Men: Know Your Weak Spot – in the Philippines

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  1. If I had considered family background as a way to foresee the likelihood of a healthy relationship with some of the women I was seriously involved with, I would have possibly had the brains to move on before the hook was set and I found myself on the deck naked and gutted. lol Sounds like checking into the family dynamic is very important in SEA.

    Henry, since you are cautious with whom you date, I assume you’re better able to avoid the gold diggers. I’m curious what per cent age against the total you’ve personally encountered would classify as gold diggers.

    1. during the last 4.5 years i have had only 3 actual relationships with filipinas.  (the rest were just 1 or 2 dates and it was obvious it wasn’t gonna work out long term).  if i were to go by ‘all’ the dates i’ve had.. i’d say that about 65%-70% were in it for themselves.  But.. to put that into perspective, if i were only to look at the women that i consider a “keeper” for a relationship.. then i’d say the figure drops down to about 5%.  (ones who fooled me)   Bottom line.. if you really, really want to find a Good Woman in the PH, it isn’t that hard.  The problems start when we want the absolute most stunning woman we see or we’re looking in the wrong places.  that’s when our judgment goes down the drain and troubles begin.

    1. @***** ……………….
      When a men is going to be involved with these ladies, naturally they’ll be living the lifestyle he’s able to afford that would be an improvement of her previous existence.

    2. Tim that’s quite an adventure, many men with all the best intentions are on their way towards similar disappointments.

      Hope at least walking away with the lesson for the next encounter .

      As far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a rat’s ass about their financial problems
      My concerns are only not to acquire some commutable diseases.

    3. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  What you are describing as "players" is what s known as a scammer every where else in the world. This is called the love/dating scam. The only variation is that they do it face to face instead of online. Now, I have found a method that works every time. I ask them how much they make in a month followed by their bills and the amounts (Mentally adding everything up). Then I ask them again how much they need. If they make more than they spend, I tell them "You have this much left over after your bills, so there is your money. Then I ask them "tell me the truth, what do you really want the money for?" Nine times out of 10, they leave right there. If their bills run close to their monthly pay/exceeds it, I advise them that I am sorry about their situation and I feel their sorrow, but I do not know them well enough to do something like this. I follow that with "you need to get a job that allows you to pay all your bills and set back some money for emergencies such as this." If they are really interested in you as a PERSON, they usually drop it and you never hear about it again. If they really want your money, they will start again right then or the next day. I'll tell you another thing I encountered. I had talked to this lady from Ghana, West Africa for a year. Went there to meet her because you have to meet them in person before you can get a K1 VISA. I was there for 2 days and she gave me a sob story. I told her I couldn’t help because it would cut into my emergency money. She said if I didn’t help her she would have to prostitute herself because she had no one else to help her (emotional blackmail). I got stone cold and hard hearted right then. I asked her how much a hooker makes. She said 150 cedis for all day and all night. That is 50$ American. I said ok, let's go to your house, you get naked and we'll screw like rabbits. She was stunned. She asked me why I would do that. I told her if she didn't have enough respect for me and for herself to find another way, then she didn't really want me. She left and I got on a plane back home the very same night. In conclusion, if she really wants ONLY you, she will drop it. When I get to know her and develop love feelings for her, I will know her and her families financial situation. If I do love her, she will not need to ask for money, I will offer what I can to help. Two wars, 1 successful scam and one failed scam have made me very hard and cautious. When the ambush instinct in my gut goes off, I listen.

    4. @Reginald Nedd Of course its always hard to tell who is who. What Henry is saying, especially for guys like myself, is its not about the gamble or “picking” a woman of any culture. It’s about putting the odds in your favor over the house, and giving yourself the best chance to overcome your instincts and emotions to realize what actually is the truth. The truth is always easy to spot and will make itself known to you even more so easily with time.  No matter how hard you ignore it, or fight against it, its still just Truth. Weather you accept reality or not is still your decision. You can choose to double up or fold at your discretion.

  2. To play the devils advocate a bit here, Henry, this is actually one of the advantages of starting out via chat/email/Skype. It’s easier to say no online than in person, facing that pretty face that you might already be sleeping with. It seems so easy – just say no to any money request from a person with whom you are not in a serious relationship. But that is easier online than when your staring at their tutoys 🙂 I had an absolute policy – the 1st time I got asked for cash or even hinted at – I moved on to the next – sometimes very sadly.

    1. @Dave Weisbord i’ve learned to be a little more thick-skinned after two years of dating here.  i’ll be a nice guy about it, but the answer is still either “No” or less than half of what they asked for.  i came here a bleeding heart willing/wanting to help anyone.  but after you get lied to a few times, saying ‘no’ gets easier even in person.  especially when they’re asking you only hours after meeting them.  i once had lunch with a filipina.. just lunch, one time.  the next day she wanted to know where i lived so we could move in together.. and plan out our wedding.  i am not exaggerating, she was pushing THAT fast.

  3. Good! Something to always look into when
    It come to the desire of a Philippine woman,
    But what you are saying is the same thing that
    Women do over here in the united States. To me
    I think some Philippine women are more sweeter
    Then the american women. That is just my thoughts
    On Philippine women.

  4. Good talk… Now that I have been here for just over 3 years, it is becoming easier to decide who I wish to date. I think it would be VERY hard to just arrive here though and not take the necessary time to truly get to know someone. I know guys come here for 2 weeks, one month, etc. Seems like a big risk to not spend more time. I would say wait until you are able to spend more like 4, 6 or more months.

  5. a few words of wisdom there henry yeah i think another main thing is communication and see how well you build a rapport with the lady on things that dont always involve money is another good way but then again like you said that usually comes with a lil time. Another red light is if they start talking about marriage n kids on the first date n she talking to a lot of other guys on the phone lol. yeah i think problem relates to a lot of developing countries not just the philippines.

  6. Very wise words Henry! Have to add some more what I think is important too! If you really are interested get to know this woman better…why not start her family! Family matters are the most important for her if she is a good lady, also her family tells you quite a lot of her! You can read these things much better than only dating her in a bar after a sixpack of beer or in a disco, hearing only what she might think is for your ears. Going to see her family in everyday life, not only during a fiesta or so gives you hints much more than hearing the hints about a “suddenly get sick carabao” If you just want to have fun…then really count, how much you can afford..or just better wait and keep your panties on. 

  7. you are so right , i have been to the philippines about twelve time, and i still i have to save every dog, cat , water buffalo before i get to the street kids, women with a brother who has a bird with a broken wing ,,,,  i think best to live alone, when i retire in the philippines  , near some friends, .  

  8. I like how straightforward is your talk about Filipinas. I appreciate you sharing your real impression of them.

    I am in the research mode right now. And I heard that compared to Thai girls, philipinas are less opportunistic. I am considering the following countries in Asia: Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and of course the Philipens.

    Who do you think has the least opportunistic or predator type personality from these women?

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I read in a survival guide that westerners are considerred fair game by shop owners and such. But do mean that your avrage filipino bad girls will just grab every western guy they come across in either the park or the mall or where ever ?  

    2. @private i have some friends who have spent about six years in thailand, so we discussed the differences in women between there and the ph.  in a nutshell.. dating in thailand was a lot like dating in california.  you need to show that you have some money, dress the part or you won’t get any action.  that’s why lots of guys end up doing P4P (pay for play) in thailand, and that gets expensive depending on your appetite.  the upside is that thai women tend to have their own money and are not looking for a handout so much.  now.. in the PH, it’s the opposite.  getting a date with a filipina as a foreigner is pretty damn easy since foreigners are a desired commodity, especially if Single.  but… the ‘opportunism’ is High.  very often you will get hit up for the type of assistance i mentioned in the video.  so, it comes down to the guy being able to walk that line between dating and becoming a walking charity organization to every filipina he meets.

  9. I remember chatting with a Filipina who told me she wasn’t like other Filipinas who only lie to get money. (Red flag!) Then later she asked me to help her make a motorcycle payment. LOL!

  10. Hi Henry,

    OOOPPPSsss! While starting to get some stuff going here on YouTube I deleted a new account that I created.
    Of course along with that deletion all my posts under that account went poof!
    So he it is again if you don’t mind.

    As usual you hit things pretty right.
    My own thoughts on the matter follow.

    Generally there are three areas of life that cause crisis(Greek root means decision).
    Identity: Generally not an issue here
    Communication: can cause minor problems here
    And the biggy.
    Love vs. Sex vs. Money: #1 problem causer, no doubt.
    Money in this example also includes all the “savior” and “Mr. Fixit” aspects of relationships, especially in the early going.

    As the Beatles sang “Money can’t buy me love”. But it can buy sex. That’s why prostitution is the oldest profession.

    Why two months, as near as possible full time? Because it is damn hard to keep up a façade for anytime longer than that Although there are those that can hold out for the long “scam”, it does require very good acting skills.

    Nice vs. good.
    Why nice is not good.
    Nice is the act, the mask if you will, that many of us wear so as not to alienate nor offend other people. 
    But it is not REAL. And it can never last.
    N = Neurotic
    I = Insecure
    C = Crazy
    E = Emotional

    Through fear we are conditioned to be nice rather than good, especially in those early days of relationship building. So you guys, much better to be real but it can be very scary.

    So tough it out for those first two months and watch closely as the façade of niceness starts to fade. 
    Then you will see if the niceness gives way goodness or badness.

    Take care,


  11. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Right on Brother Henry.  But I don’t even bother meeting for at least a year.  It allows you time to sort out the 99% (scammers) PRIOR to meeting in real.

    What you’re talking about is the “Captain Save-a-HO” syndrome.  Don’t play it guys.  Don’t fall for it!

    1. @Ronald Armstrong it’s all in where you look.  look in the common places, not the bars, dance clubs, etc.  supermarkets, malls, colleges, the merkados, wherever women are working and being responsible even if it’s just a buko juice stand.  the girls looking for quick, easy money.. can’t trust them.

  12. Hello Henry.  

    Most Filipinas are very intelligent, along with a lot of mother-wit.  So, when dealing with a foreigner, many will dumb-down to met the man’s perceived expectations.

    Also, many of the foreigners have had previous relationships with women – who were at or near each other in age (in their country).  Most of the guys come to the Philippines and hookup with young ladies.  Except for matters of intimacy, that man expects/infers a lot of maturity in the daily ins-and-outs the relationship.   Hence, forgetting her youth (which includes her needs, desires, and social contacts) of their mate.

    1. @prairie mark my mom.. she knows stuff.  ha!   i handed her a foto of a woman i planned to date once and, in less than a second she said, “this girl has been around.  she’s trouble.”  that fast she had this girl pegged from just a photograph.  as it turned out, the girl was a total nympho (i didn’t mind that part).. but after a few weeks it turned out she was much stranger than i’d imagined (very freaky, way beyond my parameters) and had a train-load of baggage and bad-wiring issues.  i couldn’t run fast enough to get away from her, even changed my phone number and glad she didn’t know where i lived.  that one was a close call.

  13. What you are describing I have come to call the B.S. test and it covers everybody and all situations. Suppose you have a job and you are paid by the hour, you are always 15 minutes late for work. Your boss doesn’t say a word, you then start to show up 20 minutes late. This goes on and on until your boss tells you that you have to show up on time. The same goes for the wife of the constantly cheating husband, until she divorces him or stands up and puts an end to the bad behavior he will continue the behavior.

    The more B.S. you put up with, the more you will have to put up with. The one thing I learned while in the Navy and in P. I. is that the man is the commodity, not the woman. You are the trophy, and in dealing with these relationships you have to totally turn the tables. It is your job in these relationships to be the interviewer and to find out as much info about the woman as possible. Way too many guys feel lucky to have a hot girlfriend, but down the road what do they have? Some used to be hot woman who was a user, and still is a user. I can blab about this crap for hours, so I’ll cut it off here, you get my drift any way.

  14. Here we go again, ok guys here is something you can take ok so online you find a pretty girl you like first right, now next you need to know what they are in it for not just the kind of guy they would like to have just flat out ask what are their goals do they want to come to marry you in the states or and find a job so they can support their family if so what kind of job do they qualify for? Do they have graduate degree? Will they be helping you pay the bills when they get here all of that kinds of questions are pertinent information for you all just use common sense.

  15. Henry, you give alot of great insight and psychological views , you have studied the situations well there in philippines. Did you have some of these things happen to you?   i been scammed by them online too.  so i have heard all kinds of outlandish crazy stories as well.   Why are they that way , i dont get it specially when some people are honest about the approach to having someone in their lives . i.e.  a relationship,,,,,,,,,, why dont they try to help themselves too???

  16. so true, Henry , i have been to the philippines many times , my trouble is i feel i need to save every stray dog, so as for street kids, , and i meet a woman, , and i feel i have to help them ,,,so i know this , so your video is so helpful   ..peter 

  17.   This was a very informative video …..!…..very useful!       What really upsets me with filipina women is the fact that they all want you to believe they have a sacred  halo around their heads! and that they are pure, simple and full of virtue!!…Do not ever believe that!……My best friend married one girl  who claimed to be  a virgin! and a devout Christian who has never been with a man…… he later found out that she was not a virgin at all and in fact was quite known to be  promiscuous in her province….She had just gone through a break up with one of her boyfriends ………..A few years ago ,  , I was corresponding with one girl who constantly talked about “Jesus” and her firm belief in God and what a serious Christian she was!….I never forget ..every letter she wrote was usually signed as “your sister in Jesus”….It was all a sham!…I was so sick of hearing her religious crap!……Later on she started working as an entertainer  in Japan …..Last I heard she had graduated  into  “prostitution”!!…They all have the Catholic upbringing and use it for their deceitful ways to impress ….. .Just dont be fooled by it!  The only God they are dreaming about in their situation is $$$$$$ and a way out of Pinas…..looking for a stepping stone or a source of revenue with the lofty purpose of social ascendance….

    1. @jason robardas i could do a whole series just on the lies i’ve been told over the last 2 years from untrustworthy women in the ph.  you would not believe the weirdness i’ve encountered.

  18. Thanks – I know I am a “soft touch” – I am an ATM to 4 women in the US and 1 in Mexico. I am a sucker for a sob story.  There is no easy exit. – Bruce

  19. One of your best videos to date. 

    Just earlier today, I sent money to “fix” a problem that a potential girlfriend has.

    Over the years and through almost 20 trips (I will be move there in January), this has been a recurring theme.  Whenever a girl in a chat or in person starts a conversation with “I’m shy to tell you this…. ” you can bet she is going to ask for money.   After they milk you for money and once you made clear it is a one time thing, most of them will simply stop chatting with you.

    I met one Filipina in person late last year who after a couple of days with me said “you are too nice, girls here are just going to take advantage of you”.   That did not change my behavior, but it should have.  Nice guys have a target on their backs here.  Take Henry’s advice and wait before you start to turn over your hard earned cash to these girls.  There are thousands of absolutely wonderful Filipinas out there…but there are probably just as many who’s goal in life is the separate you from every peso you have.  The problem is that so many Filipinas are such accomplished liars, that it is initially hard to tell the difference between good ones and bad ones.

  20. First i want to say thank you for all you post, all very good and well said. If i may add is too many guys go with the mind set that they “have to find someone ” DON’T ! Never show them your hungry every. 

  21. Henry thanks for making a valid point on our weakness as men, I concur one must be very careful in searching for that one woman to make him happy, however my honest opinion I think men who have had serious issues with their formal ex wives or girlfriends with the same issue as being “gold diggers” this this becoming an issue should be lot easier to detect in the Philippines

  22. I might add that my present day girl friend “fiancé” is a very hard working, proud Filipina I thank everyday for bring us together…once more Henry thanks for the advices.

  23. Henry,
    I subscribed for a month to FILIPINO CUPID just to test the waters, and WOW! BAD Wow!  I was buried alive by SCAMMERS. I learned that if the word “Ghana or Benin” ever comes up you’re being scammed. Classic story is, “My mom/dad died and so I moved to Ghana/Benin to be with my other parent. After 2-10 minutes of non consequential conversation the need for money comes up.” If you’re not forthcoming that is the end of the conversation. I heard this same story FIVE times in one day. You’d think they’d at least come up with a new line of bullshit. FILIPINO CUPID could stop most of this by simply blocking any IP addresses coming in from Ghana/Benin/Nigeria on their company firewall but then they’d lose 30/40% of their users.

  24. Great explanation for why my credit cards are now maxed out “helping” a woman in Davao I met online….even if I had seen this video months ago I’m sure I would still taken the hook…  🙂   I learned a lesson, but in this case the woman had a serious bipolar problem that the excitement of having some money brought out….not a real scammer, just really troubled.

  25. This is a great video.  Guys need to hear this and think about their motivations and be careful about giving in to their white knight nature too soon.

    Remember though, there is another side to this issue.  There are lots of foreigner players too.  Guys that promise girls so much, just to get them out of their clothes then dump them.  Happened to a niece of ours.  She talked with him online for several months, then he came to visit.  After a few days, he proposed, she accepted.  We told her to be careful, to be sure she knew enough about this guy.  Well, of course she didn’t listen.  He got his 2 weeks of holiday sex, left promising to return in a couple of months. Not long after it gets all drama, him accusing her of cheating, blah blah blah, and he dumps her.  What a guy.

    That is one of the best ways to know you have found a non-player.  She will be wary of you being a player as well.  As the video talks about, take your time and go slow. 

  26. Very good information here. I wish I had seen it 4 years ago when I started my Philippine adventure. I was completely naive about how this works and before you know it I had this beautiful woman with no money and I grabbed the role of savior, got married and have been paying ever since. I was lucky my wife has good values and character (also a child) completely support. As it is now she has not been able to get the paperwork to even apply to come here so our relationship now consists of me sending money and us chatting online. I usually visit once or twice a year but expenses are creeping up and it is expensive for me to leave my business here weeks at a time. I care for them dearly and have made a big difference in their lives but I am not getting anything out of it, it is making things harder for me. I am 64 and my financial situation is fragile.
    I liked your video on trust, spot on. You are doing a good job. thanks so much.

  27. Let’s be careful without being too careful. You are marrying or getting involved with someone from a third world/developing nation who at some point will need your help.
    In the beginning start off slowly with small amounts.

    1. @Tayuquarin Maayarden you should view my “advice to filipinas” videos.  in them i caution filipinas about the risks in doing such a thing.  one thing i will say is that for a filipina, they should take into account that she is dealing with a foreigner “in a hotel”, and he could check out of that hotel at any time and disappear in less than 15 minutes.  she should take the time to know who he is, does he live in an apartment with a long-lease?, where does he live in his own country, etc. she has to exercise some wisdom in her dating choices as well.

  28. why would you risk getting involved with someone who can’t hack their live/expenses? There’s so many to choose from that don’t have that problem. Also, guys, she’s making $100 a month in phills, (tops) So wtf would you send her more than about half that, hmm?  I mean, money goes  10x as far there as here.  So sending her $50 a month is like giving a uS gal $500 per month. Would you do that for a gal you haven’t even met and lives far from you (but still in the US?)

  29. Ha, I have had this weakness, a huge weakness..and well, they all seem nice in the beginning.
    Got lost a five years amount on that lessons..mmh
    Well, time is a solution. Taking time, long time there in person.
    Henry, you could start a councelling business for Expats there. Seriously, you earn money and save a lot of money for your students and a lot of bad experiences.
    This kinda weakness is part of our nature. Bittersweat all the time..

  30. Henry. I agree in all you say. Have to be very watchful  when y meet a philiphina in there as well as online. In my case online bcse never have been there. Your videos are very interesting and instructive too on how is life in there. I have a Filipina girlfriend in there, but feel very insecure in visiting the philiphines bcse of security in there.

  31.  This  does not happen only towards expats or foreigners. It happens to local men also. Some filipina girls, especially the young ones have multiple boyfriends. The reason of course is resources. More money, cellphones, etc…
     Some local filipino men will have multiple girlfriends, but the girls don’t mind, as long as the man has enough money to keep giving out. Unfortunately, the resources are not always the man’s own, but he uses other family members food (rice, coconuts), money, clothes giving it to the girlfriend’s family, without letting his own family know.

  32. You got right!  I have always been the “saver”, lol.  now I’m sorta in a situation thats going to be hard and painful to remove myself from.  I enjoy your vid’s   hope to get to Dumaguete sometime in the next few months.  

  33. Hello henry how are you and thank you for answering my last question in a timely matter unfortunately I have another question. I have a chase bank acct how can I access my funds from the American bank here in the Philippines. Thank you

    1. @Michael White Best thing in my opinion Michael, would be to start a bank account with the 2-3 bigger banks in the Philippines and write yourself a Chase bank check to your PH bank account as needed in increments with a little cushion. The most PH banks will insure is 500k pesos, which on the date of this posting is $11,170.68 US. Lowest form of fees, and the easiest way you can go about it. Just make sure Chase knows that you are in the Philippines or headed to there before hand to avoid fraud lock. It takes about 3-4 weeks for the actual funds to “materialize” into your PH account, but you basically only have to worry about your checkbook and not have to worry about fees. It’s paid to you in pesos out of your PH account as you draw, only 2 middle men instead of 4. If you want to take it even a step further incase of security you can put some spare checks in a safety deposit box within the PH bank you have an account with, and or have a separate account in your original country and checks from it in the safety deposit box as well for a in case situation. Also American express is your friend. Always keep your withdrawal slips and or receipts to avoid longer phone calls with the oppressive IRS since they are branching out, even more so, internationally now since 2014.

    2. @Michael White i’m not familiar with Chase, but i do know they have branches in manila. maybe someone here who has done what you’re describing could say better on whether it’s feasible or not.

  34. Long term: character, personality, physical attraction compatibility, temperment, maturity,employment famly relations, money. Short term: physical attraction. Sometimes guys mix this all up,put the short term priority first in the long term relationship category…and well, you know how that goes.

  35. What a great video.  It’s all very obvious after he explains the issue.  Probably my “best things I ever learned from a YouTube video.”  They should play this video on the plane on the way there,… just after the safety announcement.  It’s infinitely more useful than that announcement that tells you how to buckle your seatbelt.

    1. @Mark Nigrini Yes, great info. About 10 years back, I graduated from Adelitas to LOS and being aware of the “players” is the best advise to all the single guy(in or out of country). I’ve been lurking at these LifeBeyondTheSea videos. They’re addictive and extremely informative . I only stumbled onto them by research of Boracay island that I plan to visit in 2 months. I was thinking Chiang Mai or just outside of Bangkok after work is over but now I may have to look closer that PI when I retire. Great Videos!!!!

  36. I always found the following test useful.  Ask them “How are you today”?  A girl who is just looking for money will immediately say something to the tune of “Not so good”.  Then you ask why, what’s the matter?  At that point they they launch into their script about how their parents Oxen back in the province is sick and needs to see a vet and if they don’t get X pesos tomorrow the animal will die and they won’t be able to plow the fields and eat, etc.  If they answer “Fine, how are you?” with a big sincere smile, take her out to dinner – fast, before someone else does!  lol

    1. +barry graham i finally accept that it will continue to happen. was just talking with lyn about it last night. in the PH, men seem to get infatuated and their brain just falls outta their head. next thing you know, some clever filipina is collecting on his retirement or getting a new house.

  37. this is off subject but can you tell me how long did it take for you to get you acr card? I met a guy at the immigration office in davao that said he applied for it 6 months ago and still had not received it. any information you have would be great

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thats filipino efficiency but it depends on the place you are in.Dont expect the same kind of efficiency in a small town or city.

    2. +Tony King i applied for my first ACR card in cebu and it took about 6 weeks. later i got a renewal at bohol and it took about 2 months before it was ready for pick-up. (they don’t mail it)

  38. funny how men think about 3rd world country girls…..of course it comes with the territory. They are poor, and need some little help in exchange for services we expect. I hope u find the one Reeky. Good video…and good point.

  39. Your Correct. But once i bought my ex wife to the usa from the phil everything was fine for 5 years. Then she met other Filipinas here and at about 7 years into the marriage eveeything started tonturn bad. Then once she became a usa citizen she left me and our kids for another man. Until our divorce was actually final was 15 years. So what your saying can even happen after 10 or 15 years.

    1. No matter where are these women coming from. Even in America, divorce happen everyday from the poorest poor to filthy rich couples. You should be able to figure out in the beginning. Don’t assume it’s all about women from the Philippines.

  40. I’m pretty crafty my self! Been married to 2 of them crafty ladies! And still coming over to meet my future partner there! I a have 2 wonderful woman waiting for me! Been with one so far and she’s beautiful and has a job , doing a k! The other is doing well also and has a job! They know where I stand and them selves too! I told the that the best in love and respect and honesty prevails! They understand ! Why because they are still in touch! I only give the one I was with a little $ now and then! She never asks either

  41. all of these have been very helpful Henry. A great deal of advice- everything is spot on .
    ive run into a few interesting cases on Filipino Cupid—-Studies, illness, camera phones, Transport…..(insert Emoticon Sadness here )
    hang on let me get my violin to play sad music
    “thanks for the house and Thanks for PlaYING ” <-------so true.

  42. I will be visiting an extremely remote province then I plan to move there next year.  I would love to hear any advice on how to handle the money situation.  I will be there for a couple weeks.  I have been offered to stay at a couple older friends’ places, but I am declining so I am not obligated for anything.  Keeping in ,mind that the place is very remote, not many people, and I will live there soon, what would your advice be?  I would LOVE it if you could make a video and talk about it.  Thanks!!

  43. The reality of this all is that any man can fall for the attention and sweetness directed towards them by a young attractive women. I’ve seen it all over the world in my travels. However there is something that is mysteriously different about the women in the PI which make some men just lose there entire thought process. After over 30 plus years of traveling there I have yet to figure it out. Anyway whatever you guys do enjoy it and be safe life is too short✌🏾️

    Take care 😊

  44. Even “nice” girls are broke and need money, regardless if they are gold
    diggers or not. So you cant really blame her for dropping “hints”.
    Instead give her credit for not blantantly asking for money. Those hints
    are not always red flags. Obviously dont marry her just to pass on
    your VA education benefits to her like some lovable losers do in the armed
    forces !! 🙂

    1. very true. and if i’m in a relationship with a filipina, i will help her out financially. but.. i won’t go broke in the process. and i won’t be tossing money at a woman who is not my girlfriend unless i’ve known her and have a close friendship with her over 6 months. but girls i’ve only dated a few weeks? maybe some phone load and amounts under 300p, that’s about it. i am NOT going to go buying some new girl a house.

  45. Great information, Been to the Philippines as a U.S Soldier and seen how these Philippine women under mine my enlisted men ( lessons learned ), But don’t get me wrong their are good Philippine women out there just got to be careful.

  46. Everything is a transaction to open eyes of which the heart has none. Every time I’ve fallen in love I was completely blinded to her faults that eventually split us up. Doing this in the Philippines sounds fraught with peril. I’m going to have to have my heart surgically removed and kept in a safety deposit box before I get there (for the first year at least, as you say)!!!

  47. Philipina girls I see as a high risk investment they may be scamming you there family loves you but you never really know. You dont go out and buy them a lot to put a house on that crazy. But is it all right to risk a expensive allowance on them? Yes There will come a point to see if your Philipina was made a bad investment. I had 20 yrs in my X American wife not a good investment. I dont disagree with what you say ReeKay your have been helpful with over a year and half of my Philipina

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea That is my point exactly. If I have a suitor who will only be a burden for me, I turn him down even though I have feelings for him. It’s a hard decision but that is better than starving to death and making more babies to feed.

  48. Funny but I was texting a woman online as I was listening to this, and she told me that it was hard for her to communicate with me because she could not afford load. Damn it’s was hard to tell her no, because I’m the bleeding heart that you speak of in the video. But I told her no way I’m sending any money over seas when I don’t know her, never met her, and only just now did a video chat with her. “I’m not a scammer like the others” she said. Yeah, and how do I know that was my response. I bet I won’t hear from her again. Oh well, thank you, next!

  49. You are so right. Excellent insight into human nature (both sexes); excellent advice; excellent presentation. Your videos like this should be mandatory training for any western guy *before* he goes on one of the meet-a-Filipina web sites.

  50. I agree with what you said 110%. To add to what you said. If us men would hold the women accountable for their actions. Really investigate into they’re back ground. Find out why the last relationship failed. Not just hearing it from her. Going to they’re significant other and talking to them. I have a feeling if we did that most of them would have bounties on their heads. This would be world wide. Of course here in America we would not have to travel to a different country to find a wife. Going back to what you were saying. All a woman has to say is the last guy I was with he screamed at me or he got drunk and put his hands on me. Of course the hero side comes out, we bent over backwards for her. Just to find out month’s later you were used. As I said before if we did our homework like the CIA or FBI. None of these would happen. Enough of this rant.

  51. Wow wish I saw this video 5 years ago. Cost me thousands to learn that a woman is capable of this,I think very evil thoughts of this type of person.Thanks reekay

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