Meet Expat Chris, who went from DEA Agent who Battled Pablo Escobar to Defeating Personal Demons

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Meet Expat Chris, who went from DEA Agent who Battled Pablo Escobar to Defeating Personal [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Chris opens up about his personal struggles and finding peace here in the Philippines


  1. Ive just finished watching Narcos, set in Columbia (not the later one set in mexico). The DEA and Colombian Police killed Escobar, some seen him as Robin Hood type figure who gave to the poor but admittedly he carried out some horrendous acts that resulted in the loss of innocent lives. However while watching the show I couldnt help but like the guy.

  2. Great chat. Loved the either you own it or it owns you. You did another video and I can’t remember the saying but I believe it was your either a victim or a participant?

  3. Paul, this episode was the most significant for me. Your guest spoke about something I related with when it came to children and divorced.
    As a father I did ever everything right yet Through the mechanism of the divorced industry everything was taken away from me….everything.
    I never thought I would end up loosing my children too but it happened as it happened to Chris.Enough said. I am also ex-military so I could definitely identified myself with Chris. I know exactly what he is talking about.
    Thank you for having Chris onboard

  4. DEA, makes me think about friends of mine who’s lives were severely damaged by law enforcement over some Marijuana. Three friends of mine were arrested by a very physically ugly young man (under cover cop with very bad acne) who showed up with an acquaintance from high-school wanting some Marijuana. I didn’t have any at the time, which was unusual, but some of my friends did and they got [email protected]/arrested. 1974

  5. 100 yrs ago the justice system around family law in North America was slanted in the man’s direction but when they tried to correct it instead of finding equalibrium they slanted it so far into the opposite direction where according to friends of mine it remains today. Video was a bit difficult to hear Paul maybe the mic was to far away?

  6. Paul, I missed your live chat. I saw earlier in your previous live video, you mentioned you like comedians. Check out James Gregory. He is an older guy. Really funny!

  7. Paul ..another interesting video! It’s always great to get a new start in the Philippines. Yes …I can’t wait to retire there, too. However, it isn’t what you think….no busted marriage, but a good marriage to my filipina wife and a return to her homeland to retire after 25 years of marriage.

  8. Thank you for arranging this interview, Paul. Bets are that it will rate very highly for you on YouTube. One of your “Top 5” for sure. Many adjectives apply but rather than trying to be the wordsmith of the century here, I’ll simply say that your Guest (I believe) was trying to describe “the devil” as that combination of domestic social conditions that militate against a generally happy and satisfied life for many grown men in America. You’ve touched upon this subject yourself a number of times. While I have not retired to the Philippines, we visit often (2019 alone was five visits) and I’ve had the privilege of being married to a native Filipina for 18 years next month (as opposed to one whose parents were born in the Philippines and brought the child to the USA as a youngster–so the child (now grown) can be, in essence, an American woman with a repulsive attitude, etc.–you need to get one who was “born and raised” in the Philippines, boys!). Wise are the men who see that it would be an almost impossible task to “change the culture” in the USA. Instead, simply seek your own happiness and lots of harmony in your own home. Stay away from and don’t knowingly or willingly assist those domestic elements that stir up trouble. And above all, be married to a Filipina (or have one as a serious girlfriend). They are absolutely the best !!

  9. yea you are right about the divorce industry and the bias to the woman with respect to division of assets and custody of children. The white male is now considered everything bad with society and western civilization even though everyone (particularly in the US) reaps the benefits of our economic power. Soon we will be dummied down to the relevance of a Canada or western/eastern Europe. SAD

  10. Show me a guy who tells stories about military combat, and I’ll show you a guy who sat in the rear with the gear, as men who saw combat rarely want to ever discuss it. Or show me a guy who worked for an intel or LE agency who openly discusses his involvement in activities that could still get him killed by drug cartels, and I’ll show you a guy who may have worked at DEA…as an admin. type or custodian, but he was NOT an agent with the DEA. It would unacceptable for any former agent to be blathering on about ops on a facebook channel. Your guy is a wannabe.

  11. After three rough divorces one American two Filipinos I finally married now six wonderful years to my fourth wife Filipina thank the Lord I never gave up lost kids in the process everything now life is totally wonderful I know many guys my age well they’re dead now because of drug abuse and alcohol because of depression when they got their first divorce I wish I could’ve told them never give up

  12. Paul you are a master of getting your interviewees focust and redirecting their thoughts. I could tell that this gentleman had a lot to say but was a little overwhelmed on how to say it. You brought it all together. Good job….

  13. Colombia starting to pop again and really when Escobar was killed it just switch to the Cali Brothers cartel. Law enforcement will show you millions of dollars and tons of drugs they’ve seized. Thinking look at all this that we took off the streets when it was just a decoy. It Wasn’t until the early 80s when they realized a lot of things too late. Now they definitely lost the war they were fighting back in the sixties and seventies. Javier Pena moved to Texas and will tell you we lost the war. How does it feel to know all your efforts were pointless? Now you have El Chapo’s Golden Triangle working with the Chinese for fentanyl.

  14. Not sure if I’m there with blaming your family problems on the ‘divorce industry’. What about what happened that propelled you into that industry?

  15. He should know who Griselda Blanco Restrepo was. He shouldn’t publicize himself too much on social media. I am a former Miami Dade Law Enforcement Officer who understands. In terms of marriage, children and the US the system has been formulated to break families down into pieces.

  16. Hahaha… I too battled Pablo and Cali cartels having been with the Bolivian Cartels in the Colombian/Bolivian cocaine wars in late 70’s through 1982. The Bolivian cartels had Klaus Barbie as their paramilitary head… they kicked Pablo and Cali’s asses and the Bolivian Cartels went on to install the first true narco headed country. They ALL either got killed or imprisoned. Luckily I made it out in 1982 and left all the insanity behind.

  17. If i did all that, the last thing I would ever do is tell anyone, especially with my face on video. Those people NEVER forget. And anyone can pinpoint you guys on a map right now with little to no detective skills. Js.

  18. I call BS. Sounds like the majority of expats I meet in the Philippines. Top secret government assassins, multi billionaires who can’t spend, billionaires who lost everything. The Miami Vice shirt, silly hat and gold chain are a dead giveaway.

  19. The comments about the divorce industry at about 5:00 remind of a documentary on the subject called Divorce Corp. I believe it came out around 2015 or so. Worth watching. It’s available for about $4 on several pay sites.

  20. I’m a retired Army veteran, been diagnosed with PTSD at the VA here in Tampa. Have friends in the Philippines that moved there . I visited 2 years ago before the virus. And have been waiting to go back since.

  21. I can relate and agree with you Paul and Chris on many levels of politics and family in U.S. Politicians are more controlling each day here. Politicians are experts at manipulation and spreading hate and we are forced to pay them really good money to do it to us. I find myself doing a lot of research to see about leaving here Thanks Chris, look forward to your next video.

  22. This is actually a good guy, I disagree with the negative comments. Understand that when a man gets older, no matter what their career was, they do like to say a few things about their life’s work, he’s totally legit in my book, and I’m happy to see he’s at peace now.

  23. Yea, you know I have to believe the fact that Special agents in CIA, FBI, DEA don’t show their faces along with giving their names on ANY form of Media. They do that for their own protection. So I’m swayed towards some of the comments that think this guy is b.s. Just saying………..

  24. Here in England every pub has at least one guy at any given time who once had a try some major football team. In Phills they are replaced by guy who is either ex navy seal or secret agent of some agency with abbreviated name.

  25. My ex turned my kids against me big time. I had to work like hell to not be estranged from them now. Divorce sucks the life and money out of you.

  26. How do you ever know that people you interview are legit ? I would have to say bullshit on this one. Kind of like Fililina Peas interview with the homeless guy from the US that sold pancakes in the mountains to survive !! 🤣🤣🤣

  27. I don’t mean to steal Chris’ thunder, but as I watch each new interview of Paul’s I am more impressed with how well spoken he is, how direct but yet patient and kind he is in his questioning and how he still injects a lot of fun and laughter no matter how serious the subject is…

  28. Divorce definitely can alter a man.Being estranged from my children as a result ; It took a lot of years to re-adjust .Stay strong, time heals,acceptance,and faith .Maintain your health,exercise and rest.Life is short,forgive yourself.God bless,

  29. this guy is so full of shit its unbelieveable……interesting stories though, Paul. its harmless entertainment as long as we remember its just fiction.

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