My Least Favorite City in Thailand

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  1. I was just about to say… never rely on public/shared transportation when enroute to the airport to catch a flight. The extra stress vs. money saved is just not worth it. Love the content as always!

  2. CHADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Man Chad, thanks a lot for all you do! I can’t wait to get back to Thailand! First thing I’m doing when I’m back in Thailand is finding some of those Pama sweat pants, no one has those here in the States…I like to be unique with my fashion. Travel safe man, thanks again!

  4. nearly missing your flight brought back bad memories for me, we made it to BKK 35 mins before our flight to Germany departed and had to run like usain bolt through the airport, made the flight just and was sweating like a pregnant nun for the first 90 mins of the flight
    Roads looking super sketchy between the traffic and the water in UT
    I think the Thais were channelling their inner Alex Albon’s with their driving through junctions
    Looking forward to the tour starting properly and seeing what you have in store for us

  5. Watch out for dog, read their body language, especially alpha. The one you passed in front of hot pot restaurant looks to be a typical one of the alpha male (probably have a owner too) and they can be territorial and unpredictable.

  6. LMAO! I had a slot car in 1972 that I painted in that color…a Cobra GT.
    Running late to a place you don’t really want to go to. Sounds like you can join my procrastination club. Your first meeting is on Saturday…or Monday..or next month.

  7. Hey Chad, it would be nice if you could visit Nutty Park to see how that little bar area is surviving? The Aussie bar there ran by Pete use to make the best burgers with I’ve ever had in Thailand.

  8. I landed in Udon Thani when an absolute tropical downpour hit – whole water – just 1,000 ft off the runway. Massive shimmy on landing, and then loads of extra stopping distance.

    7:15 other side of the road, that was my regular evening meal woman. 20 baht a bag. Usually got the chilli chicken livers with little green beans, and a weird curry of some description. Or livers and three eggs on a stick, or maybe some squid with chilli sauce…

    Not that I’m missing it. No, I love freezing my nuts off in Scotland.

  9. Thank you. There’s no prospects of getting to Thailand soon. So at least I know you are out there doing all the things I wish I could be doing!…even though you are lightyears ahead of anything I would normally be doing anyway😉

  10. I was genuinely like 😮 when you said Udon Thani! I’m a beach guy, and quite honestly detest city life, but it’s probably my favourite city away from the coast. Clean, friendly, and [relatively] cheap!

  11. Just the head up for you about petting Stray Dogs, Most of them did not get rabies vaccine. just be careful.

    Oh and park your bike carefully too, in this covid situation people lost their jobs, and stealing the entire bike isn’t that rare.

  12. Whahhh!?!? No social distancing AND they’re fine?? Masks must be amazing, America!..
    Chad’s cool! I can only imagine him walking through the airport with his hands in front of him🤣

  13. You have to be crazy to ride a bike there. It does not look very well coordinated. I have never been there but it looks like a normal cool place to me. It’s probably because everything was shut down before.

  14. I actually enjoyed my 3 day trip there
    Walked every morning to the Chinese heritage park or the Duck park. Only issue was that the massage places were not clean

  15. Lol, I hope UT treats you better. I love the NE part of Thailand, but its not for everyone. Nice ride anyways! I used to rent 100cc hondas and rip through the mountains doing visa runs from China mai to Maisai. Balls out it was a grind on a 100cc.

  16. Dude, I hope you know how fortunate you are!! You’re doing it right, avoid tourist traps, get in with the locals to see the REAL culture and attractions. I traveled stateside quite alot back in the 90’s. Had friend in the right places,God knows I couldn’t have done it on my own. The highlight was a trip I took to Alaska in 94. My best friends brother lived in Anchorage. Spend a week roming around from Anchorage to Denali. The best part of the trip was Valdize, you know,the end of the pipeline. Most quaint and beautiful place I’ve personally seen!! Look forward to future post. If I had a hero it’d be you, but I’m a jelious asshole!!.

  17. I imagine the Chinese scooter market is crazy there. Pretty cool you stick with Yamaha aerox. Wish we got those here in the states. If you ever come back you should import one. Jack Cecil from hplogic channel has one that’s all souped up on he’s shown there. He just about did 90mph on his race scooter in his last video.

  18. Ive been to Udon Thani once before and saw many of the things you didnt see this time. If I made a video people would not believe it was the same town.. But the people in seeing your video are seeing a Udon thani that I wouldnt have seen. We should get together and make a feature film

  19. Pama pants 😂😂 enjoy Udon Thani it is a magical place!!! I know temple’s aint your thing but its the journey not the destination but check out Wat Pa Phu Kon for the views alone and it is actually not far from the Laos/Mehkong River border where you can go to Nong Khai & Bueng Kan!! Where there is a hidden temple in the caves(great views again) and the Chet Si Waterfall which is really nice!!!

  20. OMG, Between this video and the Election there is so much anxiety my little heart can barely handle it. But it will because I am stoked to see this next motorbike tour.

  21. The color scheme on that bike would go great with a pair of pit viper sun glasses! That would totally make you look like an early 90’s hipster! LOL Keep up the awesome content! I’m looking forward to the new motorbike tour series! Stay safe over there! Dan @6-4_Fab Glen Rock, PA USA

  22. Lived there for 16 years … agree, ‘almost’ my least favorite city, and we lived way out of the city. Traffic is a nightmare. Does have a great ‘night market’, actually 3 that run together, IF, you ride a scooter or walk to. But not drive to from out of town in car. Center park are is OK also, again, if already in town. Good food town, IF there.

  23. LETS GOO! I was born and raised in Udonthani,Thailand. and haven’t been back there since 2008! thanks for the vid and can’t wait for the motorcycle tour! CHEERS

  24. Can’t wait for the next motor bike tour!! Thats a bad ass bike man!

    In the past couple months this has turned into my most watched YouTube show, i appreciate the content, with all thats going on its nice to get away from sh!t in my mind and learn interesting stuff, or see what its like to go to Thailand and experience stuff im into.

    Thanks for the content Chad, keep up the videos!

  25. I said Udon Thani b4 you said it, when you bleeped it out I heard you Udon on your last vid. I was there 2012 when I went to Vientiane and it was a very quiet place. Will you ride that bike back to Bangers? I know the feeling about catching a flight. I went to Udon Thani by train.

  26. Dude ive always loved your social media skills, along with your language skills to attract attention. I.e. Title made watch this vid.

    Secondly I loved color combo of this bike 👍👍👍

  27. My wife is from Udon Thani and I’ve been there 4 times now. I enjoy it for what it is, a city far away from the coast. The people is where Udon Thani shine with just how friendly and helpful they are to foreigners.

  28. Like you, I was not a lover of Udonthani but the more times I visit I finding it very interesting and some great markets and shops for farang foodstuffs.

  29. Im going to give you some stella advice here. Route 1148 and 1091from Chiang Mai to Nan is yearly voted in the top 10 best bike roads in the WORLD. Its a mecca for serious bikers in Thailand, that route. Its about 300 KM, and is basically a road that traverses mountains, amazing dams and parks. I have done it – twice – and i much prefer it over the MHS loop (which I have also done twice).

    Its twisty, undulated and breezy all the way there and goes through some amazing little towns and villages, real middle of nowhere stuff. You can do the whole loop (CM – Nan – Sirikit Dam – Phrae) or just do the shorter CM – Nan – CM

    I wouldn’t suggest it unless I knew it would blow your mind. Look into it.

  30. Oh and by the way, I live in Udon Thani. Three years here out of 17 years in other parts of Thailand including BKK, Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi and CM. I cant disagree with you to be honest, Udon is flat, boring, nothing to see or do and full of old wankers in shit beer bars.

  31. How many traffic accidents have you seen or been involved in in your 5yrs there. With buses, pedestrians, street dogs,motorbikes seemingly sharing the roads with lax traffic laws I’d imagine road rage and accidents are off the charts.

  32. i just want to say here in udon thani there are many different tuk tuk you should try to see some of the shops that make them as they build them with 100 cc and up to 200 cc and then you can get them made spichelle with any mc engine and then they are built with a 650 cc car engine too and visit then just the outer border of udon also they it is also ok I have lived here for 20 years

  33. You will see a lot of those motor-tricycle taxi in Issan provinces. Locals call them “Skylab” which named after the US space station that fell into the Indian ocean in 1979.

  34. You went there the first time in the middle of the plandemic , I love Udon ! Next time try the ” The 02″ they have a pool and it’s buy a great park and cheep , about 500 baht !

  35. Hi again from Australia, must be so good to travel. I haven’t had a flight in 6 months and its like a jail sentence..Keep your vlogs coming, very appreciated… oh yeah slick colour on the scooter too lol

  36. Ah yes genuine Parma pants worth every baht. How was the bike? Want to get a scooter when eventually get back to Thailand with my Thai wife. You were close to her home in don mueang.

  37. The A1 is way better than a Taxi, but boarding the air asia flight on the tarmac always sucks because that means you have to wait in the ghetto gates at ground level.

  38. Every colors on your every video is fantastic Cad! I don’t know if your iPhone you use to record is this good, or you do extra editing to get this color.

  39. LMFAO !!! that color on the bike isn’t tacky just down right fugly !!!! keeps it from being stolen Great place to hide your shoes Ricer… LOL. I am with you about the traffic compared to when you were there last time. Were the ” F ” did all those people come from ? LOL….

  40. Sure got to make it to Udon Thani after watching your video Mate. Really enjoyed how you make your moves. I am gonna be clad in one of those CB Media shirts when I am there. Stay safe, Cheers

  41. “ nothing planned ……gobsmacked “ – what’s a new CBR worth In Thailand pls sir ..? – 200K subs – what’s the plan
    Look forward to more Udon Thani 🇦🇺🙏👍🍺

  42. Yo Chad, I think got the same bus but even CHEAPER !!! going to DMK I believe i got off at the same station, down the stairs to the street I got one of the buses can’t remember the number for sure but I think it was 11, just kept asking thai people which one goes to dueng meang airport, bus had no windows and all seats were taken so I sat on the floor on my bag. They only charged me 6 baht ! May have been mistake or maybe I didn’t count right it was about 4 years ago now but it was ridiculously cheap I essentially got the thai price. It didn’t exactly drop me at the airport either it stopped on the highway and then I had to walk and carry my bag over the concrete overpass then I think your in the carpark and stroll to the front door. Curious is that the same bus you were going to get ?

  43. I’m so glad Chad your not calling it by it’s name but calling it “situation” still your better of than we are here in the UK, in anther lockdown for a full month until December…..peace out man!

  44. As we enter lockdown 2 in London what I really need right now is a cb media motorbike tour, thanks Chad, delivering quality content as always 🙏

  45. Oiii check ChadBee on the old racing 155cc ped 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Listen I wana see a wheelie or atleast a attempt at a wheelie!!!😒🤣

  46. Funny, love how none of us have no idea what’s going to happen, but that’s Thailand. You don’t need to plan anything, just go out and about and stuff happens.

  47. From Mo Chit Station, you can take bus route 29 or 510 to DMK airport instead of A1. But they’re quite slower than the A1 because both of these routes use normal roads instead of expressway like A1 used.

  48. I liked this vid except for the no “beer and sunset part”!! It is almost signature for you! Thanks anyways, I think every vid of yours is honestly 100 percent awesome.

  49. Plane fly’s on Chad time and not before . Chad , don’t bother bleeping out the F word as you missed a few times and we are mostly adults here . Motorbike trip awaiting 🙂

  50. My wife’s hometown so we go there often. I hope you checked out the nightlife, it’s vibrant. We also enjoy NongKai 45 minutes up the road we an easy connection from the UdonThani airport. Great fun small city that does have some rush hour traffic. One more thing…most beautiful women in LOS

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