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  1. This is familiar territory Rod, btw, my computer professional here installed an App called NOADs on my desktop, seems to work pretty good, i don’t get any ads on your channel as well as other channels. Today i introduced a new follower to your channel, his name is Peter, he is an electrician and loves life in South East Asia, including he has an interest to spend time in the Philippines. Regards, Bob.

  2. I worry about the many Filipinos who are really struggling to put food on the table right now Rod. Lets hope the Philippines get things rolling again! ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘

  3. I wont be moving there fir a while, but I have been in an LDR for a bit now.

    I just did my first video vlog the day i went to my passport appointment the other day…

    I’m trying to decide on a name for my channel.

  4. A lot depends on where you live in the Philippines .
    I am still working in Iraq at 69 be 70 soon
    I have not been home in the Philippines coming up on a year. Why first off i am not going to be a prisoner in my house because of my age .
    And i refuse to wear a mask and face shield. Its one thing to wear a face mask but crazy to wear a shield

    That is why i sis not sell out in Missouri in fact i had a new home built in 2016
    My wife has a dual citizenship she is there waiting on me in march
    Guess what no mask required and the 2 country bars never closed
    The 3 diners never closed
    Treated like a human


  5. This virus has been a godsend for authoritarians everywhere. Remember the good old days when we were told two weeks to flatten the curve. The goal posts keep moving.

  6. I have YT Premium and it’s well worth the $6.00 a month to not have to deal with the ads. I highly recommend it. Thanks for the vids. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Things really do change fast here in the Philippines from one minute to the next or from day to day and that’s why it’s still hard for me to travel anywhere here in the Philippines even going to a place like butuan which is quite far from where I live to go inside the malls only certain people like seniors and people with a disability of some kind In my case I have a learning disability can be accepted entry into the malls on Sunday always good to plan ahead or just stay where you are if possible for the time being I have brown outs from time to time down south cause I live down south many trees can fall causing power to go out and a lot of maintenance to do power outages in my area can last a whole day or a few minutes to the next day and if there is a storm water can get contaminated and there could be no water in my area for hours

  8. I’m not bothered by the adverts. I look on it as a small tax on free entertainment. Seems like the ads depend on your location and the medium through which you watch, rather than your history. I’m in Leyte and using a phone on Smart 4g. The ads are all philippine tv standards, like medicine, coffee, jolibee etc.

  9. I turn YouTube on while I was in my kitchen cooking the other day, while I wasnโ€™t paying attention a commercial started. When I looked, I was 2 minutes into a 28 minute commercial. The video was 12 minutes I think. The commercials are an inconvenience but I support you by letting most of them play out.

  10. On ‘brownouts’. We are lucky in Cebu and Leyte because of the huge geothermal power station in Ormoc. Its connected to Cebu by a HV AC line, via undersea cable from Tabango Leyte to Maya Cebu. It also feeds the national grid by a high voltage DC line via Samar and Bicol.
    So our brownouts are usually only due to power line damage, typhoons etc., not regular daily deficiency.

  11. Because of where I work I was offered the vaccine. I opted out for the moment, Iโ€™m sure when the travel ban is lifted Iโ€™ll have to get it to travel. I hope they have more data by then. I donโ€™t think things will return to normal in my lifetime, Iโ€™m 57. Economic devastation is coming, I have several friends who work in sales and distribution they tell me that the US is in for a huge price hike for goods, such as hasnโ€™t been seen before. Because of new regulations, energy cost increases and simply shrinking supply. However Iโ€™m eager to discover what life has for us once this situation is under control.

  12. You said your going back to the USA leaving your partner. lmao is 44k death changed your mind. the USA worst covid in the world TY trump.
    your not a bamboo reed ok so tell us what is your true intentsions

  13. Hi Rod, I’m from Liloan.. Been a subscriber of yours for over 2 years now. Nice to see your vlogs talking about life here in PH and helping foreigners get an insight into PH life.

  14. Hi Rod,, maayong hapon bro,,,
    beautiful sky ,, weather thanks again, good vlog, good information and good video.
    good to hearing the life is coming back,, i still counting the days,,
    good to hear you again Rod,, take care..
    salamat for sharing, and ingat there. see you hear you nexy video

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