My Elephant Mating Call – Phetchabun Motorbike Tour Episode 2

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  1. As I’m watching Chad drink that beer. Man I can taste it…I just got off work and rushing home for refreshments.
    Love ya….👍🇺🇸🍻🍻🍻

  2. CHADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Car guys is share like a universal language…a great appreciation for motorsports. Also farting is pretty universal across different countries and languages.

  4. I’m pretty sure the mating call is a high pitched short sharp “brrrr brrr” then it’s “this one night at Namnao national park in 2020….Actually never mind”🐘 hahaha

  5. @chad I know someone like you, he come from very famous political family in Virginia and very classy family. He is searching for happiness travel around the world, but end up become a monk in Thailand for 40 years.. now he is back to US and build Thai temple in Lexington VA

  6. Another great video. It needs to be longer 🙂 but i understand it’s better if viewers watch until the end. Either way thanks again Chad!
    By the way, “When are doing another LIVE stream???’..those are the best!

  7. You were thhhiiiiissss close on the mating call. It’s like Beetlejuice, so one more time, and they would have brought all the boys to the yard. Just be sure to re-numb the bunghole.
    As always, love the video and stayed til the last second!

  8. Cool man. I’m glad you didn’t come across any elephants on those sweepers. Those piles of dung though, maybe worse than an elephant. Those Honda’s out in the middle of nowhere were pretty amazing. Be safe!

  9. Epic video bro! Sounded like a detuned 1JZ for your engine transplant. Wow those lads in the rental shop are gonna be pissed, helmet left by the side of the road in UT and their engine in Loei.

    This trip is defo gonna be remembered as the trip where Chad chatted up every monk he could find, it will end up like the hangover for you in some monastery getting your ass pounded by monks with big sticks – and wow you will be back reminiscing about Pattaya 17 during that take down.

    Your next monk challenge is to get a CB media sticker onto their backpacks and I think you are missing a trick not fixing one to the top of your helmet.

    Also good to see you turning tricks for drinks with that girly drink in Petchabun!!!

    Looking forward to that bitching road son!!! Peace

  10. Isaan is the best!! I wouldn’t be surprised to see you sparring with Buakaw in one of these videos. Some of the best content on the tube hands down. Cheers!

  11. You just half to stand on one foot wave your arms excitedly and yell HERE ELEPHANT HERE ELEPHANT HERE ELEPHANT watch out because people will fall down from stampede wait wait they will fall down laughing. As a boy in Pa we used to tell out of state deer hunters just to sing here deer deer and poof they would see deer. Another great messed up journey. Love you Chad B

  12. จากเลยมาเพชรบูรณ์ (CHAD : ช้างอยู่ไหน พระ : อยู่ในป่า ) พี่แกจะขึ้นเขาค้อ Sick video.

  13. Chad stops to make a matting call. Sounds more like something out of the Run Down. I expected Sean Scott to run up. And you better watch out for elephant 🐘 💩. Could be slick as greased fence post.

  14. Sometimes I worry about you when you do these motorbike tours and there is a long break between videos. Those roads and traffic look so sketchy. Be safe my adventure bro!

  15. Don’t go for the liter bike, car guy…an expensive way to hurt yourself. Just get a small or mid sized twin. 300-750cc. You have seen how much fun it can be to ride those scooters…now more than double that! I can’t wait to watch.

  16. More fun to go with someone but you still know how to swing it good! Me and the girlfriend (on the back) rode from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi to Phuket on my CB500X …. the long stretches very menotinous… I honestly don’t know how you rode that yami155 all the way!? Yes big bike now in order!

    Being free is so amazing in Thailand! When I get out of Quarantine I’m doing some riding again! Thanks Chad for a great VLOG!

  17. 01:15 Chad found stance/bagged FK car 2 EA
    07:24 Highlight of Namnao National park on Highway 12 (Huay-tong bridge). But lot of infrastructure safety equipments.

  18. Do u remember that one episode u try to go onto a road but they had block it? You were filming about it and they told u not to get close to it? Not sure if u remember which episode cause I dont but would like to see you go to that road again.

  19. Some day soon I hope you get a translator that you can connect via speaker phone so we know what some of the lovely smiling people are saying – and find out more about who owns those cars and why (both villages and car show/races)

  20. Only a 5 minute break? Seems to have been a relatively fast BJ. 😂
    The teal from your bike rocks! You have to get a teal shirt. That would look awesome. 😎

  21. Pro tip: when you have your own motorbike. You can take the train and buy it a ticket. They will put it on the train cargo car. You can pick it up when you pull into the train station just like baggage. That way you can load it up in Bangkok. Take the train to Khon Kaen. Your bike will arrive with you.

  22. We are having a little ” Indian summer” here in Ontario Canada, so I went out for half the day on my Harley , but I miss my little Honda Scoopie in Isan , 17 degrees this time of year is sweet ! Cheers !

  23. Awesome turbo sounds on that motorbike 🤣😂
    That one night one 2017 Thailand.. now on onlyfans 🤣

    Dude killing me 9min videos. Miss the 15min or 20mins videos. Idk why people don’t always watch to the end. Your very entertaining. Some stupid stuff I would do lol.

  24. The road from Loei to Lom Sak , Phetchabun has heaps of twists and turns. I had a couple of Thais in the car needing to stop for a bit because of car sickness.

  25. Hi you really mean to drive a heavy motorcycle you must buy yourself a jacket with shields, a full helmet (there are some that can open) and a lightning shield so that God forbid something happens to you you will not break all the bones in the body.

  26. Hope you get a chace to try a bigger (500cc) bike over there. Have a CBR300R over there, works well even 2 up. I like it more than my CB 500X in the states as you can shift you weight to the handle bars to take the weight off your ass, thus ride longer. Plus, strap a small back to the tank & you can lean on that.

  27. Did I see a deals gap wrist band 318 curves the dragon riding it several times myself your just having to much fun but keep them videos coming watching you from southeast Tennessee thanks

  28. Ha! Bj station 🤣😂
    Whoa! Crazy civic’s in the middle of nowhere 😮😮
    That purple ute was hella loaded up!!
    Hey it’s more of those monk looking dudes walking, dam they are keen as.

  29. Hmmm, what could a BJ Station Be? and no filming? 4 min 27 sec ‘Butthole Surfing? Yeah get off those Girlie bikes. Need 600cc + sports bike.
    I wouldn’t like to hit an Elephant at those speeds! Also Elephant in Thai, is Chang. Thai’s in those areas have very limited Engrish. Not too Mut.

  30. Nice video Chadd! Have you totaled up your bike rentals vs say buying a decent used/new bike? Seems like the rentals really add up, but on channel Ride 4 Kicks he shows a lot of cycles you could buy, used or new, and they are only a few thousand US, like 2500-5000.

  31. „You can not believe in the middle of nowhere…“ Ad Netflix 555
    The ThaiGuy said one is his and the other one is owned by his wife 😉
    People here put a lot of their money in cars. Modify is a big thing.

  32. BRO, explain what happened in 2017!
    Lil lady boii fun huh?
    Had you walkin like a cowboy 🤠

    Lovin this motor bike tour, it gives a super chill vibe. Not that your other videos dont, just this feels almost more go with the flow and i dig it! Keep it up Chad. 👍

  33. I was going to comment on the bitchen scooter, then the sport touring posse shows up haha Sweet rides. Chad bro, I hope you upgrade your moto soon. I also hope you restrain from the wfo when you get a 250 500 cc How about a KTM single? Not sure if you need anything over 400cc

  34. Another great video Chad. Always hold my breath when you ring the neck of the scooter, I would be worried something will pop out of the jungle onto the road. Take care

  35. Thanks for another good video. I enjoy watching these every day I look forward to them to tell you the truth. Thanks a lot Reynaldo , Trenton Michigan.

  36. That was not an Elephant call……. What is was, is the warning call that Lieutenant Loredo yelled to warn the crew of Galaxy Quest that the little creatures were coming to get them. See the movie GALAXY QUEST. Lololololol

  37. ผมอยากแนะนำให้คุณดูช่องยูทูปที่ชื่อทัวร์ก๊าปฯอยากให้คุณไปร่วมท่องเที่ยวกับพวกเขาเป็นคนไทย2คนเยอรมัน1คนพวกเขาไปทุกที่ด้วยรถมอเตอร์ไซค์วิบากคุณจะได้เจอประสบการณ์ใหม่ฯสถานที่ท่องเที่ยวสวยฯวิวสวยฯที่คนทั่วไปเข้าไม่ถึงคุณต้องชอบแน่ฯและพวกเขาก็ชอบเบียร์เหมือนคุณด้วย👍

  38. I watch all your videos but it is kinda scary when I start recognizing places from your previous vids!! LOL!! Ride safe Chad! I couldn’t help imagining you turning a corner and running right smack into an elephant!!

  39. Hi Chad, we enjoy your Thailand videos especially the motorbike road tours! Never miss a one. What software do you use to edit your iPhone videos? Do you film on the bikes mostly with a selfie stick stuck into the front ties on your backpack? Good work, Sir!

  40. Not sure it would be a good idea to perfect the elephant mating call, maybe a call for lunch would be safer – ah hem.
    So glad to see you showing how wonderful and interesting it is here in Isan.
    Really entertaining videos, love them.

  41. Elephant mating call is take your right hand stick it under your left armpit and flap your arm 💪 up and down should have a Elephant in no time works like a charm

  42. Hey chad when I watch your videos how do you fit so much in to 10 minutes it seams like they go for about 15 minutes, you are beast at editing on YouTube I watch , give your fans a 15 minute video 1 day cheers Maca in Melbourne

  43. How cost prohibitive are cars and pickups there? The scooter travel wouldn’t cut it for my old busted up ass! The traffic looks like it’d be a slice of hell in too big a rig tho…… Very interesting stuff, man…. been watchin’ a while.

  44. Good to see you on the road advanture again. Please be very careful when you stop along side of the traffic roads in Thailand since many accidents happened during standing or riding slowly on the left side of the road.

  45. …..The side of the road in Thailand is very dangerous. Don’t park on the side often. I’m worried that You will be harmed…..🤟…..🤞😍🤞

  46. FYI, Today at 17.00hr. The King and Queen of Thailand will be in Udonthani to open Youth Court office. So you might be affected if you are in the area.

  47. Oh Great Chad, for me, the best part of your videos are when you’re out in the middle of effing nowhere and you interact with the local people. If it goes well, it is so cool. If it goes bad, well, we won’t hear from you again. Until then LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!!!

  48. Still cracks me up that LEO beer exists. I had to post it on my Instagram last year: “Look! A beer named after ME!” My followers: “Yeah, whatever dude.” I was gonna say, maybe having a numb butthole may not have been a bad thing, especially if the elephant mating call worked!

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