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  1. Your voice sounds a tad husky Rod, hope you are feeling ok mate. Traffic in Mandaue looks almost like normal at the intersection leading to J Mall, been stuck in it there many times . One takes their life in their hands crossing the roads there, oi. LOL

  2. Back ground noise sounds ok and actually good to see the busy philippines again getting a good vibe once again👍 things are looking good again I’m feeling excited maybe I’ll be there in 6 months 😃

  3. I relax when I watched your videos. Nothing that is distracting on your edits except when a beautiful island girl get on your camera’s field of vision. Safe travel my friend.

  4. I thought your audio mix with that much background sound was good. Good to see you out and about. Stay safe out there. Thanks for the video.

  5. Amazing Philippines.Great vlog I am glad to see you walking around the City and showing the viewers the area and different places of interest.I hope to be in Mandaue this year but will wait and see have already a Apartment to rent for when I arrive .It located near J Center Mall only a few minutes walk .Thanks for your vlog always enjoy your videos .

  6. Sound is always difficult. I also do voice over and adjusting it can be painfull. I try my best but im no soundengineer.
    You need to render the video and check how it sounds before uploading.
    So doing youtube takes a lot if time.

  7. I HATE DUMB MUSIC, I HATE FAST FORWARD CRAP, Mate your vids are THE BEST,, background noise is a BIG part of getting my Phili Fix while i am trapped in Australia …. Dont change a thing JUST LOVE YOUR VIDS FOR ALL REASONS>>> Eddie Australia /Jagna Bohol

  8. Its good of all places you in the one questioning lockdown methods.
    If might bring awareness to masses of people metro Cebu.
    I read articles before Govoner questioned false positive and no symptom +results

  9. Can you renew your expired passport there usa. You still on tourist visa? Can you renew for 6 mos.How much. Miss your travel videos also. Take care Douglas

  10. Good day Rod you missed the San Migel Brewery fine building and great brew lol.
    Sunburnt lol lucky your not on the water you would feel that.
    Enjoyed the volg.
    That immigration mob will be busy soon if everything opens up. Is there any chance you can supply their details as I think is going to be a nightmare to get the paperwork right.

  11. Great video always…pre China virus the air quality in Cebu City was the worst that I have ever experienced in my life…have been on two 1 month trips there and I came down with bronchitis on both trips. When the daytime traffic subsides then the people light smokey fires at night.
    Not for me…I am in Angeles and the air quality has gotten better and some of that is because of the electric motor and 3 wheel bikes. I need to get back to Vegas my home-base but don’t know when that will be.

  12. New sub here. I love your combo voice over/street noise. Other people’s videos with the horrible music I drop, or never sub. I don’t have the patience for those anymore.

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