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  1. Oh yeah Rod this would be closer to my style unless I found a bargain like Ken & Lyn found in Sibulan. Pray the scamdemic comes to an end soon. Thumbs up Rod!

  2. Informative video and unique subject at the same time, but still interesting not the less. Thanks, Rod, for another great sharing. Good luck and wish you all the best. Be safe, stay safe, stay alert! Best regards/Ned πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Thank Rod for great video, your friends house is a little expensive at 15k even if it was fully furnished with A/C in every room, now days prices are way down even for huge 10 bedroom house with 2 swimming pools (one is kiddie pool) price before pandemic was 90k and now it’s 50k per month with one year lease, here in Suba Basbas Lapu Lapu.
    I mean all rental property are much cheaper today and honestly this Covid I don’t think will end very soon.

  4. Hi Rod , thanks for another interesting video very informative as usual like most of your content. I watch a lot of vloggers from the Philippines to try and get a better understanding of the place for a future visit, some vloggers mainly just sit in front of the camera and like to promote and show there young girlfriends off.

  5. Useful video Rod. Some videos tell rents and some videos tell purchase price. Hard to find a video that tells both about the same unit. So it’s kinda hard to get a sense of “return on investment”. (The annual rental income you could expect to receive from investing in a condo or townhouse expressed as a percentage). This return on investment may be different in different places. It takes both figures to calculate. Hard to find both figures in any videos. It’s always one or the other. This video is already useful but, giving both figures would make your video even more useful.

  6. Love these types of videos Rod,Great to see people starting to get around again too.I have just one complaint…please stop teasing me with how great the Philippines are and how awesome the Filipino people are….I know and I miss it so much.Stay moving.Cheers,Rob.

  7. Rod. Another update. JRC did my 13A at warp speed. It was filled in Cebu on Jan. 12 Then sent to Manilla and approved Feb.11 *** one month ! Are you kidding ?? If you dont use JRC for ALL your visa needs your gambling!!! Im approved and HAPPY. !!!!

  8. Cindy & I thought about getting a place like that but decided to stay put because of needing internet without interpretation.

    Papa can often tell where a video was filmed by the style of the trikes. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ‘

  9. Good video Rod. I have been trying to find a house and lot in a particular area of Naga CamSur without much luck. There are houses for sale exactly where I want but they have title problems Or, it’s rented to tenants who will refuse to leave. This being the case I’m looking at buying both sides of a new build duplex.

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