NORWAY Road Trip in 4 Minutes (4K)

This is a cinematic Norway Roadtrip travel video from our adventures across the country. On our 2019 Norwegian Roadtrip, we visited Stavanger, Kjerag, Lysebotn, Langfoss, Bergen, Nigardsbreen Glacier, Geiranger, Trollstigen, Alesund and Lofoten (in that order).

Song 1 – Wicked Winds – Mazde
Song 2 – By Your Side – LissA & Mazde
Go check out Mazde and LissA – Two of my favourite artists!

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  1. Hey everybody just started channel and would really appreciate if you all go subscribe to it. This channel is amazing and it inspired me to create a travel channel and I travel a lot so it would really mean a lot if you want to go subscribe to my channel. XOXO

  2. I’m from Norway and I can confirm this video is fake. No rain in any of these clips.

    But for real tho, awesome vid, you picked the perfect time to visit Norway 🙂

    1. yeah.. it’s strange to think about how i’ve been to many other countries all over the world, but haven’t even been to the best places in my own country x)

  3. All road trips need to be done in EVs..
    Charge points every 50 miles is faesable and an app to book in (or a shop and place to get our heads down.. If the charge point isn’t free..)

    Premier inn

    Where there’s beds there needs charge points..

    Nice hybrid lexus tho…
    I wanted one until I realised burning oil is heating the planet..

    This planet is screwed waaay before it should have been..

  4. THX for keeping it under 5 minutes for people with short attention spans. Especially for a country that I have no interest in. Impressive editing! Please continue on your fantastic voyage Mr. LeBlanc

  5. Dude, amazing video! I always wanted to go to Norway, but this is icing on the cake! Also LOVE how you put this together, short and to the point, and leaving me wanting more.

  6. The part from 1:57 until the end was so masterfully done. Christian, you are an absolute boss with those edits. You put so much care and emotion into them. The result is absolutely incredible.

  7. I’ved loved Norway and I’ve seen the most beautiful landscapes of all my travels and I can’t wait to go back to check out all the places I’ve missed… Beautiful video. I’m amazed !

  8. Question: why do most travel videos look like these hyper-energized spastic “experiences”-driven pieces of shit? Also, why are these video’s always accompanied by some variation of the same sterile beat-driven muzak theme tune? And even the “inspirational imagry” is always some variation of the same boring shit (image in the mirror while driving, running on the beach at sunset, “awe-inspiring” drone shots). What are people who make these videos actually going for? ‘Cause it feels as “inspirational” or “authentic” as a car commercial. Are you paid by tourist agencies to “sell” us some kind of “travel-lifestyle” (that feels totally fake and shallow btw)? Also, watching videos like this I always feel like the people who make them primarily travel “to make a cool video”. Aight, Paus out!

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