiss when advocating a Destructive Lifestyle. I agree not to judge people, but if they are hurting themselves or others, a kind word would be helpful and then let it be. Unfortunately for us Humans, we were created to be moving/working Beings, it’s in our DNA. If we do not move, we will prematurely Die. You don’t have to kill yourself at the gym, walk 20 minutes a day and your done, along with eating right and proper sleep… Keys to LIFE. I did 20 years in military and was a big drinker, I in my 50s I noticed a change… Drinking hangovers didn’t hurt, but all I wanted to do was Sleep the whole next day. The spark of being drunk went away, and I thought to myself, what’s the purpose.. I’m slowly killing Myself. I stopped Drinking. God Bless, Stay Safe🙂

  21. Sorry for your loss. Condolences to his family and friends. It sounds like Tom was a fun guy to hang out with. Paul this is a wonderful tribute to your friend. We should all strive to be the kind of person that a friend would give us such a tribute.

  22. Gday Paul and greetings from a fellow Rabbitoh. Tom sounds like he was a nice fella. Condolences to his family and friends. The car he drove sounds like a Suzuki Jimmy, 999cc of pure grunt, lol. I always used to hire one on my trips to Bali, ideal for negotiating the narrow roads and avoiding the crazy drivers. Not the most comfy car I’ve ever driven. When covid allows I will be heading there for a two or 3 month stint, hopefully we can catch up and you can impart some local knowledge on me. I love a beer, San Mig light is my tipple, usually 4 or five at sunset then it’s home. Great to hear you can watch the rugby league over there. Best to you and Mae, Cheers.

  23. You did such a great job Paul that I feel I miss Tom and I didn’t even know him. He reminds me of my father. This may sound strange but I used to love when my father would have his beers. He was always fun to be around. My mother didn’t like drinking but didn’t say anything since what killed him was a horrible physical job he did 70 hours a week in the cold for 40 years. RIP Tom

  24. Paul, that was a very sincere posts. Right from your heart. Although I live in Bacong, I never had the pleasure of meeting him. Very nice tribute and well said

  25. Paul, I just watched your video and wanted to say how touching it was. What a wonderful tribute to a friend. I’ve missed you lately here but love the goat and your style. Best of everything to you & Baby, I can’t think of a nicer couple. I hope someday to run into you guys there. Who knows what is in store for us all huh? Bless you guys! Stay happy & healthy!

  26. Paul have you thought about doing a video about all the girls the left and what happens to them after their boyfriend passed away or husband that never got them American citizenship so they don’t qualify for any benefits from the United States that would be a very good video

  27. I promise Paul, you always see the best for what it is, and even though you don’t really drink this is what you’ll be remembered for.., thank you for always reminding us of what’s important in life….

  28. Very sad to lose a friend, but joyful to hear that he lived his final years the way he wanted and was very happy. Happiness is defined so may ways and so different for each of us. He has done one more thing than I have and that’s live his final years in the Philippines, doing his thing! I told everyone that I could pass now, that I finally received my first Social Security check, last July. That now, has been revised to I can pass when I spend my first Social Security check in the Philippines!

  29. Hey brother my sincerest condolences to you and all those who knew Tom. I didn’t know him but I know many like him and they will surely be missed. Even though there gone they still live on in my memory and heart. May God bless them and keep them, may they rest in peace God bless y’all peace out brother.

  30. Hi Paul…
    I’m rather new to your site, but I have enjoyed your videos.
    I’m in the US now, but can’t wait to get back home to Dumaguete, and my lady.
    A very good friend of mine turned me onto the Philippines and Dumaguete.
    I knew him for over 20 years.
    He died a year ago last May.
    His name was Dick Burk and I truly miss him. In his own way he truly lived in his bliss.
    We should all be so lucky.
    I think that you did a fantastic job on your message and “ well said “
    I’m truly sorry for your loss.
    I hope to meet you someday.
    God bless

  31. Sorry to hear about your friend Paul. Life can be short for sure. Like you, I tend to celebrate the lives of lost ones rather than dwell on the loss. There’s a caption from the movie “The last samurai” where the emperor asks Tom Cruise how Katsumoto died. He replies “I will tell you how he lived!” ❤️ all the best my friend!

  32. Paul, you have blessed your friend with a tribute he surely would have loved. Well done.

    But “following your bliss” is a path which can lead to eternal damnation for one’s self and great harm to others. What if one’s ‘bliss’ lies in having sex with pubescent Filipinas? One can conceive of endless varieties of ‘blisses’ which you no doubt would condemn.

  33. Thank you Paul for sharing. It is so great to hear from someone so real like you. For me, my immortality is constantly on my mind and I thought I was the only one. It us good to hear that we share something in common. Of course you can’t think of death all the time, enjoy each day like it is your last.

  34. I am so sorry you lost your friend. He is happy knowing that you shared his life in such a positive manner.
    I love how you say, “Tom was happy about drinking”. Hahaha
    I am sure wherever he is, he is laughing his head of!

  35. Life….sometimes I wonder what it is all about. We spend all our lives to make money and aquire things….and then we leave it all behind. Some leave it for the kids. But I have seen lots of kids that are spoiled by it.
    But life is SO SHORT! Before you know your time is up! Enjoy each moment and make it count.

  36. You have quite the gift, my friend. That was quite the heartfelt tribute to your buddy, and as far as I could tell, like your other videos, it was completely off the cuff. Well done! Sorry for your loss.

  37. What a great tribute to your friend Tom. I can only hope that someone can find that much, good, to say about me when I’m gone. It is nice to know him a little thru your words.

  38. I’m sorry for your loss I had a friend who died of The same thing I went to the hospital to visit him he’s only in his early 60s he told me the hardest part of dying with that is knowing that he did it to his self

    as a liver about 60 years old in the hospital room he told me to Horace been about dying there’s no when he did it to herself

  39. Fantastic tribute to your friend man and you are absolutely right… We can only live the life that makes us happy.
    “No one pays my bills or gets my hangovers and until they do I will live the life I choose”

  40. I quit drinking over 20 years ago. Like Stonewall Jackson, I liked it too much. I had a lab test done. I come from a family of alcoholics. It turns out I metabolise alcohol ridiculously fast. In England the legal limit for driving is 80 microgrammes per 100ml. They calculated 180ml of vodka on an empty stomach would get me to 0.80. It did. 0.81. They didn’t expect it to drop to 0.69 and 0.44 in about ten minutes. So I stopped drinking. I could drink 14 pints of beer and a half bottle of spirits. That’ll kill you, of course. And I can abstain, but I won’t stop. So the only thing you can do, if you’re like that, is not start.

  41. Very nice comments for this man Paul sorry for your loss. But he also met somebody which I believe he would say the same thing about because I kind of see you that way. Because you’re always friendly Paul and I know that’s genuine and of course let’s not leave out that devious laugh of yours.

  42. The only thing I’ll say is, tastes are cultivated. See if you can learn to like (for example) the gym. If you’ve a good training partner, and you suffer the six months or a year it takes to start to get good, then the two hours you spend schlepping to the gym, talking bull, working hard, shower, food, coffee, is enjoyable. But you won’t like it the first time. You’ll hate the next day more, and the day after will be worse. You need to persist until you become a gym bunny. Nobody likes running *until they’re a runner*.

  43. Nice tribute Paul, that story and how you’ve delivered it really touched me and you are right, not a bad way to go. Please make more videos 🙂

  44. RiP Tom and cheers to you Paul. Great video about obviously a great guy. I like to drink my bottle of red wine every day . I’m 70 and hope to live long enough to make it to the Philippines or back to Thailand (without jumping through more hoops than a trick dog in the circus). Hope to meet and Mae one of these days. God Bless. JC out.

  45. Great story Paul. I’m glad he was happy and able to live life on his own terms. It was his life, after all, and as long as he didn’t hurt any and was happy, then good for him. May we all find our happiness.

  46. Sorry Paul for the loss of your friend. That was a nice tribute to someone that made a lot of people feel comfortable to be with. There are not enough people in this world like Tom for sure. It’s nice that you because friends with him. Damn Covid disrupting so many things in our lives. May he rest in peace.

  47. RIP sir Tom
    Wow? Although I am sure you mean well? I respectfully disagree. I have dealt with alcoholism/addiction first hand. To say someone`s alcoholism/addiction is their bliss, coz they are happy, nice, and always smiling, is not reality. Not only does the afflicted suffer,(mostly in silence), but those around him, who love him as well. What if a son/daughter killed themselves drinking or drugging ? Would you write it off as their “bliss” ? Sadly , only the individual can make the decision to stop/get help. May Tom rest in peace, now that he suffers no more.
    Keep up the good work Sir Paul

  48. We thought my Dad was an “alcoholic” but he was just self-medicating. He’d had massive lung and bone cancer (undiagnosed) for MANY years and was just self medicating because his mother had spent her last eight years in hospital and he didn’t want to put us through that pain. Just shows that you can never judge anyone, you don’t know what they might be going through. Lovely tribute, Paul. XXXX

  49. Great video Paul. We meet people who touch us in ways that touch our soul. I live not necessarily my bliss, I guess I have time for that. For now I work, I live, I love, and I love my life. Without a man right now, but have no problem witht that. There will be one in the future and he will prove to be a gentleman, a blue collar which is just my choice and he will bring much to my life as hopefully I will his. We live, we love and when the time is right………………….we bliss.

  50. Not for nothing, but there is a lot more to life than “doing exactly what you want to do.” Seems to me, if you have to starve your brain of oxygen to be happy, there is something broken inside. I’m not blaming him, but, seems to me alcohol is the easy way out.

  51. You have a way with words, old dog. 👍 This pandemic has my liver working overtime. But I believe I’ll be back in Asia before you get back to Vegas. LOL😃

  52. Paul you have shown Tom a great honor to share his memory with all of us who have watched. The most any of us can ask is that we have a friend like you to show us this respect as you have for Tom. Well done and sorry about Tom.

  53. You’re absolutely right Paul. I’m glad Tom followed hid bliss. You provided a nice eulogy here. I’m happy that he was enjoying his last years. I’m glad you got to meet him and be a part of his life. Congratulations on recognizing that Tom was living life on his terms and letting him enjoy it. I wish I’d had the chance to meet him. I feel almost like I’ve met him through your words and his FB page. Cheers Tom.

  54. Grate story Paul. We don’t have to agree with someone lifestyle, but if it doesn’t hurt anyone and the person is happy with it let it be. God 🙏💐 bless your friend, and you.

  55. Very touching tribute to your friend, got emotional watching this. My cousin passed away from the same thing 4 years ago, he was 45 years old. Thanks for sharing.

  56. I’ve been living in the Philippines 18 years. I know lots of guys like Tom and they dont last more than a few years here. Turning back the clock to your youth when you get here will kill you. The VFW bar here in Subic was nick named Gods waiting room.

  57. I am really sorry for your loss, Paul. I know you didn’t want to make this video, but you made a very good point though… actually a great point. You made a point that I think we all need to hear. Live your life doing whatever it is that makes you happy over there. Life is too short to be miserable. I am not moving to the Philippines to be miserable. If I wanted to be miserable, I’d stay here in the US. Thanks again, Paul.

  58. That was very good Paul, sorry for your loss but thank you for touching on the points of life that matter. Currently in Tulsa for medical reasons and hoping my heart is OK will know more early December, want to get back to my wife in Boracay. As I have said before your living your bliss and we are both fortunate and still hoping one day we shall share a coffee. God’s Speed my friend.

  59. Yes have had many friends die there we all have are problems but we want to spend our last years there.Hope to be back soon! LIFE goes on may he rest in peace!

  60. I’m guessing there is no emergency 911 in Philippines. So if you have a heart attack and can’t get yourself to a nearby hospital then you’re basically screwed? Even in dumaguete?

  61. Wonderful tribute to your friend. I had a buddy who was a “happy” drunk. I never met anyone who laughed harder or more genuinely than that guy. This was the type of guy who would laugh himself silly after tripping like he was watching himself in a slapstick comedy. He was from Cornwall originally. We had both served in the Coast Guard in our youth so had that in common and swapped sea stories. He seemed like he was on Liberty his whole life. Anyway it is a gift having known a few people like this. As Rodney Dangerfield once said wisely, “ why even if I take excellent care of myself, … one day I’ll get very sick and die”.

  62. I have a friend who is retired there and he keeps asking me when am I retiring there like he at one point it sounded great but now since my wife has passed away I’ve lost my desire for that I’m 64 maybe when I get in my 70,s but my question to you how do you (other than vlogging) stay busy I’m not a drinker anymore (20 years military I did enough) and sitting on porch drinking and bar hopping is not me stay strong my friend

  63. He did it his way!!! Regardless of where we are, what we are doing, what our plans are, or what ever our lifestyle is or may have been…when that bell rings, it shall be answered!!! That man had the privilege of living on this earth for 67+ years, and most likely was more contented and self aware than any of us could ever hope to be. We should all be so lucky!!!

  64. Hey Paul my dear friend, I am so sorry for the loss of your good friend Tom Sullivan. I am praying that his family will get through this difficult time in their lives. I wish I could have known Tom, I’m sure that from how you describe him, he was an awesome person. I’m sure that Tom is in a better place now. May God truly bless Tom’s family. Thank you Paul my dear friend for sharing this somber video. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and Baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  65. Excellent commentary. None of us has the right to judge the pursuit of happiness by another person. It may not be my choice or your choice but his lifestyle was HIS choice. My father died years ago at 61. On his deathbed he said to me, “ I don’t want to die, but I packed 183 years of living into my 61 years”. And he wasn’t kidding. He was also a happy hedonist like your friend Tom. He had slightly different passions than Tom, but lived life his way. If a person wants to live a long life of kale smoothies, no ice cream and cake, never drink, never smoke, and never get wild every once in awhile, I say power to them. But like Tom, I will live my life my way and take my chances. I never thought I would make it to 65 and here I am. Everything now is a bonus. I’ve been trying to get to PH for two years and have become a big fan of yours. You have taught me a lot about the PH and retirement in general. Unfortunately I will start my adventure in Thailand in January and hopefully someday I will get to the Philippines. Thanks again for your inspiration and sharing the story of your friend Tom, may he Rest In Peace.

  66. Holy shit!!! What a wonderful eulogy!
    We can all only hope to live a life that leaves such a positive perspective.

    I’m sorry for you and your community’s loss. R.I.P. Tom.

  67. Great words on the passing of Tom thanks for that your so informative and a caring person keep up the good work looking from Australia coming back to the dumaguete as soon as its open to overseas travel cheers

  68. I try my best not to judge or tell others what to do. But as a son of an alcoholic father I can’t agree that drinking yourself to death is a glamours why to live or die. I know it was his choice but I can’t recommend it.

  69. What a beautiful eulogy this is. You are a wonderful friend. I hope to meet you once I am in the Philippines, but am already asking you to write my epitaph when the time comes. 🙂

  70. Hi Paul,this is another reason why I subscribe to your channel. You put your thoughts out so eloquently plus the fact that you are always so full of wisdom. I just wanna say thank you for sharing them on this forum.

  71. Thanks for the memories Tom Sullivan I hope Tom’s soul drifts up on a beautiful paradise island and off to the side of the beach an old pirate ship just stuff full of rum I can see Tom’s big smile now 🌴🌴

  72. Hard to put a positive spin when one dies through self neglect via addiction. Not even sure it is the right thing to do. Really sounds like this guy had a lack of purpose. Peter Pan never grew up. Just chasing good times or had some inner demons he could not face. So it all caught up with him. Too bad too sad. Well he does nothing for the reputation of men that live in the Phillipines. A nice guy yet a waste of space.

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