1. Nice vid! Glad to see business’s are doing better and slowly opening back up now.. There are some nice restaurants/bars nearby Pranburi Villas (sheraton) too if you ever venture to that area.. Can’t wait to go back! Keep up the great vids~

  2. Great video buddy, congratulations on the new toy, they are a great touring bike. I might have to upgrade the vespa now πŸ˜‚ Hope all is well & see you both soon πŸ™πŸ˜€

  3. I think there are more incredible restaurants and coffee shop per square km in Prachuap than most places I’ve been in Thailand. If I lived there I would definitely be ouan maak. Nice bike looks ready to bring you to new frontiers.

  4. I was looking at that scooter all most bough one. But I bough a used SYM GT 300 I will pick it up in Pattaya on the 16th. So we will only be in Hua Hin on the 13th and 14th hope we can still get together. Looking forward to your review on the 350 i’m curious on what you think have a great day Joe

  5. Impressive bike and congrats on that…. But my eyes were on that cozy coffee place. The owner made it a perfect atmosphere to sit around, drink coffee, eat desert. No wonder it can get crowded!

  6. Wow, congratulations on the upgrade of your bike Joe, can’t wait for vlog’s of road trips on that bike. The restaurant you guys had lunch in look’s pretty awesome, although that chicken fillet did look a little small Lol 555… Both cafe’s look’s pretty and nice too. Cute to see you bringing Cookie for a ride, I think it’s an awesome bike and as always, looking forward to coming adventures, peace, love and cheers, T.F

  7. That dessert sure looked delicious. I’m always happy when you run across a place with some kind if surprise. That coffee shop had a very welcoming atmosphere and a delicate china cup for coffee…very unexpected!!

  8. Great bike, I opted for the ADV 150 as my wife thinks the Forza is too heavy for her, nevertheless both great bikes. Check Messenger, I have sent you a message so we can connect on Facebook. Cheers

  9. How fast is your 350? I am not comfortable driving over 110 kph on my PCX, which may be near its top speed. Sand, rocks, and other road debris are my concern. Although I wear a full helmet and gloves, flip flops, shorts, and a tank top offer no protection in the event of a spill!! Regardless of the perils, Thailand is a great place for motorcycling.

  10. (4:45) Did I hear you describe that chicken omelette as β€œ very Goood , very Goood β€œ ? ,… I might have to hit you with a copy right issue on that ,….lol

  11. We had a Forza back in Australia. It was a few years older and only 300cc, but we loved it. My husband isn’t the smallest of men and we both travelled very comfortably on it. It’s like riding a big, comfy armchair. Not many bikes will take two full size helmets under the seat, either. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

  12. Now you can ride to Phang Nga to visit “Tony the Bad Badger” and Lisa. This 350 cc brand new scooter seems a good compromise as you get sufficient power and confort for long trips while keeping the advantages of the automatic gearbox which is so convenient in the traffic jams. Gift will also appreciate the pillion seat. Happy for you while I miss my Honda 500X stil waiting for me at the storage in Patong. Enjoy! Thanks a lot Joe an Gift.

  13. Hi Joe, my wife and I bought a Honda Forza 350, a couple of weeks ago. My wife tells me that it is great. I’m looking forward to riding it on my return to Thailand next year.

  14. *Nice Bike Joe* One of the more interesting or strange things I did when I retired here to Thailand, is that I’ve never “ever” driven any vehicle since then. Sometimes I’ve regretted that decision, but not often. Like most Americans, I drove my car every day back in the states, so when I got here to Thailand, I swore myself off of them. There’s allot of transportation around Thailand in many forms. I’m not saying that others are wrong to drive, I’m just saying that “not driving” or never driving again is actually an option here because of all the cheap and readily available ways to get a ride to anywhere. My Thai-Wife drives, but for myself, I just gave all that up more than 7 years ago, “just because I could” πŸ™‚ I always enjoy your channel Joe!

  15. Joe, that Gift is mad, is she dealing with the full deck? πŸ˜†, and I always thought pompuy meant that you were fat, ah well, you learn something new every day, God Bless

  16. Congrats on the new bike Joe πŸ™‚ Cant go wrong with a Honda (Personally IΒ΄m a Kawasaki guy, but that doesn’t mean nothing else is good imo haha). I did rent a Kawasaki zx9 sportsbike when I visited Phuket many years ago, but couldn’t get used to riding in the wrong side of the road, so I only had it for 3 days πŸ˜€ Here in Denmark, I have a Kawasaki zx10-r, but cant ride it again until March/April because of the weather *Sigh* Best wishes to you and Gift. Soren

  17. Thanks so much for the update Joe and Gift and I will be asking you about some exercising stuff later today. I want to get a motorcycle when I get back to Malaysia. Would like to find a Kawasaki 500 Mac 3. Had one many years ago.

  18. Ok Joe , its time for a black leather biker jacket with a tiger on the back ! LOL more power to get around will be a big improvement … Enjoy and stay safe πŸ‘πŸ€—

  19. Hey Joe Everytime when i look your Videos i feel better, i hope later i can live in Prachuap same, i have frinds in there. I wish you all the best from the cool al day gray Germany. And please Sorry for my english write. I know somthink is wrong.

  20. your eating reminded me of my friend from work taking me out for breakfast for my early retirement (59) from the milwaukee county transit system here in wisconsin, our waitress came over to our table for what we were thinking to give us our check and to our surprise a random guy with is son paid for our meal. that was so good of him and someday soon i will do what he did for me for someone else:)

  21. Roughly $11.00 for a complete lunch & coffee with deserts for (2) people. Wow!!! That is simply amazing. I am in the process of seriously comparing the Philippines vs Thailand as a retirement destination. The food is always so incredibly good in Thailand and nicely presented. Thanks for always providing cost for everything. Beautiful bike. Can’t wait to see the travel box on the back. Get the largest size available…you will not regret it. Also, a padded back rest for GiftπŸ‘πŸ‘

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