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  1. It’s not a good idea to walk around the city in late night during and after this pandemic period. I doubt whether Cebu city will be as safe as it used to be before.

  2. Hi Rod, thanks for the walk around, always interesting for me as you know. I never had any problem with snatchers or anyone else for that matter, because, whilst i was friendly and said ‘hello’, to those street people who acknowledged me, i was not over the top friendly.
    If anyone tried to get close to me i was more inclined to regard them with resistance, by my body language. Generally, i found the locals to be non aggressive even if they were attempting to make a financial or, ‘hello my friend’, approach, and they would back off if you showed strong disapproval, which i felt necessary to do on occasion. They don’t want to get into a confrontation with a big foreigner, i found? Regards, Bob.

  3. Rod, I must say, you should have taken a cab with your girl instead of putting her in possible danger with those street kids. Many times those kids are high and can carry small sharp objects on them, you’re lucky this time, please use some common sense next time. Stay safe 🙂

  4. Rob the plaza were the Sunburst restaurant was I have a very good friend who works there in a real estate agency near the money exchange place is that the place you are saying that there renovating

  5. Back in 2001 I had a blast there very attractive women then I came back there in 2018 what a mess bars too loud reduced attractive women drug adicts and very rough looking lady boys having said that there’s a few good restaurants in the area a really good Mediterranean restaurant is there

  6. In these times you need to be more careful if you do walk like that make sure you have places to head too like a businesses with people they won’t attack you I’ve got into trouble a few years ago I had two groups of teenagers split up to cut me off I seen it kept walking watching the ones behind me got to a food outlet went in and sat down they hang around outside till the owers took to them with meat Cleavers moral of the story is groups of people hanging in a spot are trouble keep in as much light as you can gross the road way before them hang with people heading in the same way as much as you can

  7. Rod, the short answer is, don’t speak to them, they think you’re pissed, therefore an easy target. I understand this is against your normally friendly nature, but if you go around being friendly towards total strangers, one day, someone will make a hit on you. Be safe my friend. Bob.

  8. I am very cautious by nature. I won’t walk anywhere at night. I tried to walk two blocks in SJ Costa Rica many years ago…It didn’t work out well, no more phone or wallet, but I did get a new lump on my head.

  9. Thanks Rod. I know that for carrying even a small pocket knife in your pocket, you can be charged with carrying a concealed weapon, but I never checked about pepper spray. Now I did. There is no law prohibiting the carrying or use of pepper spray in the Philippines unless you use it irresponsibly against an innocent person. Then you can be charged with assault or battery. Good to know.

  10. Philippines people are generally nice people…but remember some may not like to have their faces unvoluntarily shown on youtube, especially that guy who was sleeping in the middle of the street…and apparently those kids.

  11. The best way to handle Criminals is to hit them with the pepper spray and if that does not work I have a police Batton in my back pack. If I have to pull that out , they will wish they picked an easier target. You dont have to be polite to criminals and scammers. NO MONEY BELT unless you want to show them where your valuables are. The best thing I have seen is “secret Pockets” on Amazon. You have to sew them into the inside of your pants . I have them in every pair of pants.

  12. A group of youngsters hanging out in some sketchy area late at night will mean trouble. I am a Filipino and will not feel safe in that situation. You have been around the Philippines long enough and ought to know it. These troublemakers will usually have blades with them and are involved in street gangs. BTW, I am glad you are both okay. Enjoy and stay safe!

  13. You’ve been drinking right ? You’re kinda drawing attention to yourself while walking through dodgy areas of Cebu city. Although there are worse places in Cebu city than where you were walking near el gecko and howling dogs bar. Although it’s quiet just now there is always traffic passing through on that road. If you were in a truly quiet area (no witnesses) and you were approached there’s a high chance you would have been assaulted and your valuables taken from you. You may be bigger than the average Pinoy but you will always be outnumbered.

  14. Great topic…if i need to go anywhere at night i carry pepper spray and sure its a no,no but their knife better be bigger than mine…and wallet and cellphone always goes in front pocket

  15. Please try not to walk at night in that area even before 10 p.m. I watch Philippine news on YouTube here in the U.S. and see a lot of senseless death just for a little bit of money. Why gamble if the person has a weapon or not? Please be careful.

  16. Rod the bad thing is if they’re criminals at such a young age. It’s going to get worse for them they’re not going to change. Damn good video thank you. Glad you’re safe

  17. You’re getting too comfortable Rod. Those kids are probably very hungry to think straight. They are usually discreet and will think twice if you’re with a Filipina.

    I got swarmed when I was buying chains at Unitop before. All of a sudden people are around me faking interest in chains. I knew chains are not that popular so I told them I’m a Cebuana and to back off. I had a tight grip on my purse in front of me and went to the cashier and complained that they were crowding me. This was before the crisis.

  18. The year 2020 was honestly traumatizing enough. Perhaps no other year in our lifetime carries so much weight to perform brilliantly than this one. Let’s all hope 2021 garners a standing ovation and a greatful year for all. Happy New Years to all !!!!!!

  19. I’ve only had one time when someone tried to pickpocket me in Cebu City. The kid tried to get my wallet in broad daylight. My cargo shorts have a hidden button you have to unfasten to get into the pocket. So it was very difficult to get inside my pocket. He failed. When I caught him he ran away. Most of the time they will not stand toe to toe with you.

  20. Why would you guys risk your lives🥺 I grew up in a big city ofManila, but still aware of all the crimes and never get near them😟take care👍

  21. You must be careful rod. Do not walk at dangerous for you and your many people out work. The young boys have no money.just be careful rod.ok.great video…

  22. With conditions, the way they are it’s better to stay indoors, I stay indoors at night my sight is bad plus my hearing I’m just an old Tiguan by nature

  23. I think your very lucky Rod that was a real crazy thing to do you are white and to poor philipino that’s means your rich.
    Plus you endangered your female friend who is a local and did warn you.
    Sorry Rod your not 21 yrs old anymore and one against 5 or more is very poor odds.
    Keep safe and keep aware these are trying times

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