New Challenge in Thailand is having Fun. Songkran, Enjoy, oh wait not yet.

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  1. Hi Chuck,
    Some how I was unsubscribed?
    Crazy and not sure why that happened and hope you can contact YouTube if this is happening to others.

  2. What worries me at the moment is no one seems to be announcing any long term plans to deal with this. It is all knee jerk reactions to outbreaks. I don’t think they are that confident that the vaccine is the answer . This is a view from Perth Australia where we have just gone into a lockdown over a holiday long weekend.

  3. 9 months into Quarantine at home and the dog is looking at me like, “See? This is why I chew the furniture!” 🐶Woof!
    Hang Tough Chuck, Pick those Weights up, Hard Exercise burns off Glucocorticoids, Helps with Stess & Depression

  4. Great……at least someone got to enjoy the festivities. Even if it was smaller due to __________. Yes, I was hearing that it was canceled. But….never say never. Aloha

  5. thanks for the views Chuck. I just received my 2nd dosage of Pfizer Vaccine yesterda… i got the pain in the arm, slight fever and tired but that is all u guys stay safe and most importantly be happy.

  6. I have resigned myself to wear the mask to make others feel safe even though i had covid a few months back and got my vaccination , J&J, 2 weeks ago from the VA because a friend asked me if i would even though i had no intention too. I wear the mask for others feel safe now, lol

  7. Hi Chuck.
    Yes the covid shut downs are terrible. Very depressing.
    We have a lot cases in toronto.
    Slowly getting the vaccines.
    At least it’s spring now. No more winter. Let’s hope we all get rid of this nightmare.
    Stay well my friend.
    Rob 🇨🇦

  8. Happy Songkran Chuck Paige Have a great day… live goes on…1 project for u Chuck convert a tuk tuk into electric will be great fun . Minus the sound n smoke… Et.

  9. Mixed feelings about covid but I do tend to agree with you my niece in the uk did suffer with it but is on the mend now just feeling a little weak

  10. Hey Chuck and Paige, a very happy Songkron to you and the family. It was very quiet here in Bangkok during Songkron and that was just a little weird. We were in Pewly’s home town last year and they had the traditional type Songkron where all the elder people set in a row and the younger people come along and pour water on their hands. It was very different and they included me in the old people row.

  11. That big red flower amaryllis, my garden is full of them……. Roadway looks like an obstacle course…… Not offended by your sarcasm, just be yourself and stop apologizing all the time…. if people do not know you by now they came find an other channel….Just like Oxtail soup…..

  12. Almost guarantee a few folks turned your video off when you stopped near the end of your bike right de to speak. They won’t see or hear your apology nor the reason you said what you did. Hell I imagine a few unsubscribe, oh well. People should just stop and think once in awhile or stop letting little things bother them so much! Well, Chuck thanks for the video again. You all take care, we hope to be there around the end of July.!

  13. It may be a quiet now but this too shall pass. Thanks for letting me in on your life and quiet or not I would trade places in a hot minute. You lucky devil, LOL.

  14. Covid is getting old. Not being able to travel internationally is a serious disappointment. At this point I don’t even care about Thailand, would happily go elsewhere.

  15. Thanks for showing us the town very enjoyable 👍🏼happy new year aka songran chuck and Paige and family 🙏 next year will be much better

  16. Chohn Gaaeo! To you and your extended family 🍻
    These difficult times shall pass my friends, hopefully sooner than later!
    Thank you for sharing

  17. Unfortunately, your videos are past news. Not sure if USA has correct information about Thailand’s knew news on ( you know what ) Please be careful with your Social Distancing as of today. Your in our news recently by the increase there in Thailand. Be happy and be aware. XXOO

  18. The strategy dose not seems to work and still _more of the same._ Economy will be killed and the money that we needs for our children is wasted on the old. i think the average age for dying _with_ covid in UK is something like 82.

  19. Always when downloading a new video it is too late, for example, this video is on April 12 and downloaded on April 25, there is no suspense and an update should correct this problem, thank you🖐🖐🙏🙏

  20. It’s good that you guys were able to do the most important part of Songkran if not the most fun. Oxtail soup 🤤 one of my favorites in any country. Thanks for sharing Chuckee, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  21. It is so sad to see your obvious disappointment in this year’s Songkran celebration. But I’m still going to wish you and Paige the best for the rest of the year.

  22. You will not like my comment…but I can not believe you actually participated in throwing buckets of water at vehicles! Have you ever been on the receiving end, especially when they put powder in the water? Or on a scooter when the driver is blinded by water or water with powder? Totally not a safe situation. I know you probably don’t care and just do what everyone else does because they do it.

  23. Things will get back ti normal at some point of the time – words of the wise! Point is to enjoy the moments in each day – you are truly helping us to do just that Chuck😎😎

  24. Chuck, I love your comments on the pandemic and life overall. I wish I could think and feel like you everyday. Maybe I should get a bike and just ride everyday 5 to 10 miles to clear my head. You called it cow tail, we call it ox tail soup n Hawaii. The ox tail itself is very expensive even at the military commissary, the ox tail soup at the local restaurant are super expensive for one bowl. Lucky my mother-in-law (Vietnamese) knows how to make the ox tail soup. Stay Safe You All!! This video was super and got me thinking?!?!🙏🏼🌟🌟👍

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