NEED SOME HELP: Advice on Inverter Backup Power Supply and Pregnancy Back Pain

Need some input on DC power inverter backup supply and pregnancy back pain (not me – her). Salamuch!

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  1. Does the air con have a soft start setup? I just know from researching rv air cons that run on solar, soft start makes it draw much left on startup and puts less stress on the electrical system.

  2. Another thing I’ve read of people doing is using their Toyota Prius as a battery backup power supply. The car starts itself automatically to keep the batteries charged.

  3. Ned i have a solar set up mine is small but all works good and saves electricity in my house we are rebuilding our house its not hooked up at the moment but if you look up my posts you see i did a video on it its a 1500 inverter pure sine wave is the best to get its 240 v i dont know if you need a 120 v system but we only have one solar panel we like to extend it to more and we have 100amp hour battery its small set up work good when we have blackouts i know some guy there in Damagete i followed does set them up there its his business ours is local guy in Bogo that installed ours as i said it runs our tv and cb radios and all my computer gear all the important studd also a nice big fan all runs ok i have a voltage meter and it all is good checking it all out its being reinstalled on our front veranda as our house is nearly all finished complete rebuild i have videos

  4. You said you wife does work on computer, did you ever consider the chair might be the issue and also sandals offer no support for her. You also need to consider the amps from the inverter and also the Aircon amp.

  5. The weakest part of the system you want to run is the vehicles alternator. It is not made to charge at full rate while idling and also has a short duty cycle. A start battery will also not provide you with much reserve and it is meant for high cranking AMPs for short periods, not deep storage. Once you start pricing high power alternators you may as well buy a generator. If you get a generator, try get one that runs on propane or equivalent gas. It will not go bad if not used for months.

  6. N to the E to the D over at Philippine dreams, was that as much fun for you to read as it was for me to type😠 two eegs in the morning covered with Tamarack. It’s a orange color spice that has little to no taste but after about three days you should notice your pain dissipate.

  7. The wear and tear on your car system is not worth risk. Car batteries already not lasting as long because of electronics in cars. Buy a generator and quit trying to buck science. If it was a good idea everyone will already be doing it. Car batteries are designed to start the motor not run high demand electrics. You can get good quality generators with clean syne wave inverter built in.

  8. Alternator won’t keep the battery charged if you have a large draw through the inverter. You are liable to damage the alternator and your car battery. You might consider a few deep cycle heavy duty batteries in parallel and a good charger for when NORECO turns back on. That’s worked for me In Valencia since 2016 for “brownouts” of a few hours. No need for solar…just the power bank. I have four deep cycle batteries to run the inverter. Have never run out even with full-day blackout.

  9. If you would like I can send you the answer using ohms law and actual figures. As that will take me a good half hour to explain I dont want to do that unless you really want my opinion. Reply and let me know.

  10. Hello Ned! How about purchasing a diesel generator? Then, keep jerry cans of diesel fuel at the house so that you can cycle the diesel into your car and always have fresh diesel on hand for the generator. Alternately a LPG generator with a large tank would be my first choice!

  11. PREGNANCY BACK PAIN, Hey mate, get some pure lavender essential oil (safe for babies and boosts their immune system) and 250ml oil (olive oil is good) and add 30 drops lavender oil to the 250ml olive oil. Keep in dark place, cool area. Massage her lower back, buttocks included, up to her ribs. Bum area use your thumb and palm in circular motions. Firm but gently. From buttocks to ribs, the muscles on each side of the spine, use your thumb (side of the thumb, NOT tip) and from the butt muscle work up on each side in small circles working your way up to her ribs. You can go further up to the neck which will help relax for the transferred stress in that area. Remember, always move up towards the heart rule. Neck and shoulders move your thumb from spine outwards. Be gentle and repeat rather than hard. She should fall asleep after. Also her little feet. Focus on the outer ridge of the sole. Same movements with thumbs and palm. When you are done. Let her lay on her back, take a soft towel, loop around her ankles and over into the center like a fish knot so you have the length of the towel layed out below her body. Stand firm with your legs, as you have back issues, do NOT use your arm power to pull, stand legs slightly bent and arms at your side bent at the elbow, and LEAN BACK using your body weight to pivot on your legs. Pull gently away from her body. Tell her NOT to tense up but RELAX. Pull until she about moves. Your using her body weight to control how much pressure you are applying to the pull motion. Pull to that point, hold for count of 5, relax and repeat 5 times or less. Keep safe mate and blessing.

  12. if you had some time to train yourself to become a physio therapist
    i would recommend two youtube searches:
    1. prenatal back massage
    2. prenatal yoga
    this could take some work, but…
    anyway i’ve really enjoyed the music,
    thanks, ned.

  13. Only because you’re asking for advice. Find a nice piece of property and build a house get yourself as self-sufficient as you, fruit trees nut tree solar water.

  14. You can buy pure sine inverter snadi/snat (5500 pesos) rated at 1kw 12v that can charge batteries if the utility power is on without solar array like a UPS. And use it if the power is out. Deep cycle batteries cheap but heavy, lithium ion or phosphate expensive but lighter and last longer as long the batteries has bms (battery management system). You may google one-point system in Cebu for the inverter, or check out fb page solar power Philippines.

  15. Here are some ways to find relief from pregnancy-related back pain.
    Exercise the pain away. …
    Try pelvic floor physiotherapy. …
    Practice deep breathing. …
    Seek chiropractic care. …
    Perfect your posture. …
    Treat yourself to a massage. …
    Practice mindfulness. …
    Strap on a maternity belt.

  16. The Asian squat is the best thing for stretching the pelvis. Im surprised she doesnt get advice from her female family members, here they love the witch doctor. Someplace in Manila sells a lithium ion battery for 100,000p Id get two of those and a pure sine wave inverter. Keep em topped up with a few solar panels and a mppt charger.

  17. Hi Ned as John says below a car battery is not sturdy enough and it would cause internal failure. And the startup power draw of an inverter AC on startup is 5 times normal power draw and would damage everything. As you mentioned by others generator or solar route

  18. Back bridges. Do back bridges. She needs to build the muscles that are being stressed by her belly stressing the underdeveloped muscles.

  19. Your suggested setup should work BUT you may be stretching it to run an aircon unit. One thing to watch for would be the loading on the alternator which may cause it to get hot and fail early. On the inverter front there is a LOT of JUNK out there, keep an eye on its temperature when operating, maybe point a small fan on it for better cooling.

  20. To run The inverter air conditioner you will need a couple large batteries. I recommend two 6 V golf cart batteries. Wire them together to get 12v. Then you have the storage to last overnight. Thay will last longer then your car battery. You will also need a 40 amp converter from 220 for converter/ charger. Or A Honda 2200 generates plenty of power for your house and ac. It will run for 8 hours on a gallon of gas and 10 hours with no load. It is 1000$ When I have to live off grid with my RV and this is what I use. It is quiet.

  21. Sorry for her pain. My wife said her core was weak and doing plank for 30 seconds then build by 15 sec increments until 2 min total. Gotta build up the core muscles. It worked for my filipina wife

  22. Power wise, we bought a gasoline generator but we bought it too big. So careful you get the right size. I think using your car is a bad call imho but good thought imho

  23. Hey Ned, kinda went through the other commitments about the inverter and well, you may want a little bit clearer input. I don’t normally give any free advise but I think over the years I’ve gotten quite a bit more then I’m gonna give here… Lol..
    I’m 30 MD Masters HVACR and a mechanical contractor so I may get a little technical on you but I’ll try to keep the head hurt to a minimum. First, a high frequency inverter will not work, you definitely need a LOW frequency inverter. Second, the 250-300w draw on the A/Cis a minimum at its lowest output, not max current draw. At start up even with soft start with a 3/4 hp/ 9000btu A/C you will overload even a 1.5kw low frequency inverter. I would suggest a 3k minimum. Also, amp draw is going to be an issue on start up. The car is a weak link but can be doable if you buy a deep cycle battery for at the house. I would suggest, 3k inverter, deap cell 100ah battery, small trickle charger 5/1.5amp with float will do and a way to hook to the car (if needed) to keep that battery charged when power is down. The 100ah battery will probably last you 3-5 hours consecutively. That way the battery works almost like a capacitor between your car and the inverter as to not over tax your cars charging system. Well that’s it, no head hurt… Lol..
    If you have any questions, just drop a comment and I’ll get back with ya. It’s the least I can do… Stay safe and take care of that beautiful lady 😉 .. your a lucky man…
    Just an FYI, married almost a year, my wife if also Filipino, 23, 4’10 75lb and the best part of my life… I wish you two all the best and nothing but happiness.

  24. I often used a folded up soft towel, folded lengthways like a large belt, just fold it to the size of the dip of your back and lay flat, laying on your side is bad because you can never get your spine in a straight position, a pillow under the back of your knees too can help.


    UPS; I purchased a unit from carousel 2 years ago. I got a 1000w unit
    Its a TRD 12v in 220v out

  26. using your car as a generator…idling your car can cause your head gasket, cylinder rings to deteriorate and stop working this is not the way to go. there is a few ways you can do it but comes at high cost it be cheaper to use a generator or you could go with solar and AGM battery backup… for making your car into a generator it cost cost me $7,000 AUS for my setup good generator $1200 AUS solar setup maybe around $1500 AUS to $4500 AUS for what you need it for…email Enerdrive they are very helpful.

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