Lockdowns in SE Asia: Mid-August update.

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Not much has changed as far as lockdowns and quarantines, numbers are creeping higher in most of SE Asia. I show you guys Park City, Utah’s Main Street. If you like this video please Like, Favorite and Share it with your friends to show your support. It really helps me out! If there’s something you’d like me to show or discuss, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Hey Jason my friend, I think that the only way to at least get a handle on this virus is getting everyone vaccinated. But with such division with people not wanting to get the vaccine, we are going to fall way behind the delta variant virus. Hopefully, this will change. Thank you Jason my friend for sharing this awesome video. Please stay safe and healthy.😊

  2. Hi Jason, it is good to see that you are still uploading videos ever once in awhile. Thanks for the information and the video. Take care of yourself. Stay safe and healthy plus as always try to have fun,

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