My Visit Today with my Friend and Vlogger Mark Thornton at his New Beach House

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My Visit Today with my Friend and Vlogger Mark Thornton at his New Beach [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New TricksI hang out with my buddy Mark and we discuss a variety of topics


  1. The sound on this video is rough. I have to plug into an external speaker and crank it all the way up to be able to hear the words through the hissing.
    Love the video! 😊
    Thank you for the content 🙏
    My humble opinion… there is a fan off camera blowing wind over the 🎤 mic causing the hissing… and the distance you gentlemen are from the 🎤 mic causing the volume to be low.

  2. Couple of gentlemen I would be proud to call my brothers makes me wish I was kind of like on the other side of the camera during this one thanks guys…. 🙏

  3. To the both of you. Getting up in age, do you have a plan for major medical emergencies, like heart attack or stroke? I think a 4 way bi-pass cost over 20 to 30 grand in the Philippines? Having a stroke/heart attack would be a continuous never ending cost and a trust issue with who ever was taking care of you. What is your plan?

  4. My math agreed with yours. You break even in a year renting unfurnished. Every subsequent year you benefit from renting unfurnished because you own furniture. Of course you have to move it..

  5. If you go to Cebu, Amalfi Apartments would be the best option for starts at 25k p a month for a 2bdrm….or..up to you 😁😎

  6. Jeez-louise, you guys have such a natural, easy rapport. It really works in terms of what the viewers get from the video. Fantastic; kudos.

    Just one thing – I’m assuming that when Mark says he was in a boarding house when he first got there, he’s actually referring to a rooming house. He wasn’t getting room and board, just a room in a big place with shared common areas. In other words, they weren’t feeding him, he was on his own for meals. No board, just room.

    I know that in the Philippines, this is the norm – people refer to rooming houses as boarding houses, but just a heads-up to guys thinking about this option – they’re not going to feed you.

    Some companies run boarding houses for their employees in the Philippines, but I’ve never heard of one for expats. You have to go to a hotel for that, and usually, the only free meal is the Western-style breakfast, you’re on your own for lunch and dinner.

  7. Hey Paul that S21 camera quality looks awesome👍👌
    Also, speaking about furnished apartments/houses, my wife and I are selling/renting our 2 bedroom house fully furnished in Camarines Sur, Bicol. If you know anyone interested, please let me know.

  8. My situation is a bit different from a lot of guys, but I will buy a round trip ticket with a 5 month stay and just bring a luggage bag that is portable and a backpack. While I am there I am hoping to find a place I will want to stay and after I get back to the US, I will then send the balikbayan boxes and do a longer stay. Unfortunately, I have lots going on here in the US so can’t just move there permanently for years and need to come back every six months or so. Still, spending the majority of my time there seems better than spending it here. I have visited over a dozen times and do love the Philippines.

  9. I am hoping to move there by next March and people think I should be committed to go there haha. I do most of my stuff online so everything comes to my email just need to find out about debit and credit cards. Good idea on the phone and laptop and I do plan to do it that way. I am a 44 waist so I will be out of luck and have to run around in my briefs haha. I am already planning my meds box. My pharmacist here is from the Philippines and she said all my meds are available there. Might have to go to a few places to get what I need.

  10. Paul, serious question. God forbid this happens but if you have a family member who passes away and you know you couldn’t return to the Philippines if you leave, what would you do? I might be in this situation very soon.

  11. Another outstanding Old Dog video! Great to hear the information your pushing. Mark definitely has stories to tell – hehehe. You two both have great locations depending on what you like – mountains vs beach. One great thing is if you don’t like it after a while you can always find another hidden gem.

  12. Can’t believe that you guys haven’t tumbled to the fact that most people don’t but their clothes “off the rack.” Most folks go to the market, buy the materiel they like; take it to a tailor shop, and get shorts (or pants, or whatever) made to their liking. . . . . . I know, I know, “Thats too much trouble!” . . . and of course:”Thats not the way I did it in the States!”
    Try doing ‘the local way’ and you might be pleasantly surprised. {WARNING: There is a learning curve to all of this, but it is worth it.} The one chronic problem was that the quality of thread wasn’t so great. Often the tailors would ask us to buy “stateside” thread to sew the garments.

  13. Thanks for the visit Paul. You and Mark do the best conversations! I paid cash for a bike there and could never get a license plate because the dealership wouldn’t pay their tax on it… If you buy a bike there do it on the 3 payments … Because of the payments dealers can’t avoid paying their taxes & you get a license plate…

  14. I’m definitely not a fan of swimming in salt water or the smell of salt water. But if there was a fresh water lake I would love to have a place on the shore. I’ve done a lot of camping in the mountains and love it. So my vote is mountain living. I’m jealous of Paul’s & Mae’s house! Hopefully I’ll be able to find a place like that in the mountains when the PI opens up.

  15. I’ll be looking at a different angle when I come out there. Already married to my young asawa and planning on retiring there from USA in a few years. She and I plan on making it our, “forever”, home. The idea being finding the right locale and then buying, or building a house.

  16. No, 34 inch shorts either? When I heard that there are no 36″, ok I can agree that at my skinniest since high school, I can be there. But no 34″ either? That is insane….

  17. I can sit and listen to you guys talk all day, you both sound off each other and makes for great conversation sessions.
    I watched both interviews and enjoyed both. Thank you Paul and Mark.

  18. Good day Paul, curt from Vegas here… I think I know your friend Mark. I believe he owned a skating rink in St. George Utah. He worked on Cruise ships too. Can you tell me if that’s him, WoW, small world 🌎

  19. I threw away my debit card in Phuket by mistake. I called Charles Schwab to have them ship a new one. I had to submit a “Scanned” new debit card PDF request. Then I had to go on a “looks like scanned” website to trick the Bureaucrats at Schwab that I had truly printed, signed, scanned the form, then e-mailed it back to them. Also be prepared to use Google Voice to trick their phone tree activation for the credit/debit card as it won’t let you activate your card outside of the US.

  20. The break even point in the Philippines on renting furnished versus unfurnished is generally 10-24 months. Once you are certain you want to stay in a limited geographical area, the best option is clearly renting unfurnished. Not only can you buy energy efficient appliances, comfortable beds, and solid wood furniture, but you can reduce your monthly bills. For example. those tiny 1/2 hp window air con units are so inefficient. But if you do a few hours of research and buy an inverter mini split air con 1.0-1.5 hp unit including installation costs for about $500 USD which will reduce your electric bill by more than 50%. And your selection of available properties for rent will grow 10 fold as most apartments in the Philippines are unfurnished.

    So once you find your home base and love the place, the obvious next choice is to rent an unfurnished place, install your own inverter a/c, buy your own TV, refrigerator, mattress, blackout curtains, etc. That way you will be comfortable. And even with all these costs your break even due to having to buy all this stuff while paying lower rent is at worst 24 months. But more likely 12-16 months. And then you own all this stuff. Stuff you personally chose for its energy efficiency, comfort or fidelity (tech).

    The same goes for transportation. You can buy a brand new 2021 Yamaha Aerox 155 with ABS. You can add a top case, helmets, etc. And with depreciation you’re out about $48 a month including gasoline, repairs, maintenance, depreciation. Yet you still see 75% of guys renting a beat up scooter for 300% more than that. Once you know where you want to stay, buying is always better than renting. And in today’s world, its so easy to liquidate things like furniture, scooters, refrigerators, and TVs if you want to exit the area permanently. This strategy allows you get what you want and while having the ability to liquidate all these items (computers, TVs, scooters, mattresses) on FB marketplace and turn those into cash within 48 hours if you decide to return home or move far away.

    When I see a window a/c unit I instantly add $50 per 100SF to the rental cost. The intelligent expat would say, “hey, for $460 I can get an inverter 1.0 hp Midea a/c mini split including installation costs and run that thing 24 hours a day for half the cost of running that little window a/c for 8 hours a day. And that is why you don’t need to always buy a place with a western toilet, a window air con, or furniture. Because you can buy all these things and lower your monthly costs while getting exactly what you want to live comfortably. And when you need to leave, you’ve already recaptured the purchase price through lower rent & lower electrical costs so you sell that stuff online and it’s all sold in 48 hours. Sure, maybe you sell it for half of what you paid for it but who cares? You already recouped the purchase price many times over by having lower rent.

  21. I’m currently in Turkey checking it out. Sounds like the Philippines is more expensive for a lot of things. Just to compare randomly walked into a pharmacy here and bought an inhaler that is $40 in the USA. Prescription needed. $1.75 here. Maybe as a foreigner they didn’t care I had no prescription but also I didn’t have to wait around 30 minutes to have it filled. Nobody spent more than 30 seconds in the store paying for anything. Just an observation. Turkey is very inexpensive except alcohol.

  22. When my wife and I were in the Philippines several years ago we arrived at the Cebu airport/ I was a 36 waist as well and I bought several pairs of shorts in one of the bigger malls in Cebu city. If you fly in try it there.

  23. Hi Paul/Mark …… I mentioned on Marks channel , always have been a loyal fan of you two old G.O.A.T s’ (Greatest Of All Time)……LOL Cheers Murray/VancouverBC

  24. I read the new covid variant was spreading in the UK, So it’s a good thing you aren’t in a community setting any longer. It’s much safer in private housing

  25. QUESTION: Are there any guys like me that want to go there like the Snowbirds in North America do? Go to the Philippines for part of the year while also having a house back in the US? I’d like to try that to see if I like it in the Philippines before making the decision to move permanently. I’m a biker and car guy as well. Are there any old cars over there. I hear that it’s cost prevented to ship an old car or motorcycle to the Philippines. Love your videos, Phil in Connecticut USA

  26. I am sure after living life we all learn something at least I did if I can survive on my own why I need someone to guide me I can take care of myself best way to survive mind ur own business.

  27. Hi I have visited there a number of years ago so I am familiar w the Philippines some. I am wanting to come out there when it opens back up maybe to Cebu or Negros. I am 46–a long way from retirement. I sell Life insurance and Medicare coverage online from home. It allows me to travel some and work but if I keep this job I have to be in the US 6 months of the year. I also trade stocks—longer term holds. I am not licensed to manage accounts for the public but I am familiar with much of the industry and various financial instruments. I could potentially do that solely and make enough to live in the Philippines now. But the market is so irregular that it is wise to have another source of cash flow. If I had $90,000–that is $30,000 for living and $60,000 liquid to generate income and reasonably expect to generate 50 percent or more on annually though it is far from guaranteed as I could also loose. Is this a feasible plan? Is there another reasonable source of income that I could easily couple to this? It seems like a YouTube channel takes a long time to generate any money. Also what is the shipping method I hear you speak of to mail stuff over? I can not clearly understand what you say?

  28. Hey guys, great to see you Old Dawgz together again! I’m ready to superchat you 20 bucks for donuts and Jolibee chicken 🐓🐔 🍩🍩🐔🍩🐔🍩

  29. I sent a envelope package there the value of product in side was 1000$ customs fees were 180$ i wont do that again That box you describe the way to go. I only been in Philippine 6 months total 2018 -2019 however i have been with same girl 4 years we were supposed to be married 2020 in Philippines Covd is hell reason LDR

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