Money Matters in the Philippines How Much do You Need? My Monthly Budget

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Money Matters in the Philippines How Much do You Need? My Monthly [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I review how much I spend per Month to Live here in Valencia, Negros Oriental


  1. Thank you for sharing the quite frank situation for us moving there Paul. As you say, the “governor” on your spending is a must. The good part is, that for us on a lower monthly budget it is indeed doable! 🤭😊💪🏻

  2. Nice shirt. Are the Grateful Dead playing over there. I’ll take an extra large…US extra large. Hope you and Mae are doing well. Looks like early March for that coffee.

  3. Great video, thanks for saying budget upfront… Do you take taxes out of your social security, is the $1450 gross or what you receive net after taxes?

  4. I know they are boring. I know they aren’t interesting to some. However, these are a great gauge and self check for many people who may be planning with rose colored glasses.

  5. Hey Paul my dear friend, once again, an awesome video. You hit the nail on the head brother. My buget will be when I get back to the Philippines $2500 a month, plus set aside some for the (oh Shit happens) expenses. So hopefully, that will work. Of course, that’s subject to change like everything else. I prefer to use cash. I will only use cash when I am living there. Me and my soon to be wife will be living in either Santa Cruz Laguna, Mactan Newtown cebu, or in your area of Velencia. Either way, I’m really excited about this move. You have really given me some great points Paul. I definitely appreciate it. I truly have nothing but love and respect for you and Baby Mae. Thank you Paul my dear friend for sharing this awesome video. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and Baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  6. I know you have a good life in the PHILIPPINES, but, please, these endless budgets from ”TUBERS’ are misleading. I am a guy that doesn’t like to sit in a room and get bored with a two-bedroom apartment quickly or any apartment. I’ve lived in Filipino accommodation, and I like meeting the locals. A few homebrews, some handshakes, and move on.

    Honestly, if you have left yourself short on your retirement, budget yourself accordingly. If you wanna have some fun, and travel the is;and, about 50k pa will suit you fine.

  7. I gotta say it! I frickimg saved for my retirement, and worked my bloody ass for it! Endless threads about living on 10k a month. I mean, really…

  8. Paul, you scare me. You haven’t mentioned healthcare. What about health insurance ? Have you got any ? I’m asking because, I think at our age it could definitely cost some money. Money that is in my opinion necessary.

  9. Great video answered a lot of questions, I’m married to a Philippine woman that I brought back to America. I retire next year and we have a 5 year old son. We plan to stay much of our time in negros oriental her family lives their. You and others that move their and stay with your girl friends or wives are making the right decision. Bringing your Philippine wife to America is not a good idea. People are adaptable change the culture change their habits and attitudes. Again I’ve seen other budget videos on the Philippines and have spent time in Manila. Your video on this subject was the best I’ve seen thank you.

  10. You guys are so lucky, get all the girls there, we are stuck abroad with nothing but Kool-Aid haired women hating men. All these videos, it’s almost like rubbing it in our face we have no chance of getting the girls with the lockdowns 😢

  11. Hi Paul great break down on your monthly budget and you state that you could save roughly after five years $30 thousand , well that’s ok as long as you don’t have any serious health issues come up god forbid, having a health care savings pot is the most important thing for anyone and should always be number one priority at some point or any point it’s something that will hit most of us . I really believe it’s the one thing you have to have a savings pot for even if you have Blue Cross,Blue Shields or Cigna check your policies to make sure what is covered and up it if required ,on most of these policies your still need to pay hospital there firstly and later your get it from health policy ,take care

  12. I saw a video about a guy in the PH who lives on $500.00 a month. he lives in a Hupa? hut. No running water, they bath, wash clothes, dishes and cook outside on fire. Don’t remember if the had electricity. That was what he could afford. I would rather live a very comfortable lifestyle.

  13. most filipinos live on a much smaller budget, and they have to work to earn their money, usually on a daily basis, so the money that you and other foreigners spend in the philippines, helps the filipinos make their lives just a little better, especially when you are spending your money locally, so you are a benefit to the local economy. One question, do you tip when you eat out, or for other purposes, and do you include tipping in your monthly budget? Thanks for sharing your monthly budget info. Take Care or Amping (*_*)

  14. Seems like it may be easier to give people a percentage….like being in the Phillipines cost me 35% of my costs when I lived in whatever city I was in in the US…
    Paul, I am curious if you pay the $145/month for medicare part B ???
    Thx !

  15. Thank you Paul this was helpful and really informative on what to expect in the future. You have a good situation there and I can only hope for something similar. Where is Gaylord?

  16. I know this is a pretty random question and you may not have a clue but any idea if there are many golf courses in the Philippine’s and are they affordable for the average guy like here in USA?

  17. Here in Washington State, we legalized pot, and I’ve heard about the extrajudicial actions taken by President Duarte. If I were to smoke pot there will someone come and take action?

  18. Thanks for the breakdown. It’s very helpful. I am looking for some places for my wife and I to snowbird to in the winter when we retire. Do you see a lot of couples doing this or mostly single guys looking to meet someone?

  19. Even if you had three times that budget amount flowing in, plugging a chunk of the savings back into your investments would be a better move than an ostentatious lifestyle in the Philippines, which might attract the wrong kind of attention. 😐😅😐

  20. Very like minded, why waste money, set a budget, make it flexible, most importantly continue to save, can’t go wrong. Stay out the drinks joints.

  21. Whats the best way to move a larger amount of money to the Philippines. If you was going to buy a nice house… say $100k-$150k?
    Just wire it from the states to your bank account in the Philippines???

  22. How about taking a few cold beers over to the karaoke guy and talk to him, ( in a nice way of course ) He just might lower the music and who knows, you all might become friends. It worked for me.

  23. It begs the question as to whether you spend $1500/mo because that is what it costs, or is the budget of $1500, the reason that you spend that quantity. The other unknown, from my perspective is Mae. Some could say that she is a 100% expense, however, given her lifestyle, knowledge, skills, and connection, I feel that she creates a level of savings, in your house, that might not be available to an average expat single person. Mae most likely saves you more than anyone else would, in the Philippines, because of who she is.

  24. Paul, I also get my SS check on the 2nd Wednesday. My question is do you have direct deposit to a Philippines bank or a US bank and have transferred to Philippines?

  25. Sounds pretty accurate for 2 people. We’re a family of 2 adults and a teen in Metro Cebu just outside of Cebu City, in Talisay City, and not counting all of the fluff, $1,500 is about what we spend. But add in the fluff, plus things we’re currently not paying or partially paying, like going to a movie, school costs, transportation, etc. As well as some things currently costing a little more, like groceries and electricity, because our daughter is home 24/7. The total can be as high as around $2,200. But it still works out to be an average of $700 to $750 per person. We could cut some corners here and there, but it’s all good. If we were living in even a low-cost area of the USA it would cost more. You’re also right on target with cutting back on expenses. Our minimum if we needed to save some extra money one month is about $500 per person, $1,500. But we can’t go any lower than that. And we wouldn’t want to do that for more than one month. Like you, I can’t live in the boondocks. That’s the word that I use, I live in Cebu province. I sometimes wish that I could, but I have absolutely no desire to do that. If I can’t get a taxi, I’m too far out. Before the pandemic, I was depositing a check into my BPI Dollar account quarterly for $5, so $20 a year, and until early 2017 that was absolutely free. Since the pandemic began, I’ve been using Xoom about every 6 weeks, Dollars only to my BPI account for $7.99, so about $70 a year. $50 more, not that big of a deal, and it’s easy. I moved here on 1 Feb 2007 and almost everything cost about half what it costs today. But c’est la vie. I have no control over that. Good video!

  26. Thank you for the info. I have been to the Philippines many times and married over twenty years and never could figure out what my budget should be.

  27. $20k to build a house, (per Calvin Roach) you spend $400 per month now. in 5 years it would pay for its self, but then again, you will be handcuff to a Filipina for the duration because only Filipina can own land. Foreigners can own condos, but you still have monthly condo fees

  28. Good video Paul. Great update to your budget. Having a budget should be mandatory for everyone who has an income and should learn to live within that budget. Parents should teach that to their children so when they face the adult/working world they can function more effectively when it comes to their finances.

    Pre retirement, my budget was a bit flexible but once I retired I stuck to it even going as far as writing down every purchase/expense I would incur. I built myself a spreadsheet by month, in it inputted my income, my must/known monthly expenses (house, car, electricity, internet/tv/phone, insurance) … it makes life so much easier. Whatever it is leftover it is my play money and now that I am retired, I do not spend nearly as much so, in effect, I am adding to my savings. Thank you for all the information you dispense.

  29. I t hink you can live on $500-1000 a month if you go totally native. If you want to live close to the Western lifestyle, it will take $1,500-2,500 a month *or more* depending on where you chose to live. I think we all know you can spend alot of dollars living in certain areas there in the PH. I also see no reason to buy property or a house there. I know the Pinay’s want to own property, or ‘a lot’, but that is for show or pride.

  30. We live pretty remote by some standards- in Anda Bohol and our spending is divided into basic needs and optional spending. We pay p8000 for a good 2 bedroom 2 bath house that is walking distance to a white sand beach. We do like to cool the house down to sleep, so our power bill is usually around p4800. This is not a big agriculture area, so food is more expensive than most places in Mindanao for example. There is no nightlife, which suits us fine. We have a couple of scooters and that covers transportation except for periodic van trips into Tagbilaran city. For me, it’s a good life, though I know, it is not for everyone.

  31. Well I’m one of those old idiots that I had children so mines a little more than yours. But that we sound pretty much alike, I don’t eat out as often as it sounds like you do I love cooking she loves cooking so we eat at home a lot.

    I owned restaurants most of my life so eating out all the time is just definitely not a appealing thing for me my budget I keep under 2000 a month do you do you like you said around 14 to 1500 is what I end up spending Rasta throughout the neighborhoods. But one of the differences I have that you don’t

    As I use VARO where are my bank and you even though I get paid add a second Friday following a Wednesday that’s weird it sounds like about the same time you get yours so Mika come faster than yours I’ve gotten mine as early as a fourth again because it’s a viral bank thing they give you your money by address faster than any other bank it saying and if it falls on a weekend it’s really fast. Plus I bought a ride in my bank account they don’t charge me anything extra for it it’s just way simpler. You may want to check them out because it save me a ton of money over the time plus I could use my credit card to purchase the things I need which is isn’t actually a credit card it’s a debit card. And then I just withdraw 1000 at the first of my paycheck I keep it 500 to 1000 to 1500 in my bank or whatever I might need. And it’s pretty simple my biggest expenses same as yours Renton you and electricity.

    I will say Dumaguete is the most expensive utilities I found anywhere even more than the city likes to Cebu

    But yeah you and I are right on the same point and we actually have a lot of the same personalities way you talk about things the only differences I got kids and I love my kids so I’m never gonna complain about them and no I didn’t create that I’ve just kept them in their mind and I love them and their dad was a shit head and disappeared and I was lucky enough to find a beautiful smart wonderful woman that is my lady for the rest of my life how many guys in their early 60s can have a beautiful girl

  32. i own my own house bills are 8000p a month with one large A/C unit,and all mod cons , food and booze,gas and misc i budget 1000p 9 out of 10 days that is more than enough

  33. Dave Ramsey does a talk show, in USA, about going debt free and using cash. He says there are studies which show you have more pain paying cash. You will be more resistive to spending cash. Paying on credit is painless ans easy, which is why all the big banks want you to do it that way.

  34. Did you say electric was low 30 $ becausefrequent power outage and blackouts. So internet slow and power outage in humid warm weather? I m no spring chicken I may not be able to take it. Thank you sir for wonderful program.

  35. I understand what you are saying. I am supporting my girl and her son. She lives will in a house I rent for her and her son is going to private school. Not fancy but ok life. Her bills total is about $1300 per month. That’s in Antipolo.
    Fyi I live in Louisiana. Not California lol my budget is about $1300 per month to.

  36. Great video. I know my expenses will probably be a little more due to I would like to start in a condo in Mactan Newtown, but knowing the breakdown you just provided makes it doable for me. Living a more minimalist lifestyle vs living a stressful lifestyle here in New York City sounds so much more appealing. Can’t wait to be able to get over there. Thanks for the info

  37. Does your S.S. check gets deposited into an American Bank and you withdraw it from a Filipino bank that you have opened.
    Im preparing to live there in February 2022 when I’ll be 63 y. o. That will be my 2nd check from s.s.
    This will be my 4th trip to Marinduque slow pace and real cheap new 2bdrm apartments for 8000 pesos.

  38. Moving to Batangas after Thanksgiving with my filapina wife. We married in the US 11 years ago so fortunately I can get in to PHL.
    We own our house already in the province. With investments and savings we are able to retire early(55) from our nursing careers, thank God.
    Looking forward to the province life. I’m sick of California’s crowded life.

  39. Even $500 is 16595 Thai baht. If it wasn’t for irritating health insurance a single non-drinker could survive very easily for that in Thailand. The very low costs for perfectly decent accommodation are the key thing. If you get all your housing costs down to 3500 baht the rest is easy. But I think it’s very hard to explain what a 24 hour day is like in a country where you’ve no place or roots, and all your basic needs are met. A retired 35 year old soldier with a $500 pension and a girlfriend with land to farm and a kid with her is, i) living on the same kind of money as middle ranking cop, and ii) got a place, and something to do. A person who doesn’t have that – what do they do all day?!! So a “budget” is a funny thing. I can’t make myself feel any better by spending money, but a lot of people seemingly can. If you can then most of your budget might be precisely meeting that lack of purpose.

  40. I do the XXXX in the pocket every day. I think rather than a 1450 month and a 1780 months I’d just always do say 1500 day or what ever it comes to when averaging it between the 4 and 5 week months.

  41. living in the villages SUCKS the people locals here GOSSIP back stab each other BIG TIME we a family of 3 live on one thousand dollars per month apartment water elec ac internet food & a littel fun i miss mexico very much but the cost of living here is cheeper

  42. thanks for the info paul. from you and others i have learned ” i got this” also thanks for the reality check. i too am tired of showing up.

  43. I’m there, as soon as that check starts, My backup is my house almost payed, to big to keep. thanks
    for sharing. My friends here say “Good to know Paul TY”.

  44. Good stuff Paul.. I would definitely want a vehicle. Unless you are living in the city. To rough trying to scooter around in the rain. You can get a decent multicab for about $2000 us. If you are single these numbers are obviously going to be higher.

  45. The locally produced rum – which is very good – cost me only P200 ($4) a full sized BOTTLE last time I was in Dumaguette (Feb 2020) so not expensive to be drunk all day – so I had to make it a personal rule to not drink every second day.

  46. That seems like a good budget and taking only so much per day is a very good idea. My 3 trips there for vacation have been pretty cheap considering I have been going from Toronto to Manila and return. First trip just over 2K as I was spending time there with someone so no hotel cost. Just transportation, food mostly. Second trip around 2.5K and that was with hotels for almost 2 weeks and with a friend for week. Third trip less the 3k and that was staying at a hotel all the time, a trip to Cebu and back to Manila. I always found cheaper places to eat and did google searches for hotels. That also included return air fare. My pension will not be as big but I have saving. I plan to live outside of any city but not sure yet need to check out some places but I know I can live there much cheaper then in Canada. Like you if I stay here will have to keep working. I want to enjoy retirement not work through retirement. As for cash I never took any great amount with me and just used my debit card at the bank machine when I needed cash and that worked for me and I will do that when I move there till I can set up a bank account. As a side note I did find out that if the bank or bank machine you are trying to use has to have pictures that match the back of your card or it will not work. Lesson learned and good thing I was with someone that helped me get to a bank that did work.

  47. As for my budget there, Health Ins. will be a big variable while living there. I remember hearing you’ve said you self insure where I plan to have private ins. like Pacific cross or Cigna. So that will be an added monthly expense to my budget.

  48. I am all set to get there once it opens. I will have about 30 to 40k in savings with a monthly budget of around $3200 USD per month. For the moment I will likely be looking to live on Luzon, a bit south of Manila (near Batangas )just because I need to be close to the VA hospital there at the start. Need at least that lifeline in case anything goes wrong, before I venture out more. So I hope with all the budget videos I have seen, it is enough for a decent life there. I will be 45 when I arrive and not hard into the nightlife, just want to relax and enjoy my time.

  49. 75k pesos is comfy a month for regular living but I like riding motorcycles and live on my back pack or tent and occasional Airbnb . My expenses can get lower , very low or higher depending where I go while in the Philippines . Base camp in the Phil is in my friends kubo .Staying in the Phil 90 days out of the year and California most of the time. If I have a girl friend it will be costly , good thing my wife gets me grounded .

  50. I spend around the same amount in Thailand. The items that you need to tack on are immigration fees and for me it’s about $60 a year, health insurance which at 62 is $1400 a year,. And I own my own transportation ( scooters and a car). I live a great life and weekly enjoy wine, entertaining friends. My travel is also extra but it’s cheap..

  51. There is the $10,000 bank deposit you need to get a retirement visa if you get a pension/social security. And health insurance. And a washer and maybe a dryer.

  52. Hi Paul, I enjoy your videos.
    Keep up the great work.
    I’ve been listening to budgets in the Philippines, but I haven’t come across one of a barfly.
    Can you or any of your subscribers tell me the monthly budget of a barfly?
    I understand that you don’t drink much, but I think all the vloggers are not willing to post their drinking cost.
    I understand, hard to get followers if I told everyone that I’m a barfly. TMI 😂

  53. Hello Paul . . . what a great video! Absolutely loved your laid back, tell-it-like-it-is narrative. This only the second of your videos I’ve watched, and I’m gonna be back for more. Thanks Paul . . . I’m a fan 👍

  54. Hey Paul, I heard your regrets on smoking. Have you tried electronic cigs?. I tried many times to quit and never worked until I got electronic cigg. Now I can breath properly and no more stinky butts. After the cost of battery,charger,ect the liquid is less than $5 a week. I was a motivated quitter so the day I got my electronic cig is the day I quit . It was super easy for me. Just thought I would share my experience.

  55. Very nice video! You was being very honest and sincere. I agreed with you totally in what you said (totally). $1,552.00 a month to live in the Philippines is also the minimum I would want to have per month.

  56. .my question is medical care. As I understand it Medicare is not available outside of the United health care as I get older is a concern . both cost and quality.

  57. a very honest assessment I must say. I’ve lived in Dumaguete many times four months at a time, double your assessment by 2x if you have a spouse or a lady friend

  58. The question is am I going to stay in the US until the PI opens or go back to Mexico? I’d rather try Thailand but 90 days goes by quickly at our age. Good stuff, P.

  59. Went out to the store today, but storms rolled in. So, Went to McDonald’s. (rarely do that). Hey McRib, don’t know what’s in it, but tasty. Make it a meal, fries and coke. OVER $8.OO. $3 more than the one I got last year. Can’t wait to get a condo and maybe hire someone to help cook clean. $3000 won’t go far here anymore Paul.

  60. Great video. Thank you for making it. Knowing myself though I really doubt I could live on that. Like you said though, that’s just what you live on. I would probably want to live in a Manila high-rise near a mall and I’d eat out 3 times a day. I’d want to hire someone to cook and clean and haggle for me. I’d go to the movie theater once or twice a week. I’d want some kind of television setup that would allow me to keep up on American television if that’s even possible. I’d shop online a lot for clothes and stuff. I’d be at some kind of massage and haircut place once a month or so. And someone would have to drive me around. Lol, yeah this is getting expensive. I don’t drink or smoke, but I’d probably spend several hundred dollars per month on Coke alone. 🤣

  61. Cool budget video. I moved to S Korea for a teaching job, I was only spending $100 a month I was busy 9 hr a day 5 days a week with free lunches, I don’t drink, and eating the local food on the weekends, I am an out doors type of person and found free or almost free stuff to do every weekend most of the time just bus fair.
    The school paid for my place and all utilities even internet and took me shopping the first night I was in town for new stuff for the apartments like bed sheets and the rest. they even got me a Samsung cell phone and paid for the monthly plan. it was all part of the contract. I know a few other teachers in S Korea from the USA that have almost the same deal everything paid for, but they spend $2,000+ a month mostly drinking at the high price clubs around Seoul.

  62. This is really starting too get me interested. I get some things are a pain but I am a truck driver I live in a Fraghtliner now lol I do have a ” house ” I call it a storage shed with a bed lol. But I pay 100$ a month for and well if someone from the Philippines walked in it would remind them of home lol but it duse what I need it to do. Most of my $$ I am investigating my budget is about 1000$ a month now ( except food darn truck stop roller dogs lol ) phone, electric ,gas and insurance for my car, rent, health insurance. But I am home only a day and a half a week. So your saying I can live in a house I can be sleeping in my bed every night has running water and a inside bath room for 1500$ not sounding too shabby lol.
    My retirement goals: to be able to take photos and be left alone. Yes to me living in a stick house back in the Boones, only whereing my underpants and having a dog as a friend sounds nice, I don’t think I would last too long above ground lol. But I keep hearing you guys talk about citys I HATE citys. I see all the YouTube videos about South East Asia there all about the citys, a lot about hookers too REALLY REALLY not intersted. ( yep Pattaya Thailand is WAY WAY WAY off the list ) so I would be looking for something between back in the vill and a big city.

  63. Hey Paul, Maayong Buntag from Ormoc City! I’m retired, also living on my social security. I’m here with my filipina wife and daughter. So, I’m living kind of expensive, ( basically a $2000.00 a month budget, with the extra SSA $ saved)
    renting a 3bdrm/ 3 CR house, furnished for $600. a month. I’ve bought a used Fortuner, which was a part of my set up money account. ( it’s a beast to fill up with diesel!)
    My main dynamic for costs are wife’s family (5 more ppl) living with us. Food costs are quite high. Also, have my daughter in private school, and hired a college girl for her tutor, 4 hours a day/ five days a week. I sent probably 14 LBC boxes of household goods, and lots of coffee beans and American goodies to get started. I enjoy living in Philippines, but the ants are a bitch. May not be able to completely retire here, because my daughter may need a more up to date educational system. But I’m giving it a year to see…

  64. There’s just so many variables, your situation, lifestyle and the amount of your income that will determine what you spend here. By far it is still much cheaper here in the Philippines than the USA. Good video and thanks for sharing.

  65. Im 50/50 about retiring in the Philippines , the one thing that would sway me either way would be the noise / Rooster / Karoki / Barking dogs / Parties etc , yes theirs always remote islands and in the hills but that may not be pratical on my budget . Paul if you could do a video on noise that would be great .

  66. My Asawa and I have a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in Naga City, Cam Sur and our rent is P7000K ($140 USD) and with electricity, water, wifi, P2000K per week in groceries all total home expenses it’s $350 USD per month, of course we spend a lot more than that on other activities but the point is the basic monthly expenses are very low if you don’t need a lot of space you don’t use, our apartment is brand new with very nice amenities.
    Thanks Paul for the budget update, keep doing what you do we love it brother.

  67. I think paying with cash in the Philippines is much better than paying with a credit or debit card. Hopefully I get in the habit of paying everything in cash. That way I know what’s in my acct.

  68. How about your visa, are you going to do a 1 day out? if you are close to your 3 year visa limit. Love your blog keep it up might see you around town not far from you.😎

  69. Great way explaining your expenses and the variables. People need to be told straight one month could be vastly different from the last as life throws wrenches into the works all the time.

  70. Wow, my mortgage on a three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath and one car garage is $415.00 per month. That includes property taxes and home owners insurance also.
    I average $30.00 on most of my utilities bills and only during the hottest months does the electricity bill go up to $85.00.

    Of course my health plan per month is free from the VA. If I were to take medicare. Then it would be $145.00. That would unhear of in southeast asia. The same health care policy like medicare would be over $350.00 in southeast asia. With the same coverage as medicare.

  71. After having visited 3 times, married a Filipino(brought her to the USA) and in the semi preparation stages for our move a few years down the road,, (I follow several vlogs) of all the videos i have watched this is the most simple, spot on stress free laid out straight presentation of what to expect,, well done. you numbers concur with what my wife has in mind budget wise, keep up the good work,,,

  72. Hello Paul. Living in Davao with a filipina partner the cost of living here is cheap. We are renting a new 2 bedroom house for 7000 pesos a month. No brownouts here.

  73. My filipina partner who is 21 years younger than me has a degree in education. I am also a retired teacher. I could not cope with a lady who is not educated.

  74. Price tag here was $1200 month last several years,now closer to $2000 mo,allot of inflation in meds and food,and everything else,have a family.Paying $150 mo rent $500-$600,drugs,$4-500,food,$150 utilities,no anything else,even at that most of my meals are a peanut butter sandwich and an apple or rice.Still allot less for everything than the USA .except for medicine,medical,cause Medicare is no good here.

  75. Yes, 2100 should be ok to live there. that will be my SSI check in June when I turn 65 and retire. I would love to give it a try and will visit the country early next year when it opens. I want to leave the US for good by early 2023 to The Philippines, Costa Rica or Portugal. I had enough of the US and will not die there

  76. My name is Jack I’m retired I was wondering how I can have my money transferred from social security and the state of Massachusetts I received two checks a month how can I get my money to be transferred to the Philippines can you please help me

  77. I lived in Duma and Bacolod for 3 years and my budget was $1,500 I dont Drink but I like to buy some western food and my utilities were about 100 per month that includes electric, water and association fees. it was more than enough. we also could take a trip once in a while to Sugar Beach in Sipalay. $1500 is a good number

  78. Paul, you are correct in regards to your present lifestyle amount vs the states. I have to be 66yr +2 mos old to get the full ss amt. Mine is projected at 1934 but since you brought up the col increase then it should be approx 2000. That will not be enough for me unless I was to live in a senior citizen apt with housing assistance which is unheard of due to the influx of illegals crossing the southern border. Since my Asawa wants to work here for ten more years then I will likely just find a piddly job to supplement until we move over. She wants to live closer to Cebu City, I wish to live in Dumaguete so the jury is still out on this, lol. She owns a house in Lapu Lapu but all the family is there & I want more days of privacy than company so I kinda have to stress this without hurting feelings, (as they say, saving face), and it would be better. So we plan by 2031 unless it looks like the doo doo will hit the fan, then sooner to liquidate & come over. You keep up the good work with the videos as future expats need to know these things before making the plunge and thank you for them.

  79. Your social security is that a fortnight payment or monthly. USA or kind in Australia once retired if living overseas no social security payment only in Australia. What the money spent locally. Could you manage there with your social security payment Paul. Enjoy your vlogs thank you.

  80. Hi Paul,
    I wonder if you could put me in touch with the man to get a licence. I would like the get one for my GF so she and our daughter can get around after I’m dead and gone (75 in Dec). I would really appreciate it.
    I asked Mark, but he hasn’t gotten back the me. He knows me, I did 4 interviews with him.
    Thank you,
    Gordon Cooper
    Coffee if you like.

  81. What is the best way to get money? currently I use the ATM because my bank is chase but its 250 pesos per 10,000 we are living between $800-$1200 a month.

  82. Great video Paul. I think you’re right on the money with what you’re doing. That’s what I have budgeted and you just need to stick to it. 👍😁

  83. I have budget of 56000p and we go out twice a week – and visa renewal every 2months – school tuition and thats 1500$ total Australian – everything you say is true Paul

  84. Nice to share your wisdom & Budget balance here in the Ph. I get $1,400 a mo. as a early Fed Retiree & Va disability for 3.5 yrs. now…I recently turned 56, so it will rise several hundred a mo.

  85. As a counter-point, I know a Swiss guy here in Bangkok that made 23 million $ in the stock market last year during the covid dip. I’m trying to get him to do a vid:)

  86. Yup, your money management for the day is exactly how I live my day in the states and on my travels. When the money ran out, that’s it. I always have emergency money on my somewhere just in cash.

  87. Appreciate you sharing. I am trying to nail down specifics and I know that you don’t give advice. Confused as to whether you deposit SS directly to US bank and then transfer to Philippine bank. I think you stated that you need certain local ID for local bank. So did you use ATM until you set up your local bank?

  88. Again, great content Paul. Very helpful. Good advice. I’m in very early planning stages. How can I contact you, other than this public comment section, for specific questions?

  89. A good topic that you may consider discussing in your vlog is racism. On the part of those who are considering moving to the PHL, they may be wondering if there is blatant racism in the country. For the Filipinos, they will be interested to know whether they commit racist attitude towards foreigners. Keep up the good work.

  90. Wow! You couldn’t get a bank account for 3-4 months? That is a big consideration concerning the amount of cash you bring with you. It can be difficult to get a bank account here in Thailand as well but it shouldn’t take more than a week here. I got lucky and opened an account the first day but I did have a girlfriend here already who said something to the bank officer that helped things along.

    Setting up wire transfers with my US bank was my main difficulty requiring me to make a quick return to the US to sort that out. This is just one example to illustrate that you should have some way to have or access emergency funds for unexpected expenses of a couple thousand dollars.

    If you don’t know anyone at your destination to help you then be prepared to overspend for a few months.

  91. Thanks for your honest straight forward breakdown of your budget. I have been to the Philippines 5 times and I’m happily married to a great Philipina woman. Her family is so kind it humbles me. I do help them out regularly with money . I don’t mind at all. It’s not a lot and they never try to take advantage of me. So far. Anyway I’m retired on SS disability and a pension. We are planning to live there someday sooner than later.. I could bank a ton living there. I like the native food and don’t drink. I already own a SUV over there. My father in law uses it and maintains it for me. Anyway Paul all my best to you and May or Mae , not sure. But who knows maybe we will run into each other. Be well. Enjoy every day.

  92. Dam bro you are so good, I’m so glad I subscribed to your channel & your FB.

    I’ve got a few more yrs til I get my pension & SS and I’m hoping to join you in the Dumaguette area.

    Thanks for all the detailed info!!!

  93. unfortunately, I drink…..too much. I am working on it as problems from it are very real for me in my retirement……I see so many guys there….and myself when I visit…..always drunk. I have to get it right or it will be my end……and I’m not even 60 yet.

  94. Thanks, Paul. Im traveling to the Philippines when tourism opens. No i have a much better idea of how much money i should have with me. I’m thinking 3 grand walking off the plane. I have about 70k in the bank with $1,350 SS. I plan on remaining there till the sweet end.

  95. Well done. I like that you use generalities in your estimates. I get a feel for the area you live in, and get an idea that my life would be quite comfortable there on my income. Thanks!

  96. Hi, Paul. May I ask please. My wife is a Filipina, and she has been living here in the US going on 24 years. We’ve been thinking of relocating to the Philippines, but not sure where. She comes from Mindanao. If I was to purchase a house, would around $900 a month work out? We are not into night life and restaurants. More into doing things in nature. Don’t need a lot. Thanks, Paul.

  97. I think it is where you were living in the USA, you were living in Los Vegas which is very expensive to live. I live here in North Carolina in a middle size city and a single person can easily live off of $1,500 per month.

  98. Paul – as usual very helpful vid.. thanks… a couple of Qs… (1) is swiss franc easy to exchange in Phillipine ? it has 1000 franc bill – so it will be just be several bills to carry around even for large amount (2) do you need to keep US address for the bank in US ? wondering what to do since I won’t have any close family members when I leave.. Thanks

  99. I’m 54 and saved about 1.7M to date. Have Mae find me a sweetheart already so I can retire early at 55 and hop a plane there. I’m ready for a new life ☺️☺️

  100. *Well.., if we are sharing budgets, we live on a $2,800/mo SSI check.* We also have rentals bringing in an extra $8,000 a month which we use primarily to help homeless and poor Filipino people ..and my Diving Photography sport. We waited and worked until we were both 69 years old, just so we would not have to live like a hermit or budget crazy feind.

  101. For coffee; I use a french press and kettle to heat the water. Makes a nice cup of coffee. I’m currently locked out of the Philippines, so living in Thailand waiting to return. This is how I maintain a reasonable coffee budget in both places. I can make one or two cups quickly without using much coffee.

  102. I’ll have about 3 grand coming in without touching the 401k. Thinking the big expense will be eating out, which, like you said, if I do it mostly like a local won’t be bad. The only worry I have is banking, as I do not have someone with whom I can have a US address with. Schwab tells me that will be fine, but it is still a concern. We shall see.

  103. I lived here for 6 months and I realized my expenses on average is about $1200.00 sometimes more. I’m headed back home to the US next week and will evaluate my short stay here whether to come back and settle here. My biggest concern is the Healthcare system even though I can get medical care from the VA but it is not 100% since I have a less than perfect service connected compensation. That’s true if you’re in the province you might be able to live for less than $1000.00 a month. Thanks for sharing Paul. Very valuable info to consider if you’re serious about living here in PI after your retirement.

  104. Yep I know that feeling when your pockets full of cash and you wonder if you’re going to get ripped off in a foreign land. I would say 5,000 is about right, unless your building or have bigger expenses but typically I end up buying a motorcycle…
    Good thinking as far as making a daily rough budget,, and in my case what is going through about double what I should have been. So add 20% at least the way you think you’re going to end up spending.if I were living in the province and had all my Basics transportation, vehicle I could probably live pretty comfortable on $500 but that would be with the garden and chickens in I don’t really drink or go out on the town much maybe twice a year..
    thanks have a great day there.

  105. Yup your right Paul everyone is different on what they need or want .hey I know you said you were in Vegas selling cars .do you remember a guy out there that had his on TV show & car dealership he was a pimp style guy with a lot of gold chains & rings like a rapper I believe his name was KING OF CARS .?? He was in Vegas he was a trip do you know who I’m talking about ?

  106. Paul you know I’m in the shape your in I’ve got a 1500 usd Social Security check mine gets put into my bank every 3rd Wednesday. I don’t like that set up I would rather have it on the 3rd of the month I have a lot of friends who do .I have friends who get there’s on the 2nd Wed like you do then I get mine on the 3rd Wed. Do you know why they stopped giving them on a date like the 3rd & started giving them out on a day of the week like the 2nd Wed or the 3rd Wed of the month ?? I can’t get a answer from anyone

  107. when I was a smoker some 25 plus years ago I never had more than $5.00 in my pocket when I stopped smoking I had more money ,not only not buying the smokes helped but also going to the doctors getting cough meds etc , seemed was sick a lot with upper respiratory infections and coffee ,alcohol went along with smoking ,so I tended to smoked even more ,I have been able to save at least $200 to $300 per month in my bank and as much in my checking ,plus my health improved

  108. I like your frugality – there are lots of benefits apart from not overspending. A minimalist lifestyle is more mentally healthy and gives a great sense of freedom.

  109. Noise is a real problem in The Philippines. Whether it’s animals (dogs, chickens, pigs), or inconsiderate neighbours, it can drive you crazy. We lived in Moalboal last year and moved twice because of noise issues (karaoke loving neighbours and nearby bars playing music)

  110. Hi Paul, I just subscribed to your channel after seeing your conversation with Mark on Every Man Has a Story. I’m here in the Philippines on a tourist visa that is extendable until Sept. 2022 which is quickly approaching. Currently we “tourists” are not allowed to re-enter the Philippines due to travel restrictions, if not married to a filipina. I wanted to ask if you are in the same boat as me and if so what will you do when your three years are up?

  111. How much to bring with you depends on quarantine in hotel and food cost. Plus i would have enough cash for daily rule changes from island to island travel at this time. Covid rules can change quickly

  112. The Philippines is trying hard to become like Singapore,S.Korea and Japan in the near future and it’ll be a great news not only for the locals but for the expats themselves..But the problem is the Left leaning political parties and their Communist allies are the main obstacles here , trying to sabotage and destroy these plans of the present admin by spreading their disgusting lies!! Don’t worry to all expats and locals the Communist and their allies in the Senate will be wipe out

  113. Paul, can you please talk about all the visa programs there for foreigners? How do you stay there without your visa expiring? Thank you, George, I am moving there next fall

  114. My budget for being a winter Texan runs about $2500 a month and I live cheap. Thinking that it would be cheaper to winter in the PI even with the flight expense.
    Thanks for the info. View your videos almost every day.

  115. Hey Paul I heard the LTO is finally going to require folks to take driver’s safety courses before getting their license. I don’t know if this is just for new or existing drivers. It’s about time because from what I see nobody knows how to drive correctly there lol .

  116. Which ever country you decide on will require a tremendous amount of financial discipline. I would highly recommend you be completely debt free, have some type of pension = to at least $1.2k monthly after tax & a damn good medical policy. In addition, you should ideally have savings of at least $12k exit funds, & a start up of $3k upon arrival.

  117. I have a funny feeling that there is going to be a mini population boom in Big Rock…… hehehe. 🚵🤽👨‍👩‍👧⛹🏃. Sage advice from a wise fellow. Only found your channell recently and I love it. You seem really down to earth, great advice, great sense of humor with that slant on things that just makes me laugh “reading between the lines” Your glass half full attitude is awesome. Really good brreakdown on the finances. Australia is determined to get rid of its old people by starving them to death. Rules for getting a pension here have changed dramatically in the last few years for most it is 70yrs old before you can retire. The pension ammount if you try to live overseas is dramatically dropped also. They have just brought in the 2 year rule that you cannot spend more that 2 weeks overseas in the first 2 years of becoming pensionable age. After 2 weeks pension stops. Just try and get it reinstated when you get back…. In for a long wait… Just not right.
    Worked my ass off on the promise of a government pension at 65 that you can live a reasonable life. The prices to live in AUZ are the same as in America with half the pension value.
    Just government Lies. They want to phase out pensions and have already started with the TV advertising subliminally around NO Pension. The talk shows. The debate shows, All Starting to happen.
    Americal pension sounds just petfect for you to manage on. Anyway enough whining.
    All the best to you and baby May. 100% you are living the dream there where you are.
    Even if your watermelons are crap hahahah…😂…. Keep up the good work my friend. your posts I am sure give many hope. They do me.
    Regards to yourself and May,
    All the best 🙏

  118. I don’t understand how foreigners see a $1000 (50.000pesso) monthly budget as not realistic….Most Filipinos get an average wage of 12-15.000 pessos per month($300) and they manage to live on that quite well and even save for going out. if you give them 50.000 they will be in shock of how to spend all of that.


  120. Well done and honest assessment of things here. One MAJOR item that needs budgeting is medical premiums and the amount of ready cash one needs in the event of a problem. Hospitals here are not like the West. If you have a problem or accident without PhilHealth or private cover, that wad of YouTube savings could be wiped out in a week. Hospitals/doctors want to know they will be paid before you leave the premises.

    Its like that with every service here including utilities. There is no 30 day grace period for electric, or wifi etc. Dont pay your bill on time and its cutoff time either the next day or the next. Its just the culture and has to be that strict. Filipinos will try any way they can not to pay back a loan or delay, delay, delay.

    And if you have a US bank account and VISA debit card, you can access cash here easily. There is no reason to risk bringing thousands of dollars in cash. Sure, you will pay transaction fees for a while if you dont have a no fee perk etc but better than being ripped off of every dollar you have. After 6 months of being a resident BDO can allow a savings acct and after a year, a checking acct. Then its just quarterly wire transfers from US acct for $25. Safe and easy.

  121. Great Video and Straight forward! Just Liked and subscribe. How about health insurance for seniors? Do you have one? can you make a video about heath insurance such premiums and coverage. Thank you again for sharing and looking for more videos

  122. Great video Paul I love your budget videos they intrigue me every time I watch them and I can see how over the years you’ve been tweaking it a little here a little there and it’s interesting to see how you manage your money.. 🤑💰….. Hello to Baby Mae too .. 🙏🏻
    I’m still busy downsizing and getting rid of crap, still got my eyes on the prize of the Philippines…. SOMEDAY eh?

  123. The cash vs credit card analogy is spot on – it reminds me of an article I read on Google about the psychology of spending. The physical handling of cash vs swiping a card makes you more cognizant of what you spend each day or month. Writing checks vs EFT can have a similar effect as well because it’s a tangible thing you are handling instead of looking at digits on a screen. Some might be critical and say “get with the times!” but the old school way of spending has proven to be effective to managing your expenses. Good vlog 👍

  124. Hi paul in Duma, would i be able to find good Steak- rib eye or striploin, also any american food, ? Curious to know , thanks again, i watch your and May channel

  125. Straight forward and to the point. Appreciate that. Do you try to set aside some money each month for unforseen or emergency purposes? Stay safe and healthy.

  126. Looks like I will have a great life there $850,000 in the bank, plus $3000 / month pension and 15 years to live if I am carful. 850,000 ÷ 15 = 59,000pa + 36,000 pa = 95,000 pa ÷ 12 = $7916/month, nice. That’s about $260 / P13, 000 day. I guess I can live on that. 😊

  127. Thanks for telling us the answer upfront. So many YouTube waste our time with generalities, it depends, asking us questions, how do you want to live, etc. Thanks for giving us some info, which is why we are here.

  128. We have completed our first month stay here in Manila and it costed us $2200 and that is without rent. Most of the budget was spent on eating out ($500). We eat out at least 1 meal a day. I hope that the eating out budget will ease off once we fully settle.

  129. I am 62 y/o M.I just retired with a $659.00 a month retirement income. I can sell my condo for around $120.000.I want to go to a country, a nice one. Maybe Latin America, or S.E Asian country.I know.i can not survive with a $659.00 a month.So.I have to make some money there.I think I can make $1.000 a week with a$100K investment in an easy, relaxing way, enjoying my life.Is it possible ?.

  130. Paul, as usual a very good, clean and informative video. I would make sure that you stress a bit more the fact that where you live and by what standards make a huge difference. My retirement income is far more, yet we certainly use it. We live in a city ( Angeles City ) with a very large ex pat population , hundreds of restaurants and dozens of them are VERY good. We own a vehicle, we own a two bedroom two bath condo here. Our lifestyle is not MUCH different than it was in the states.We pretty much do what we want when we want. Without going into detail for the sake of brevity, our budget is about 6k USD a month. We very rarely spend it all. I think the most important part of your video is far over looked. CASH is king. Watching that money go from your hand to someone else…..makes you think twice. Great VID, take care.

  131. My friend he has a girlfriend in Manila but he may want her to come back to the state. He didn’t take the vaccine he has done had a mild case. Last year., plus GE will not take that experiment shot . He will do alternatives treatment if needed But he is going to visit her next year looking like that Good lick ti you and MAE. He lives of his pension here . But is 62 and draws ss check goes to an account. He has other rental income so he should be fine in Manila. His girl gas a good job. So at least he doesn’t have to worry about her He is stress free now. Maybe he will have a coffee with you sometime next year. He g F as to see a lawyer there anyway. Be safe and say hi to Mae. Budget is not his strong suit. He needs to work on that. Thanks for the update Paul.

  132. Paul, I’ll never forget when you had 99 subscribers. And I joined your subscribers and became the 100th. Your living expenses have gone up really in 4 years. How much for a generator?

  133. Thanks again Paul! You’re really helping me become more comfortable that I truly can retire early at 62 and live a good life there in the Philippines!

  134. Again great post Paul,
    Recent info posted by both you and mark on your old (German) landlord, doesn’t read too good at all, doesn’t really surprise me….
    Great point about card usage versus cash…
    Your single life should be referred to as “BM” (before Mae)…..
    Enjoy November

  135. Thank you Paul for the budget overview. You did not mention medical costs. Do you pay for insurance or just self-insure and hope your bank balance will be sufficient?

  136. I agree with your assessment but you left out the most important thing most people over look, medical! Your budget should always have a monthly medical budget. I workout and exercise (walking 5 days week for 1-2 hrs) you still prong to getting sick. Bottom line, you know your health problems and if you can’t pay your medical bills at the local hospitals, they will report you to immigrations. That’s not what you need or be deported. Again, your assessment is good enough to enjoy an comfortable life without stress. God is Good and All theTime …..🙏🙏🙏

  137. This was an excellent and no-nonsense explanation of the basic monthly breakdown for life there. I know that is obvious, but it doesn’t happen nearly enough. I am Canadian, so roughly $2000 Canadian per month or so in line with your current lifestyle, which seems perfectly doable. For me perhaps a bit more, as I have a serious girlfriend residing in the Cebu City area. At least she has a decent job, though.
    Thanks, great channel, keep the vids flowing.👍

  138. I get so much less…$1,000 disability. I am being punished for getting ill. It is so stressful thinking how to make it to the end of the month. Friends have helped me out but I can’t keep ask them. I have severe neuropathy that keeps me in pain so I can’t focus on a job. I have borrowed a lot of money as I have to have a car, a 22 year vehicle to get to the dr, pharmacy and groceries. I have no other life but there is always something especially with my car breaking down. That is why I looking a way to move overseas. I couldn’t afford internet or a phone with data so I am only discovering YouTube.

  139. It was a great video thank you I would like to talk to you more about the lessons you learned when you moved out there when the country opens back up I’m going to move there

  140. The big thing for me is that anybody can live short term on much little than most people say. But to live here for the next 30 years requires more than the minimum people say they can live on. Than it becomes not just daily surviving but really you need extra money to keep busy.

  141. That’s a lot money to live in a dirt hole like the Ph,
    I m living in Pattaya in an 2018 built 110sqm penthouse, fully furnished, for12k a month..
    Food is 60% cheaper and 80% better than in the Ph.
    I need 1500,- Dollar monthly too.

  142. i lived in cebu for 2 years and i was spending about $3500 a month.i then met a girl and moved to the provinces in mindano and her family had a rice and vegetable farm and i converted a large room at there home with wifi air con rice was always free along with the vegetables,honestly there is little to spend money on and i could live for easily $700 a month.unfortunately i came back to the uk in january 2020 for a small break and have been stranded here ever since due to covid..hopefully soon the borders will open again so i can return to my gf….great video by the way

  143. Hey Paul, I was wondering what you do with respect to Health Insurance and if you are on any medications do you have any problem finding the ones that you need?

  144. Great video very sensible breakdown one thing what about people asking for loans well its not exactly loans because you never get the money back,

    I find everytime im in the Philippines i keep getting asked for loans i had to put a stop to it because it was getting out of hand thanks for sharing.

  145. The increase you get on your Social Security in January is 5.9% what is the increase on your part B Medicare going to be probably enough to eliminate that 5.9%

  146. GREAT VIDEO, PAUL!!! So many YouTubers do a budget video and for half the video or more they get off topic. Okay, so I’ll be there in about 4 – 6 months due to new PRA rules that require us to show that we intend to apply for the SRRV. I won’t bore you with the details. Anyway, I’ve been figuring my cash budget will be about 5 to $6k, even after the expense of shipping my dog, and I’ll have several grand in credit cards that I can get cash advances on if I get into trouble with needing cash. My passive income will be a reliable $1560/mo. I also have plans for making additional money. I came to the conclusion the other night that that was going to be enough and you just verified that for me. THANK YOU THAT!🙂 Question: I was thinking about spending a few months in an AirBnb until I found someplace (house, apt, town or city) that I really liked for a more permanent situation. Do you have any thoughts on the Airbnb idea and my planning overall so far? — I apologize for being long winded.

  147. Hey Paul I’ve been watching your videos for a few weeks and I am being honest when I say I believe your retirement in the Philippines has turned the clock on your aging. You look younger today than in videos you made last year. Not pulling your chain I call it like I see it. Thanks for sharing these helpful information videos. I plan to check things out once things open up. Also want to add it’s comforting to know that I will be more prepared when I arrive in the areas of what to expect culturally and financially to somewhat ease the stress from the enivtable culture shock.

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