Long Distance Relationship Trouble – Sobbing Filipina Begs Philippines To Open Up

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Long Distance Relationship Trouble – Sobbing Filipina Begs Philippines To Open Up!!!
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  1. Long Distance Relationship Trouble – Sobbing Filipina Begs Philippines To Open Up!!!
    AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this channel are affiliate links, meaning, at NO additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe.

    #1 Dating Site to meet quality Filipina girls: Christian Filipina Meet Beautiful Christian Singles Today! They check every profile. Best overall results of any dating site in the Philippines.
    FilipinoCupid is the #1 Filipino Dating Site With Over 5.5 Million Members
    Need to Send your Filipina girlfriend money:
    Remitly: Sending Money around the world: Get a special promotional rate and no fee on your first transfer!!
    Travel & Medical Insurance & Covers Covid-19: http://bit.ly/36pHlVf
    Global Health Insurance for remote workers and nomads covers Covid-19: https://bit.ly/3kJOret
    Health Insurance: covers pre-existing conditions, cancer and Covid-19: – http://bit.ly/3fSZEaL
    Join this channel to get access to perks and help support my channel:
    If you would like to help support my channel: https://paypal.me/GioSanTeaching
    Visiting or moving to The Philippines? 1 on 1 Consultation With Gio: e-mail: [email protected]
    My Patreon account: Over 50 Exclusive videos not found on YouTube
    Wise get your first transfer for free: http://bit.ly/2Z4xxfZ
    Sign up to get your TEFL and start teaching today! https://bit.ly/2R9URae
    If you would like to Help support my channel by buying me a coffee, thank you.
    Discover if the girl you’re dating in the Philippines is FORTHRIGHT or a total FRAUDSTER.
    Contact Information:
    Contact me by e-mail: [email protected]
    About me: My name is Teacher Gio to my students and Gio to my friends. I left the USA over 4 years ago to travel SE Asia and live a better life. Follow my journey as I travel around The Philippines reviewing different islands and cities.
    My channel: Reviewing different islands and cities in The Philippines as places to visit or live, condo and apartment reviews, dating tips, & how to travel and live inexpensively in The Philippines.

  2. Yes it’s tough. One day the PI will rid of all the incompetent people running the PI government. And I though Latin American countries were bad!!!

  3. It’s a sad situation. I imagine many of these women in an LDR are seeing their hope for a better life slip away as the Philippines boarders stay closed.

  4. I am also in this situation. We have been together (online) since early 2018. I met her in person in the Philippines in 2019. I planned to go back early in 2020, but when covid19 hit, I figured we should wait until it passed. And here we are, almost the middle of 2021…

  5. Thanks Gio, really sad 😞… Glad I am not in an LDR anymore,, but I still don’t understand why any government won’t let loved ones be together… if you have been vaccinated and willing to quarantine why not?? I understand the risks but we can’t keep the world shut forever !!!Here in Australia the are saying at least another year before we travel except if there is travel bubbles .. Be safe Gio

  6. So sad!!! We are with you ma’am!!! My wife and I have not been able to see each other for a year. Hopefully, next month we will see each other.

  7. Very difficult situation, but I am looking at Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, or Malaysia to have a shorten quarantine to see my girlfriend.

  8. Impossible to find comforting words It actually hurts listening to her.
    Oh, what most of us would give,
    to find true love like this.

  9. It’s heart touching but contrast this to the videos coming out of India. 40K people dying (officially 4K) everyday. There’s no place left to cremate. Philippines healthcare system will collapse in a week. No one wants that for the Philippines. Everyone wants it too open up ASAP.

  10. I hope it will open soon also this thing has been a relationship killer for a lot of otherwise fine people just hang in there hopefully it wont be long

  11. We are all in the same boat
    I’ve got a new baby born in October in 2020 and I’ve not held him
    I haven’t seen my 4 year old for a year
    These Filipino girls are to emotional its all drama drama
    They watch drama all day
    I cannot stand this BS
    Kids are more important
    This is pure narcissistic

  12. I can relate with her much .i haven’t seen my partner for almost 2 yrs now.even we talked online all the time still not enough .And wanted him to be here as he struggled in UK..this is hurting us much.i even dont want him to have a vaccine due to his health conditions. 🙁

  13. This is hilarious. Over acting. She needs to just suck it up and realize that this is for her own good. The pandemic is real, stop putting your own selfish needs over that of the collective.

  14. If that plea doesn’t hit you in the gut, check your pulse. My gosh, makes me wonder about the total impact of this virus. I’m not going to start with that, but the job loss, depression, suicide, stress, hunger, heartache and really even fear kills as far more than this virus ever will. At what price is the question. Wow, thank you for sharing Gio. For whatever its worth

  15. I remember when everyone said in 2020 the Philippines would open up in 2021. Here we are in the middle of the year with no signs of opening. Nobody should be surprised if we can’t go there for years or even a decade. The Philippines won’t get vaccinated anytime soon so obviously there won’t be any progress forwards.

  16. Geo I hope she can see my comment maybe they can do an internet marriage? I’ve been waiting 2.5 yrs many different things happened to us and COVID was the final kick in the ass.The one problem the Philippines can not afford to have an out of control pandemic many many people will die. It sucks I feel your pain too wish her well n keep the faith ❤️

  17. Ya definitely. President duterte needs to let these people come come home. I bet his ass would be in same shape as this poor lady if he had family far away he couldn’t get too. !!!!

  18. Im in the exact same situation too,as are many other couples..Life is on HOLD for many people still..Being strong spiritually and faithful with God certainly helps..Another sad fact is the Philippines is crumbling financially without foreign visitors even more..Duterte you better start getting your act together to reopen soon before the country and you get a bad reputation.

  19. If you love and trust you partner whatever the distance both of you will conquire, but i am also thinking of the health of my partner if the border open these is not safe time to travel, we are missing them, me and my boyfriend we should meet last year but the pandemic started we are 1yr and 4mos in relationship and keep waiting for the right time, but we always talk, everyday while we are working and we get home from work. Just be strong girl atleast both of you are fiance.. just think about this virus…

  20. It was 3.5 years of waiting and last September my Filipina finally made it here to the USA …one of the last groups to leave before the permanent lockdowns began .
    My wife and I know this young ladies pain all to well … I wish for a speedy recovery of the Philippines and Visa processing for this young lady . Hang in there believe in your higher power and pray … God Bless this Filipina

  21. It’s pretty cut-and-dry do a swab test after 3 days are negative or show a Covid vaccination record And let the healthy people come see their loved ones dam!!!!

  22. lots of instances where people in my country (Canada) did not get to visit even their dying parents, etc. but yeah, i feel for her. by the way Gio, THANK you for plugging “Your Little Pinay”. she is great. i will either join your channel or throw you a nice tip on a livestream for helping her get started. That is super nice of you.

  23. I know a guy who rarely sees his fiancé but that’s because everytime he arranges for her to come to Australia she ‘loses’ her passport, suddenly becomes too sick to fly, her kid has an issue etc…..she’d be loving this pandemic!!! She’s now got a built in excuse😂 hey, if this girl can’t see her man she can probably land herself a role on a Philippino soapie!! (Sorry for spoiling the mood)

  24. The Philippine Government doesn’t want to give up the International relief money, which money is going straight into the Treasury. They are willingly hurting their citizens.

  25. Sounds kinda selfish. We are all in this boat. Unfortunately we have a pandemic. For a while, we Nevadans were restricted to even going to California. Family members not seeing each other, living 4 hrs away! I feel you. But a dead loved one is not going to do you any good, if they succumb to Covid-19.

  26. yeah these shot callers in all theses countries seem to get off on what they are doing. they love the control over others. as long as they get their wine with their dinner they could care less if the rest of us eat grass and stay in the basement. time for change. enough with the vaccinations already. stop creating problems

  27. If there was a vaccination card that would be hard to forge (magnetic strip, etc.), I really don’t understand why international travel should not be allowed. Worst case, proof of vaccination card and Covid test 24 hrs. before departure. Icing on the cake? Impose a $100 Covid fee to help pay for Filipinos vaccinations themselves…just my suggestion.

  28. I sincerely hope her boyfriend is worthy of this young lady’s suffering. If I was her father God help him if he ever mistreats her. Most of all I pray the a-holes running China who perpetrated this worldwide tragedy receive a long, painful visit from vengeful karma.

  29. This is a good thing that you are doing Gio. People, the government need to see how being apart affects peoples health and well being. I am in the same situation, I have a sick wife and I cant be there for her…..

  30. I feel her emotions… A lot of people is thinking this is a selfish feelings, but honestly what is selfish? Is those people working in the hospital kept recording covid even if it is not covid… Just for example : somebody was died because of vehicle accident, then in the hospital they record it, died because of covid….where is the justice in this cases!.. Not all people is ignorant here.

  31. Plandemic. The virus is real, but the response appears to have been preplanned. Nothing governments are doing makes sense or any good. This appears to be all about control.

  32. It’s sad to see this thing happened. it’s not ever her who had this problem LDR. However selfishness it’s not a solution especially in the wild world pandemic. We need to think as a whole and beside this won’t last for a life time though. Always remember there always a light at the end of the tunnel , be patient and pray you will be reunited soon.

  33. This is why I’m very Very hesitant on LDRs especially right now. I don’t want to get a girls hope up and then not see her for possibly years.

  34. I feel sorry to you girl.me too I’m always praying that Philippines will be open the boarders for tourist so that our tourism industry in lapulapu city will be back to Normal. foriegner tourist is a big help in our local government income. A lot of spa Massage shop, restaurant, and dive shop, are close. and many oponganon lose their Job’s including me for 10yrs.working in hospitality industry as Room attendant I lose my job because of this Plandemic but I have a positive outcome that after this crisis tourism industry in Philippines well be back to Normal soon To all foriegn tourist who are eager to come in Philippines don’t lose hope and have more patients. We pilipino people are still waiting all of you to come and visit in our beautiful country Philippines. God bless and stay safe.😇🙏😊

  35. Very powerful and I hope she can stay strong because mark my word, the Philippines will not be opening to foreign tourism this year. Quite frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t open in 2022.

  36. Is there money in the Philippines, the vaccines the first one is not but the second one kicks your but. Mask don’t work. Washing your hands with soap and water is the best. Build up your amenities is the best way to do that drink your coffee hot.
    Hot genger lemon tea is the best. All test animal tested died. People allergic to egg and fish well die.

  37. Crying and begging isn’t working, I haven’t seen my soon to be wife for well over a year and she is crying and begging for a long time now.
    I say soon to be but it’s really my whenever freakin possible wife or whatever you want to call our long time partner in a committed relationship.
    It f**king sucks but we have stuck together through this we can stick together through anything

  38. My girl of 3 years has had her visa setting at the embassy since March 2020,
    We’re still waiting on embassy to open again, hoping we don’t have to start the process all over again?

  39. This is really sad and so many couples out there feeling the same way for sure. Couples have to dig deep to find extra strength and believe in their relationship. Wishing all couples in this situation much strength.

  40. To reduce the spread of COVID 19, please people get vaccinated. The U.S. CDC had acknowledged for those individuals who get vaccinated can now remove the face mask via social medias. Pasencia beautiful sister.

  41. Women cry because it gets them results. This is manipulation. Men don’t cry. Not because they don’t hurt and not because they were taught not to. But because when they did, nobody cared.

    Lockdowns are bad. But I know manipulative BS when I see it

  42. 38 months with my Filipina in a LDR.
    I’ve met her on several trips to Marinduque. But we broke up after 8 times of arguments I started most since the pandemic, I’m tired of waiting, she’s constantly calling , texting , video chats. God same questions. I finally told her I’m not happy with her and we must part ways. SHE’S BORING, but ver pretty.
    I couldn’t take it any longer.
    LDR is a job in itself. It’s a shame that world current events don’t concern this country.
    Filipinas really need to be more articulate and interesting. Yes ex Pat’s loves beauty and brains

  43. Whoa what a tear-jerker and judging by the damn dog in the background sounds like she misses her partner too! Greece just opened up to American tourists and now that I’m fully vaccinated I feel better about traveling too. So I think the Philippine government needs to not rush to judgment decisions but at least make time of the essence changes to foreign travel especially when us Americans are getting fully vaccinated now (imo of course). I hope this lady gets to be with her partner soon my prayers are with her

  44. What a beautiful loving fiancé filipina. Hopefully the strength of her love and his love will keep them together until they finally can meet in person. Dont lose hope…..

  45. Wow I understand completely I have a fiance in the Philippines since the pandemic started we have not been able to get together She’s waiting for me and I can’t get there because of the lockdowns and flight restrictions I’m American I am fully vaccinated at this point, we communicate video chat three times a day. And we both are dying to be with one another So I know the feeling. 😒 But we are both strong we will not give up we both went this, It’s very tough. So I understand the young ladies feelings completely.

  46. as a Targeted Individual harrassed with Stalking and Psychotronics for 10+ years i can say you need to learn being harder to yourselfs

  47. Philippines Should have a road map of when they plan to open up like other countries. atleast an Estimate.. this will help people to plan and know how long they are waiting…. even in prison they tell you how long your serving.. you cannot jail prisoners without telling them how much they are serving..

  48. its really hard just was like me we been in 3 years togeher my fiance away 1 year already axious killing me instead of my cancer damn …open before i die pleaseeeee

  49. Australian Govt won’t allow it citizens to travel internationally until 2022 possibly mid 2022 🖕🏽🇦🇺 Govt. it’s still over 12 months away even with our vaccine rollout 🤦🏽‍♂️

  50. Good idea Gio about the alternate country, I was possibly thinking about meeting up in Japan if a bubble opens, possibly even Singapore ???

  51. This whole situation is a glaring case of the cure being worse than the disease. This young lady’s reaction is the tip of the iceberg of despair all over the world.

  52. I feel you mam, napaka hirap po talaga ng situation ng LDR, D kasi nila na fefeel yong na feel natin kasi kasama nila yung mga loveones nila..Sana naman give to chance nman please na mkapasok ang tourista na willing nman mag stay dito sa pinas ng long term at vaccinated nman din kong willing naman mag follow sa protocols why not???? Pls nman wag nman maging bias sa situation namin ang hirap hirap nman po talaga na malayo sa mga mahal namin, yung fiancee ko mag 2 years na kami d nagkita at d na kami mga bata hanggang kailan ba kami dapat maghihintay anu ba give chances nman samin..npaka unfair naman.

  53. They already gave you their answer. The Philippines will not open until 70% of the population is vaccinated! Nothing’s going to change that. Expected to be years from now.

  54. Yeah, doesn’t make any sense, I was in the Philippines January through March last year. We had our son in October. Been trying to get paperwork ready this whole time. Finally getting my visa tomorrow and now they say I need a DFA exemption letter that no one knows how to get exactly..I have only met my son through video chat and I miss my girl too, I’m fully vaccinated but that doesn’t matter to the Philippines. Here in the U.S. we are back to normal for vaccinated people, no masks, no social distancing..

  55. I feel so sorry for this girl and just makes me angry to know the power over life that government has and there’s not a thing anybody can do and I agree with you, the Philippines will remain closed this year, at least. Vaccinated or not. Why? Because tyrants are not reasonable and by crossing them, they tend to take it to the next extreme. Hopeless.

  56. she want to have a better life, women like to married fast in that countries, thats not love is just about survive, but I cannot blame that women, I just say good things in life takes time. When my woman talk to me about marriage and kids, I say to her she must to enjoy the process, and not worry too much about future all day, beacouse trust need time for build, and she look anxious

  57. Some days missing mine just makes me sick to the stomach the hopelessness sometimes turn to resentment of the whole situation and I lash out at her death not what I signed up for it’s approaching 3 years . Definitely hard on her of course we video chat everyday sometimes twice a day . It even hurts looking at the bloggers because it’s a constant reminder . The worst one for me recently go was when you visited the floating restaurant that’s where we have one of our dates and went over to the 10,000 roses that one really hurt

  58. Takes a lot of strength, courage ,determination and waiting to see it through in these times .The stronger the bond the better the outcome now and for the future, use this time wisely to further what has been built it will test many to breaking point but those that never give up will succed.

  59. Well if she really loves the guy and the guy really loves her why don’t they just do an online wedding and then he can prepare to be there with her don’t give up little girl

  60. I’m not heartless, but I got bored of her sobs, sorry. Here’s the thing even if the Philippines opened up tomorrow I would not be able to visit because my country, (the UK), has placed the Philippines on our red list of countries. That means a mandatory 14 day state quarantine on my return at around £1000 p/w in hotel costs. So she can sob all she likes. First the Filipino government aren’t going to listen and secondly the country her bf is from may not even allow travel there. I’m in LDR myself and want to visit, but I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

  61. I hope for her sake any everyone else in the same situation as her, that ppl will be able to visit and be with their loved ones in person,

    I was able to relate on a small level to how she feels.

  62. This shows how ass-backwards our country is Filipinas for the most part are college-educated and speak very good English but have a hell of a time getting here people on our Southern border find it easy to get here are lucky to make it past grammar school and speak no English

  63. My fiancée got her visa last week. A ticket to Canada has been purchased and we reunite in July. The Canadian government has implemented the IMM0006 form to reunite family and extended family members. We applied for a visitor visa (was 28 days, now over a year) the 0006 puts the applications to the top of the pile and once all the paperwork was sent in, it only took 2 weeks to request her passport and it was returned within 2 weeks with a Canadian visa.
    If Canada can do this, why can’t USA? they have their herd immunity now!!

    For those with partners in Canada, to see what’s required for an IMM0006 Google it.

    You must be in a relationship for over 12 months and have physically met (ie I went to visit Febby in January 2020. Based on that the Canadian government recognized her as extended family. I know this doesn’t help her but it may help someone with a partner in Canada 🇨🇦

  64. Be strong ! I feel you I don’t see my american boyfriend for 2 years because of pandemic He’s flight got cancelled last year. Hoping and praying Philippines allow tourist He planning to rebook his flight this month of July or August. Keep the love burnin,trust your partner and trust God. Just like you I cried many times because I miss him so much but we do nothing about it.Be strong girl 💪💪

  65. I tend to be a fairly “hard” (some would say jaded) guy who doesn’t get emotional about love and relationships, but this was harder to watch than a puppy getting run over by a car. Whoever she is, I wish her and her partner the best of luck and speedy reunion.

  66. I think. Need to create a rule where a philipina woman can authorized. Foreneir BF to travel to philipines. With obrigatory get married. a lot. Men help GF in philipines this is prove exist a relationship serious. Money Go to Philippines Move economy this the governemant like.

  67. Well ; the leader’s of the Philippines keep the people dirt poor and hungry , living in appalling conditions with rat’s and cockroaches , unfortunately I don’t think that this will help. But I will say a preyer for this young lady.

  68. I wonder when they will hear us. Everyday the clock is ticking, its such a long time already and our ldr surely got shaken many times. We both tried hanging on,and so afraid one of us will reach our breaking point. This pandemic situation is too much, we still cannot see the light of the tunnel. Easy to say we keep strong but deep inside its draining emotionally and mentally. Its affecting our health, insane…..That feeling you keep checking on updates on Bureau of immigration, tourism, address to the nation speech, ahhhh nothing is progressing, more and more frustrating.

  69. Her English is very good .and she said not to just vaccinated tourist. Hmm I say to they should only let vaccinated tourist in . Her bf won’t get vaccinated to cone see her wow

  70. Lol what the heck was that? 😳 what would it help to make a fool of herself with this, its all about number of infected and not about anyone’s shoes 🙄

  71. This is Very Hard on Many Couples in Real Love ..To not be able to see that Loved one Suddenly and unexpectedly certainly a horrible situation.. This will kill more People than this so called Pandemic.. There is a Political twist to this for sure.. The numbers DON’T add Up .. Something STINKS ..LOCKDOWN THE PEOPLE.. Control the People
    Sit down – Shut up – and do what I say … Sad but there is truth to this .. GOD HELP US 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  72. Sadly, it’s the virus that will dictate the opening. I can empathize but people are dying out there. Relationships can wait. People are burying their love ones. They are separated permanently. You can wait.

  73. The plandemic is working perfectly. Getting people really upset, keeping people at home, giving people money to stay at home that way businesses will shut down like they’re doing. Control and conquer seems to be working.It’s very sad when people can’t see each other smiling and seeing their loved ones and having a good time. Heart wrenching

  74. My name is Rodney Dasher I got married in the phippines maila three days before the lockdown. I went back to America this lockdown is no joke in the phippines my wife is over in the phippines and we is not the only one going through this how I feel about the phippines is another story. I do love the phippines people there and it’s not easy for no one who’s has a wife or a husband in another country. I am not going to say what I really want to say in America it’s free food every were 7 days a week since the the lockdown more than a year but not there but I pray every body get the vaccine there it’s like you on your own there and I do believe they don’t want people to leave there for a better life. I can write a book but I don’t have time the only get my wife out of there. And everyone get your paperwork right and be ready and pray when that time comes fly away fly away my lawyer is waiting just like me and my wife.

  75. Until the people rise up and demand they stop the qurintaiins and except the good vaccines this crap will continue. The government could care less about her and her feeling.

  76. Well if they acted like my government did and let anyone in the Philippines would have the death toll we have now in my country. I have not seen my daughter now for 2 years. Am i moaning like a old granny,no.
    My wifes best friend died of cv last month. She had a 6 year old daughter. Do you want more kids without moms? In that case open up Philippines. Never mind your elderly. Let them all die.

  77. Been pleading the same plea for months now but only to vaccinated ones as possible. We can’t just risk for more. We have to think for the welfare of the majority. I was on that stage 4 months ago and realized things by the help of my partner. Thanks to him! What we are doing now is taking more courses online as much as we can to make sure we are busy most of the time.Honestly, this is the busiest part of my life. Work, daily chatting with him 3to 4 hours, 1-2 hours work out and studies.We even compare grades and ofcourse he’s always do better. It helps kill time and we are learning. Just be more patience and keep the faith everyone. Everything will be fine.

  78. How about 2 years since I’ve seen her. Yes it’s killing us. Interview cancelled in 3/20. No responses that matter from anyone. It’s sickening

  79. It is sad to watch her To every one in this situation let’s all pray unto the almighty to bring a end to this epidemic.Jah bless u all in your prayers.

  80. My fiancé and I feel your pain, we too are separated by this. I don’t understand why the vaccinated and Covid free are not allowed entry. But the only way I can enter is as a tourist. We have a house rented in Minglanilla I was there from March 18- September 18 2020. I went through all the strict requirements followed all the requirements but still I’m not allowed back.

  81. It’s soooooo sad but the Philippines can not have mutant virus run rampant all over the Philippines like what just happened in India. They need to let proven vaccinated people in the Philippines though, it’s time.

  82. I ,second you my dear.
    We are same situation.
    For 15 months.now
    I return from bohol
    On the 7 of march.2020
    Is been long time .
    God bless yous all

  83. It’s sad to see the face of pain.its been four years for me.i get my second shot this Monday.but no word on when the Philippines might be open.keep your head held high.

  84. I understand her it’s been 2 years last time I was there to see my girlfriend/ wife to be we chat everyday I was hoping to go this June but looks like not going to happen yes I got my shots am good never got sick open for the ones who got shots .I had my ticket from last June I could not go now can’t go this year I canceled my flight next June I hope open please 🙏we miss each other so much

  85. PH government is getting aid from other countries because of COVID & the economy will not return as long as the free money keeps flowing in.

  86. Reopening will only happen when a large percentage of people are vaccinated. Countries like the Philippines might be slow but once foreigners are coming in vaccinated they will have no choice to open up. I see vaccination critical mass happening later this year for western countries. Then there will be pressure for lesser vaccinated countries to open up. I see Philippines and others in Asia fully opening in either late 2021 or early 2022.

  87. She calls the person her ‘partner’ and you call them her fiance’. I guess it’s just semantics, but is she engaged and have they filed the I-129? Maybe you don’t know, but I’m just curious if her ‘partner’ has ever been to the PH. Thanks

  88. Same thing in my fiance we looking forward to meet this year if Philippines would allow to open up for tourists… its really such hard for us being far away… LDR sucks it’s not easy it’s being a long time already were far away to each other…. much feel suffering we feel…
    Hopefully Philippines would allow to open up for this kind of issues…

  89. I was there during the entire year of 2020 with my fiance and I can tell you that the Philippines government does not not care about the people. I was so frustrated with how they handled the pandemic that I had to leave.

  90. Consult ‘Womanese’ by Donavon Sharpe. There’s a big difference between what a woman says and what she means = womanese. Look into it for yourself on why a female cries crocodile tears in public. Rollo Tomassi has written books on this

  91. Men, listen to me, any time you see this, tell your woman you just got laid off from work and that you don’t have any money. We all know what’ll happen. We don’t all have to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Make a dating profile and say you’re a 30 year old man, no job, and live with his mother. Crickets crickets. Start reading books on this. There’s body language courses too, shows you how to read her true feelings

  92. I saw loved ones separated by covhoax policies. Seniors were locked up with young sick people and kept away from loved ones. Governments will use all their legitimate authority to steal illegitimate power, if good people allow it. If your area is in lockdown, you have a duty to restore freedom. Show your family all the love you can.

  93. BTW, a yacht will be off the coast of the Philippines in a few months. Philippine women can take a ferry out and visit with their men who booked a cruise. It wont be cheap but making the impossible possible, rarely is. More info to follow.

  94. More hard is wait wait.. w/out have a certain date.. so you don’t know plan ur life well, what to say.. keep dreaming for that moment .. more know she not only one waiting for me..
    that make more angry is that all have not sense .. we aren’t dangerous.. is easy travel in safety.. they love make complicate n more difficult.. especially last new of hotel quarantine 10 days .. ok we maybe able do n accept everything if this bring us to have what we want.. wile I’m always asking..why not let us do a COVID test before fly? All you want is our money(4kcost)?.. well if u allow to enter us.. u ll see how much we can spend.. specially most of us want marry n live there then.. sure we no get infect by crew or airport of connecting fly..
    More scaring me.. once open.. how many will want go! It means probably fly cost will higher if cant have more flies,idk well this.. will like a congestion (as for example after 1st look down,all outside in same day.. so got 2nd one.. etc..) more hard to handle..what you think will going on about?
    Very good she so courageous share this video.. na i think we all need shout more until they hear us!
    – ldr 8months from Italy.. (still feel lucky reading who wait 2/3yr even before this pandemic..congrats to be so strong)

  95. I understand how she feels because I am also in an LDR and I am ready to go there asap but I really don’t think that will happen…for years. Why do I say that? Because there will always be a new variant of covid. I also think they may open up for those who get the vaccine. Fair? No it isn’t. I choose not to be a part of this social experiment which will leave me and millions of others out in the cold. I hope I am wrong!

  96. I hope they will open soon ive been going to the Phillipines and staying there most of each year since 2016 on the Visa Free Entry for U.S foreign tourists.I left in Jan.2020 and haven’t seen my Girlfriend/ Fiance and my future step son in over 16 months.Its very fustrating.Im am fully vaccinated.Alot of countries are now or soon opening back up for fully vaccinated foreign tourists and im hoping Phillipines will open back up for U.S tourists who have full vaccination regardless of having a Visa or no Visa.Its very tough being away this long and my Fiance has expressed to me that she is depressed.Im hoping and praying they will open soon.

  97. Why not open to foreigners who have a partner in the country who
    Are vaccinated and are willing to do their quarantine and stay in the philippine for a quiet some time
    It’s safe for Filipino people be vaccinated and do quarantine

  98. Girl you are not only one person you need to be strong ! Girl you know already when you dating a man in the different country . I am also a LDR married couples but understand the situation I know you missed him so much because I feel you but you need to be strong woman . Your begged is so useless girl ! You can communicate your partner easy think your both future not only your selfishness .. you are so lucky your family around you but me no because I am working as a frontliner and my husband is not here in the Philippines he is the USA too.

  99. Thanks for sharing this brother. There is a possibility which my fiance and I took advantage of last November December which is the Maldives are open to tourist as long as you have proof of covid swab test. Yes there are few other requirements which you can see summarized on Philippine Airlines site but Philippine citizens are free to travel out of the country the Maldives is absolutely beautiful but not cheap at all but my love for my fiance is worth every penny. Please share this information with the lady that was crying on the video. In addition to the requirements on the airline site she also needs to bring to the airport proof of a bank account and her cinemar in case she gets an immigration officer that doesn’t understand what’s going on. Also some proof of relationship pictures on her phone or at least emails and messages. Let me know if I can help [email protected]

  100. wish it goes viral but gio is right
    ph wont open this year …and!!! they dont give a fuck about us expats ! one fuckin yr and they dont even mention us! or anything!

  101. I don’t know, Gio. The whole thing sounds really pretentious, as though it’s staged and she’s trying out for an acting part. Her English sounds awfully American to me.

  102. People are getting fed up all over the world. Lock downs and masks and social distance don’t work. The Virus isn’t deadly to most people under 60 years old. Time for the world to revolt.

  103. I haven’t been able to see my wife and son for 15 months. My wife and son!!! It’s ridiculous to force a family to stay apart when I’m fully vaccinated. I’ve gotten President Duterte’s email address and I email him every day

  104. I understand everything she is saying,I miss my beautiful so much an we are just praying an doing the best we can.keep the faith keep praying God has a plan.

  105. I understand stand how you feel i got married in 2019 un the Philippines and have not seen my wife 2021 everything closed. Just keep fath and pray. God bless always

  106. I think the new CDC recommendations of no masks for vaccinated people is a big deal. 2 supermarkets, post office and Walmart yesterday. Saw people not wearing masks in all of them. If we don’t have a spike with those vaccinated not wearing masks may be the proof some of these countries need that those vaccinated are low risk.

  107. I can really relate to what she’s feeling. My gf died of Tb in Nov 2020. I reached out to my senator here in the US to the Philippine embassy for an emergency visa, and they said no. She’s been gone now for half a year and I still can’t go there to her family and pay my respects at her gravesite.
    The pain was excruciating and I’m so angry at the Gov’t there.

  108. I think she needs to be stronger. In life we have difficult times. Wives in the United States and a lot of countries have had times when their husbands have been away for two to sometimes three to fours years deployed in war or deployed for humanitarian needs in other countries….I’m waiting to return to cebu Philippines to be with my fiancé and we are staying strong….we know that we will eventually look back at this time of our relationship and it will only make us stronger…..your fiancé needs your strength not your tears and weaknesses….tears make more tears but strength will only make the relationship stronger….just my opinion 👍

  109. I’m in the US, my fiancee is Filipino, we have been seperatered for 2 1/2 years. We broke up twice because of the virus and there is no end in sight. I send money every month and a Balikbayan box every 3 months. I’m just tired of waiting. I know exactly what she is going thru.

  110. I’m actually going through the same exact thing. Been in a long distance relationship with my partner for over 3 years. We filed for our K1 Visa in April 2020 it’s been approved and now we are stuck with thousands of other cases waiting for interviews at the US Embassy in Manila. No updates, no sign of anything happening, absolutely nothing. It’s been so stressful and frustrating. Unfortunately we can not do anything but just wait. I definitely feel this person’s pain. 😢

  111. This sad video gave me tears. Because I had a LDR for one year, we skyped 2 times a day, and we were hoping that the vaccine would bring me to Lapu Lapu, where she lived. But she got covid, and died in Cebu Doctors Hospital on 25 march at the age of 35 years………….

  112. My girlfriend’s annulment was just approved two days ago, but now it’s been over 2 years since we’ve seen each other so I can’t apply for a k1 until I see her again because it has to be within 2 years that we have met in person. I haven’t told her yet, and she’s going to be devastated.

  113. For 8 years I’ve been commuting from California to Cebu. My business is in California, but my heart is in Cebu. I got married two years ago in Cebu. I had been setting up my retirement since 2013. I spent Christmas of 2019 with my family in Cebu, then flew back to California Dec 18 2019 to see my daughter and sister and spend some holiday time with them. I got real busy with my business so I didn’t attempt to fly back to Cebu until Feb 10th of 2000. I got to Taiwan to the boarding gate for my connecting flight to Cebu. Right when I got to the gate to ride the bus to my plane the authorities informed me the Government of the Phil wouldn’t allow anyone who had been in Taiwan to step foot into the Phil. The airline, EVA flew me back to San Francisco, California. It’s really been hard on both of us. A lot of California is opening up, the mask mandate will end June 15th. I have both of my shots. Let’s hope and Pray the Phil opens so we can get back to our loved ones.

  114. Hello Gio and so sorry to hear her in this way! Even her Filipina dog is also crying and waiting to see her American German Shepard dog fiance!
    On a serious note, yes I can relate to what she and many of us are going through. I have been in an LDR for 3 years soon to be and was with her once back in June of 2019 while she worked as an OFW.
    I have written to 5 Philippines Government officials regarding this situation anout no international flights being allowed yet and about allowing foreigners to be given tourist visas but only one responded with a reply about Covid and NOT an answer to my concerns.
    The FACT is that these Filipina women should MAKE THE EFFORT to write to their Philippines Senators and lawmakers. They should All address this issue with the IATF, Philippines Tourism Dept, the BAI, and many others. There is STRENGTH and VOICE in numbers!

  115. My fiancé and I are in the same boat, I got vaccinated hoping the Philippines government will at least open to vaccinated tourists, this breaks my heart. Because I know my baby wants me there too.

  116. Wow a heartbreaking video but I am afraid the government is thinking about the people in general and not necessarily about relationships even though the economy and relationships go together in the philipines they give a f…..ck about anyone tears. Stay safe.

  117. It’s so hard to be in a long distance relationship, only strong couples can survive. Me & my bf are no longer expecting PH to open this year. That’s why we had to meet in a 3rd country just to be with each other last christmas & new year. Hopefully we will meet again and plan to elope outside PH.

    I do believe in COVID but honestly, I don’t believe anymore with the numbers of cases that they presented. Seems like there’s some kind of a business involved where those powerful people are the ones who gained the benefits.

    We all know that tourism has the biggest contribution in the economy of our country and this hypocrite government cannot provide all the needs of the poor who have lost their jobs! People might die due to hunger and not Covid!

    If PH already allowed those Filipinos & foreigners (with businesses or married to a filipino) to get inside our country then why not open it to the tourist as well? I mean I don’t see any difference, they will all follow the same health protocols anyway..(Swabtest before the flight, swabtest upon arrival at the airport, mandatory quarantine, swabtest again after 5 days …blah..blah..blah…)

    We’ll keep praying that this travel ban will be lifted soon coz the expenses meeting outside PH is actually pretty expensive as well… I rather want him to save the money for the future. 🥰

  118. Great video Gio. You know what to do when God gives you lemons.

    She’s not alone and for what it’s worth, we are listening. I’ve been in an LDR since Dec. 27, 2019. I shared this video with my love…she says…
    “Yes if you love don’t be sad, always be happy. We need to always be sending hug and kisses.”

    Remember what love is…
    Patience is a virtue.

    I want the Philippines to open to vaccinated travel…but they need to focus on vaccinating their people first. Prayers

  119. Ouch! Very hard to watch this, my heart goes out to all the men and women affected by all these travel bans 🙁
    I really hope things start to open up for the beautiful Filipino people ..

  120. I to am in this situation, away from my wife for over a year but Im sorry I agree with the travel ban. it will do none of us any good if philippines opens the country to foreigners and end up with another million of deaths…and that is what will happen

  121. Not to be political and people can make their own choices but the numbers seem to suggest that when you vaccinate the most vulnerable and get to a 50% vaccination rate that hospitalizations and deaths really start to drop. At that point the pandemic becomes more manageable. Everyone can make there own choices but getting the vaccine into the Philippines to the most vulnerable people will speed up the process for opening it up to tourist. Just a thought.

  122. Gio you should do a video on recommending for us to find Thai women as Phuket is planning to open on July 1, 2021 with no quarantine just proof of a vaccine and a covid test!

  123. I doubt if philippines will open this year, govt. Has difficulty acquiring vaccine from the first world countries. Their only chance is china vaccine. They can only open if majority of the population will be vaccinated. Its funny how ignorant commenters for bashing the PHgovt. For being incompetent just take a look India the country is in total chaos and to think India has its own vaccine. Even japan is threatening for another lockdown if covid cases in osaka will not go down. Just be thankful you are not dead from the covid.

  124. She is the cutest cryer I have ever seen. Very sweet girl. Some words for her when she reads the comments: You are adorable! There is so much love in the world for you. Use this time to work on yourself. It is a gift, a window of time where you can focus on you. Your life will be filled with love soon. I say this as someone who sees more than most. Don’t let darkness overwhelm your soul. Even witches are careful with how much darkness they take on, how they channel it and protect themselves. It is not something you jump into all the way and swim around in without training, lol. Pull back to 80/20 light/dark energy at least. Pro tip: music and movies matter. Avoid sad music and movies until you are past this, enjoying lots of love.

  125. I wish the USA would send our vaccine to other countries that need it instead of waiting for the dopes in our country to suddenly stop with their brain freeze.

  126. I am hoping for Christmas, the Philippines is losing a lot of money on tourism do to the lock down. I don’t understand how they can stay locked down for so long.

  127. After over 5 months talking twice daily with a great Filipina I just finally gave up. We expected that by March 2021 we see indications or some criteria for opening. Nothing. Still, nothing. I’m done.

  128. It’s sad that she and many others are separated by this pandemic. Pragmatically looking at this waiting for the US Embassy to process a K1 visa is something that I think everyone was aware would take a long time. Since PHL is currently closed for tourists obviously her fiancé can’t visit but Singapore and Thailand are open and they could meet there. I don’t understand her statement “missing her home” if she’s only engaged and pending a Visa then she has not lived and had a home in her fiancé’s country.
    We all know that the Philippines remaining closed to tourists is crushing their economy and eventually those industries will influence the government to open it up. As for the US Embassy opening up for K1 Visa’s I don’t think that is a priority and this may take a long time.
    The solution is perhaps just to work hard, save your money, of course maintain your health and travel or try to retire early and live in PHL or some other country that might be better for the lifestyle that you enjoy. Just my thoughts. For reference, my wife is in PHL we where married there in 2018 but I lived there in 2015 and spent several years traveling back and forth since. We could process a CR 1 but my wife is the only girl of a small family and is taking care of father. He’s only 61 but has heart problems from being a smoker. Her mom helps her papa too but my wife is the one that interacts with the doctors and manages his care.

  129. We were 4 years, 4 months before I was able to go there and meet her in person. We had Skype and Facebook only before that. This girl needs to get ahold of herself.

  130. I’m in the exact same situation, happily engaged, planning our beautiful springtime wedding then the never-ending Philipines covid lockdown hit. Now lockdown extension after extension, it is going on for over 2+ years, and still were waiting.

  131. President Duterte is only following the orders of his NWO overlords. The people must sustain maximum suffering until they take the pseudo vaccine death serum.

  132. As long as the Philippines is being paid for being shut down, they will use this covid B.S. for all its worth. We live in a very sick world. ALL governments are corrupt together. Don’t doubt this. It’s so real.

  133. Heartless governments, over something fake 👿 makes me so angry ,same situation here ! 6 yrs ldr efing politicians grrrr

  134. My heart goes out to her
    My adopted family and I have been waiting for well over 2 years now
    And even though we are in contact every day. It’s is still very hard for my Philipina in Toledo as well as myself .My heart is there with her and the children , and I am stuck in Canada .Yes the Philippines needs to open up to us he way it was
    Pre Covid scamdemic

  135. Sad so many romances on hold. So much frustration waiting for travel restrictions to end. You see cases go down and the door start to open, then it’s slammed shut again.
    Phil probably won’t open internationally till most of major centers are 50% or more vaccinated.
    But her partner will most definitely need to be vaccinated for international travel.

  136. Same here i was…..sadly my fiancee he really brek off our engagement…. just couple days i was thinking if we don’t have covid i think im at U.S now…. were getting 2 yrs by oct. But we’re done already……everything is too late….well anyway. Life must go on. So i am moving forward

  137. sad, i have a philippine girlfriend there also i have not seen over a year, feel bad for this woman, hopefully the philippines will open,so she can see her boyfriend soon

  138. its heart breaking to see and hear this. Alot of families are in this situation now and we just have to be patient. I have my husband in Philippines and a mother who is all alone. Hang on there, you are not alone.

  139. I never saw a filipina weeping like that for her bf I am totally moved by her tears but no one can help becoz everyone is waiting that all people get vaccinated …we are all in danger zone ..she should wait some more time ..possibly this year end …No one wants to die …so she needs to hold her patience …Me too wanted to go to phil to meet my gf we are in relationship for around one and half years but we just talk everyday on cam and we are patiently waiting for things to be normal …I really feel sorry for her …

  140. You hit in on the head Gio. Hope, don’t give up and know the future will be better. Stay busy and keep working with each other. Faith and trust. Maybe it’s easier for me I spent a career in the military. But truly that’s what it’s all about. Endure!!

  141. We stopped waiting trust me it’s hard. Go to Colombia it’s very reasonable living here. My Filipina flew here I flew from the US and we can’t be more happy here. It is visa free for Filipinas. Peru Ecuador and Bolivia also they are all connected together so when your 180 days are up just a 40$ flight to next country

  142. I can understand her emotions. Me and my filipina have been together for 7 years on 13th next month. We were supposed to be married when i came back in september of last year. All i can say is we are willing to outwait the insanity of the government,,, true love cannot be opressed

  143. I know her feeling. In Oct. it will be 2 years for me and my girlfriend. It is so hard and at time it really get us down.

  144. Yes very sad . I dont deal well with long distance relation for a long period of time . I am sure i lost a good women because of it . My plan was to retire and move to the Philippines in March of 2020 .

  145. Am sorry, it’s (unfortunately) a crapshoot. Depends on the participants. Not a 3 month, 6 month, even 1-3 yr relationship..(,many yrs!)..DUMPED during the pandemic! REASONING: The longer you are away from- the bleaker your prospects are of #Maintaining, said relationship. #NaturalFact. Just a heads up. Bon Chance, as the French say …..

  146. My heart breaks for this young lady!!! I was 6 days away from flying out to the Philippines when they closed up shop in 2020. It’s a daily that we reassure each other of our commitment, but it gets harder each day too!!! Hoping this does open soon!!!

  147. Omg just be strong gurl we are the same situation ur not alone waiting to be with our beloved fiance me and my fiance we are 3, years in long distance but we are both strong together because we didn’t expect this pandemic happened if you love ur fiance just be patient and stay loyal and honest to him not cry..God will open the door for us and to everybody…I know it’s painful that we are away to our loves ones but for the sake of all the people we all be patient the right time open ….

  148. I saw my LDR for a total of 20 days in 4.5 years. We may be a poster couple for a successful LDR.
    We have been together now for almost 2 years.
    It takes love, trust, commitment, determination, and understanding and faith. But above all that. It just has to be God’s will. Because OUR will ALONE, wouldn’t have been enough. God bless all the LDR’s out there. Try and enjoy the journey, and you will make your own love story. And someday you will say… “remember when?” ❤

  149. Wait i didnt understand. Is she in the Philippines and want her boyfriend to come to visit her or is she trying to get back to the Philippines ? She even mentioned her dad at one point…i couldn’t understand what exactly she said 😞

  150. For those of you that don’t know the culture Filipinos are extremely patient people they endure unimaginable hardships and her spiritually grounded this woman is a broken and mentally weak the type that would kill herself if you told her it’s over. I’ve seen that in the Philippines a friend of mine wanted to move on from his GF what did she do stab herself in the neck. You see you gotta be careful with these women for many your their only way out of poverty this one is without question emotionally weak RUN!!!!!!!!

  151. She really should try out for a soap opera acting position or just fly to Mexico and literally walk across the border. It’s open season down there! lol

  152. That broke my heart, the love she has for her partner is overwhelming.
    I couldn’t help but to shed a tear, sadly it’s out of our control.
    I wish her all of the best.

  153. They should start opening up for the vaccinated foreigners at least… How long can Philippine’s economy hold up with their tourism and domestic economy frozen? Fortunately, Biden said the US will distribute vaccines first to neighboring countries (Mexico and Canada) and the countries of Quad+… I believe the Philippines is a part of Quad+, so I hope….

  154. my heart goes out to her
    I miss my fiance in quezon city and my 2 daughters there we are very strong tho
    it will open soon then so much happiness will happen again

  155. Yes this is gonna test a lot of people’s relationships
    There’s a lot where it won’t last my wife and I before we got married was seeing each other for five years I lived in Australia and she in the Philippines but luckily I was able to go back each year for five put the Visa in
    At this situation not sure if we would’ve lasted but you just got a hang in there things will get better as it goes on gotta be strong and keep communicating
    My wife’s been here since 2011 and she’s only been back twice as she says Australia is her own now and she’s not too fussed about going back all the time so this is made it easier while Covid has been going on
    It makes it so much easier for us as we are able to holiday in our country and she doesn’t have all the stress about all her relations after the money when she goes home
    Good luck

  156. Wow…..very dramatic….yes it’s sad for thousands of people all over the world right now due to pandemic ..restrictions, shutdowns , loss of jobs , starvation , children locked down , etc etc …people much much worse off then this young woman ….she’s lucky ..she has a fiancee ..and a fisancee visa application , a supportive foreigner fiance ..and if she gets her brown passport ..1000 pesos ..and in 3-4 weeks processing time ..she can travel to many other countries to meet up with her fiance ..if they miss so much …they can marry online like my fiancee and I did..and file for relative visa ..faster …she don’t need to cry so much ..poor baby …just be a little more patient ..and count your blessings ..you got lots …more than many starving ..squatter village , homeless and job less people ..everywhere here in Cebu where we live and nationwide …

  157. I hope the Philippine Government officials would watch this and think about it. It’s been more than year and too much suffering has caused this pandemic for us Filipinas apart from our loved ones. They don’t know what it feels like being away with their other half. 💔Praying that positive changes will come sooner through this video. 🙏🏼Thank you for posting!

  158. Its sad but one person begging isnt going to make it happen .Sorry to say .Its about safety and lives .Look whats happening in India now because everybody did basically w/e they wanted and the goverment did not regulate .If the Philippines and USA opened up before its safe it could possible be another India .Things are getting better and more laxed but it takes time .I get it its been an awful year and a half .Not to be insensitive but everybody has gone though stuff since Covid hit loss of income ,family ,friends loss of fun ,travel .Just be patent .

  159. It’s really wasn’t easy to be in a long distance relationship especially with our current situation now .. but things will become better sooner and for sure it’ll be worth it. God bless to us . keep fighting :*

  160. One year and a half holding here already.
    Hang on Shanice, and thanks Gio for reporting.
    Keep on waiting muna para sa IATF good will…

  161. Hi Gio mate: This video upset me. I felt very sorry for this girl. Unfortunately, I believe you are correct and I doubt it will make a difference however I am always a “glass half empty kind of guy”. Who knows?
    She is correct about the variant, at least I know it is in Manila from my virologist contacts.
    I hope more Filipinos get vaccinated (even the passe dead-virus type Sinovac is good enough)

    Although I feel very sorry for this girl I certainly do not agree with letting unvaccinated tourists into the Philippines. This will most definitely increase both the infection number and the mutation rate (which go hand-in-hand). if anyone doubts this I will gladly show you the mathematical proof.
    Immigration is not going to allow the unvaccinated into the country they are not stupid.
    If they did there would be many more girls crying.

  162. Only the thumbs up or thumbs down to click on Youtube videos. Just under 11000 views and just under 500 comments. I betting all of us would like to see a heart or care button to click to this video. It was very emotional to watch. I not like to see anyone crying, I feel so much sympathy. I am waiting to visit the Philippines too to meet up with a girl that I have been chatting to for what already fees like a life time to me. Also the not knowing when, not knowing where we stand as in do I book time off work or not or when to book it. As its total guess work. Book it then cancel or not book it and I too late as too many other workers off at the same time. As I need to plan well ahead to secure time off work. Then the travel vaccinations not just covid of which I had the first jab already but in different countries will be different things that English people need to get immune too. Then its the longing just for that long awaited hug, and quality time together in person.

  163. Although Sinovac uses the passe dead-virus formulation method, mistakes such as the Cutter Labs poliomyelitis incident (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1383764/) in 1955 used a formaldehyde solution which was ineffective. This would never happen these days!
    I would have taken Sinovac in a heartbeat if the Astra Zeneca or Pfizer vaccines had not been available!
    So I urge people living in The Philippines to take whatever vaccine they can. This is the only way we will beat this thing.

  164. Every month that you keep your country closed to vaccinated tourists, your entire country loses billions.

    This does not help your covid “crisis” at all…it just make your people more poor.

    You people better wake up soon before the international community gives up on you forever and leaves you to rot.
    That’s the facts. The straight up, no nonsense facts.

  165. Yes I hope that you can see your Man soon, I have recently met a great Filipina Gal online and we are hanging to meet each other, so sick of Covid. Good Luck all an TC

  166. Crying about it is not going to change anything, If they have the resources maybe they could meet up in a neutral country instead of waiting. If the guy’s a foreigner come to Florida, we’re wide open and she could easily find a job. Judging from the inconsistent unorganized approach to the situation whoever’s running the show in the Philippines seems totally clueless on what to do. If you leave your fate in the hands of that government you may be waiting another 2 years or more, who knows?

  167. Govts don’t respond to tears..emotion..torture or death. They respond to lack of resources. That’s it. They’ll open only when they run out of money, food, etc. They are being propped up by China. They don’t need billions from tourism anymore.

  168. Like many comments on here, this is a sad video and I completely feel her pain. This summer will be 2 years since I saw my Filipina gf. I agree completely with her. It’s just not fair. And gio, you said it before, covid is in the Philippines and it’s spreading with the borders being closed. So, why not let vaccinated tourist in or open up pockets they can visit. This way ldr’s can finally reconnect. Praying this happens soon. Obviously, i miss my gf.

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