Making Your Own Load Promo in the Philippines

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  1. I must be getting old I have no idea what you were demonstrating regarding the end result. To me Promo means to promote something i.e. to advertise

    1.  A “promo” or promotion is basically just a discounted rate on phone usage. Similar to a store ‘sale.’ What Henry is essentially doing in this video is customizing his phone plan. He is signing up for a discounted rate on text messages. But… like most “sales” there is some sort of time limit involved. In This particular case, Henry has 3 days before his discount expires.

  2. Salamat kaayo Henry! Thanks for sharing! Have to try next time in the Philippines! Hopefully your flue is gone already… Have a nice day!

    1. Hey Kuya!
      Tell friends and family back home that Globe provides free data when using Facebook messenger app.
      Make calls using no load! Of course ones location would determine if a voice call is possible. But for sure they could send instant messages at no cost to them.

  3. Another good video. Henry how are you able to stay in the Philippines for longer than 6 months, each year,  without exiting the philippines? Are you on a Philippine SSRV Visa? The SSRV is basicly an Investment Visa that the Philippines issues to investors who want to live in the Philippines longer than 6 months each year. Good to hear that you are feeling better! /////

    1. I believe Henry stays on a tourist visa which he renews every 2 months. I also believe there is a 6 month tourist visa you can apply for if you visit the immigration office in Manila.

  4. Think of it, why make it so complicated (countless plans) when the customer really just needs to txt, call and/or web? It’s only to get this client into making mistakes. These mistakes translates into extra money for the phone companies (owned by the elites) when their bottom line is kept intact.
    In PI, notice that every single product is over-priced except for rice and vegetables (in wet markets). Why? Coz those payers need to be kept alive so they could pay these companies. The whole system is very corrupt at the top! However, Filipinos do know that but if you tell them, they defend those lites with a SMILE !!!

  5. Salamat Bushman! Göbe Facebook works here too! My wife saves a lot on her phone bills using that or Viber from here to there. Europe/Philippines!

  6. I think that’s a developing country thing cause I remember doing this in Kenya. Now I’ll be asking about it in every country I visit, you never know

  7. If you get a smart sim you can get a promo for 250 peso a month unlimited text to any network and you also get 180 call minutes to any network plus internet just text mega250 to 2477 and your done 🙂

    1. That’s a good promo.  I used to have a Smart sim along with my Globe (dual sim phone).  But then I got a retail sim so, I’ll have to take a 2nd look at what’s best.    🙂

    1. @Doug Thompson In short.. you’ll get some nominal savings on load, but get a free, updated phone at the cost of committing to a one or two year contract.  With pre-paid load, you buy whatever phone you can afford, can still get decent rates on load.. but retain your freedom from any contracts.  

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