Nice Place to Eat: Lindai’s Buffet in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines oh OK..I’m a cook and baker..but I don’t go for eat all you can..I don’t eat a lot.

    2. @Rona Pestilos yes.. all you can eat.  i’ve been to a lot of buffets in my life so i know a bad one when i come across it.  but this one i would give about an 8 out of 10 rating.  (10 would be the really nice buffets i’ve only encountered in las vegas and san diego casinos).

    1. @Bularized sometimes i use a monopod, other times a tripod.  i’ve also mounted the camera to my helmet for road trip footage.  plus and underwater housing as well.

  1. About the girl in the background.. her (real) name is Bea.  Technically she’s my ex/gf but we only dated romantically for about a week before discussing the whole “kids” issue and decided to just stay as friends.  She is a wonderful woman and I have pondered much about extending to her the same exception I’ve made for April, regarding kids.  But it’s better we just stay as friends so, we have lunch or dinner every so often.  (we’re catching a movie later tonight, in fact)  But we’re not a couple, she is looking for person who can commit and my own search continues.  (In fact, it was Bea who introduced me to her close friend, the “girl in white” in the Tanjay Mangroves video from a few weeks ago.)  In the meanwhile, we enjoy a good friendship.

  2. What good is a buffet that offers 40 plus items and most of it sucks? Quality is better than quantity and Lindai’s looks fine for meeting my 3-plate chow down.

    When are you going to Baguio (Luzon) where the temperature is in the 70’s year round and half of the population of 300,000 is college age?

  3. your life there seems so fruitful, i am so jealous lol, the place s you go and show us, all look beautiful the cost living living there seems very cheap, especially to me being a Brit, i am very impressed with the beautiful girls there, 

    The life there seems very stress free to here in the UK. how wish sometimes i was there.  Dean from the UK

  4. Hey Henry, always wondered while 170 peso’s  is pretty cheap for us westerners, eating out must be relatively expensive for  locals. For instance If a person is earning say 400 pesos per day, hell that meal is almost half there days wages or are the majority of Filipinos earning a lot more that this?

    1. @King Kev minimum wage is around Php485 in the cities. Minimum means starting salary or for unskilled jobs like in grocery or a trainee salary. Then it could go higher as their career progresses.

    2. @King Kev A day’s wage here will vary depending on the area, the job, experience, etc.  I’d ballpark a daily wage more along 575p per day, but your point is a good one.  175p works out to 30% of a day’s wage.  But I’ve seen a variety of people there at the buffet.  Mostly older couples, one time a table of locals in their 20’s, so it all depends on what their income is.  Over at the McDonald’s I see lots of students since there is free wifi and they can get a meal for anywhere from 90p to 150p.  I would guess many of them are given an allowance by whoever is funding their education.  (parents or relatives)

  5. You have given me a few good places to eat in Dumagette. I also like the one love cafe. I love Caribbean food. I will be coming to live in Cebu for 5 months beginning in November of this year. I will have to come and visit Dumagette and hopefully can set something up to meet you and have lunch while I’m there. Great videos and subjects. Your a good honest man. Hope you find a good woman to share your life with. All the best. Rik

  6. Great work Henry the food does look real nice and so does the lovely young lady too bad she is just a friend but it’s great to have a dinner date as well.

    1. @Neil Yakuza thee are 3’s here in Duma.  i like the one across the street from the Pick&Carry phone store (i heard those owners also own  good selection of filipino food, very good prices.  sometimes music is too loud but other than that.. i enjoy the place.  🙂

    1. @Rosita Morstad and for me, it’s fairly close to home-cooking so it’s a nice option to have for when i don’t feel like cooking.  🙂

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