1. Don’t u love Americans consumerism during Christmas……
    My dad always told me there is no such place with real equality and no racism…
    Hoping ur family has had a good holiday considering the world we are living in….. ❤️

  2. tough eh being white in africa? beautiful country but yea.. quite a problem there if you’re another race other than black. glad you’re okay and choose the land of free as your new home! merry Christmas and stay safe out there mate! ❤️

  3. Merry Christmas, and it’s great of you to share such a sensitive story. I have no idea how hard this must have been, but it doesn’t sound easy. It’s such a sad yet heartwarming story.

  4. Good Channel but your Actions and Behavior in China, was a Red Flag to CCP 🇨🇳
    You should have known you can’t say ANYTHING you want about China, and you “Traveling” Thousands of Miles There with your associate?
    Of course you’d draw attention there😊
    WTF You Expect would happen? 🤔
    You 2 Stuck Out Like 2 CIA/ MI-6 Agents who in Real Spying, also pretend to be ‘Tourists’ while out gathering Intel.

    China been doing it HERE in USA with ALL their ‘Students’ CCP 🇨🇳 Spys, for over 20 years.

    WENDI DENG MURDOCH was CCP 🇨🇳 Best Asset here, until she got caught ‘Red’ Handed Spying.

  5. Hey man, no such thing as racism. Just beauty. Racism is a word invented by leon trotsky. Who killed millions of people. We need to forget about it. Each race is unique.and we should keep it that way.

  6. I’m certainly not comparing the US to South Africa but it sounds a lot like that’s where we are headed. It seems that everything bad is now the fault of the Caucasians in this country and the real racists are those perpetuating this ridiculous notion.

  7. If those few year were so “rough” for you imagine for the africans 500+ years of worse. apartheid may have ended when you were a child but the offenders are still alive passing their spoils of plunder on to their children… African need nothing from europeans except for what was stolen.

  8. Thank you for sharing this story that means so much to you – it warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes [remembering things done for me]. It demonstrates how the littlest thing in life can make a big difference for someone. Thank you for brightening Christmas!

  9. you have experienced far more racism than most living black people in the US. this is why BLM is evil. humans have no limit to hypocrisy or evil, be it Jews, Christians, Muslims, whites, blacks, gays, heterosexuals, women or men.

  10. I understand exactly what you are saying. I have always lived in California. There is some of that mentality among blacks here. But there are a lot of blacks who love themselves and everyone else. Still, as an attractive white woman, I feel the animosity from black women. At least we have a choice here as far as who we want to associate with. I wouldn’t live in harlem. Sorry, I’m a realest.

  11. MERRY CHRISTMAS SerpentZA and family! 🎅🎄 I was born and raised in DURBAN, KwaZULU Natal, and although I lived in Switzerland for 6 years, and have dual SA / Swiss nationality, I’ve been living back here for the past 32 years, and DAILY, I really mean DAILYYYYYYY, I am moved by the kindness and thoughtfulness of the Black people that I encounter. Maybe the Cape is very different, but here, I am treated like a very special woman. 🙏👌💪🥰

  12. South Africa would’ve been a super-power in the African continent if the “revolution” didn’t happen and if people let the country progress naturally towards a less racist society, as is normal. Instead the trajectory is going south with more and more issues. Blame whites for what? For building the infrastructure? The foundation of the country? As if you were even responsible for anything people in power did during that time.
    Also in USA racism is just on TV. Just like gun violence. The propaganda is so strong you’d think USA is a war-zone and schools get shot up daily and you’d think blacks hate whites and vice-versa. In reality those cases are so isolated.

    I don’t live in USA but I know for a fact if I lived there I’d get along with black people as much as white people. Probably even more tbh. Speaking of S. Africa there’s a channel called BI Phakathi
    and it’s about a black guy who gives and helps people regardless of race. If you thought USA had a homelessness problem… you should watch his viideos.

  13. Ok so you understood it’s just people are rotten not the Race. Like you said the vast majority of South Africans are Black. You just got the crappy odds handed to you and the ones you care for. I wish you nothing but good fortune in the States. Just be aware it’s not all Sunshine here, hence the Explosion in Nashville.

  14. I read the title and expected another vlog about china, i was wrong and loved it. As an Australian who has been to america and loved i would love to see more pro america videos from you

  15. Black guy bought me coffee, guess racism really isn’t a problem in the USA. I’m a fan but this isn’t it chief. Although I understand it must be hard to see that comparing things to South Africa.

  16. BTW: parts, missing from your “American Story”.
    Petro Dollar. With enough money you can make lepper a beauty queen, flying brick or heaven from any social structure.
    Look at USA’s best friend, UAE. Disgusting bacward shithole, but with enough oil…
    If you could drop shitload of $$$ on SA to the extent that money doesn’t matter that much anymore, there’s a good chance conflicts would subside.
    Look at all the racism problems within USA.
    When did they start to vanish ? Is it about the time when gold standard was abolished and instead MIC was used to kill people abroad to keep USD floating ?
    USA “democracy” resembles Adams family – they can be cute if you can ignore Unlce Fester and The Hand and their business around the home backyard.

  17. What if I come into your house one day, take your wife and kids, and make you my slave, then your children my children’s slaves.. for half a millenium. What do you think your grandchildren will think of me and my grandchildren?

  18. The same scenario is repeated in Australia as in Sth. Africa. ….The ‘shakedown’ of the white man….That the white people in Australia are all responsible for the circumstance and fate of the (black) Australian aborigines. The perverted, hostile and aggressive racism shown by Australian aborigines toward white Australians while at the very same time, they continually demand what can only be described as ‘handouts’ is puke making. Australians have for generations now, had to endure the great aboriginal ‘shakedown’.

  19. My mom is from Detroit and my mom’s family still live there. Detroit is by far majority a black city. I see people talk about how black people destroyed the city. My grandma has lived there all 80 years of her life, and she would completely disagree with that narrative.

  20. I met a south African online 20 or so years ago and i was accused in the firsy conversation of attacking him. He was a white guy. I was just asking what it was like there. Now i understand why he reacted like he did. Thank you.

  21. You say no black person ever did anything good for you prior to the guy buying you a cup of coffee, yet you also mentioned black friends. They must have been really lousy friends.

  22. They are teaching critical race theory in every level of education now. USA will turn into SA slowly. The only reason why it hasn’t, is because USA is over 60% white and they have 2nd amendment.

  23. not all venomous snakes will strike you right away. it is ok to stay away from venomous snakes and be aware of how dangerous venomous snakes are. discrimination is recognizing patterns and avoiding danger.

  24. My Chinese inlaws had never seen or met a black person before they came to America but friendships began and there was no “racism”. I am lucky to live in America. I have not met racist people in America, I wonder where they are? I have lived in a lot of states and met a lot of people…where are they?

  25. I’m black. I was a trucker. I probably would have paid for your coffee. Probably not though. Idk Definitely yes because I know who you are. I probably would have said Ni hao ma due to my extreme lack of Mandarin.

  26. Thanks. I think the media often has an agenda to keep pressing the oppression narrative, and subscribing to that enticing idea leads to distrust on both sides. One humanity. Throw that BS out. There are arseholes in society. Call out the arseholes, not their skin colour or any other thing that will segment them into any category other than human. With that, we’ll find our commonality and value, even if we see the world and how it works differently.

  27. I lived in China for almost a year for a school. It was my first encounter with a South African student group. They were very diverse group. There was tension within the group. It took them few months to see each other in fresh eyes. Everyone had assumptions about each other. As outsider, they had more in common than what they saw in each other. It is good to take a pause and look at the world differently. Merry Christmas and best wishes for you and your family!

  28. I do love your Christmas story. It tells us, the skin color does not define a person, but the civilization does. I hope you didn’t overly appreciate the black person who bought your coffee because he might have taken it the wrong way and got offended.
    Merry Christmas to you and Sasha and your cute daughter.
    Sasha 聖誕快樂,萬事如意。

  29. The USA is not a Racist place. The Media and Politicians who seek power make it look that way.
    Go to the Rural areas of Texas. This type of kindness happens everyday. I even participate in it. It has nothing to do with race, it usually has something to do with being Christian.
    Merry Christmas Winston and Family!!

  30. NK defector Comes to America, goes to Chicago, robbed middle of the day, by three African American lovely ladies, downtown business district, calls for help, no one helps her, says she’s racist.

  31. I just wish all the Americans who constantly whine about how terrible America is could travel to different parts of the world and see how good America is.

  32. Never let governments divide us.. the human race as a whole are very generous. Please people, let’s help each other and have a little empathy for our fellow man no matter where you are!

  33. You know how i deal with society… i ran away from everyone. I drive semi trucks. Trust me…imagine being a super normal person… you live in this crazy world…. being super normal you become super not normal. What is normal is not normal to majority of people. 1900-1970s that was normal.
    1980-2021 people gone crazy and racist… so whats the problem. Problem is hate.
    So i got away i cant deal with society.

  34. Jou gedrag was nie rassisme in my boek nie. Dit was ‘n natuurlike reaksie op die omgewing waarin jy groot geword het, ons almal ken die gevoel
    Dit was ‘n wonderlike storie terloops! Ek wens ek kan eendag ook iets soos dit beleef. Party van ons is met die hele rassekak nog steeds so ontnugter soos wat jy was

  35. I have long been of the opinion that racism is a human trait hard-wired into our DNA in as much as the color of our hair or our eyes. It can be found anywhere there’re humans. We all struggle with our humanity at sometime or another. I know that I have. But it’s the measure of how we approach and contend with this struggle that speaks to and defines, in part, our character.

    My warmest regards to you and your wonderful family this Holiday season.

  36. Racism in the us is exaggerated. Thats why they have to change the definition of racism to fit their narrative. I’m afraid they will try to duplicate some of the nationalist policies of China and South Africa here. As a biracial (black/white) person I personally have experienced more racism from my black peers. My own grandfather said he had mixed feeling about my birth when he learned my dad had a child with a white woman. Most people in the us are truly blind to the freedoms we have that other countries do not.

  37. My US Navy father (former Vietnam vet, now deceased) brought us to America due to martial law in the Philippines back in the 70s. I never wanted to go but I had no choice. Back then, California was beautiful and clean (no tent cities nor garbage everywhere) and everyone seemed to get along. Although I never really experienced an out-and-out racism, my brothers have from a black kid in their new school. They took care of that which landed them at the principal’s office and one of my brothers donning an arm cast afterwards. They actually became friends with the black kid afterwards which is a good ending to that story. My point is, people are racist due to their own ignorance, I believe. In my case, because I have a very strong personality and I don’t take sh…t from people (beware of short Asian women! lol), people seem to be deterred by my personality. Those who try gets a rude awakening. My motto is, if you don’t like the way I look, that’s your problem. It’s not like I chose to be born this way, you know. That’s not to say that I haven’t heard horror stories from my other Asian friends. I think we just have to assert ourselves and be proud of who we are. If that doesn’t work, get out of the situation as fast as you can, or avoid that kind of situation in the first place. Although I didn’t want to come America before, I’m glad our dad brought us here anyway because it opened my eyes to a lot of things and taught me to be more assertive and responsible. Like you said, there’s really more good than bad here. I love this country (we all joined the military at one point in our lives) just as much as I love my former one and will defend it to the death if need be despite my declining years.

  38. In Australia we always get ‘America bad’ stories from our biased media and yet everyone who goes to the US seems to say how great it is. Wonder why the media has such a beef against the US.

  39. HEY!! Great new intro. I never could get into that VHS tape popping in and the 1990s emo music. IMHO (Yeah, if the Chinese could get rid of their racism, there would be freedom in China. Racism REQUIRES tyranny. imho)

  40. WINSTON THANK YOU! The USA doesn’t have an overwhelming race problem. It’s just perpetuated by the media in order to divide, it’s how controllers operate. Unfortunately a contrived race issue narrative works, in every country. All they have to do is marginalize one group against another by giving *to* “perceived victims” by taking *from* “perceived oppressors”. They create the victimhood on all sides……all the while, reality shows it’s complete BS. The victim mentality is the problem, and the theft from the elites that give hand outs to the ones who feel they are victims. It’s a recipe for division that has worked for centuries.
    But for the most part, people get along well with other races in their personal lives……for those of us who don’t define ourselves as victims.

  41. We all learn through our life experiences, it is impossible not to… I have learnt that people are people, some are good and some are not, you cant tell anything about their integrity by their skin colour or how they look. Also, everyone can BE racist at times, but it doesnt mean that they ARE fundamentally racist. Merry Christmas to EVERYONE.

  42. @9:50 Yeah, WE LOVE YOU TOO WINSTON! Your work in China, and your early escape from the WuFlu taught me so much! Everyone around me trusts the MSM, and they do not know a THING!! It’s sad. It is a lot of work following your videos, but it is worth it! IMHO

  43. The “pro-CCP” cabal of YouTubers seem so earnest in their desire to dispel the lack of understanding and counter the, “fake news” misinformation, anti-Chinese “racism” and “hatred” they perceive coming from America and the “West,” but at the same time they portray America as one, continuous violent George Floyd race war from coast to coast. They say things in their videos like, “Freedom and Human rights in America? What a joke! The right to be shot by the cops or be homeless in LA? The freedom to participate in riots?” (this is an echo of anti-Hong Kong democracy propaganda, BTW) “What good are those so-called human rights and freedoms? Look at us in China – the city streets are safe, there’s no race war, no riots!” This just reinforces the very narrow and totally distorted image of America and Americans held by many Chinese people and the ultra-nationalists in particular – but Gweilo 60, Jayoe Nation, Jerry Goode, Nathan Rich and the other Useful Idiots seem to know what their supporters like to hear and which messages keep the Google/WeChat/Bilibili/Patreon/BuyMeACoffee $$ coming in.

  44. As a white male, growing up pretty much the majority in California……. > Never, ANY PROBLEMS, with “Blacks”, they are my friends,,,,,, always, growing up,,, but, then,: Joining the USMC, going back east,,,,, and then , back out west….. meeting people from all over the country,,,,,,,,> WOW: I’ve seen “HOW RACIST” ………. “most” > “NOT ALL” > blacks are……… very, VERY RACIST: against WHITES! I have always had black friends and always shall. But: through growing up,,,,,,,I’ve EXPERIENCED that “Sooooo” many “Blacks” are “SO VERY RACIST”!

  45. Racial discrimination, religious discrimination, political discrimination and greed are everywhere in the world.
    The United States also has them all.
    I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  46. That’s a nice fireplace, be well and stay awesome. Merry Christmas Winston and family. I work with a “winson” so I have to spellecheck all the time XD!

  47. Great story Serpentza. America is not what the media and politicians portray it to be. At this point, their propaganda is just as bad as the CCP. As an American and a person of color, I can personally attest to how wonderful the people here are. America is not perfect and its past is not perfect, but I can’t think of a place that is more diverse with people from all over the world. Thanks for sharing a personal and wonderful story. Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a Happy New Year.

  48. Happy holidays to you, your family and other viewers out there. Thank you for continuing to make videos that helped make the past year go by easier. Here’s to a better new year!

  49. It’s easy enough to disregard the news and braindead hollywood, but the schools now teach it across the nation, this is a great message he is speaking and it’s true. Please people this is the most inclusive great nation, I wish all of you merry Christmas, happy new year, spread love instead of hate.

  50. Give the US enough time and it will resemble South Africa. The same people who got rid of apartheid are in control of US immigration and political policies.

  51. Merry Christmas. Thanks for the story. I knew a missionary in Africa. She brought me a nativity from there hand carved 2 different colored woods from the same tree. The dark wood was the faces. I loved and cherished it for years

  52. Merry christmas, definitely make friends from lots of different places while living in some places. Security cameras could be nice to have just in case though. Although hopefully your not going too crazy when you’re wandering around, lol?

  53. You’re in America, I presume.
    In the trucking industry, the highest compliment you can give a trucker is to call them “driver”. This title is what levels everyone as equal. Black, white, Hispanic, young, or old, being a commercial driver puts you in an exclusive club.
    We all know how the game works, and have the same hassles back home, and on the road. It’s a camaraderie you might find in the military, or other specialized group.
    I hope you can understand

  54. What a great American story! Glad America has been able to change you for the better, Winston. I am an immigrant to the US and I am very grateful for the opportunities this great country provides without discriminating. Merry Christmas to you and all!

  55. to be brutally honest america is still a shit hole if you compare it globally… its just less of a shit hole than south africa or china for a white person.

  56. You really are an incredibly nice man who should be incredibly proud of everything you have done and do because it is so easy to take the other path as many it is because they are weak people and unsure if these people who hate almost everything would try to make someone happy and just be nice one day so many would discover that there is so much that is good. but you have to look for it and receive love and show that you do not have to hate all the time because you yourself feel bad, you have to solve your own problems first before giving in to others who have often done nothing wrong

  57. LOL, Sitting in front of a Fire, when the HIGH is 72 Degree’s, and the LOW is 52 – when I lived in SoCal I normally wore a T-Shirt on Christmas day. Serpentz, thanks for enduring sitting in front of a fireplace for the rest of us.

  58. I’m certain that most of the US’s harshest critics have either never been to the USA, or have never left its boarders. Before you criticize it based upon what you heard about it in the “news” go there and visit or live. Get some countries on your passport before blasting about it. Everything is on a comparative scale.

  59. Such a touching video! It’s painful having gone to school in the 70s-80s where we worked so hard to get along only to see our children today being told they’re inherently racist because they’re white. This woke nonsense needs to end. People just need to be nice, loving and care for each other. Merry Christmas.

  60. Firstly, good job pointing this out. America tends to get a bit of a bad rep because so much goes on there, and so much gets media attention. So there’s this feeling like “Yeah America at it again”. But very little of the day to day life there gets covered. The ordinary folks who are just living life. Essentially the humanity.

    I can tell you though, as a fellow South African although now living in Central Europe, the humanity here sometimes seems a bit lost. You won’t easily come across such gestures in the wild. People here are polite but outwardly very cold. I think if you had to try this in Central Europe, the person would refuse the offer, and give you a strange awkward look like they do their best to politely “escape” this crazy guy who clearly has some hidden agenda or might have escaped from a mental asylum.

  61. he bought you the coffee because he didn’t want to wait whilst you piss about because you couldn’t get your head round the fact that you have to buy something when you want to buy something. i’ve done it several times now just to get the gormless twat in front of me out the way.

  62. Thank you for speaking up for America brother! We get so much hate from Europeans, Australians, and the American Left. It’s sad that so many are joining the CCP in trying to destroy America. I’m very sorry to hear about the racial tensions in South Africa. I love your honesty and courage in talking about this. Your experience with the guy buying you coffee just goes to show that little things are big things. You are truly awesome Winston!!

  63. The world today is fucked up when it comes to race relations and I don’t see it getting any better in the short term. There are these groups; black people who try to milk victimhood as far as possible to irrational levels and mostly upper middle class white people who go along with it to virtue signal which fuels far right groups (and I don’t mean groups that the media calls “far right”, but the real deal) etc. etc. etc. People are getting more and more divided. Everybody should just get back to normal and look at eachother as individuals; original sin isn’t reality and I believe everyone starts of with a blank slate when they are born and aren’t responsible for anything their ancestors did or people of their racial or cultural group. The only thing you can hold people responsible for is how they behave in the world. I also think this racial narrative that has been going on for the last couple of years is 99% wrong. If you’re black and you’re not getting the job you wanted, it’s probably because you don’t have the right connections, not because the person who didn’t hire you is racist. 85% of jobs are filled via networking. So before you accuse someone of being racist, work on your network first.

  64. You can encounter those bad experiences in the US too, but you can still have the good experiences also. Its hard not to judge everyone in a particular group because of the bad experiences, but you can’t. There are good and bad of all people .

  65. This story literally is the same for so many immigrants across the world always bieng treated as the problem. its sad how people use other people as scapegoats for their problems.

  66. Everything you described about SA is so true, you articulated it so much better than I would ever have been able to. Also trying to get out, just don’t know where I can go

  67. I personally prefer my home country of Sweden over USA, with free school, university and health care and all that. But the US is still a lot better than countries like South Africa!

  68. You’ve probably heard of the “Rodney King Riots” in Los Angeles, and a white truck driver, Reginald Denny, who was dragged out of his truck and beaten up. Well, who rescued him were a couple of *black* truck drivers who saw it on the news and to them, what mattered was he was another trucker – his color didn’t matter, he was a trucker. And they went in and scooped him up.

    I grew up in Hawaii where being white-passing at least, I was near although not at, the bottom of the social hierarchy. But it’s been 40 or even 50 years since the bad old days, and these days I find I’ve gravitated to the city that’s the #1 place on the mainland US for people from Hawaii to move to, and these days well … I’m a member of the local Buddhist temple, getting back in touch with the food tastes I grew up with which are largely Japanese, and am really doing my best to discard the deep and strong resentments I had in the past. The rinban (head honcho) of the temple grew up where I lived for many years, and I’ve had the pleasure of hearing the owner of the Nichi-Bei store tell one of her employees “He’s more Japanese than we are!” because I was relating some of the things I grew up knowing, like why we fly paper carp on Boys’ Day and so on. You stick with the nation-state of California and you”ll be all right. There’s an ugly sort of white ethno-nationalism brewing in the “flyover” states but just avoid them. Although I grew up in Hawaii from the age of 5, I was born here in California and you are welcome here and it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, brown, Muslim or Baha’i or atheist, you are all welcome here in California.

  69. Yep, America is by far the least racist country in the world. The problem is the media is left-wing and needs the black vote so they create this fake divide. Of course there’s racism everywhere but it is not a large scale problem by any means.

  70. That’s a very honest and heartwarming story, thank you for sharing it. I hope you keep it online since the worst elements of society could potentially try to “cancel” you for being this honest. Those busybodies never miss a chance to pretend to be more pure and virtuous than everyone else.

  71. Dude ! Africans and Native Americans suffer the most under European Capitalism. It’s the most destructive thing ever given to man. He will rob ,steal, rape or murder to have a piece of it. The United States of America have been killing since 1776 and has only stopped for a moment for the great depression. So find people you can trust because race gives you a false since of security.

  72. You are a true human with feelings. I have watched you and your shows for two years. And I would not call you a racist or a bigot. If more would give their actions the forethought you do we would all be on a better world.

  73. Just a tip: stay away from the mainstream media; CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Newsweek, Time Magazine, New York Times, etc…. They’re blatantly anti American. These organization NEED to portray America is racist. Otherwise, they have nothing to write about!

  74. Acts of kindness go along way and this is just proof of it. If only we all were respectful and friendly like this man mentioned, it may seem inconsequential but as demonstrated here that small guesture can mean alot!

  75. The problem is that only 1/3 (at best) of Americans ever go abroad, and if they do, it’s mostly to Canada, Western Europe, and Latin American tourist destinations. Couple that with CNN, CNBC, Yahoo News, and you have a very ignorant population that has no idea how fortunate it is.

  76. South Africa’s racial divide is probably the biggest reason why the nation can’t function. You get this “its someone else fault” attitude, and politically the direction is towards more destruction.

  77. There is Equal Opportunity in the U.S., but now the globalist Soros financed rioters are demanding something called “Equity” due to their “Identity Politics”. The Soros people synchronized riots from Seattle to Sweden, and Soros was never held liable for the greatest amount of riot damage ever in the U.S. People donate to middlemen ISIS parties and are arrested. Why wasn’t Soros arrested? Make him pick up the tab. Make him pay your insurance premiums that have gone up.

  78. Shit every time i have been robbed or anything its been at the hands of a black person! And i live in America. But even here it’s hard to not have a little bit of racism when its always a black person that does you wrong!

  79. I grew up in Switzerland and migrated to South Africe in 1976 and lived there for 4,5 years. At that time it was very difficult to befriend a person of Color in SA. I become friends with some “Colored” people. In SA Colored people were mixed between White and Black or Indian etc. We were prohibited to mix with any person of color. This was very difficult to understand for someone coming from Europe. But i experienced Color discrimination from the black population. My colored friends and i would go to colored only Night clubs in the colored areas. Many times they tried to smash my face in, if not for my friend standing up to me. But by saying that, Europeans would also be treated differently by real Buure young SA from the country. They did not like anyone, who did not speak Afrikaans.

  80. Great post Winston. Yes, America is a GREAT country that offers enormous opportunities to all who want to work hard. Sadly, the coastal cities are run by opportunistic manipulative jerks who thrive on division, distraction and deceit. Much like the CCP I imagine.

  81. Great story! Perfectly illustrates how perceptions and attitudes improve dramatically when people just reach across and connect with others.
    In general, I think it can feel like racism is diminished in america, for two reasons: 1) a majority of its citizens aren’t racist, (and after this summer, are more keen to be ‘anti-racist’, but there’s still so much work to be done); and 2) racism in the states is presented more subtly, while being more quietly entrenched in systems and institutions.
    It’s often struck me that racism in SA is very in-your-face, on both sides. There’s an aggressive, sharp-edged quality to life there. It feels as though everyone in SA–black and white–live so much closer to tragedy and violence, that perhaps harshness has become a tragic part of the culture; and so, the wounds will never heal.

  82. I am lily white, and I have a good friend who is an Vietnam vet, and a retiree from the FBI, who is black. Racism isn’t as rampant as it is claimed by the legacy media, nor by universities in the US. Actually, it’s a very low percentile of people who are, and he and I discuss this lie or hoax all the time. It only takes a very small handful of people to spread a huge lie amongst the populace.

  83. A beautiful, heartwarming message. Thank you. Although I fear people ignorant of the situation in South Africa will try to spin your words out of context. Screw ’em.

    Our nation is not perfect, not even close. But I do feel our people always strive to be better. The USA, and what the mainstream media tries to portray, are two different worlds. Anyone in America who actually goes outside and interacts with others already knows this.

  84. Serpentza is someone who looks at the larger picture. In the near future Africa can’t be equal to the Western world but China can. That’s why all his hate videos are targeted against China not South Africa.

  85. Being from SoCal and now living in New Mexico, it was 22 Degrees yesterday – you can have the traffic, I only miss the weather, however, I live in an area that’s just like Big Bear.

  86. Great message! I’m also South African, live in Texas – and absolutely LOVE this country. Thanks for sharing this, been watching your videos and I find them fascinating.

  87. You almost had it. Be brown in America and see how you feel about keeping your nose to the grind and find out where you are. I know you’re coming from a place of love, but DAMN, your “everyone can win in America” speech can go fuck itself. I know you’re better, and the more you live here, the more you’ll understand. I trust you to get it.

  88. Hey Winston, we’ve chatted before on Discord. Same age, same country, similar backgrounds. I also live overseas now. My experiences in the USA echo yours completely, people are super polite, enthusiastic and generous to a fault.

    I’d certainly be proud to call myself an American. All the best, en ‘n geseënde kersfees en ‘n voorpoedige juwe jaar vir jou en jou geliefdes.

  89. Merry Christmas Winston and family. My wife is from the Philippines and dark complected. She came here from Belfast in the UK where she was told most Americans are racist. She has been here 6 years now and agrees with you that it’s BS.

  90. Yesterday we had a great Christmas lunch on a pleasantly warm Australian day – the way Christmas should be spent with, T-shirts and cold beer. It was with our family and a Chinese family with their two young kids. A pre-schooler and a very interrupted (covid19 lockdown) 1st year primary schooler. They were getting right into the whole Christmas tree and presents thing. Mostly they speak Mandarin at home, but they are already developing little Aussie accents. The point is that they are just normal kids and nobody should be impressing racist baggage upon them. It will be harder as they grow up though. The CCP has been working hard to associate their regime with the entire race, which is so wrong. But as they do this they sew distrust around the world to the point where all Chinese are seen as an extension of the CCP. These kids, growing up will probably have to deal with this nonsense – even though it has nothing to do with them.
    This stigma of association between the Chinese race and the horrid behavior of their dictatorship government has to be broken. It is the work of this channel, Laowhy86 and indeed Chris Chappell’s channel which is so important to get that message across.

  91. I noticed your wife isn’t speaking chinese to the kid, I hope you don’t miss out on that, afaik one face per language is best for kids, in the sense that the same face speaking more than one language may confuse and create some vocabulary issues for him in the future

  92. I agree, America is not a racist country. If it were there would not be a black president, or Asian Americans hold high profile office in government. I saw a documentary produced by CGTN claiming how racist America is toward Asians. I believe between America and China, China is more racist than America. As far as I know there is no a single black or white people holding high profile office in China.

  93. How can a person acknowledge the hatred of whites in South Africa, yet be blind to it in America?! Whites will soon become a minority in the US, and when that happens it will be just like South Africa, you absolute fool! Other groups will always be hostile towards you simply because you are European and they seek to undermine you

  94. i get this brotha but color isnt what you wanna see when you look at those people you wanna see a bad person or someone of little compassion, violence is truly colorless, my best friend is black and only wants the best for me thats how i know

  95. America is racist though. It doesn’t mean it’s completely awful. But this story gives so many white guys in the comments the fuel they need to discredit the modern day fight for civil rights. Congratulations you’re a white man in America 🎉🎉🎉 🥳

  96. American is awful for transgender like myself people though. I’ve been fortunate enough that my transition has left me passing, but it gets REALLY rough if you don’t.

  97. I think you missed the beautiful symmetry of your story. That at various points in your life you had experienced racism from black people, and at the same time that black trucker probably had at various points in his life experienced racism from white people. And both of you had to fight the urge to develop a racist mindset towards your aggressors, yet he still bought you a coffee and you still accepted it with gratitude.

  98. But America is not equal. We have vast inequality that keeps the poor down. Most will never have the ability to access the American dream no matter how hard they work. The US may be better than South Africa but its not a country of equality.

  99. Winston wonder if you and C-Milk did a documentry on trying to find good in America if it would be something people would support? Seems the media and many others feel looking for the bad in the U.S. and it’s people is a better route. To me America feels like one big family. We have our problems. We have our good days and bad days. But in the end we all have each other. We help others out on our own . We talk to stranger like we’ve known them for years. We come together during tragic events. We help people we don’t know when we can. We may fight and disagree with each other over many things but we still have each others backs when things get tough. We try. We’re not perfect we have serious problems but we love each other even if at times it seems we don’t. We’re family. Welcome to the family Winston.

  100. The thing I miss from my previous job here in Central Florida is all the different people I worked with. Vietnam, China, India, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Netherlands (or Denmark, I forget which now), Spain, Columbia, Venezuela, and Nepal. It was like a mini-UN.

  101. Great story , let us all hope the current political situation in America doesn’t change it. I fear we are being intentionally divided up into tribes and that it not good.

  102. $1.85? What’s not over exaggerate the kindness factor here.

    Let’s not forget the 700,000 people that died trying to free “blacks”. All the anti-discrimination and affirmative action laws that have been passed.

    It’s a “life-changing” event frankly because he helped you and not the other way around for once.

    And no that doesn’t make me a racist – it’s just the truth.

  103. Merry Christmas my friend, to you and your family <3, for a couple years i wanted to move to China to teach English, so glad, whilst studying chinese and my TEFL that i found your channel. Hope to be doing it in Vietnamnow, you saved me <3

  104. I’m so sorry your life has had so many traumas.
    People are put in ur path for a reason. That Random Act of Kindness changed your life.
    TY for always paying it forward.
    Merry Awesome Christmas!

  105. I can see how someone can be tempted to put a racial spin on the problems in south Africa when it has more to do with poverty and government corruption. Commendable that you were candid about it and still able to see that we all have a shared humanity.

  106. Winston, it’s gratifying to see that you’ve come to America and see it for what it is, not a perfect country but a good
    country. I hope you become a citizen and help us keep it that way. Welcome !

  107. I grew up in the US and still live here. What you said about that man and what he did for you is normal for us here, we don’t think anything of it when it comes to race, but how things are changing… it was eye opening to hear it from another perspective. Thank you for this.

  108. Cheers Winston, I’m still stuck here in central S.A.
    My mom was fortunate enough to get out and live a full life in Australia, I was adopted at birth in the late 80’s, started school in 95 just after ANC came into power in 94.
    You right in saying that we are blamed for everything.
    It’s as if we are cursed and condemned in our country.
    Very hard to stay strong and not become a victim of circumstances but it separates the men from the boys. Stay awesone buddy.

  109. Really appreciate the story and that you shared your heart. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Welcome to the United States! We need more men like you.

  110. After spending 7 months in Cape Town, I totally understand your story and where you’re coming from. I can say that it is somewhat the same with us whites in Canada vs the natives, not nearly as a crazy scale, but we understand the being blamed for everything that happened to them in the past and present and when one of them does something nice for us, it really is quite the shock and feels almost as what you describe your experience.

  111. Most Black Americans don’t know much about the negative stereotypes White South Africans have, so you’ll actually get more respect as a White African and be assumed to be less racist. Alot of Non White Americans get along with alot of Black Americans better. I could go to many European or Asian countries where many have an issues with Black Africans, and get discriminated against off the assumption that I’m an African, but will get more respect once they find out I’m a Black American.

  112. @
    serpentza – Hey Winston, I understand fully. SA could work if the politicians were fed to the sharks, everyone was viewed equally, (and held accountable for their actions equally), and rule of law was upheld. Sad to say I do not foresee that happening for a very long time….if ever. I will leave at my first opportunity…

  113. The USA isn’t as screwed up as some politicians want to make things. The USA and Canada are immigrant societies. We don’t always get things right and have some weird shit to deal with in the past…but people are people and I traveled the US a lot as a Canadian trucker and I found Americans for the most part are big hearted and kind souls…black and white.

  114. Politics in the USA has made racism an unnecessary and evil propaganda tool. It comes from both sides and unfortunately has brainwashed many innocent people’s perspectives about society. Simply stated, it’s about learning to respect and appreciate an individual’s character rather than judging one’s ethnicity.

  115. I’m so glad you had this experience, people give more than they realise. Now more South Africans will see what their future can be because you shared your story 💖

  116. Thanks for sharing this heart-warming story. Like you, I appreciate the opportunities America offers me and truly enjoy living here, despite the current political divisiveness. No country is perfect. For myself, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

  117. That was REAL bro 😎 I’m glad you had the opportunity to experience that in our country 🇺🇸 More than anything, I appreciate you sharing that experience with us 👌🏾 Merry Christmas

  118. Just so you know, there is a “Salem” in probably every state in the USA. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! We will try to make an American out of you before it’s too late. We need real men like you on our side, the side of freedom of body and mind.

  119. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    And I agree with you.
    BLM and Antifa has Chinese money funding them. So racism is alive and well in USA. Cause it’s “funded”.

  120. In the current climate its quite risky to admit to having such feelings in the past, regardless of how in reality its a positive experience. Great little story for the season of giving.

  121. Remember that meta study into hate speech and racism online? It was lauded when it began, but when they found 99.98% of racism and hate speech is directed towards whites they quickly buried the study and never mentioned it again!

  122. It’s the gesture. The kindness you see in America is what I do not find in many countries. As Asia develops, the kindness is being lost. They call it progress but what your experience is more common in America. Especially the pay it forward minded.

    It’s usually the poor who tend to donate larger portion of their income to help others.

    Merry Christmas from New York City

  123. When I met my first South Africans I freaked out internally. It was just after the fall of apartheid. I was vacationing in Kenya. Two couples from South Africa and me. In a van, on a safari weekend. I was able to contain my fear and loathing and drink in the experience of the European descent couple, and the South Asian couple.

    I learned if the 3 tiers of beaches. Tier 1 with showers, change rooms, restaurants and toilets with running water. And sandy beaches.

    Tier 2, with less nice beaches, and a cold shower. A water tap.

    And Tier 3, with rocks.

    The Indian couple told me also that in the bank, they had 2 tellers for whites. A teller for Indians. And a teller for all the blacks. White folks could just walk in, and get served right away. Indians queued. And the blacks had to wait, often a long time.

    When I think of western society, for instance, travel. It’s the same system. The poor use the buses. Those that fly, most are economy class. Business class has larger chairs, better food, better service and services. More storage of valuables, a coat closet, and privacy from the poorer people. And… in the airports, lounges. With private hot showers.

    In Qatar, the mega wealthy had their own entry door, their own terminal with limousine service from terminal to plane… I can only guess at the opulence of the 1%er terminal.

    The same tiered system applies now to border crossings. With the Nexus system. Though the megawealthy just use private airports and bypass the measures in place for us riff raff.

    What depressed me the most is that the South African government toured the world… they modeled their apartheid system in the Canadian reserve system. Where we stuck the aboriginal peoples. On the worst land. It shames me to be Canadian.

  124. It showed you that racism is bullshit. cos you got a coffee but you will not discount the Fact that there is some truth to it . profound . bizzare ..

  125. the sad part on todays society that politicians uses black lives matter not for equality but for gathering peoples vote. then after the election no more black lives matter movement and even sports stops the equality protests. It is just obvious that the antiracism and equality is NOT the main purpose of pre election protests.

  126. Probably the best thing that the Whites can do for themselves and the Black population in South Africa is to immigrate elsewhere. Things are simply too chaotic and hostile there. Plus, if the majority of the population think you’re the cause of all their problems, then leave, and lets see if that’s actually the case.

  127. In my experience, true racists are far and few between. I’m Australian, and this country is accused of bei g racist all the time. Saying that, inmy experience most people here aren’t but they are in tollerant of people who are assholes, and that doesn’t matter if they are black, white, yellow or what ever. I’ve had bad experiences with both black, white and asians. End of the day thereis goodand bad in every human racial species, and people need to not tar on e race with the same brush because of the bad ones in that racial profile.

  128. 14th generation American, welcome here. I grew up self hating for what my ancestors did. I somehow figured out that I didn’t do all those horrific things. I was worthy of the right to determine which direction to go. The BS is not the true story we are free to write. The BS of this country is that we expect the worst of the other, hope for the best from our selves and blame the leadership for our collective failures to make the important decisions together. I’m writing a different story now. Thanks for sharing!

  129. I grew up and went to public schools in Dekalb County, Georgia. Half of my classmates were black. The older generation here that grew up in all white or all black segregated schools still have a hard time relating to other races. Some of my old friends and family members are bigots. I tried talking some sense into them to no avail. I just accept that racism will always exist and avoid getting sucked in or trying to police the thoughts of others.
    Fighting racism is big business in the USA. There’s plenty of people that don’t want to see that things are getting better every year. I am not a fan of Affirmative Action because it doesn’t adhere to Equal Protection Under the Law. We really shouldn’t need months of race riots to be the onus for change either. It is happening already as the older more racist generations die out.
    I listened to a lot of rap music in my youth as it was created and evolved during that time. I look back and laugh that I can not sing any of these songs in public because of the double standard of attacking white men for saying the n-word. Even huge radio hits like “Get on My Level,” by LilJon and the Eastside Boyz are off limits. Thinking about songs I could actually sing at a karaoke bar made me realize that. What am I going to do, sing Eminem and be another Slim Shady clone? No Way, I would rather belt out “Slap,” by Ludacris and commit that faux pas instead.
    I bought a PC copy of Sid Myer’s Civilization and gave it to a friend. He didn’t want to create a Valve account so I let him use mine to play the game. He may have expressed bigotry while using my handle. My cousins hacked my Xbox Live account and were using it without permission. They probably expressed views that I do not espouse either. I took back control of these accounts and changed the passwords but you never know what someone pretending to be you will say.
    I used to leave my PCs unattended with no passwords and administrator privileges wide open. That was part of the mindset that the internet is the greatest encyclopedia ever invented and anyone at the house can look up information whenever they need. The pervs, druggies, mentally ill, hacker maids, and control freaks sure made me pay the price for trusting people. Oh well, now I don’t even want my own mother touching my computers. I don’t even want to use my new desktop computer because the stalkers don’t want to see me working. Isn’t that sad. Freaking human rights violators really make life suck.

  130. Ooo boy, sounds like you were a victim of Critical Race Theory. Probably wasn’t called that at the time, but that’s basically what it is. If the intellectuals in American universities have their way, the whole country will be like South Africa.

  131. Not to have a negative thing since you are trying to talk about Christmas but you were totally right there is other Youtubers that are totally not balanced I can tell that you have nothing against the Chinese people at all you love the Chinese people you just don’t agree with some of their CCP‘s rules and regulations and cruelty there is other Youtubers that make you think and only tell you half the story Shirley Chinese people invented stuff before no one saying that they never invented anything but I like how you bring up the pattens that
    Chinese don’t play fair with the rest of the world but they expect everybody to play fair with them this guy right here is crazy if you watch his videos I thought he was like you but he is totally not he lives in Canada with his Chinese Canadian wife that grew up in Canada I’m pretty sure he has a different income


    YouTube channel

  132. Merry Christmas to you and your family! To anyone interested in visiting the US, I recommend going to New Orleans, everyone I know who’s been there had a great time.

  133. It’s ironic that I enjoyed and appreciate this story as an American because had this situation happened to me I wouldn’t have thought much of it at all (beyond the gratitude for the coffee). People being affected by something this simple and obvious is a reminder not to take it for granted, because it’s not so obvious to people who have had different experiences like yours.
    And at the same time it makes one contemplate the strength of character it takes to live in a society that still on average has the cards stacked against you. It’s great to be in a situation where you can take acts of kindness for granted, and also great to be reminded that you take them for granted.

  134. A painfully honest and soul-baring reveal that took some considerable courage to share with this literally worldwide audience. It is clear from this video, that the well springs of your moral courage are far deeper than I had imagined. Thank you, Winston. Your story and the manner in which you related it, is a much needed and timely lesson to all of us. Take care and be well; now, and always. W

  135. Racism get more and more in China, the last years. No mater, if you try to speak by the police, prosecutors or courts. You will get only racism or discrimination feedbacks. I can give you more samples, from China, too.

  136. It’s out of no callous boasting but a recognition that many flee to Christian majority countries to escape tyranny. Whether you’re atheist or a believer, it’s a reality that a serious legacy of guiding principles and generosity benefits millions who seek the countries who practice real democratic freedom. These principles are not born in a vacuum and a little recognition of and thanks to the lawgiver and peacemaker who made it all possible is all that’s required. Merry CHRISTmas to everyone…..peace.

  137. The post apartheid generation is still going to have hate anger and issues, because they know their history, tolerance, a good education and jobs will fix these issues but this will take another 25-50 years to fix this problem in South Africa.

  138. I’m an American who lives in Australia and I’ve met a lot of south africans here [mainly when I buy biltong at south african stores lmao] and almost every one of them has spoken about the issue with blacks back there, from them hoping the fence with AK’s and trying to get their two teenage daughters in the pool and more.

    I think it’s a great example with the US is that race is never what matters, what matters is the environment people are raised in.

  139. My experience of America is that most White people are not racist or try not to be racist, sure there are the crazies that are extremely racist but they are a very small percentage. However I have found that a larger percentage of whites are racist towards latinos and asians and a significant, i would say possibly even a majority of African Americans are racist towards whites and while the way their communities were treated in the past has caused many of the economic problems in African American communities, being racist against whites today does not help to solve those problems in fact it just perpetuates the problems.

  140. Beautiful. Let this be a lesson to all… no good deed is too small. You absolutely have an impact on the world… make it a positive impact. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

  141. You just have to be a good person and treat people how you want to be treated everything else is bullshit like you said, there is bad people in every race, every country, sure if you white you think every black person hates you, but living in America as a black man as African man we live among white people but we are all Americans we don’t hate all white people that’s what’s good about America, don’t get me wrong America has it’s share of racist white people but we have same rights as white people even though there is unjust still exist for black people, America is not perfect but it works for all if that makes sense.

  142. sorry to hear this brother remember the Lord wants us to pray from those who hurt us and we must all grow and Lord one another God bless you always

  143. 2020 years of enabled racism has a certain theme. Arsons in the night murdering nonbelievers as the delusional poorly educated town folk yelled burn the witch to hell for all eternity. My older brother is running a scam with his religious live in girlfriend by claiming her as a roommate on paper. The first month after she moved in was amicable and seemingly pleasant, and then suddenly she began stomping her heels around above my illegal basement apartment segment of my brother and my inherited home. I asked her nicely to stop doing that, and she stared blankly and claimed she didnt know what i was talking about, as my brother sat there in the background with a pleased look on his face. Asked them nicely to even get in touch with my parkinsons/ms related disability social worker so to explain to him why his claiming his girlfriend as a roommate suddenly caused my pension income to be more than cut in half the minute she listed our address into the system computer, and he kept repeating that it had nothing to do with it, no it isnt, no it isnt, as he kept making gritting teeth and pursed lip stare downs along with his usual making fist shapes and bursts of his rage yelling routine. His best friend he plays poker with on monday nights without fail, nearly killed someone over a simple game of pool at their bar that closed down about a month after that happened, and he hates me. He showed up at my stepfather’s funeral home to offer condolences to my brother, though he stood in front of me and didn’t shake my hand or say a word, as he instead stared outside a window over my shoulder at the funeral home. He wanted to make others in attendance get the impression that he was offering me condolences, though he was mad at me for telling him a few months prior that what he did was wrong, in regards to him beating someone so badly that my brother described the bar’s bathroom as resembling a bloodbath.
    He always wanted to be chuck norris, i’m convinced of this, and his girlfriend really has it in for atheists, that is without a doubt. Her thieving tall 20 something son threatened to arson the place after he moved in shortly after his delusional afterlife professing mom, he laughed to my face as he said he used to spy on me through the tiny holes for the string on the basement window blinds, and on moving day, he even stole my car key.

    I moved 4 hours away from all that type of theme, and then what happens? I find “Cry” fingersmudged on my tv screen by some rural local religious gunfreak who i had the misfortune of buying some used furniture from. Get this, that creeper the year after i first met him, called me one morning to drive 5 miles over to his place to unload some building supplies off his trailer, and while we stood in his driveway unloading those drywall sheets, he decides to tell me that he buried a body in his backyard, then he smiled and nodded at me!
    I can’t prove any of it though, i’d have to be a cop to bring him in basically, i even went to the local cop shop to try to create a folder on him as i was requesting to get fitted with a hidden listening device to try to revisit him on my own to verify my statement about him. The cop at the front desk of the police station didn’t seem like he cared, like one of those bent badge types that would stab a parkinglot full of cars tires. All these people that claim to be the moral pillars of society that claim that violent acts produce afterlives, you begin to notice that that’s an illusion and with narcissistic smiles and a blind eye that keeps getting turned by their enablers as they consider it as acceptable forms of collateral damage.

    This comment might end up being shadowbanned by youtube if someone complains, swept under a rug.

  144. I hate to be the one to say this but he bought the coffee because he didn’t want to have to watch you flap around looking for spare change. What a monster I must be to say such a thing.

  145. I grew up in LA and had plenty of racial conflict, and maybe it’s not equal to SA but c’mon man… don’t pretend like racism doesn’t exist. Where are you!? Probably OC 😂

  146. Racism is not about black and white racism exists between different races, different ethnic, different tribes, different religions racism is a horrible thing it’s a disease you must get rid of and never teach it to your kids because it’s starts with the parents and what you teach your kids it starts from young age no one was born racist and families should never spread it people need to educate themselves and be knowledgeable that’s how you beat racism.

  147. People are inherently not born racist. You can see that with how children interact with each other. Racism is just another divide and conquer tool used against all of us. I too am an immigrant brought here as a child from Asia. I truly love this country, and in my own way gave a little back by serving in the military. This is truly the land of opportunity. You are right, you have to learn to look past the bullshit. Mostly bullshit created by the media.

    Thank you for sharing your story Winston. Been following your channel for many years. Glad to have you here in the USA. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. Stay awesome!

  148. Huh? What? Until to the extent to tell Vietnamese not able to open a bank account because they aren’t white? This is really bullshit too.

    If this is the case, I, as a yellow-skin race person just almost the same like Vietnamese would be really. badly treated…

    By the way, if you have chance to visit Malaysia, Indians are third largest race in the country and to be honest maybe there is some certain degree aspect of racism but I have few really good Indian friends and they are really clever, brilliant, inspiring and kind =)

    Possible to think Indians as ‘black’?

    And Merry Christmas and happy Boxing day =)

  149. Great X-mas story, but a poor sound quality. Lovely family you got, Winston. Let´s stay decent to each other in the next year. Say “God Jul” to your Swedish neighbours, and a “Gott Nytt År”. You can guess what it means, can´t you?

  150. Thank you Winston. This is by far one of the best videos you have made for us all. While it is quite sad to hear of your struggles in your early life, it is also so incredibly inspiring to see not only how you didn’t let it ruin you, but also how you have made a wonderful life for yourself and your beautiful family.
    Happy holidays and all the best for the new year from Australia!

  151. I’m of Spanish decent – have olive skin and many Chinese women have refused to go on a date with me – when I asked why they were not ashamed to say it was because of my skin colour- the darker you are the harder it is

  152. That was a terrific story! As a child growing up in America in California I lived in a neighborhood with many races, one day when a black friend was over we were all going into the house to my room my black friend waited outside until my mother asked him to come in. She later explained to me about how some parts of the country were many years ago. This was a long time ago, but that stuck with me and how kind my mother was to make sure my friend felt welcome.

  153. I don’t like to accept generosity from strangers unless I’m really in distress. As for black people in America, I never had a problem although it’s been expressed by others to avoid them. The problem is the politicians and politics sow division and gin up racism and racial discrimination.

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