Lunch at the Malatapay Merkado – Negros Oriental

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  1. Well its LOOKS………like a someone came to a decision about it all. Who knows with this ongoing saga which truly is BETTER THAN ANYTHING on TV;  Talk about Reality show 101 (I say that in a light heart manner)   🙂 Anywhodoneit, Joan is SUCH a cutie. Reminds me of April. Just seems like a sweetie. So we will see……we will see. I am always rooting for you!

  2. Wow everything is perception isn’t is? I loved seeing the old lady! Do I expect HER to be Celine Dion? I like how you add those things to the videos. THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN REAL TIME. It gives you a real sense of what is going on and what DOES go on everyday in the Philippines. So please don’t stop including those things Henry.

    1. @Brad S that is my ex/gf.  even though we’ve broken up, we still hang out as friends.  that may change as i begin to date again.

    1. It’ll be interesting to find out…

      I’ve only been exposed to Luzon lechon and Cebu lechon…although most lechon is good lechon, Cebu lechon tends to have busrts of flavor while Luzon lechon often requires that Mang Tomas sauce to wake it up.

    2. @J.R. Paguia i’ve heard there are differences, but i really couldn’t tell you what they are.  maybe someone here knows.  ??

    1. @pmags1331 most filipinas love still-photos but seem more camera-shy with video.. at least my type of videos online.  ha!  she’s pretty cool about it.  some filipinas go running behind the camera.  ha!

  3. Henry, this will be an odd ball request, but i want you to video yourself actually eating the food, hahaha,, or have Joan do it ,,  hahaha,,  some of the food there looks appetizing but some looks mushy, like i dont know what it is or where it comes from ,,,
    so,  if you can be so kind to have us watch you eat some of that food,  seems like a crazy request, hahaha,,   i was even laughing writing this,,  thanks and good luck 

  4. Lechon is not only from the Philippines, it has a spanish cultural significance behind it , the dish is spanish, my parents are spanish and every Christmas, as they would call it in spanish, NOCHE BUENA,  they do lechon ,, and here in florida lechon is a big thing as well during the holiday season,,, It happens in almost every section of the USA where hispanics or as some call it latinos are at,  just a simple tid bit to add to the spice of eating..  LECHON ASADO !!!!,   

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