My trip to Vietnam’s poorest town.

Why I made the long trek to Lingy’s hometown..
& behind the scenes footage of my trip to Thanh Hoa.



  1. This is old footage from my trip to Thanh Hoa in 2016. After 4 years of searching I finally found a fast internet connection. In a rusty shed but still.

  2. Sad to see so much rubbish in that beautiful countryside. I had much rather someone take my vehicle than my dog. The car is a material item….the dog is family. I thoroughly enjoy your videos, Troy. Thank you for them.

  3. Another nice video, Troy do what you do take a lot off Soul too do, you hawe my Respekt, no one is perfekt Stop been so hard on your self. ty

  4. I can’t remember the names of all these people, so if you could flash their picture when talking about them it would refresh my memory. Also, I’d like to know the names of the places you go so I can look them up on Google earth. Thanks for all the effort it takes to do what you’re doing.

  5. Hi Troy. I am trying to get into doing some vlogging when I go to Thailand next November. How do you get such good sound when you are riding your scooter? I can hear your voice very well with hardly and background noise. Additionally what do you think of this piece of equipment? It’s Glide Gear MED 100 Medusa Camera Vest Action Mount Harness. I think it would be good for both shots forward as well as taking video of my face while I am talking. I am not sure how stable it would be with the wind from the scooter though.

  6. Troy if thats that moped with the orange trim its just as awsome as you mate , another great upload regaurdless of the date , thank you .

  7. No need for the shower to be glamorous… The important thing is you are clean and refreshed… People share what they have out from the heart… Nice people to share they have nothing to be ashamed of!! They have a pure heart and soul!!

  8. Wow bro, you working hard and your worth wild charity work. Awesome job Troy! Keep your video coming. Thank you Troy, you read my mind for donating these kids I have not seen nga and her family for a long time.

  9. It is said that the poorest province of Vietnam is Nghe An (where Ho Chi Minh’s native home was), about 188 km south of Thanh Hoa.

  10. That bit about Thanh Hoa people not being liked is something I have heard from a couple of sources as well. One of the sources was a guy looking for a wife, and despite being from Thanh Hoa, he absolutely not want to marry a woman from there.

  11. That was some amazing scenery, I love it! Awesome bike ride Troy! People consider it as being the poorest parts of Vietnam, I look at it as the richest… Not as in money but as in natural environment, the serenity and laid back attitude in these parts. Away from the hustle and bustle. I would gladly hop on a bike and ride trough these parts of Vietnam any day! It’s way more appealing to me then the big cities… Great Vid Troy!

  12. Regarding “vietnamese mafia”, it is true that behind one beggars and lottery ticket hawkers and sellers are people who take a portion of their profits. That is a fact. I am not saying it is what’s happening with Nga, and the kids, but there are people who push handicapped beggars and poor children because they tug at the heart strings of VK and tourists.

  13. You really should slow down anyways. You’re going to run over a kid then you’ll really feel bad. It’s not a race man. Just take it easy man and go slower.

  14. Just to mention one more thing, sorry I am adding these as I watch the video, the north is regarded as more intellectual. That is why the northern cities like Hanoi seem to be so much further ahead than HCM. the northern accent is considered more eloquent, sophisticated, pleasing to the ears. The south is known to be more honest, traditional. There seems to be a big divide in culture and people’s. In North and south because of this.

  15. Five hundred thousand dollars fine Wow , Normally I pay them three hundred thousand Vietnamese dong ( beer money ) and off I go . 😂

  16. Dont understand anyone giving you thumbs down – must be runners of the charities you mentioned who want their piece of the action. Hard to figure out who to trust nowadays. Great story about the successful guy who made it in Germany and spread the wealth back home !

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