Looking at Thailand Through Rose Colored Glasses.

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  1. Opening a Bank Account in Bangkok is nearly impossible if you are not a resident in Thailand but if you got to the provinces they have targets to hit and some are happy to open an account just with your passport and a mobile phone number and an address.

  2. Sawadee ka.
    -Wanii tam aray?
    -Wanii kai jiaw.

    – Ao mai… aroy…🐶🐶
    I improve my thai together with you.😂😂

    -Chiang Khan mai suay?
    -Chai, suay. Farang chop Nong Khai.
    Farang chop pai saphan Lao pai klap. Farang yuu Chiang Khan (nittiao?)

    Khon thai, chan chop pasa thai. Chan rian pasa thai ti baan ka.😊
    Chock dee ka.

  3. IRT that document I had to do the Same for my DL renewal. I think designed to catch overstays and people who are not reporting. I have also seen an increase in check points wanting to see a DL not just for an Expat also local Thai people.

  4. Outstanding song to start the video off one of my all-time favorites!! It’s funny watching you on videos you would never realize how hot it is in Thailand but cool to you. When I try to make a video in Thailand I’m soaked sweating and dying lol Hopefully after living there awhile I’ll adjust too.

  5. Resident certificate isn’t a new document or requirement, you maybe cant recall but you would have needed one back when you did your car license or renewal, purchased your truck etc. Its literally the document they get your address from.
    If you think about it, you dont have any other official proof of address.
    Its well worth getting a yellow book so you dont need to worry in the future.

  6. Looks like the dogs appreciate the new “treats”. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a PASSPORT with the SAME NUMBERS each time and save all that confusion with banks and drivers licenses etc. ??? Yup – Thai officials LOVE their paperwork ! BANKS – love to hold your International Transfer of funds for a few days. Makes me wonder what they are doing with it. I was told by a bank clerk that they get about 7000 transfers a day. Imagine how much money they have to play with for 2 or 3 days !

  7. Just been through the same deal with license and bank account with imagration I had to have passport photos attached
    All good enjoying life cheers Gordon

  8. Certificate of Residency I don’t think is new, just it is more likely to be requested recently. I think it is more likely requested by offices connected with government, I got one letter when I went to get a tax number.

  9. The intro music is one of my favorites.
    Good to hear that you are going to get motorcycle license and do a trip! It’s the best way to roll in Thailand. You should consider ridding with the MC. It would be a fun experience for you and your YouTube viewers.

  10. Sawasdee kha Khun Chuck and P’ Paige I am one of you guys fan for years but just now have a chance to subscribe to your channel. I live in the city of Yasothon which is not very far from you guys. To be honest, right now I am addicted to your channel that I have to sit with my morning coffee and see if any more new video upload from notime2bsad 🙂 . I love Khun Chuck’s attitude toward Thailand and Thai people.I like the great friendliness of you toward Thai people. For P’ Paige, I love her fun, positive energy and also her supportive family . Thanks to you for showing me around. Even thought I am Thai but there’s so many things and places that I’ve never seen and have never known.There are places you’ve shown that I would love to see. I love cooking therefore I won’t forget to check out Notime2bhungry ! Have a delightful day from Yaso Kha

  11. Finally found a non-cr song that they didn’t butcher or sounded to terrible! I’m starting to really wonder if it’s going to be worth all the hassle with all the paperwork to stay there full time? Especially with the FBAR! Why is it any of Thailand business as to what I have in my bank account in any other damn country?! It’s one thing to require a certain amount in a Thai bank for either a retirement or marriage visa, but that is ridiculous! Im really thinking of only visiting 6 mo, leave 6 mo and just keep rotating! I wish there was a magical place that had no government or taxes and everyone minded their own damn business! I guess there was a long, long time ago before North America was ever discovered!

  12. 555 Enjoy Chuck, in many countries you are not even allowed to have more than 1 visitor or something like that because of the ‘situation’ right. For you, it’s ‘not much going on’ , for others it’s considered a small holiday now !

  13. I realize why I like your channel…both of you are positive, upbeat and show how successful a couple you are whether in Thailand or anywhere else in the world. You are a role model for others to build a solid foundation with positive attitudes. You two and the mafia gang rock…🤠…pat yourself on the back my friend

  14. Great hanging out with you guys today. Puts a different light on today. Was just talking to my Thai SO today about me stop watching the news 5 times a day about the virus, has made me less stressed. She said that’s why she hasn’t watched the news in ver a year. Good idea and plan. I’ll just listen and watch you guys, it’s healthier. Stay Happy!🙏🏼🌶🤙

  15. One thing to keep in mind. If you get a motorcycle license and renew both the auto and M/C license at the same time you will need two resident certificates. One for each license.

  16. I am sure the Residence Certificate is one time use….like opening a bank account, getting a driver’s licence or buying a car or motorbike and it expires within 1 month of receiving it.

  17. Out of curiosity when I was in Thailand China Indonesia Singapore everybody had a big bucket of rice on the table when they eat they would not leave without it but I’m not very rarely see you eat white rice with your food perhaps that’s just a personal preference

  18. Hi Chuck, Certificate of residence that is what I will need to renew my Thai drivers license. Only problem I haven’t been able to come to Thailand due to you know what. We have progressed and we look certain to arriving there late march, just waiting on paper work. Thanks for the video and hope to catch up soon.

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