My Chinese mother.

Also an angry Iranian Bot fan is irate about my treatment of the droid.



  1. You’re doing a great work, who cares about some keyboard-warrior’s insults and opinions. Out of the mouth comes the heart’s abundance.
    That lady has a nice but sad face, I bet her story is interesting.

  2. Didn’t expect this… I hoped we would finally see her in an apartment with a little makeover, but i understand you Troy, you can’t force her. Nevermind the Iranian guy, if he’s such a Bot fan let him ‘help’ her, you did more than enough.

  3. The work you do is really good,i think some people are happy or content the way they live and no matter how much money they get given will change nothing, it is always your judgement as to who receives money,and to the people who think its no good helping people in need must remember we are all only 2/3 pay packets from being in the same situation as some of these people

  4. Buddy that sent that email is not mentally stable . First he should not be using the words ” flirty or beautiful” to describe children . Did dude refer to Troy as ” f—ing homo” for not helping bot more ?

  5. I think this woman has had some bad experiences with renting rooms and just doesn’t want the hassle again. Or the pressure to make money to pay the rent.

  6. her extremely poor memory makes me think she suffers from mental health issues… I am starting to think her “some girls rent me couch space” story is merely a memory of a time long ago…if it ends up the time some girls actually rented her some couch space was 15 years ago it wouldnt surprise me…
    it is difficult to deal with people who are not all there and hard to help…
    try when you can but do not be discouraged when things dont work out i guess…

  7. Nevermind the haters Troy my man. Most are jealous they can’t do what you’re doing. I love your charity videos and you do a great job at it. Keep up the excellent work. I think the old ladies mind is starting to drift away. She doesn’t know if you’re talking to her or not.

  8. Troy you and your donors tread the right path that email guy is just trying to get a reaction from you to gratify his small mind, he has used money to dilute and destroy his humanity you and donors are using money to restore humanity you are a world apart he will never understand, I hope you don’t waste anymore time on that lost soul, l know who’s world I would rather live in and it’s not his nightmare.
    Many thanks for the good work you do. 🤗

  9. Wow! That email was full of hate. I personally do not care to see any more videos of Bot. I like to see you spread the help among others.

    Troy….I think you are wasting your time trying to get that lady to rent a room. Of course I’m not there and don’t know anything about her, but if she wanted to rent one, you gave her plenty enough money to do so. I think she enjoys roaming the streets, and has no intention of changing the way she does things. It’s time to move on from her, even though she has not tried to take advantage as others have. Just my honest opinion. It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

  10. Oh boy, if i got a youtube channel and i receive this email and reading the first sentence, i wouldn’t even take my time to read the whole damn e-mail😂 just now i was skimming the e-mail quickly and i saw some words here and there and i was like nope. Btw i feel this lady had some traumas or something in the past that she got scared of other people maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to rent a room, or i kinda feel like she’s in an early stage of dementia.. she also replies really late, it’s not the kind of late reply that you need to think before you lie… and the way how she keeps repeating herself over and over again like she doesn’t remember what she said before

  11. You have to understand this lady and her mental status. She genuinely believes that she’s not worthy of help and a better life. You to her is still a stranger. You have no reason to help her. You have no reason to give her money and she had no reason to accept it since living in the streets is the norm for her. Even if you rent her a place she’ll likely find more comfort living in the streets. I feel she is unfortunately a lost cause.

  12. Hi Troy. In my opinion this woman deserve some help. She doesn’t accept any money to pay for place to stay or new shoes, clothes. You certainly don’t see this in other homeless people.

  13. Troy, you are changing ppl lives even only for a short time with some cash or food, but the impact on there out look will last a life time, especially for the younger kids. F#$% that keyboard warrior sitting in his parents basement. Keep up!

  14. Really who is that guy to tell you who you decide to help when most of your donations are by patrons that want you to help particular people you meet. The fact that you have been doing this for years in the first place is inspiring and you’re the hand that allows donations to made directly to people you meet. Without your good works this wouldn’t even be possible. The only reason he has interest in Bot is because she is cute. Had she not been cute would he have been so interested in helping her? The fact that she is cute give’s her already a big advantage in life.

  15. My worry is Bot’s granny will be pimping her out in a couple of years. She seems like a good kid and doesn’t deserve that.

  16. Troy, you get a definite YES from this lady who comes off often as wishy-washy, and 7 of us here will chip in to get her a medium-term 6 month rental as previously discussed. A lease is a commitment, and she has to want to move in and make full use of a leased “phong tro”. She has to want the location, which makes this difficult if she isn’t willing to make the effort to go shelter shopping…with you.

    We are prepared to make this happen for her. She has to want it. All we as viewers have to do is pay for it. She has to want it. Wasting time is worse than wasting money. Anyways, please let us know and we will back your decision. In conclusion, ‘BOT’ has been given more than enough for now. They must be appreciative to deserve and warrant more. Greed destroys.

    It is all about Appreciation and Humility.

  17. Troy… He’s a troll block him and keep doing what you do…. He’s a very ugly angry sole….. He doesn’t belong here.. and to the troll… Nobody cares what you say or think. You have a lot of nerve….

  18. Congrats, Troy! You know that youre on the right path when you have haters. All successful people have haters, so dont ever let them get to you. You’re doing good in the world and youre giving people hope. Keep doing what youre doing.

    And tell Mr. Anonymous to shut his bitchass up. If he has so many ideas and opinions, then he should go start his own channel.

  19. Troy, continue your positive work, don’t be influenced by people like Iranian man. Keep pushing this woman until she takes up a room.
    she finds it difficult to take action.

  20. So nice that she offered you the drink twice when she has absolutely nothing… just proves her character even more than we already knew.

    I think this is a hard one but sometimes money is not the only thing you can give people to help them Troy, just you showing an interest in her and that someones cares about her will be doing more for her than we can ever know. Lets be honest she probably doesn’t speak to anyone for days on end despite being surrounded by people which is why i think she has a tough shield up. That has probably been going on for tens of years..

    She may not accept any help yet but please keep trying Troy because even in situations like this where she didn’t accept any help she is clearly lowering her guard to you because you are acting so genuine towards her and takign the time to have actual conversations with her like a normal human being.. I think this is a long term project but even if she never accepts the help ( Which i am hopeful is not the case) then just being a friend to her and giving her company every few days is worthy and the least she deserves.

    My hopes are that after a few more meetings she finally trusts you enough to at least let you get her a nice hotel room for the night. Once she gets to spend a few nights sleeping in her own bed in a nice environment I think she will start to change and want to accept the help.

  21. Troy, I am sorry to know that there are people like that Iranian idiot that you have to deal with. His tone and language depicts a person with issues. My advice. Block his or her email. There will always be haters. Let him hate with someone else. Your doing fine and continue your efforts helping people as needed.

  22. First off, I enjoyed the video. The mystery deepens with this lady. Needless to say but film whomever you choose and for whatever reasoning you decide on. My thoughts so far on this Chinese lady… she appears to evade offers for shelter for her own reasons she wishes not to share. Perhaps she has been traumatized staying with others. Perhaps she doesn’t want to owe anyone. This could explain why she denies your extra cash or offer to rent a place for her. It’s an interesting case study. She has survived by her own devices which is pretty impressive. Outwardly she seems naive but I doubt she is – she seems pretty street smart and knows to avoid danger.

  23. This Chinese woman can still use your help. I think you are gaining some ground with her, but it will take more social visits. You will eventually have to ask her, or find out what happened to her, and what was her history. She already sees you as a social worker. Don’t give up on Mrs. Confucius, not yet.👍

  24. Love this woman! She has more peace and happiness than me and anyone I know. I wonder if she would allow you to see her home where she stays with the 2 girls. Tell her you want to give them some rent money or something. Maybe they could tell you a lot more about her and her story. This lady really fascinates me! I’m glad you spend time talking to her. I doubt anyone else does. She is not a lost cause. She is an angel!

  25. Hey…great work you are doing. In this case, it could be that she is just scared. Last time you say that she has to pay back the money that you will front up for the rent…and she has none to pay back…even if she does her little business she is not sure it is enough to pay back…and that is why she is reluctant. Secondly, you are a guy…and “sometimes”…a guy renting a room for a lady entails some form of “payment”, and so she thinks that there might be strings attached. After she heard that it will be all free, half her worries went away a bit, but she is still not sure of a guy “renting a room”. You could get a female to come with you next time when you go see her, and see if that would help relieve some of her suspicions. Also, just leave her a little money even if she refuse…100k in her bag and just leave. Show her the money for the rent…you and I know you are serious…she does not, and maybe seeing the money will help show that this is not a joke. Good luck.

  26. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, most women when asked if they would like a room will think that there is a sexual reward to be given at the end of the transaction, especially if they come from an abusive relationship. She might be scatty and vague, but somewhere in the back of her mind she rationally thinks ‘what does he want from me’. Anyway, what you do is so kind. Best of luck.

  27. Well she is old and lot at that age start forgeting stuff,forgeting close ones or conpelatly forget stuff exept specific moments.Maybe after so long not being able/being rejected from rent houses/rooms when finaly thsoe girls helped adn let her sleep on counch got her so gratefull and happy had so big of an inpact that she carved that specifc moment into her memory and now whenever anyone wanst to rent her or help her rent a room due to her forgetfullnes the renting triggers that memory and she starts saying it.

  28. Troy, now that I think about. Perhaps you should get a partner when out and about. There’s safety in pairs and I’m concerned that with all of your publicity now that someone will try to roll you knowing that you have $$.

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