Long Distance Love Debacle with Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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Long Distance Love [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I discuss a real life long distance romance gone south


  1. Lot of bad girls.. scammers. I had 2 girls, both oversea-filipina workers, working as a housemaid in China, want to come over to Europe to visit me, and asked me to contact a travel company who could arrange visa, flight and so on. Both travel company’s were fake, and girls too…. SO BE CAREFUL !

  2. I’m married to a Filipina, we have been married for 2 years now. We have been away from each other for a little over a year. Been locked out of the country. I financial support her, but I keep a real tight grip on the budget. If not the budget seems to just zeroed often. Her family just keeps bugging her for money, from her foreigner husband. Because her family’s wants and needs out weight, their own financial capacity.

  3. I have no sympathy for anyone who enables these scammers.These women will continue this practice as long as these desperate men keep sending them money without meeting them in person.😢🌴

  4. What a bummer, but so many times you have warned guys on your livestreams/videos to beware of who you strike a relationship with especially one whom they have not met in person before they start sending money … They just did not listen!

    BTW: Great video Paul, great colours, nice & clear picture and great sound … Was this filmed with the new phone? If so, it is awesome!

  5. You’re going to get lots of comments about lying Filipina gold-diggers, which I think is unfair. Of course there are some, just like there are some lying scamming men who are trying to take advantage of Filipinas. There are always different sides to the story and while it’s easy to judge there are reasons that things happen. I’m sorry to hear that this guys got scammed, but there are lots of girls that get scammed by guys to. It may be helpful to do a video on that to help people understand why girls will chat with multiple guys with the hopes that one of them will actually come through for them. Ultimately, the on-line relationship is fraught with problems and you won’t know until you come to the Philippines and get to know each other.

  6. My wife is men stuck in the Philippines for 2 years and I’ve been stuck in the US for 2 years and the relation ship Sucks It is very very very difficult even if you married

  7. I guess I am in the minority. Internet relationships are not the real thing. I dont blame her for looking at all options, maybe many will never come to meet in real life (and with covid restrictions it may Never be their fault).

  8. Hey Paul, Good to see ya. Tell Mae hi too . Ya both always tell it like it is and i appreciate that. On this conversation i am in that boat via skype and messenger and she professes to love me and seems to always be there for me.we message each other often and when we text i cant detect long breaks in between our communication unless she is really quick on her keypad lol. She is an overseas working for a bankers family in china. We are planning to meet as soon as we can. No big age gap 62/55 . Anyway ill be tuning in to what you have to say on this topic but, for me i have not seen any red flags as of yet as she seems to always meet my expectations and request. Guess it comes down to face to face.

  9. Nice topic. You appear better indoors Paul with the low lighting.
    Outside you remind me of those raisins on the tv commercials in the 70’s.

  10. Makes you wonder if TikTok or Facebook’s algorithm knows about the other app, so it recommends friends that way. They both gather web tracking data for serving up ads, so maybe they recommend friends using the same data. Or maybe the scammers are stepping up their game and are buying that demographic data also! Anyway, I hope you friend got his money’s worth of entertainment out it.
    Look forward to the upcoming video.

  11. It’s a common all over dating sites long time when dating sites started online business not necessarily filipinas doing the scamming only. The interesting story I ever know a dentist from Canada who was sending money to his gf in philippines to build a house..he never been in philippines to see her. After some years after the house was build he went to the philippines and his gf wasn’t at the airport to meet with him as planned then no more communication..he went to the address where the house was to find out the house has been sold by his gf…turned out she has a Pinoy bf. Many stories like that so if buying the filipinas a cell phone or some money for other reasons you can afford to lose it’ll not be a big issue. Myself I been scammed twice even I got to know those girls when I was in philippines not necessarily from dating sites. Yeah filipinas can trick you I’m not say all but the majority will do that..to find the right girl or a woman in philippines like a nidde in a haystack this days specially now with the locked down in philippines and the economy became so bad for lots of filipinos. So be smart and don’t be the cow to be milked or be a walking ATM machine if you’re in philippines

  12. Since the pandemic started, I have noticed the fakes and scammers have taken over the dating sites, and not just the Filipina sites. I specifically put on my profile I will never give money to someone I haven’t met in person, that still doesn’t deter them ..
    It’s all a game of numbers for them. If one guy in a thousand give them money, then they are doing ok .

  13. It’s your friend’s fault for giving all that money to someone he never even met. They were definitely not bf/gf, just sort of like pen pals.

  14. I don’t think the young woman in Dumaguete is really doing anything wrong by talking to a few men at the same time. I mean until she has a commitment from one of them then she needs to keep her options open. Did the young lady indicate that the relationship was exclusive? Did the man from the USA indicate that he had agreed to a commitment? No? Then all is fair sir.

  15. My Filipina didn’t ask for anything alot of scamming biatches,batches, a whole lot of good ones it’s worth the risk just think with your big head.good vid brother

  16. Oh what a surprise !! young women scamming older men. Been there done that, got several tee shirts to prove it…….:-) As we all know internet relationships are not real just wishful thinking until you meet the person and at that point is when it truly starts getting dangerous. Message to ‘old men’ like you me…….Grow up and put your brain into gear !!

  17. Great story – even if it took you 1’11” to say it would be succinct 😂. This comes down to “did he ever discuss having multiple chat-buddies with this lady”? If not, then it’s perfectly reasonable for her to talk to more than one person as that’s what most guys are doing anyway. However, if they had that conversation and agreed they’d be “exclusive”, then whatever trust was there is lost. Spend another $10 on lunch with her and get her side of the story – we all want to hear it 😁 Hopefully the subsequent video views will earn back the $10 – maybe even with a little profit.

  18. I always have my Facebook friends hidden. Scammers will friend request you and then see your list of friends and friend them, if you have your friends list visible. At least that’s what I would do If I was a scammer. So my theory is that is probably what happened. She try’s to use different platforms to keep them somewhat separated also.

  19. I have a caste iron rule that I will never send money to someone I haven’t met whatever the excuse. You have to remember they managed to survive without your money till now and they can manage until you’ve met them in person. Set the ground rules when you first start chatting. If you’re the sort of person that gets too emotionally invested via online dating then I’d suggest you keep away from it and wait until you’re able to visit.

    If you want someone to interview you for your 4 year anniversary you should see if the Filipina Pea is available as I’m sure she’d have some great questions she would ask you. (She’s in Leyte just now but not sure when she’s back or when your anniversary is 🤣)

  20. I have been advised to wait until I arrive. It’s tough enough when you live there. I have taken this advice. Be careful people. God bless.

  21. People should understand that nobody’s getting a Filipina gf until they actually can travel there and find one. And that was true even before covid.

  22. I’ve just come off the phone with her and she approved me for a loan at a great low percentage 😄 Clever Girl!!! Dumbass desperate foreigners deserve it.. after managing lap dancing clubs youd think I’d get tired of laughing at this kind of stuff but it just never gets old😂😂

  23. Pretty funny story, but I’ve heard that the Philippines only got 2 women to begin with, or at least when it comes to online dating that is, and all easy to scam westerners fight over those two ladies. Please don’t tell me I have to fire my informant on the ground. This would be horrible, as I don’t want to lose sight of the only two rich women in Dumaguete.
    Seriously though, I hope the two guys didn’t invest to much time and money on this lady. Please asks them why they don’t listen to your “non advice” ?
    That long distance stuff don’t work to well. Get there and see what happens. Isn’t this what everyone recommends ? At least give your money to a person in front of you and you might get a honest, warm and fully appreciated thank you in return. Im certain this gesture will spread in the Philippines rather quickly and you either end up with a lot of new friends ( lol ) or maybe, just maybe, with someone you’re actually looking for. Just a thought.

  24. Seem too much of a coincidence if there are only 2 people. My guess is this young lady has dozens of fish on the line. I know you don’t want to tell us her name but it would be interesting how many guys would come out of the woodwork so to speak if her name was known on the internet. I don’t think you and May will be having lunch again anytime soon with her. Tell them upfront no money until we meet, maybe load for her phone but if you say no 3 times she will disappear and you will be sad but you will have saved yourself a lot money and heartache. If you can’t do that than you probably shouldn’t be on the dating sites especially now.

  25. Ithappens foriners also do that to phillipinas so it’s difficult
    No 1 rule when yo is meet someone on line is DONT SEND ANY MONEY chat and try to feel how CV things are going
    Dont forget she survived before you met her so beware do not under any cercomztznce a.d end money go meet H ef she how and where she lives a li tg are very poor perhaps when u do go you can spend a bit to improve her home and stuff
    But a lot will come up with stories I need help my father had accident on motorbike they are good when it comes to extracting urr cash and you can bet urr one off many

  26. I need to apologize
    I usually walk away for a couple minutes when your adds come on to get you credits. You deserve them.
    This one had me caught up in the story and I skipped your add time 🙂
    Married to Filipina for almost 15 years. Great woman
    Go there first guys. Meet her in person.
    All the good stories are true about Filipinas but so are the bad. Be careful out there Gentleman.

  27. You got to be smart lads. Sure, chat online to girls, BUT, dont tell them what you do or have. The genuine ones mainly want a partner/husband. AND never send money! Wait until you have actually met her.😎

  28. There is so much scamming with these girls which we all know is wrong however in their minds it is survival. I pose the question with regard to expats who moved to the Philippines for a more affordable life way of living and started a Y/T channel which from my understanding an individual can do very well financially my question why those who watch their channels give money or send gifts(balikbayan boxes)…why? These individuals(mostly) came with a budget they could live with now put in the income from there Y/T channel …very nice income, so why e-beg. Cost of making a nice video? They do these video’s voluntarily. Anyway the question is how is e-begging different from these girls scamming

  29. Hey Paul….for your 4 year interview. How about your subscribers give some questions to Mae…then she asks them to you on video..cold. Are you brave or crazy enough? haha

  30. Hold on! Guy knew her for a month and expects a committed monogamous relationship BEFORE meeting her. Right!

    These beautiful ladies will continue to communicate with suitors until one of the suitors show they are serious by actually going to visit her. Otherwise they think it is just smoke regardless of flowing cash.

    As for sending money – most of old dudes know the score and so do the Filipinas. They are exchanging their sweetness for security. Its a win/win. But to assume sending cash isn’t part of the equation is naive and could possibly lead to missed opportunities.

    Was she a malicious gold digger? Maybe, but there wasn’t enough info in this video to tell. Dude could be missing out.

  31. In defense of the Filipinas, Since the covid lots of things have changed. I have been doing the LDR for a few years and it wasn’t like this before the pandemic. Lots of people are in survival mode. Ingat,,,, Amping…Take Care….

  32. Unfortunately, what happened to your friend is not an isolated incident. Men and women now scam each other… more than ever. It’s sad reality.
    Paul, I watched another vid you made about Dumaguete. And I think you look and speak like Al Pacino, no offense meant.

  33. That’s why I never involved myself in online dating! As to the cell phone app deal…I have a sibling I have difficulty contacting for the same issues. Her phone and data is free via her job, but is monitored and these overseas’ app’s are setting off alarm bells with her companies security team. It gets her phone locked and then the I.T. security has to unlock it. Pain in the butt!

  34. Some guys just don’t learn anything.
    1) it’s first come first served for most women there & other Asian countries (& why not)
    2) long distance messaging is not a relationship to the women, only a guy being there with her is a relationship because thats what she wants.
    3) Sending money to someone you haven’t met, is a huge mistake.
    4) I have no sympathy for any guy who doesn’t listen & learn from hundreds of others telling them about the above. This guy is no one to the woman/any woman, until she meets him in person.

  35. Paul after listening to your story I understand how this could happen these women in the Philippines are very poor and really don’t care who talks to them but they do care about getting men to send the money I could be very generous and I want to be but I believe that some people I helped from your channel or maybe even baby May channel weren’t telling the entire truth. I don’t regret what I did but I won’t do it anymore. I love your channel Paul and your stories are great so please keep them coming.

  36. Ne and I met on Messenger 3 years ago & she picked me up at the AP 2 1/2 Yrs. later. We have been together ever since. I wasn’t looking for a GF & she was the first Filipina I ever met. She is the mother of 5 daughters and 4 grandkids. I was only on there because I was working cybersecurity at the time. I wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t met. It took me at least a minute to know she wasn’t a scammer. When you live in a dark room it is easy to see when someone turns on a flashlight. I don’t date kids either so that helps.

  37. This happens all the time & its the guys who stupidly think they have a relationship going lol.
    They’ve not even met in person.

    For the woman its just chatting & in most cases she’s chatting with others (& why not).

    Its first come first served & so a guy who gets to meet her first has the best chance.
    The guys overseas are far far down the line.

  38. A bit of advice to anyone who is involved in online dating. Once it gets serious and you are both committed to each other and have promised not to chat to anyone else, it’s time to test her. Set up a fake profile with a fake picture of someone a little younger or better looking than you, maybe with more assets too. Contact this person via the fake profile and see if she takes the bait. I have done this a few times and it’s amazing how devious some of these people are. If you find one that shuns the fake profile and tells him she is already taken, then she is probably a keeper. But still keep your eyes wide open!!!

  39. You can’t “scam” yourself as long as you don’t send money to anyone you haven’t met in person. In this situation, if the girl was up front about talking to other guys and she wasn’t asking all of them for money, telling them she loves them, hey I want to be with only you, then you have to understand her situation that she is in. She is waiting for a guy that is serious about her, to show up. Today there is so much information/stories about NOT sending ANY money to another person you haven’t met. Don’t really feel sorry for guys that send money without meeting and getting to know that person.

  40. When I started on a popular dating site, the Filipinas I was chatting with would often ask me if I was talking to other Filipinas. I told them that I was and that I expected them to be talking with other guys.
    I went to the Philippines for the first time in 2015 and I had narrowed it down to four Filipinas that I wanted to meet. I wanted to deal with the possibility of jealousy so I suggested to all four of them that when I arrived, all five of us would go out to dinner together.
    Three of the four said that they couldn’t handle that but one said yes. She was the only one I met in person. It didn’t work out between us but she was the indirect reason I met my wife.

  41. I met my Filipina wife on DIA 13 years ago, so online dating does work. We talked for about 3 months before we met each other in person. She never ask me for money at all during that time. We met in the Philippines, knew we were compatible, liked each other and 13 years later, we are now retired in the Philippines.

  42. I wouldn’t jump into a long distance relationship with someone you’ve met online,., Wait until you have a ticket in your hand then you can start chatting with some of them prior of arriving,., Or you are going to just waste your time and money with them.,., I living here in a Condo in Cebu right now and my Gf ran into a Filipina living here alone in a condo unit,., She has a foreigner BF that sends her money for living expenses while waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted,., She is now running around dating another foreigner that’s living here now.

  43. People are people no matter where you go. That happens everyday everywhere.
    I’m comfortable in my own skin and know that no one will take care of me as well as I do. Simply because they’re not in my shoes. Some people say no man is an island. I have no desire to get tired down with someone.
    Never did. An occasional thing is no sweat because it’s temporary. And I don’t get mushy.

  44. Tiktok not a bad thing any more than a girl having more than one Facebook link unless she hiding that from you were her family friends are . My fieance is on Tiktok she ask me if i was all right before she started she has other friends on there i follow her i know what she doing men do hit on her If you cant trust her dont be with her sound like your friend was being played

  45. First of all let us your viewers interview you??? No questions off limits?? Could be fun!
    I’m looking forward to your video about LDR’s! I’m 55 and I’ve been in a LDR for 13 months now. I like to think I got lucky because I did meet a good woman she lives in Manila is highly educated been married and has 3 older kids. She’s 43 years old but looks 30. Yes I have sent money to help sometimes but she knows I’m not rich and there are limits. I’ve heard so many stories of scammers but I truly think I got lucky! I can’t wait to get there and finally meet her!!

  46. Is it strange? Is it weird? Bloggers are telling guys world wide how wonderful dumeguete is. The guys are all chatting up girls from that beautiful city. How long till more than a few meet the same girl? Always remember. The girls catch on fast!

  47. A fool and his money is soon parted. The definition of a fool is someone that gives money or gifts to someone that you have not meet in person and you have not known for quite a while.

  48. Agree with most folks that say avoid meeting and getting involved with girls on line…that’s the rule whether looking for someone in the US or another country. Good thing the both of them found out rather early before sending lots of money to the girl and getting more emotionally involved!

  49. I’ve been to the Philippines 6 times I’m currently talking to a young lady for the past 2 years I don’t consider it a relationship it’s a friendship she was kind enough to send me in America a birthday gift she has refused money from me I was only going to send a little for Christmas dinner having said that I told her when I go there she will be my favorite I’ll spend more time with her but I will have other ladies on occasion my life my rules my money my rules

  50. Met my Filipina on FB. Came to PI, spent a month with her traveling around getting to know each other. Moved there in the Fall of 2019 and all was good till a scooter accident. Broke my ankle and came back to the US on February 16, 2020, right before the lockdown. We still chat every day and yes I do help her. Never have I bought a phone for her, and never did I send her anything till I met her in person!

  51. My girl and I have been together for almost 8 years i know several of her friends have chatted exchanged pictures and accepted money from that talked of meetings relationships starting a family then vanished so I understand this girls position take nothing for granted believe them when you see them

  52. Whatever money he sent her, it’s the cheapest tuition he’s ever going to pay for the education he got. And, the course only lasted a month, too! Tell him he’s one of the lucky ones in terms of guys who have been scammed in this world. And now, he is free to take a second chance on actually being lucky in real love, albeit at a more measured pace with a more prudent outlook. He’s gonna be just fine.

  53. It’s only a scam when they take the money. If it’s given look at it as a filipina (loan). When i was looking online i was talking to three girls at a time all i could handle. Yes they would get mad but i didn’t hide anything, didn’t give anything, just explained that i was looking for one filipina. Everyone of them tryed to call it cheating. I asked them to explain how it was cheating when we haven’t met in person or given ourselves to each other. They get over it quick or move on. You can’t claim something you can’t touch. Online dating is waste of time.

  54. Fun stuff Paul.
    Not sure what the actual problem was, no committed relationship indicated.
    We are all free to “date” multiple people at same time, chat etc.
    Then pick the most desirable one based on….whatever.
    And, some guys are more naive than others…..
    Myself included when I started out.
    So, looking forward to your vid covering the expose’ on what you’ve learned….

    We’ve all been there so will relate.

    And remember, some guys just never “get it” too:-)

    Their choice…

  55. Well said Paul. Here’s something that deserves our attention. @Robby Rose, as a result of his travels in the Philippines during COVID, says because of job losses, there has been a marked increase in the number of good, honest Filipinas of integrity becoming scammers. My response, there’s a longer one below, but in short, that can’t be true. The bottom we often think we have reached is not the bottom. No matter how bad the situation, with good, descent human beings, short of the threat of perceived death, there is a floor within them, below which, they cannot go. Filipinas, defying who they are at their core and trying to become something they’re not is doomed to failure.

  56. Same Old Song and Dance. This will continue to be a topic of discussion 50 years from now. Emotion and Logic do not play together very well. I’m sure he knew better than to send money – but he did it anyway. We all make mistakes – learn and move on.

  57. Interesting show. I was trying to picture who this woman could be and if you had interviewed her before. There is one that comes to mind with a close 2nd runner-up. The whole thing is only possible in this age of instant communication. Happy Trails

  58. I would go on line once your in country. Get yourself settled in an area you want to live and then look up local girls on line and outside. Don’t tell them your here already just give them a few weeks to see if she is a scammer or not. Pick out the nice ones and meet up with no commitment and if they ask for money on the first or second date move on or be honest and just tell them on the first date. The true ones will stay. LDR are a scam in themselves.

  59. Paul I respect your honesty when it comes to women it’s like rolling the dice sometimes you win and sometimes you loose but always beware because you never really know until you really get to know over a period of time ! I’ve learned many Filipinos women play the same game with many foreigners at the same makes a lot money looking for the best prospects or what’s the most profitable and may even have a boyfriend or husband already !

  60. Hello Paul,
    Have you considered a backup generator set (with or without automatic switch over) installation? EDIT: Wow I just recalled that you rent, seems as though your solution to get a room at a resort appears to be an answer to the frustration

  61. Paul, my opinion, after the first engagement with this young lady it becomes none of your business, you have a sexy, good natured lady already, take her to lunch by herself and be satisfied, cheers.

  62. Most guys just don’t listen or learn.
    NEVER EVER send money to someone you’ve never met.
    When they do & it turns sour, they play the sympathy card.
    They need to use their brains but many don’t.

  63. Why worry about it? These ladies don’t know who they are really talking to either. They don’t have money. They live in a very rich country filled with lots of poor people. They have to play the angles and they will. Go in with your eyes wide open and don’t send money to people you have never met.

  64. Reminds me of line from a Ray Charles song “you said before we met that your life was awful tame, but when I took you to a nightclub the whole band knew your name! “

  65. Men that meet women that are significantly younger have a much higher chance of being scammed. Also, men that are desperate for companionship can also be easy targets. If you’re going to meet someone online, your chances of success will generally be much better with older Filipinas. But don’t be desperate for companionship; there are plenty of women to meet, you’ll find the right woman if you are secure in who you are and can say no to money requests.

  66. No matter how you meet neither of you are committed until your are physically together for a period of time. The girl and the guy can be talking to multiple partners. Sending money is your choice but is not a substitute for an actual personal physical relationship.

  67. He just set her up, good or bad however you see it! He can’t have certain apps on his secure phone? Get you own personal phone…. I’m in the same work, so your friend simply set her up because he didn’t trust her, simple as that! What did he expect, don’t blame the poor girl just trying to survive, how does she know he’s not bs’ing her as well, right? He’s got issues he needs to sort out!

  68. You send them money and you don’t live with them, then you are a risk for being scammed, just know that going into it and then decide whether you want to take the risk or not. Easy peasy.

  69. Not all Pilipina are scammers, there’s some are good and am the one of them are not scammers,money or material things that’s not a matter for me,I can work for that,I stand by myself nor to dependent others, take note every where has a scammers all over the world not only Philippines woman.

  70. Another case of a expat not listening to Paul’s warnings about LDR’s. Guys, please start listening to Paul instead of his words going in one ear out the other. Take his warning to heart. Put a note in your wallet that reads “Paul said never send money to someone you’ve never met in person.” My best advice is THINK with the head between your ears not the head between your legs!!!!! Just my opinion, you might disagree. By the way, I found out the girl I was talking to for 1 month had a boyfriend on Facebook. BUT I got off easy as I took Paul’s advice and never sent money.

  71. I don’t expect this girl is a scammer or gold digger; she’s just doing the same as most sensible girls looking for a foreign partner. The vast majority of guys find a girl on line and say its their intention to visit the Philippines as soon as possible but never actually follow through. So if a girl corresponds with just one guy, it is likely he will never visit her so she would have wasted months or years. For a girl to have any chance in finding a foreigner within a reasonable time, she must follow several at the same time.
    I’ve known severa; girls looking for guys on line and most soon realise that concentrating on just one guy is a very risky business, so most learn that the most sensible way is to have several on the go and maybe one will actually come and see her.

    As for sending money, then thats up to the guy, no one is forcing him to send money to someone he hasn’t met and if he is stupid enough to believe that the girl in madly in love with him before they have met, then he deserves what he gets.

  72. How dare the woman he’s never met & who lives many many thousands of miles away, be chatting with another guy.
    WOW send her to prison.

    This guy needs to use his brain.

  73. From my experience of using dating sites I’d say probably more than 80-90% aren’t even genuine but are there to find money. For the balance I think most of them will hedge their bets and be talking to multiple guys. I think that’s fair enough and no-one should complain about it. Just know this is the reality and act accordingly.

  74. This story confirms my first rule about women. I have known way too many women and I consistently have learned to NEVER trust a woman unless I have known her a minimum of 2 years. Even then things can still happen. At least this guy took the proper steps to begin the “vetting” process and he did not rush in to a commitment.

  75. There goes your $10 bucks, friend in need is a friend indeed, ex -military term, bounding overwatch, you covered your friend, have

  76. Bounding overwatch, a military term, you looked out for your friend’s back while she tried to screw him without you seeing down the pike, played you and Baby May, the same way she played him and his other buddy and as said before, never too old to learn, phones, monies can be replaced but peace of mind can never be, in closing have 🍻🍻🍻🍻 on my tab

  77. Hey Paul…sad story about your friend…I know I’ve been extremely blessed…I met my Joyce on FB in 2016…online chatting went great and I went to meet her in Jan 2017 to see if she was legit, 4.5 years later we are STILL together…have been back to see her 5 times since, we talk twice a day for years, she’s amazing and we’re very much in love…now for the kicker…she’s 46, so she’s not into the online scamming stuff…I’m planning on retiring in 3 yrs or less to be with her and in Dumaguete…I know it’s a rare relationship but they DO exist

  78. YEAH ,,IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO. money money all the time ,i love you in one day , my mother is sick she needs medicine ,my brother hurt his arm. it just goes on and on . the chicken hurt its back,, being a Canadien man accepting and trusting wanting to help i did.most was lies when i came to see them i discovered i was going to support the whole family ..also when trying to rent an apartment i paid the SKIN TAX .. i paid this tax every were i went for everything ..now i see you there and happy i dont think that is possible for me ..i am looking in Cambodia and Laos cheaper and maybe more easy to see the scammers ,hard in philipines they all have social media and dont miss a trick.
    good luck old guy i like your format as im old fart too,,

  79. Thanks for the warnings Paul. Sometimes I wonder if is even a girl we are talking to and not a scammer. Take care Paul. Thanks again.

  80. Ive traveled all over s.e. asia, and i love it, because i love asian chicks, but philipinas are friggin scandles lol. But there smart hahaha. Just dont give them money, because sooner or later there gonna ask for it $$$$$. Hahahaha good video bro. Gang on to your wallate 🤣😅😆

  81. I can’t count the number of Filipinas I’ve chatted too online over the years, then blown them off because I thought I’d found someone I thought was better. She does right to chat too a few different men, sensible lady.

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