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Mactan Newtown is a multi-use development in Mactan Island, Cebu, the Philippines. Residential, commercial, and retail properties with many condo towers. A shopping mall, school, and BPO businesses are included. It is near other resorts like Shangri La and Crimson Resort.


  1. That looks quite a development. Nice!! What an amazing country. Can’t wait to get back out there and make more YouTube videos. Philippines will be next. Hopefully!!!

  2. Thank you so much sir Rod for including these details in your vlog here.
    For more information please do not hesitate to contact me 🙋‍♀️.
    God Bless🙏

  3. I think that is the beach we went to last summer. Seriously. We went to a beach on Mactan and that might be the beach. Best wishes Bob.

  4. Hi Rod, nice in Those condos. Nice design inside, not big but have different areas for bed and kitchen. Wished we had bought there instead of Horizons.


    those who have RECOVERED from COVID should be given a “GREEN PASS” to work anytime, whether their job is a non-essential one, like hair salon

    or — any business / company (especially non-essential ones) having 60% of the workforce had already RECOVERED from COVID — may keep the business open

    i know this is a long shoot for the moon 🌒 at least i’m thinking forward — financially & economically


    also, those who have RECOVERED should be allowed to go out anytime, anywhere without the need of an ECQ Pass

    their “GREEN PASS” is their license or SPECIAL permit to allow them to do the normal activities as finding & securing food, etc.

    i hope the Cebu City Government & The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) may look into this special consideration for the RECOVERED individuals of COVID that had been left out of place

  6. Who in their right mind, would want to buy any property right now, especially when the economy is most likely going to crash big time! Wait 6 months to 1.5 years and see what’s available then.

  7. Mactan will be very nice , seems like they really want it to be a go to area. Get past this C19 crappola, I will be checking it out Rod.
    I could live there…..was a good vibe
    Keep Safe

  8. thanks Rod . was one of my first picks when looking around Cebu.. hope to come back near future and possibly check it again..Hope you are well? John

  9. Not a good time to purchase property heading into a world depression 7.5 million unemployed philippinos now and climbing .property prices are going to crash very soon .

  10. even in far flung areas..this type pf condo beach living are very profitable coz filipinos demand it and they are the majority market/ owners..even in cant stop that coz they have huge and ready market/ buyers for that tyoe of living

  11. Mactan Newtown was the first place I checked out when I went to the Philippines back in January. It had plenty there, McDonald’s, 2 X 7-Elevens. a medium-size supermart, coffee shop, and a nice food hall on the corner. It looked good, but, I found Mactan Newtown to be a little too quiet for my liking.
    Getting over to Cebu was hard work, esp, at peak times. Likewise, the traffic to Lapu-Lapu City was always very busy too.
    That said, I would still consider Mactan Newtown a good place to rent an apartment/condo short term while I look for something else and at $450, for ‘One Manchester’ is within my budget and, I believe, a good price for that area.
    I liked Dumaguete and that’s still my first choice but I do plan on checking out Cebu City more before I decide.
    I hope to return for at least another month when things get back to normal.
    Thanks as always Rod for the great info.

  12. All condos must be 60 percent owned by filipinos. Very small units are planned for targeting of the Filipino Units whose prices are effectively paid from profits on larger units sold to foreigners

  13. I love this Condo, Rind we can live there while visiting my relatives in Cebu and the prices is so affordable💕🥰💕Thanks to you again🥰

  14. I like Mactan. Have become very familiar with the localities around there. Hope to heck I can get back soon. World wide pandemic is BS. Another good video. Thanks

  15. They look nice condos for people looking for more modern amenities than province life would give, so thanks for the nice look around video Rod. Things are certainly changing there now, take care always.

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