May 8th: Philippines Quarantine & Testing Rules Change (Again)

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    In this video I discuss, “May 8th: Philippines Quarantine & Testing Rules Change (Again)”

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  2. Hell No! They don’t have to worry about me coming no time soon! Only to be put in a room where covid patients has already left germs behind……..? Hell no……

  3. I am actually going to see this…as MAYBE….slightly positive…this could be a NEGATIVE PRECONDITIONING for a more POSITIVE move down the line…whatever….its all bumble, stumble and fumble PUCK! Welcome to the Philippines ma’am sir! Jump for JOY BOYZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  4. Quarantine hotels connected making money, plain and simple. Looking at your experience, I am not returning to the Philippines until they are issuing visa on arrival. Why give my money to a scammer who came up with this plan.

  5. I’m still supporting my Filipina gf (and her family pretty much) in Cebu. It’s now been 17 months since i have seen her and her family in person. My patience is wearing thin. I’ve let her know that if the PH government hasn’t given clear guidance by the end of the year as to when i can return, i will end support as that will be the 2 year mark. I really don’t like putting her (and her family) under this pressure, but if Filipinos don’t start lobbying their government very hard, then i think those folks (the pols and bcrats) will just assume the remittances will flow in forever no matter how long they isolate the country.

  6. These new guidelines.. basically puts visitors under “ house arrest “ upon entering the country. If you test positive for COVID during that time…. judging by what u went through… no gracias!!

  7. Thank you for the latest update that will most likely be changed again and then again
    No thanks I will not subjecting myself to this .
    And it’s going to be on my Dime as well ?? .I don’t think so .

  8. If they dont lift the restrictions then no tourist will waste there money to just be stuck inside a hotel for 14 days thats insane, the idea of the vaccine is to have freedom
    but if philippines keeps playing this silly games dont cry when they dont get any tourists business , because its only tourists make them have money !, plus covid 19 hotels infected , hell no , you might as well lick bottom of your shoe , and get sick , those places are packed with germs!

  9. So the majority of westerners with two week vacations are going to come and live what reekay went through for their two-week vacation….got it .

  10. The rules will continue to change on a month to month week to week day to day. Wait for awhile sir. Out of stock sir. Call any ten immigration office and get ten answers. None the same.

  11. Phillipines isba country of ignorance. Just do a covid 19 test on the spot at the airport and u should be good to go. In other tourists teopicak destination they never closed and they are doing fine. Meanwhile in the poor country of phillipimes they have all these strict rules

  12. Thank you Henry for this video,,!, traveling while the virus is still active, is unwise and unsafe!! It’s better staying where you are!!!

  13. At this rate nothing will ever open. Let’s face the fact that the virus as a whole doesn’t seem like it will be eradicated anytime soon so countries need to think a lot smarter on opening up travel otherwise their economies will suffer a lot more. Ultimately when there is a treatment that doesn’t kill u such as a pill or shot then I think they will open up. Pzier said that they expect to have a pill by end of year. But in the meantime there has to be a better way of handling this as few if any are willing to travel to be locked up for 10-14 days for a vacation. If anything gov should be subsidizing these says at hotels so that it’s very cheap then people with time may go so then they can spend money in the counties they visit.

  14. Ill just do a rain check till Jan 2022 not worth the mental anguish checking Covid/Philippines travel updates everyday. Plenty of time to get in shape and save some extra chips till at least ONE country in SEA opens

  15. I’ve had both Pfizer shots and the six month booster and I’ll be damned if they’re gonna make me quarantine for five minutes. They don’t need my money.

  16. It doesn’t even matter, I’ve spoken to the embassy and there are no new visas being issued period. I’m married with a child in the Philippines and the only way I can get to them is to get her out of the country and fly in together. We are looking at the maldives but getting her out is nearly as hard as me getting in

  17. I mentioned to you last week my ordeal. I in fact a day prior to going back to the states had a false positive test result. What a nightmare this has been as the city I live in has a city doctor who seems to have complete rein over any and all decisions regarding covid and the testing. Since my false positive test result, I’ve received a follow up negative test result. Although it was negative and should overrule any prior test results. I was emergency transported to a hospital and placed on a 7 day quarantine. This was done with my wife who also tested negative was permitted to stay in the private room with me. Once released from the hospital we are now severing another 7 days in a private location in isolation. I’m frustrated here as it has been proven, once anyone has had a positive test result, whether false or not, the authorities only care about that result. A negative result after is only noted but carries no power. Regardless, it’s a 14 day isolation without argument. It’s sucks, but that’s what I’m currently going through. Just thought I’d share my story.

  18. like closing the barn door after the horse got out. I was going to go there with my Philippine wife. Now no way. I guess they do not want anyone to go there. They like to have power over people but there is a point when no one will go there. We are fully vaccinated.

  19. Henry, what do u think about the decision of the see d see to lower the cycles of the PCR test to 28 for the vaxxed while the unjabbed remain at 40+. Is this not proof of intentional fraud, or am i missing something?

  20. Hi Reekay..From Wes. & Neri . I was hoping that maybe by this Aug I could fly back on a tourist-visa . The way things are progressing I am beginning to think that nothing is going to change till next year. I do not care to go through a quarantine process.

  21. At least there are a few lawmakers pushing the idea of letting tourist in that have been vaccinated. Hopefully it will be a 3 day quarantine in the hotel of choice if negative.

  22. Hi Henry, I was wondering how you transfer from 10day at arrival location to 4 days at final destination. Eg if you fly into Cebu stay 10 days then travel onto Bohol and stay in your hotel room there for 4 days. If your supposed to use public transport seems to make a mockery of 4 day’s isolation. All my best to you and Vi, hope your mum is doing better..

  23. Can’t understand why someone who is fully vaccinated and tests negative (prior to leaving their home country) would have to be quarantined…

  24. Kind of strange how they changing this all the time. I was told yesterday that only 2-3 days were needed in a quarantine Hotel whilst waiting for your PCR test that would be taken at the airport upon your arrival. So now I’m looking at at least 7 more days in the Hotel at 2500 per night hmmmm. Maybe they should have just left it at 14 days instead of changing it….so much confusion…oh well…Its more fun in the Philippines….? Thanks for the update Reekay. Take care

  25. Thank you for sharing this less than positive news. Somehow getting it from you , someone who has become a trusted voice of reason, rather than some faceless bureaucrat, was far less painful. Stay safe and well .

  26. Just a suggestion. Pls. change the phrase ‘ foreigners married to Filipinas ‘ to foreigners married to Filipino citizens ‘ in order not to discriminate some ( may not be a lot ), Filipino males married to foreign females, LGBT or what have you.

  27. They just need to stop travel to the Philippines. Nobody can afford to be in quarantine in approved motel with two covid test.

  28. I would be willing to do about anything to get back to the Philippines. Just put up the hoops so I can start jumping.
    Vaccination ✔
    Negative tests before/after ✔
    Quarantine 2 weeks ✔
    Arrival quotas ✔
    At this point they must have some kind of idea how they can move forward

  29. Philippines like the most of countries on this Planet must follow the rules from Elite. Give it another 2 years and perhaps most of the cattle realise what it is all about. Vaccine or not, they do not want you to travel.

  30. It’s a step in the right direction to me. They are talking about making travelling bubbles in cebu, palawan, boracay soon I hope. I miss my pinay!!!

  31. Luckily I’m already here at home on the island of Biliran in the Philippines. According to our LGU in Cabucgayan if we travel outside of region 8 we are subject to an additional 14 day quarantine at a LGU run facility. If we leave our island for more than 72 hours we must home quarantine for five days. We also were required to get a QR code from our LGU to leave the island. An odd part is when we went to Tacloban we were required to get another code to be used just in Tacloban so apparently the codes do not talk to each other. We needed this code to enter the mall. After entry we needed it again to enter most individual stores within the mall. This doesn’t affect the majority of the locals as they usually don’t travel far from home. Here in the province other than the wearing of masks ( sometimes ) it is mostly life as usual. This post is just an FYI. I’m not complaining. If I have to stuck somewhere I can’t think of a better place. It is much better than many alternatives.

  32. Wonder how many paid for, I Mean false positives will pop up on those travelers. So like Henry you will be trapped in a loop hole paying out a fortune.

  33. Im worried they will not even accept vaccinated people in the future because the USA has no internal record keeping ….got vaccinated and all of have to show for it is a cheap index card with a couple of chicken scratch signatures

  34. My question is this. Are filipinos that test positive, whisked away to a covid hotel, and forced to pay and stay for 10 days? Or is this just a scam to make more foreigner money? 🤔

  35. “Tests” do not detect a “virus” that has not been isolated and allegedly mutates into “variants”. The whole SCAM-demonic is a bio- & psy-op war on humanity that exceeds Nazi crimes of WWI & WWII, according to a growing number of medical and legal professionals who are taking legal action towards Nuremburg Tribunal 2.
    All government, medical, police personnel involved in carrying out these unprecedented restrictions of people’s FREEDOM, forcing draconian quarantine, fake “tests”, poison jibjabs etc are liable to face tribunal for crimes against humanity. Nazi doctors were hanged after the Nuremburg Tribunal for carrying out medical experiments on lockdowned prisoners! The Nuremburg Code states very clearly that “informed consent” is required to carry out any medical procedure. This certainly includes “tests”, jibjabs and ventilators. How can consent be “informed” when doctors and people don’t really know what materials are in the “tests” or jibjabs?
    Increasing evidence strongly point towards “tests” & jibjabs as bio-weapons for global population reduction. “Tests” examined under microscope reveal moving, worm-like filaments which placed far up nasal cavity may penetrate the brain. “Tests” also contain a carcinogen and possibly nano-particles. Jibjabs are NOT “vaccines, but unnatural gene therapy designed to make living cells produce unnatural proteins. There are already 1000s of deaths and 100,000s of adverse reactions worldwide from the jibjabs and” tests”! Lamestream media, governments and compliant doctors and medical staff to their tyrrany are NOT informing The People truthfully! This is a crime, perhaps the greatest in human history.
    They’re all liable to be charged for crimes against humanity. These are a few of 100s of doctors who say this is a crime:
    Dr Fuellmich, Dr Dolores Cahill, Dr Francis Boyle, Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Mikovits,…..

  36. I swear the government has no one with any real ability to understand metadata. They are hurting their country because of sheer ignorance.

  37. Ok last week when they open it up if you’re married to Filipina I thought hey I’m going to go see what I need to go back home only way and the only way if you’re married to a Filipina you get into the country she has to be with you you cannot enter by yourself not showing any paperwork or anything like that she has to be with you and then when you quarantine that’s two rooms 10 days each it really really does it not make worth going home to the Philippines at this time

  38. Hello everyone, does anyone know how hard it will be for a filipina to come to the US on a tourist visa? Thanks I really appreciate anyone’s help and response.

  39. This is a BS money grab plain and simple. Why can’t you get tested as soon as you enter the Phils at the airport ? And after you test negative why do you have to still quaranteen ? The government is getting a kickback from the ” covid approved ” hotels and want to make you stay well beyond what is reasonable….they’re probably hoping you get sick and have/get a false positive so you’d have to quaranteen an additional 10 days, would not surprise me in the least . What happens when you want to leave the Phils ? Same thing ? You could end up spending close to 3 weeks ( or maybe much more ) quaranteened and that’s IF all tests are negative. You’d have to be a total fool to go there now, I won’t go until NO restrictions, NO quaranteens, and no tests are required….there’s plenty of other countries that are at least reasonable and don’t rip off tourists….NO Philippines for me for awhile. JMHO

  40. That’s it Phillipines keep it up you’ll be a 4th world country before you know it. Plandemic won’t end until you make it!

  41. Politics, Great Chanel, I watch you closely, I need to get to Cebu to my wife, I’m double vaccinated I hate this Virus BS, God Bless, What a Joke, Be Safe, Belus

  42. Philippines will not get out of hellish problems due to corruption, Lies, and unsure why Duterte is not stepping in to make decision! MORONS!!!

  43. Ok, going on month 4 trying out the online scene in the PH… 😐

    If she has a huge (500+) social media online presence she thinks of herself as a model/superstar and her first and only priority is herself, over a l l else. DON’T think that those sexy photos she sent u mean that she is in love with you!!!

    Lying seems to be endemic. Or perhaps it’s just online? And/or in the culture? :O
    – People will NEVER say anything critical or negative directly to u, even online it seems…

    So, check, check again and re-check every week minimum! All of the women I’ve been in ‘serious’ communication with did lie to me, repeatedly, small things and large and huge…

    FB seems to be key. It seems popular to reveal a lot there. If her main account (that she hasn’t told u about or perhaps even hidden/blocked from your eyes) says “single” after she’s proclaimed her undying love for you… well, u figure it out m8!!! 😉

    Sad to say, I have to say that from my online experiences so far it seems to be a lazy culture where most everyone tries to do as little as possible and try to get as much as humanly possible for the little they produce/do/help you with… or do for u.

    Or it is just or mainly an online phenomenon? The more online they seem to be the more likely it’s a scammer/hustler/liar in my experience.

    I am not surprised that nothing really works in this country and/or getting something done takes forever compared to the West.

    The BIG problem with ALWAYS avoiding confrontation is that they don’t really seem to learn/understand how to SOLVE conflicts!!

    But, again, this could be me, online Phils or I don’t know why, or it simply is pretty true?

  44. Let me get this straight. The Philippines will open to VACCINATED tourists, but will force them into 14 day quarantine in a hotel that raises their rates 5x and be forced to eat garbage food? 14 days with fees and bullshit up the waazuu will cost something like P50,000. IF there are no screw ups or strange occurrences they will be able to leave in 14 days even though VACCINATED. THEN going to Davao I might be forced to quarantine AGAIN by that local government and do the same shit all over again. So in a month if Im lucky I can go home about P100,000 lighter. There is a name for this and its called EXTORTION. The Philippine government is really gonna be that stupid and greedy to think tourists will do this? They will just go somewhere else where they don’t have to quarantine because they are VACCINATED. Nobody in their right mind gonna fall for this. October of 2019 I got Dengue and went to emergency at Silliman University Hospital. I stayed there 7 NIGHTS to the tune of nearly P45,000. A kind of friend of mine found out they purposely were not giving me the best drugs to fight Dengue so that I would stay longer and be forced to pay more. BEYOND BULLSHIT. It was pure and simple EXTORTION. The Philippines is taking a HUGE risk by doing this kind of shit. There is an old saying about Penny wise and Pound foolish. Being this foolish can force the Philippines into becoming Venezuela. A country covered in its own SHIT.

  45. Sorry to see you had to go through such an ordeal and being that sick. Me and my wife went to the USA for a death in the family and now….on our FORTH attempt to get back into the Philippines🇵🇭. Prior three attempts aborted by airlines due to inbound traffic bans emplaced after we had tickets . We have our forth set of tickets this time going to Cebu and damn near had to reschedule again due to the hotel being booked and no extension available to go from the initial seven day quarantine to ten days minimum. However, today we were told an opening occurred after someone canceled. Whoooo. Maybe soon we’ll get back for some sand therapy. If you get in while we’re still in Cebu it’d be great to meet up with you.

  46. If it took 8 weeks to fly you outta there…i think it’s really going to take 16 weeks to arrive. Of course there’s no way to document a foreigner actually trying to visit because you’re not there anymore. Based on your exit experience…i’m thinking they’re turning half of the inbound travelers back to their native country and tell ’em to start over.

  47. Wife and I are both Filipino’s, had to leave the Phillipines two weeks early last year on our vacation when Duterte stated all international flights will be canceled. Will be spending two weeks in beautiful Cancun, Mexico this month. Five star resorts, beautiful islands, great food, white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, entertainment, safety, 100% opened and most of all, just a few hours away.

  48. The president doesn’t really want foreign visitors he made that perfectly clear from the start with being cheeky to the president of the usa.

  49. The home quarantine scenario applies if you live in the NCR. If you live on another island, there may be additional quarantines imposed in that locale!

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