My expectations have Failed me living in Thailand.

Vlog#687 The downside of living in Isaan. Today I will share my everyday life experiences living in Thailand. Not everyday is going to be happy and we must try and learn from our experiences and not count on our past experiences to always be the same outcome. At the end of the day I always try to look forward, start over, smile, and shake it off. notime2bsad
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  1. Thank you guys for watching our channel and leaving a comment. My life is notime2bsad, I have experienced in my life the beauty of the birth of my kids, and raised self sufficient, self thinking kids to adults. I have failed at many relationships, I have been broke and well off. I have held a mans hand before he died, prayed for him as I told him his fight for freedom will never be forgotten. I also have experienced another chance at life twice. Things that make since to us, our opinions, and our experiences make us who we are at this moment. To be successful in anything we must learn from our mistakes and learn to be patient and flexible. Living here has it’s challenges, Many challenges. However there is NOTHING in this world that can stop me from being free to be happy. If I wake up tomorrow I will always be happy. In case you didn’t know…….. notime2bsad.

  2. Wearing a mask shouldn’t be political, it should be only about health and respect for others. Enjoy the videos! Have a good time on your travels!

  3. Mybe if you have some money its time to buy a new one and sale this? You have say you buy it second hand as the same price for the new brand básic. It’s 2014…and it beginns whit problems, mybe whit a new brand Jeep you can have no problems for a cuple of years. Love You videos ♥️

  4. Just first four seconds of video, I was overcome with nostalgia. Sitting on those square stools, sipping Thai coffee, and early morning Thai “doughnuts”. Lucky you.

  5. I like your every day videos. Please keep doing what you do. Just for your consideration! I see Paige wearing her mask and since she is a tiny lady the mask does not fit properly on her cheeks. This is a nurse’s video on how to adjust the mask for smaller faces. . There are a few versions of that video on You Tube. Take care you two.

  6. We all have bad days Chuck! Your usual attitude makes it seem like you never have a bad day, but I can understand your frustrations! Hang in there, it will all work out. If it doesn’t then you will figure out something else to do instead!

  7. Chuck. We love your videos no matter how long or short they are. Keep up the good work. We will continue to watch as long as you continue to post. Can’t wait to see your vacation ventures. We try to live by your motto… notime2bsad.
    With what’s going on in this world. It is truly hard to do.
    Dawn and Al From San Antonio, Texas

  8. Chuck, you are the delightful next door neighbor who loves to help everybody and doesn’t know how valuable he is. Don’t you dare stop telling us stories. 👍

  9. Love your channel and increasingly see myself and my Thai wife living life like this. Noticed right away you were rockin’ your own swag! Looks good. Got a good laugh over the “Jabs” butt wipes. 555. Paw Put doesn’t look 71, but I guess that’s just good living. “Sukopahp kang lang,” to him. Chuck, you said you needed a flag… USA or Texas? Looking forward to your next 3 weeks or so of travel with Paige.

  10. If they would be an Autozone where you live, I bet you would go there just for the fun of it
    It’s so easy in the States to find parts for car and do things ourselves
    I guess you just have to gets your brakes and take a break

  11. A prime example on how they do things in Thailand, is the patong Hill, dozens of people including tourist die every year , but they don’t fix it they spend the money on other road projects that aren’t that important, that’s thais for you ,

  12. Overthinking too much in your brakes and so forth…. You have a lovely Fortuna there as do many Thais who don’t overthink their brake issues, you’re not the only one…………..Go with the flow, they do and they do just fine… I have to be honest, I really struggled with detail when in the Kingdom and watching your ‘brake dilemma’ really brings it all back home.. I hear you, I feel you, but the bottom line is IMO…..their ‘mai pen lai’ way trumps our stressed out Western way…..

  13. My excellent Pakistani-American mechanic in NY also doesn’t stock all the necessary spare parts for the work to be done, but he DOES get the part delivered within an hour or two when he calls his supplier on his cell. He doesn’t have the space to store all the parts for all the models he works on.

  14. You hit the nail on the head, probably my biggest frustration living here: being able to get something ordered/done that SHOULD BE so freakin’ easy! I have to go to my “happy place” many, many times. 555+

  15. Okay, speaking my mind here…. The reason I chose to be a Patreon of your channel is because of how I enjoy your content. Longer videos don’t bother me at all.
    My plans are to retire there in the very near future (as soon as all of this pandemic bullshit calms down. It’s the day-to-day life that interests me, and it’s damn near impossible to compress a day into 12 minutes. Everyday life for any farang is different there. Thai’s don’t get in a hurry. They take everything as it comes, good and/or bad, and don’t get overly excited about anything, as you well know.

    Anyway, go ahead and bitch a little. Gety it out of your system, then get back to living the good life!

  16. I was a mechanic in the Netherlands, And now I do restore cars in Thailand. I think you were talking to the wrong persons. Upgrading brakes can be a good thing, but as calipers develop , it is of almost no use to modify these nowadays. Bigger changes you will get by upgrading the discs, the pads and the flexible brake lines.
    But back to your problem: kerry does have 24 hour service so contact anybody in Thailand and it should be possible to get those pads tomorrow. I am able to help you if you want. Send me an email on [email protected]. Probably also possible to find upgraded brakes in 2 days. Again, contact me, I will be able to help.
    I am not just a person that wants to help, i really can help. I have my own webshop, and export parts to Australia, USA and Europe. So I do know quite a lot of people

  17. I miss the days when I could pick up the phone and tell them the year make and model, then tell them a list of part and hang up without telling them who it is. Phone call would be 10 seconds. 10 minutes later they would be delivered to my shop. Also used NAPA prolink.
    Here in Nakhon Si Thammarat it takes all day of running around to get some of the parts then end up ordering the other parts from amazon. Was frustrating at first, now I’m okay with it. Just need to adjust to the ways here. Slow down and relax. What took a day to do in the states, takes at least a month to get done here. It is okay with plenty of beers and smiles

  18. Khaap khun khraap, Khun Chuck, khraap – Khun Paige – Make me homesick. … ขอบคุณมากคุณชัค – คุณ Paige – ที่ทำให้ฉันคิดถึงบ้าน

  19. Yeah I hear you! I was born there but have been away since I was 13. The mindsets are different Sabai sabai attitude which at times drive me insane as I have become much more impatient having lived in the us for over 30 years. Hard to be myself when I am back there as I found myself having to depend on other for day to day things.

  20. I worked for Bendix for 20 years…. It’s a long story but now they are owned by Honeywell… oh and they are very high quality parts… they were even used on the space shuttle.

  21. We will never understand , it part of the trip ,. Were from another part of the word , and never will , I know you know this , ever American fell this experience ,it part of the evench, it just how we deal with it , sh.. you be talking about you brake problem for a year now , you know better , but hope you get fixed , go thing you do not own a home , nice shirt,

  22. As an expat guest, until you are fluent in the local language, it’s really hard to get the culture. I lived in 6 countries, never long enough to get fluent. I’d find a language teacher and invest some serious time. It’s Thailand. The more you know, the better it gets!

  23. Don’t let anyone criticize the length of your videos. The simple act of going to a store to purchase items is educational as we who plan to visit or live in Thailand know what to look for. Safe travels to you and Paige. One more item; glad you have merch so we can promote the channel here in Cali and elsewhere

  24. Hi Chuck and Paige, love your videos, just came across your channel and subscribed. You can find more baking ingredients and larger packs at the Nakhon Phanom Macro. I used to go there often when I worked on projects across the river in Thakek, Laos. Greetings from Saraburi.

  25. that’s the cheapest I’ve seen PB at the normal store.(skippy for life! not jiff 55) I guess I can end my rationing 🙂 I’m starting to really get ticked off, you keep getting packages from the states, and I’m still waiting on an envelope of original artwork from my granddaughter. (6-8 weeks now) send you a massage about the shirts later. thanks for another post brother

  26. Chuck we had a crepe myrtle get ripped out ot the ground last night here in Florida. Summer storm season has started. I know how frustrating getting good repair work down. Hang in there. Go pick on ms. mafia and make her laugh.



  28. Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese that my wife always use it to make Tiramisu. My favorite rum cake. You should try to make it sometime. If you need a recipe my wife can give it to you.

  29. marco has Yeast in 500 grams so you know that you just have to keep it cool what I do is that I have jams from which I pour it into and put it in the cooler it can hold up to 1 year so by you they my friend and it is very car owner and the little bottles

  30. wtf ,thailand has made you so lazy ,jack the car up take the 4 or 5 wheel nuts off and check yourself,i never trust another person to check my car,chuck get the finger out,check out cb media chanel he will get you a good car guy ,you might come out with a 700hp engine but wtf 5555,you cant wash your own car omg .you are just lording it up

  31. brakes, I also do mechanic work, & yes I know what you mean, there could be a dozen things to cause this issue, dont forget collapsed brake line as possibility, I see several a year. but until you open it up, who knows, stcking emergency brake cable? bad caliper, or???? I got issue right now with my primary beater, rear brakes making noise, but I ordered parts, & 3 weeks in a row, it has rained every day I had off. my other beater needs tires, but they been on order for over 1 week, & my other beater van battery just died, & then I could go get my pickup I keep parked at my other home, however, gas mileage sucks! so I drive car with bad brakes, lol. 42mpg, secodary beater is 35mpg, van 23mpg, & truck 12-15mpg, prefer bad brakes over slick tires, I put 2 tires on it in January, & thanks to covid, I am having to wait for tires longer than last time, last time was 2 days.
    new mouse pad? I gave up using a mouse many years ago, I really hate moving arm & mouse all over, & I fell in love with using a trackball, however my wife hates a track ball, so she doesnt use my computer, or hooks her mouse to it, lol. but for me so much easier on my hand to use. I had to go there, its all in fun.
    the get together brings back memories of my youth, I had a lot of family growing up, however everyone died, yes everyone, & biggest get together I have had is 6 relatives in 2 decades. even with my wife, most of her family is deceased, her brother & his family live 1,000 miles away. what I wouldnt give to go back before 1997 for a holiday meal. that was last year all family was still alive, & by 1999, all deceased

  32. Great vlog Chuck! Sometimes you just have to get off your chest or just talk to some else about it! My wife is always telling me it’s will be okay or it’s all right. As thai’s say Sabi Sabi! See you all soon!

  33. Hi! Chuck and Paige is nice to be back officially Sunday fun day there only missing were the mafia kids I like to see them in video next time OK have fun stay safe take care

  34. “Now I’m in a predicament” = this is thailand.

    the odds of something going wrong are in direct proportion to your concern of something going wrong.

    have a beer.

  35. Rule number 1 concerning out of warranty Toyotas, never go to the dealership!! I just had Bendix brakes installed on my Toyota at B-Quik and happy with the price and service. My experience with Bangkok Toyota dealership service is not good.

  36. I find that strange when in Lam Plai Mat(Buri Ram Prov) (Im stranded in Oz because I had to come back for pension and got stuck here) whenever we went to shops and they didnt have it they would say go to this shop they may have it and it was often that this happened.

  37. Hi Chuck,

    When I first heard you mention you had brake issues, I wondered why you didn’t fix ‘em at home, and save yourself from the kind frustration you’re now having.

    I’m a mechanic too, and opt to fix things myself whenever possible. I know you can relate, so I won’t go into it.

    In Thailand I’ve experienced frustrations similar to those you illustrate. I’d like to share an experience I had at a car dealer.

    My girlfriend needed new rubber bumpers under the hood of her 2014 Nissan. They were cracked, weathered, and useless, so the hood bobbed up and down at speed.

    We drove to where she bought the car and it was no surprise they had to order the rubber bumpers. However it was frustrating, as they could have just given me a set from another car, no big deal to them, right? But it didn’t go down that way.

    A week later she got a call that the new rubber bumpers were in, so it’s back to the dealer, after another two hour drive round-trip.

    When we arrived, the dealer handed me a small plastic bag. Guess what? Wrong parts!

    I was frustrated because they ordered the wrong parts, because of the long drive, and because they said they knew exactly what I needed before they ordered them.

    They said we would have to come back in a week. Ugh!!!

    This really got to me, and I let my girlfriend know that I thought it was unacceptable.

    I think they expected me to just walk away. But I wasn’t done. I persuaded my girlfriend to tell the manager to get one of the service guys to give me a set from another car while I waited. Simple right?

    My girlfriend is always very polite, but my request may have angered the manager. Perhaps I made her lose face in the office.

    However, I drove away that day with the correct parts in my hand, and I knew I wouldn’t have to make another 2 hour drive because of someone else’s carelessness.

    I was very happy about that!

  38. I been married since 73 it’s not easy because it’s a different culture they don’t think like us from the US just take one day at a time I feel your pain ,but it is what it is I try to take it with a grain of salt lol

  39. A recent experience with Toyota I had recently, the main dealer wanted 3500 bht for an oil and filter change, I shopped around and went to B quick and for 3700 bht, I had oil and filter change, a new tyre, and two wiper blades, I guess people go to main dealers out of necessity no other choice. And also how about this for service not so long ago I got hooked up on a parking bollard my car being very low, trying to reverse out it broke away a plastic type guard, I popped into B quick, and the guy who takes care of my car as he puts it, put it on the ramp it could not be screwed back in place so he took it out, no charge.

  40. Something might break while they’re doing it? Sounds like a big ‘what if’. I thought that goes against your whole mantra. No more frustrations Chuck. Things could be worse. You could be waking up for work each morning.

  41. My common sense tells me , that as having previous mechanic knowledge, you could have ordered the parts you wanted and taken them to someone to install them. I mean, you have stated that all the dealership mechanics have gone to open their own shops, or you could have installed them yourself. I know that labor is cheap in Thailand. The longer I watch your vids, the more I wonder.

  42. I feel your pain. My wife move to America almost a year ago. Finally got all her medical stuff done, sometimes we could get her a translator and sometimes I was her pitiful translator. I knew we had problems from time to time communicating but I did not realize it was as bad as it was. Thankfully she has the patience of Buddha.

  43. Living in Western Australia isn’t a lot different to Thailand; most of the time things have to brought in from ‘over East’ and can take a week or more. Current issues mean it can take even longer now.

  44. I do a lot of food shopping here in the UK in Tesco. In Thailand it’s weird in the Tesco Lotus seeing own brand packaging you recognise but with Thai writing on instead. Especially their saver range.

  45. Chuck, I feel you brother. I just had similar week long experience trying to accomplish something that would have been sorted in 10 minutes in Australia. But each time here you adjust your expectations. Thankfully we have nothing but time on our hands 😉

  46. Good buddy one problem is you are a mechanic and you know too much about cars most people would just keep ignoring it and drive it until the break starts screaming.
    Something if you know you have a Communications problem with your father-in-law why bother asking him any thing.
    As you know the outcome will be negative so don’t bother anymore that’s what I do with my mother-in-law

  47. good opportunity to open a brake shop stocked up and show folks a different angle to customer satisfaction…. you will become famous in the region!!!

  48. As a Thai I understand your frustration. In the US people will honestly try their best to help you out, giving you options or helpful suggestions. It’s a bit different in Thailand…can’t say exactly how. Seems a bit less honest or generous maybe. But their concern about saving face is real. Just my two cents.

  49. Hey Chuck…you kinda answered your own question! Prestige car wash..a big fancy shop…Its all about looks in Thailand. You know.. red number plates and stuff. Brakes…mai pen rai..half of Thai cars can’t sartop…
    OW! I feel your pain…I just bit my lip eating some walnuts while watching your vid.

  50. The front brakes are working overtime because the rears are not working correctly. This causes the fronts to overheat particularly in the Thailand heat. The vibration you feel when braking is the discs warping because of the heat. This could be permanently damaged so replacement discs could be required if it continues. Try changing the brake fluid to start with. Changing the brake pads may not solve the problem on its own.

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