My Thoughts: The Robinson’s Mall Incident in Dumaguete

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    1. i’ve heard that whatever video had mention of mark, ned has removed from his channel.  i didn’t see anything on mark/happy tonight.  

  1. that reminds me of that guy who was pretending that he had been robed and trapped in the Philippines because Canadian government would not help him when actually he was a drug addict from the uk

  2. Henry, thank you for bringing up this topic for discussion. When I first heard of & saw this fella through Ned’s video & other video, I knew something was not right. Being a new arrival at the time, his tactics portrayed at the mall was disturbing to witness (which would be considered disorderly conduct) and I knew right away this guy had a hidden agenda. Now that we know about his past & con games (RE:CHILE), people better be more aware and stay away from him! FRAUD in the 1st degree…

    1. @TheCrusaderRabbits WTF?  Mark, you attempt to confuse sheeple with your constant distractions and swerving.  It DE-focuses attention on your scamming.  Of course, for you, it’s just the normal mental illness which prevents you from focusing so you always appear to be all over the map with your comments.  LOL! 

    2. Mark, you’re dumber than a box of rocks!  Being a Libertarian is NOT conducive to being one of the Occu-poo crowd, a Commie OR even a Liberal.  LOL!

  3. Just wondering Henry ?? does this Mark guy have any disabilities of
    his own ??? like being cripple in one leg, or both, or partially paralysed,
    or any disabilities whatsoever??? — or is he perfectly normal and healthy
    insofar as disabilities??? You do say in your video he’s not blind, but I was
    just wondering if he has any himself, which may cause him to champion the
    cause??? Your video does not say this, but I assume he’s perfectly healthy,
    in respect to having any disabilities??? Be interesting to know. If he did have
    restrictive disability, I can see how this can happen though. Can you let the
    viewers know on this???
         In respect to him affecting the city of Dumaguete’s reputation, I don’t think
    it will be that significant at all. In the long run people hear the other side of
    the story, and make up their own mind. Just wonder why a guy would do this??
    to bring attention to, and promote his business, or to get attention for himself ??
       Should add- why would someone do something like this??? it costs a lot of
    money to relocate from city to city and start all over again–it just sort of does
    not make any sense to me??? What’s his motive???

    1. Grant Bedard to me it also yes seems strange he spending all that cash to relocated . But That guy must have some angale or be making money in some way . Or maybe he just been kicked out of all those other places he has lived , ha,ha, ha. all , Take Care .

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I heard he has epilepsy or something like that which is a neurological disorder.  Sundowners syndrome? Petit mal syndrome? Neuropathic disorder? Best way to find out is through a neurologist and have him diagnosed otherwise it’s dangerous to second guess and believe he is not afflicted by a disability and get blamed for his death if something did happen. I always rule on the side of caution when it comes to these matters because it’s better to be safe than sorry. Now if he was scamming and lying, eventually he will get caught but as a rule I always trust the person. I know some people who have disability carry med tags which explain the person’s neurological disorder, allergies, name, address, person to contact in case of emergency, medical information etc.

       I know this because my mother has diabetes and has neuropathy disorder, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and hypertension. She is a paraplegic now.

    3. @Grant Bedard i can only repeat what he told me, that he says he has a “neurological disorder”.  he didn’t say what it was specifically.  many people have asked, “if he does have a seizure.. what’s the dog going to do?  and if he’s not having a seizure, why does he need the dog with him?”  good questions.  

  4. I am not putting Dumaguete down or anything, but Filipinos, just like thai ppl, as well as Indonesians, Malaysia n, etc. do not want poor foreigners in their midst. These people believe all Americans are rich. They have no idea how hard it is to eke out a living in the great USA, esp., now the economy is collapsing. Poor ppl in the phils., j u st like everywhere are always mistreated, that includes foreigners.

    1. @Alyzza Kara Pantejo  I do agree with you. I have noticed though, more in the provinces, than the city many people still believe in the whoever is a foreigner is rich and the Filipinos who are abroad are also rich and don’t have to really work for their money. 
       One other thing I also noticed, the people in the province seem more hospitable, than the big city people. This is of course my own experience. One example from my experience when a flood happened between Tandag to Butuan, all of us in the van went to a house in a rural area for being stranded. The owner was a friend of a passenger. I was the only foreigner, and they refused to let me pay even when I insisted.

    2. @Linda Lalisan I work for White Mountain Ltd. I’m not allowed to give out more information than that. But to answer your question vaguely, I make various articles. One of my forte is Business Management tips because of my college degree. I also do Weight Loss blogs which I totally hate since I’ve always had a problem with gaining weight. My employer also gave me a background in filing sales tax in the US. Creating articles are mainly for the purpose of content marketing. We use it to bring more traffic into the website. My co-workers also create videos that we can add since vids rank faster than articles. And yes, I’m on FB and Pinterest.

    3. What articles do you generate for american websites? What articles do you collect? And for what purpose? I know you’re paid to do that, just wondering? Are yo u on FB?

    4. I would not generalize this statement. There is a great percentage of Filipinos who are educated enough to understand that not all foreigners are rich. And we do know about the economy standing of the US. A large group of Filipinos are currently working as Freelancers, such as myself. We generate articles for various American websites which makes us aware of the recent events happening in other countries. But I do agree with you that that kind of mentality still exists here, and perhaps everywhere in the world. Some rich people tend to discriminate the poor. Just as how some poor people blame their sufferings on the rich.

  5. How i wish that he’ll try to do this so called activism of him by this time in Davao City again,coz im pretty much sure that he’ll gets want he wants there! Bastard!

  6. My two cents…you are absolutely right about wanting to make a statement. If this ONLY happened in the Philippines, I would say he is right. Now, with this guy’s past, he takes my “following” of him down 100%.

    1. He’s not seizing, he’s nutting-up. One of those security guards are going to take their Rosewood night-stick and bust this guys head open. I sure hope we get a vid of that! LOL.

  7. Neurological ? Sounds more like pathological as in liar lol  Now that the cat is out of the bag I wonder what country he will choose next . Im sure he wont have many friends once they catch on to his game . He had Ned tricked and probably a lot of other people as well . This should be interesting . Thanks Henry  Aloha

    1. @Scott Parnell yah, but in all fairness to ned/michelle.. mark hid his past and they gave him the polite benefit of the doubt.  since learning more, ned’s pulled any vids of mark.

  8. hi Reekay just to say love your youtube video’s and i think he went to you as you have a good following , cannot wait to get to the philippines and see the sites on 1 october

  9. Sometimes you can smell a rat, dog, Drama Queen or whatever we want to call them.Most times you can give them the benefit of the doubt.
    Eventually though they hang themselves.

  10. Case of (suppost blind man) 4/24/14 in super Marquet jumbo de conception in chile. He broke law or ley 20,025 use a dog. As a guide dog, use a harness only x trained guide dogs no I’d x dog or harness. Also broke law or ley 20,442 pretend to be blind causing serious conflict that finally got resolve with a compensation. And later after been compensated the acting blind man he jumped on his car driving from the Parking lot from the super market wher he was making the scam.
    This inf. I got n translated from the chile news. In Spanish which is my 1st lenguage maybe u can tell by my grammar thanks. Lol

    1. @bill schimko yah, i’ve refused all his offers for a party and lunches since the first day i met with him.  back then i knew something wasn’t kosher.. i just couldn’t put my finger on it then.

  11. This is actually old news, Henry. I didn’t waste any time researching this asshole, but his tactics are standard M.O. used by groups/sheeple with a agenda.

    I warned him on Ned’s channel to nock-off with acting like a little bitch, in Banana Republics, before both he and Happy disappear–permanently.

  12. Henry thanks for doing the research to reveal the true colors.  Most foreigners find the Philippine people to be very tolerant and accepting.  When we enter another country, our first desire should be to respect the laws and reserve our criticism for appropriate private conversation.  After all, we are their guest.

  13. It dose not matter what his nationality is he looks to me to be a flat out conman. He seems to be exploiting the truly disabled for his own gain. His past seems to be catching up with him he won’t be around Dumaguete long now that this is out.

    1. @steve hansen it’s happened before on mactan (jimmy siecska) and another expat in moalboal.. where if enough people sign a petition to the mayor to make that expat a “persona non grata” (unwelcome person).. the mayor is moved to have a nice little sit-down with the expat and explain, “you are not welcome here.  perhaps your health would be better on some other island.”

  14. Henry, I agree with your thoughts on this Robinson Mall incident by Mr Cohen. I have no problem with proper access for handicap people but Mr. Cohen methods only exacerbated the situation. He is in a country where the rules may be a little different. The Philippines may have laws re handicap access and the use of dogs to assist these persons. But are they enforceable and what is your recourse under the Philippine law? Your analysis I believe was on target. A proper calm approach rather than the confrontational method he used would have been much better. His “stunt” in Chile by pretending to be blind could have landed him in jail. One last thought it appears he was trying to use you to further his cause , right or wrong. He knows you have a good following and was looking to exploit this access. Henry keep up the good work. I enjoy your videos.

  15. Henry, thanks for covering this incident, clearly this Marc(k) Cohen is a con artist and a fraud! He’s smells worst than a fish market! People need to be warned to stay away from him and businesses should refuse service to this loser every time!

  16. I thought the guy was really handicapped. I now know hes an impostor for whatever reason. Its not his place to pretend to be disabled just for the sake of it. Dumaguete will still be fine after hes long gone. Make sure you keep your distance.

  17. Just another Asshole. Doesn’t matter what country he’s from. I’m ashamed of my fellow countryman. I’ve been to Dumaguete and it’s a wonderful city and the people there are very friendly and accommodating.

  18. I believe legitimate activism done by “groups” outside of their native land is usually campaigned in concert with other credible organizations or government agencies within the borders of a country  This kind of process hopefully helps to prevent locals from being offended and garner support.  

    My initial reaction to Mr. Cohen’s tactics made me squirm from the standpoint that expats who live in Dumaguete or any country could feel the backlash from his methods. When he has bounced from country to country did he try to rally support with any local groups that would represent his cause in a more diplomatic way? Expats will often be looked at as guests in many places and any activism should be sensitive to that.

    1. @Glenn McGee his biggest leverage is Happy, the dog.  people get distracted with the dog’s friendly demeanor and tricks.. next thing you know, he’s got emotional support not based on his actual actions.  i hope the people of dumaguete see this video and see his as he is and has been over time.  because in the meanwhile, he’s making the rest of us expats look bad.  “another stupid american” is what i hear here.  he’s canadian, but we americans get the blame.  

  19. It maybe a law that they must let people in with service dogs. However he is not blind therefore Happy is a pet (trained or not) and does not belong there

  20. henry thank you for posting i had already seen ned’s post on the robinson’s mall incident and felt cohen’s reaction was uncalled for. feel it was motivated for profit will leave it at that. i plan on moving to the philippines(cebu island,balatic) in early 2015.i have been to cebu island twice spent most of my time in the barangay specifically balatic,wheremy wife’s family lives.i have found the people to be friendly and polite.i have  experience both the positive and the negative. the positive far outweighs the negative p.s. do they have escrima classes at the gym in dalaguete?

  21. Don’t need to watch his video to know what he’s about.  Sorry you got caught up in it though. 

    On a different note, the little woman (all 80 LB’s of her) and I are seriously thinking of moving to Dumaguete.  Don’t know what it will cost to ship our furniture and things there, and moving has always been a big dread of mine anyway, but Mindanao is getting kind of old..  🙂   I’d really like to find a piece of land just outside the city and build a house on a nice expat friendly Island. 

    I always enjoy your videos.   I’m pretty sure I could never be as collected as you especially unscripted like you do.  When people back in the States ask me about life here I tell them to check out your YouTube channel.

    1. @Jack Panter thanks for the reccomendation.   in the beginning i tried using notes.. total disaster so i never even uploaded the vid.  much easier for me to just go by train of thought.  🙂

  22. A blind person being denied access has the right to bring up this issue, not Mr. M. Cohen. He is not blind and does not therefore deserve a special treatment over others. If dogs are not allowed in the Mall, then dogs are not allowed for anybody. It’s a simple and common rule in many places, and people do not really have a pressing need to go shopping within Malls accompanied by their dogs.

    Unfortunately this kind of pushy and arrogant behavior fosters hate towards foreigners, as people tend to generalize easily. Mr. Cohen is not helping the blind nor the foreign community in the Philippines, on the contrary. 

  23. Keep fighting the fight Henry, as a disabled person confined to a power chair I look forward to the day when the Philippines becomes more handicap accessible to the point where I might be able to visit. Just hope it happens before my time is up.

    1. @Anthony M Macias Sr if you were to take a taxi to ayala mall, in cebu.. you could get around all day with no problem.  but the rest of the city, there just simply is no concern for providing a level sidewalk for more than 20 feet.  it’s a different surface everywhere you go unfortunately.

  24. As a Canadian, ( I will put on that hat now, I am a Amer-Can ) I bow my head in shame.
    Mark is so use to the Canadian laws for the handicapped, he thinks the world out there is the same, not so.
    He must know he has to abide by the laws of the host country. I think the mall security guards treated him very gentle and with a lot of class.
    I do believe Mark has issues and he should find therapy. My wish is, the government of the Philippines would depart him back to Canada. That would save face for us Canadians if we visit the Philippines. I may wear a American flag on my back pack and slip into the Philippines undetected hopefully.
    By the way, I found out about this flag switch trick in Nam when they first let Americans visit their bombed out country.
    Mark! You are a very bad boy! Come home right now! Your Mama has a big stick waiting for you.

  25. Hello Henry/Rickay, I was wondering why a lot of the expats made negative comments about that Mark guy. Now I understand. Thank you. 
    By the way, how come I came share this video on facebook. I keep getting “This dialog has been passed a bad parameter”. Got any ideas as to why that is?
    Level headed video as usual. 🙂

    1. @berny AV i hadn’t heard about facebook limiting any shares on the video link.  try again, should work.  or you can share it straight from the video using the ‘Share’ button.

  26. I have left message (kind) message to mark. I have lived now in the Philippines for 10 years do not rock the boat cause if you cross the wrong person they fill file false charges on you and here if you are non native forget justice.. I am attaching a link to a video taken in the Philippines in July…a guard shot another guard…the action starts at the 4:27 mark… this is justice in the Philippines and the shooter is still at large…Justice (none) its who you know …

  27. Good One David Litz. This shines some well needed light on this subject.
    Mark should go in and get accessed.
    I do detect a condition called *Megalomaniacal  Behavior*. He can get treated in Canada.
    Our medical will pay if he would only visit a doctor. I am very surprised he was not departed.

    1. @Ben Person as fate would have it.. at the same time at the same restaurant were myself (at one table).. mark cohen (at another table outside) and then ned/michelle arrived.  ned had a sit-down with mark and then later with me.  long story-short.. ned and i both agree that mark’s biggest issue is that he needs medical attention for a pre-diagnosed mental issue.  this is based on information from mark’s brother who lives stateside.  but, unless mark cooperates and returns to canada for treatment.. he will continue to run amok convinced “Everyone just loves me and Happy everywhere we go!”.

  28. Thanks Henry for a common sense approach to reporting this incident; It sounds like Mark only does these things for the wow factor. I feel  as you that a constructive conversation with the management would have produced a more effective outcome. I have only had a limited time in the Philippines but I have found most of the people working in these Malls to be very accommodating.

  29. It appears to me that Mark Cohen is not a very good ambassador for Canada, never mind representing people with handicaps. It seems to me that Mark Cohen is only out for Mark.
    I was over in the Philippines (central Luzon) in February of this year, and I had a grand time, sounds like my next trip should be Dumaguete :), by the way, I am a Canuck, born and raised, and it makes me said when someone like Mark Cohen can travel around the world. trying to snag free stuff/attention because of his disability, that really sucks.
    By the way, thanks for all your videos

  30. Marc Cohen is a fool.  This is not the USA where he can sue someone.  Pinoys don’t like foreign trouble makers and somebody will take care of him.  I think you  could say he’s barking up the wrong tree!    

  31. When I saw Ned’s video at first I felt really bad for this guy. Thanks for your info and honesty in all your blogs. I totally agreed with you. I think Ned took his video down after knowing really what had happened in Chile. Both of you guys are great and we enjoy watching your videos.

  32. It is disappointing when idiots like this fool try to use a genuine person like your self Henry, to attempt to gain self publicity with no regard to your personal view, Henry the people who follow your travels give you more credit than to think or act like this half wit, look forward to viewing more of you adventures.         

    1. @Noel Sowerby lately he’s not been seen around town much.  a friend of mine who knows his neighbor says that the last few weeks Mark has been staying home a lot.  i, and several others who have met him in person all agree that he really should return to family in canada to get some additional medical assistance he needs.  but he is unwilling so.. for now he is here in Duma at his rental home.

  33. I haven’t heard anything bad about Dumaguete. I know people that grew up there. thanks for clarifying what happened in this incidence. This happens in the USA also, people trying to take their dogs everywhere with them using a service dog vest; I’d bet if mall mangers thought he was Disabled, they’d allowed him in.

  34. As far as I know in Canada dogs are neither allowed in supermarkets where they sell food and other items nor in shopping malls.  I could be wrong also; but, what I have observed is that people in Canada leave the dogs in the cars when they go shopping.

  35. Personally I as a Canadian think that this moron should be stripped of his citizenship and put in a row boat in the middle of the pacific.  No handicapped person that I know of would act in this manner. Personally I have never heard of this guy. My thoughts. God Bless.

  36. I think your having these thoughts because you know he is having a negative impact on how your neighbors will see you. The filipino people don’t know if he is canadian or American, they see a foreigner acting out against them. It upsets me greatly. My asawa(of 30 years) and I plan on moving to Bacolod in a couple years when I retire.I want to live with people that like and trust me, not ones that look at me with disgust.

  37. Dgte in the top 10 places to retire??  The pollsters must have asking retirees who were born here and came back. That’s like saying Apo Island was in the top 10 dive sites before Sendong..(hardly)

  38. That is nada as they say here in Mexico. The buses are such in this town that neither a handicapped person in a wheelchair or a woman with a stroller can get on. It is just tough luck if you fall into those categories…

  39. Henry Hi,

    By chance I was in Dumaguete 7 weeks ago with my Filipina girlfriend. This was my second visit to the Philippines after 4 visits to Thailand. I am a retired Israeli, born & educated in England, and I intend to return to Dumaguete. In a nutshell, I can say that even without your valuable assistance, I found Dumaguete to be the best location in the Philippines.

    The problem with Marc Cohen is that despite his many travels, he does not understand local cultures. Thailand and the Philippines have completely different cultures, but one thing they have in common is that they are both non-confrontational countries. You do not get your way by shouting and banging on the table. He brought his own culture and his own promotional shtik there with him, without using his common sense. 

    I have a certain amount of experience in cross-cultural interfaces. I left England after university 44 years ago and became a member of a kibbutz in Israel. Israel is a melting pot of cultures. East meets west with Jews whose lineage is from every country in the world. I have a good, devout Muslim friend who was also my boss. I taught Business English and presentational skills to someone who later became Israel’s ambassador at the UN. Marc’s problem is that he takes Canada with him instead of understanding where he has landed.

    Now about Dumaguete. I spent 2 weeks there. On my previous visit I had been in northern Mindanao in CDO, Ozamis and Oroquieta. I have a lot to say about the latter two – all of which is negative. But this is not the place to elucidate. Henry maybe elsewhere we can exchange opinions regarding the lack of personal security, pollution and other issues. But Dumaguete is at the other end of the spectrum. It is the complete opposite of what I experienced in Mindanao.

    Dumaguete is a city that goes out of its way to make foreigners feel at home. I stayed twice with my hostess Savi at Camlann Cottages along the Valencia road. I never been so welcomed by a home owner anywhere. She even took me on a personal trek to see the Casaroro Falls, ferrying me up there on the back of one of her worker’s motorbikes,

    The people of Dumaguete are so friendly. The municipality does everything to keep the town in good order. There are no taxis, but the trikes are all clean and modern. The drivers don’t tell you how much it costs. They ask how much do you want to pay – and they agree. You can travel anywhere in the city limits for a few cents.

    I like to keep fit. I found the best gym ever with well oiled equipment at a reasonable daily price in Siliman Street. After using the torture machines and a shower, I just crossed the street and had fantastic Nuat Thai or Swedish massages at about $12 per hour. I then completed my morning with a good cup of coffee and cheese cake by crossing back over the road to the coffee shop below the gym. The evenings were spent with my girlfriend on the sea front at a variety of good restaurants gazing out over the sea. What more can a guy ask for?

    … and as for Marc, his cause is just and noble. But he needs to learn marketing.

    Ivri Tasker

  40. well this could happen even in the USA, I have a disability but live with it.
    if it is law that he can take the dog, then yes he should have asked a manager for help..
    He seems to have no disability.
    Right now i am using crutches, but i can still walk but my D wants me to walk as little as possible at this time.
    While i have great respect for people who have the ability to train these animals,it seems like Mark is not the best advocate for people who live with disabilities or even the Dogs that are trained to do a job

  41. Marc is a douchebag and doesn’t represent people with disabilities.  Henry, I am not trying to correct you but when you use the term ‘handicap’ it may be offensive to some.  The proper usage now is to describe them as a person first, then the disability second.  Marc is doing a very good job training service dogs, but he does a disservice advocating for persons with disabilities.

    1. @Mr. Mxyzptlk hmm. sorry about that. i haven’t taken any political correctness update classes since i left the usa. 🙂 but in the future, if i ever do another video on marc (not likely), i’ll refer to him as, “marc, the douchebag”. hehe

  42. good thing u caught that shit Reekay……..I guest this time…u really have to be careful, because u have a powerful tool and people see your vids and comments….and well respected. Thanks for making Dumaguette an awesome place…keep it up…1yr and 6mo to go……retiring, and can’t wait to see Dumaguette again….ciao

  43. You are such a nice guy, hope everything goes well with you Lyn is a lucky girl. That guy who is trying to fool people should not be allowed in the Philippines. Send him back to Canada, what is he doing going around the world to create chaos shame on him.

  44. Just curios about how Dumaguete is changing now with the “top 10” title? Do you think this will then spoil the real culture that made it unique, turning it into a ex-pat haven? You first hinted at drawing the ex-pats, my reaction was gosh, I better avoid that place if I want more of a Filipino province. What are your thoughts on that? I am thinking maybe it will become more like a Boracay. Or like Yogi said, so popular, no one is going there anymore!

    Oh and sorry, forgot to mention, great job on your videos. I really enjoy them! I sometimes get to Moal Boal, which is a long swim south across the bay to Dumaguete. Or maybe by banka I can drop by.

    1. +Ron Cash while it’s true, more expats are checking out duma, only a fraction more are actually moving in for the duration. i look at the increase in traffic and i don’t see more expats. i see mostly filipino drivers, possibly come to duma for jobs. rental prices have gone up a little bit in the last year, but nothing drastic. the expats are mostly at the mall and boardwalk, same as before.

  45. Link update:
    The link to the “Dumaguete Incident Video” isn’t working. Here’s the Youtube message:
    “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.” A quick search offered this other post.

    I agree with you, Reekay. Seems to me this guy is self promoting (poorly) for some personal reason and after viewing links from a google search on him, seems to me that many people recognize this as well. IMHO your take on this is the most level headed and fair response.

    ps. I watch your videos knowing that I’ll see a balanced, honest, fair, and insightful take on the subjects you touch on. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.

    1. +George Groves it may have been only temprorarily down. i just clicked it and it showed the video. one thing i noticed is that, aside from wearing the type of glasses a blind person would wear, he also was using the type of harness-handle on the dog a blind person would use. a sighted person uses just a plain leash and collar. the last i heard of him, he was heading to the manila area. but i’ve not heard anything about him on the news or FB.

  46. I work in Security and feel what Mark has done is an incorrect method. It seems the concept means well but, he should have requested to discuss with management his appropriate access.

    1. +Ace J in the end, all he accomplished was aleinating himself in a new country that he didn’t take the time to research first. being brash and rude is NOT the way to get things done in the PH. a bit of courtesy and respect would have been more productive.

  47. There is always that one Foreigner that make all the other Foreigners look bad by his or her actions. It’s called being respectful of other Countries and their laws regardless of what you think about them. Why can’t they just go and be friendly enjoy their time then move on. I hope this didn’t have a lasting negative impact on Dumaguete. People like this tick me off

  48. This person is clearly a scammer with a criminal agenda. He obtained benefit by deception in Chile. He is not doing anything positive for the disabled. I hope you do not suffer by association.

    1. i met with him when he first arrived in the PH, but after our first meeting i’ve not associated with him since. the last i heard he had moved on to manila a year or so ago.

  49. Hi, i visited Dumaguete in december 2014, I have family there, The more i see your videos the more i love Dumaguete, Valencia, Bacong. Hope to meet you some day, maybe by 2018. Good luck

  50. I heard about that particular incident and now I’m getting more of it through this video. Seems like Mr. Cohen is a pretty undesirable character when it comes to trying to making a “cause” – especially for Persons With Disabilities. I agree to your thoughts and decisions made on this incident. I am a resident of Sibulan, Negros Oriental and I know it has been three years since this video was uploaded, but I thank you, Reekay, on your support to the City of Dumaguete, promoting it as a Retirement Haven for expats, and defending the city’s good people, or as you might know as “The City of Gentle People.” God Speed and more power to you. 🙂 Mabuhay!

  51. He’s a scammer. He’s lucky he’s not in America or Canada doing these scams. I’m not very tolerant of such things, I’d probably fell on him and kneed him in the face with my full weight. “You purposely layed in front of public access on camera, go cry and enjoy your bruise”

  52. Reekay, please inform me if ever you will be here in Dumaguete last week of November. I would like to invite you for a lunch or dinner with Bud Brown and Gloria. Thanks. How can I contact you?

  53. Wow that guy seems to be setting the mall up .
    I would think being a foreigner he would not act that way . When I get there I bring my walker , but leave my dogs home , ha ,ha,ha ,ha . Just joking , But not cool for That guy to try to buddy up with you so he could get you to give him exposure.
    God people are something else .

  54. I saw the video of this nutcake, from the netherlands, we can say: ignore this idiot, they will reconize his real goal , and that is only attention, but he is NOT represents ANY organisation, he is only doing it in is own favor. sorry, but we got lunatics all over the world, and this is one of them. I only can say, that i got more help in the philippines, then i got in my own country, when i walk bad. so thumbs up for the philippines, and down for this mark figure, who represents nobody, only himself.

  55. hi I am coming too the Philippines In a month or so I have been taken advice to heart from what you talk about… I’m am a Professor. Ph.D. of Psychoanalytical Theory
    I taught How to read people… alot of things you mentioned is very true… I hope to meet you when I come to Dumagete …

    1. i hope it’s been useful. watching a filipina (in person) from a distance.. ‘before’ getting on her radar can reveal so much about their disposition.

  56. Great Insight – I’m locked in – I bought a nice beachside place in Bacong ! Hope to meet all the expats making the most of this beautiful City 🙂

    1. no, but i used to live and work in temecula valley, which has lots of wineries. i’d visit one once in a blue moon or attend the balloon & wine festival there.

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