Manila Becomes HotSpot For Cases, Reduces International Flights – Philippines

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  2. I wonder if testing/screening are as prevalent in the providences. Do more tests in the capital, get more positive cases, get move vaccines in the capital. In the providences, fewer tests, fewer people can go to the doctor, fewer “official” cases, no vaccines needed…

  3. saw the travel advisory yesterday. but thanks for the new ino. i would bet that the vaccine redistribution didn’t make the outlying regions very happy.

  4. This country I do not understand it. Japan america and all big economy countries did not close businesses but this little poor country over act and they think they are doing great things. LOL.idiots

  5. I did the math everyone. out of 265,000 in Manila cases and only 4,883 deaths. This Covid 19 thing is less then .02% vi 0.01842641509, give and take a number! and the common FLU deaths are 1.1% per one million, so if you take 1,000,000 covid cases at 0.01842641509%, you come out with 0.04883% vs 265,000 of FLU cases of FLU death very years in Manila is 5 times greater then this BS!!!!

  6. Got a flight March 31st USA to Manila with wife. Can we switch to Cebu? Bureau of immigration has failed to clarify upcoming rules on March 20th

  7. Hi Reekay…Wow bummer…..I really want to see my girlfriend in Dumaguete and so I hope things turn around soon? Thanks for your update to keep us posted.Maybe by April 19th things will turn around. I got both of my shots of the maderna vaccine because I know I will have to show proff that I am vaccinated. I feel great I had no bad reactions so I am ready to travel my friend….

  8. Thank you Weeki for the VIP announcement on this Virus. My go lives in the Manila area & is a Teacher also. She’s wondering when she’ll be getting her jab also.
    I was due to go there last August but wasn’t able due to the pandemic.
    Please keep up dates about thing.
    Kind regards to you for your updated

  9. My kid is still out of the class room. The more these lock downs persist the more the Philippines will tumble toward bankruptcy. Tyrants rejoice!

  10. Its like a dog straining its leash to run. This weekend marks the start of a significant reopening here in California. Let’s see if it can be sustained or fail as too much, too soon.

  11. If that is the situation, entry through Cebu should be strongly considered as an alternative. Do they have immigration check-in at Mactan?

  12. Kind of unsure if its only Manila or all the Philippines. Because also there is another thing saying only 9 c visas only being allowed into the Philippines which is seaman. Also only OfWs allowed in . No foriegners So you better check real close with your airline.

  13. Not sure if you are aware at the moment if you test positive they you are extracted from your home or condo and taken to their covid camps

  14. Tired of waiting . Going to Thailand and going through the 15 day quarantine, then I’ll sit there and wait until the Philippines opens up and hop on over. At least I can be in a tropical country and out of the boring rat race in US.

  15. in Florida usa, we have been opened up for over 6 months now. World-wide, a man dies in auto crash… he died of the virus… its all bs all over the world. ccp takeover.

  16. When is the government going to finally come to the realization that all communicable diseases spead most readily in the most highly dense areas? They never will control Covid unless they find a way to decrease density or learn to live with the disease. It is not coming from outside the Philippines. This is becoming insane.

  17. No foreigners can enter the Philippines right now. You are wrong to say that this only applies to Manila, this applies to the whole Philippines.

  18. Why be in a rush to go there to waste your money chasing an illusion of love? Sure, fun is good for men. And, it costs money unless you’re a tall young stud. But, it should not be the focus of our lives, just a compliment. It seems online begging has become the new stay at home economy, and it’s working. The tourist fun was declining even before Covid. So, will it be any better when the restrictions are lifted? How will it compare to Thailand or other locales? No money, no honey. Peace.

  19. These flight entry restrictions show that the Philippines can’t walk and chew gum! Thailand for example, has flare ups, yet continue to ramp up quarantine hotels.. BECAUSE Q HOTELS solve the problem, while helping their economy. I think Duterte needs better advisors who are able to solve problems, not perpetuate them!
    Curtis in Las Vegas

  20. Gee, a city of 13 million people who live in each other’s laps, has more Covid issues than the provinces where the housing is spread further apart? What genius failed to make that connection the first time, I wonder? hmmm. informative news, but kinda sad. appreciate the video, thanks. These kind of failures seem easily avoidable. Maybe i’m just getting surly in my old age. I’m really not as mean spirited as I sound. Just frustrated by this kind of nonsensical governmental procedure. I was supposed to move to Manila April 2020. My patience is wearing thin. Anyone out there relate or am i just being a grouchy old man? (If so I can own that truth about me! lol)

  21. I don’t see Davao City going back to MGCQ now from GCQ next month like I thought. My three is up in February 2021 I wasn’t really concerned, but I am starting to be.

  22. Duterte: No end in sight for lockdown
    ECQ to be lifted only if cure against COVID-19 is available ONLY IF….same as it ever was since Mar 13 2020 202000000000000000 first staement. President Rodrigo Duterte said early Tuesday he would lift the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) imposed on the whole of Luzon region only if a vaccine, antibody, or medicine to cure the COVID-19 coronavirus disease was already developed and available to Filipinos. ONLY IF ONLY IF ONLY IF…..AALREADy AVAILABLE. The President promised that if a cure for the coronavirus was already “tested medically” and made available to the country, he would lift the ECQ, which he had extended to April 30 from an initial one-month lockdown that would have ended at midnight of April 12 (Sunday).

  23. The US is rolling along in vaccinations towards 30%…but the last 30% is going to be tough even in the US for those with deeply held vaccine resistance. The Philippines has already been burned by failed introduction of the Dengue vaccine. So here are the complicating factors for true progress…1) Rise of concern over COVID variants has now shut down FOREIGNER ENTRY until April 19 and already extended to End of April 2) Filipinos ARE STRONGLY apprehenisive of COVID 3) Filipinos are STRONGLY apprehensive of VACCINATIONS 4) President has said since first briefing on MARCH 2020….LAST YEAR…no general opening until effective vaccine/treatment He has continued to say at every chance….and confirms again today 5) Despite frustration, you will find no general denouncements of the current posture 6) People are afraid to protest…almost every administration get mass protest during the latter part of their term…NO WILL HERE 7) President enjoy 90% approval rating – there is no PUSH to come off his strong hold. TRUE LEVERAGE for the people of the Philippines only is VISIBLE in the elections of May 2022…if ….if…if….the will of the people is not co-opted by sweet promises over these coming months. Ladies drinks for all??????? Whew!

  24. It is no Light in a Tunnel…. Its dept , collected in time, how hard is it to learn that?? It never was a good thing listnening to the Goverment then , and it certenailny isnt now…

  25. DONT trust youre Goverments.. Just Dont…. They have no intetion whatsoever to help anyone than themselfes… Is this so hard to understand… Its A SCAM , and if people dont want to accept that they been fooled all over , its theire own misstake, they have to do the correct homework , as a individual you have that to do.. this is how it goes when people dont do ….

  26. Ther making a mistake because they should do all of the oldest part of the population be that are the ones who can die, and be hospitalized. It’s the way to get it under control.

  27. Everyone that wants go to Philippines take a year no point follow the news its not going change this year 2022 or 2023 looks more like it.

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