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Vlog#861 Where do we go from here? This just might be the best time for me and Paige to travel around Thailand. Lets get the show on the road already.
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Samsung Galaxy A7 (used during all Live streams)
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Edit Program: Magix edit pro 2018 (Primary Edit Program)


  1. It is nice to see that You two have found each others soulmate and make the best out of life for the time You have together. Keep it up. I like how You also show the culture beside the touries as that is what going to foreign countries should be about. Learning !

  2. forget the deals, come to pattaya. and experience luxury living, stay in one of many 6&5 star hotels, eat lobster and filet mignon steak, look at one of many luxury cars driving through the city..(lambos.RR.etc) or just kick back on our world class beaches,

  3. I had a really tough day at work then this video notification pops up. I now have a smile. Only 8 more months and I will be retired and living in Tha Khanto. I look forward to meeting you guys.

  4. Come on you’re a little happy that we can’t come to Thailand that means you have all those places to yourself at cheap prices 😃 j/k (kinda) Looking forward to your adventures almost as much as you, food is at least 30% of the reason I love Thailand, it’s torture but I love seeing all the different foods at the markets and restaurants. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  5. I am really looking for your trip as I can’t be in Thailand 😢 your videos are the next best thing safe travels chuck, page and the mafia

  6. Yup, I am done for the year too I am going to make it end this weekend. I am lighting a few bottle rockets tomorrow. for the forth of July. I am handing out candy tomorrow for Halloween and throwing a turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving, and cooking a ham for XMas on Sunday and drinking a bottle of champagne Sunday night for News Years….

  7. Looking forward to travelling through your videos and I wish I had a mafia mother-in-law who would cook for me LOL can’t wait to see your travel blog

  8. G’day Chuck.
    Chad from CB Media is doing a tour on Koh Samui at the moment, and he went to the 2 most popular beaches for tourists on the island. He was sitting on those beaches having a beer alone. Not another human in sight. I think it will be good timing for yourselves to visit without mass tourism from overseas.

  9. Good morning from the north west of England it’s 01.34 and can not sleep so just watched your video chaweng beach near the airport is probably the best area on koh samui don’t know when it is reopening but there is a restaurant called backpackers which makes amazing food I love it there 😀 can’t wait to be able to fly back to Thailand as soon as they allow us back in again 🙄

  10. สวัสดีครับ คุณ ชักกี้ & น้อง ปุ๊กกี้ สบายดีไหม จ้ะ การจองที่พักช่วง โควิด สามารถ เปลี่ยนแปลงได้ ถึง นาที สุดท้าย ไม่แน่นอนเลย อาหาร น่าทาน มาก ทำให้พี่แพท หิวตลอด อิอิ

  11. Congrats on 39k Subscribers, we hope your channel grows into millions of Subscribers, hope a Awesome Lovely Jubble trip guys, we got our New GPS now so we will be doing some travelling too Cheers Chuck and Paige, oh by the way Great Thai issan music, we been to Koh Samui and love it

  12. Enjoyed the video today, things becoming more exciting with the planned road trips in the near future. Can’t be there, but sure enjoy seeing thru your eyes et al. I’d be happy with quiet beaches and the cold beer and food too. Someday this crap will end and if I can afford a flight over since the craze, I’ll be looking for you guys to enjoy a Leo…have fun traveling again


  14. I love it but I’m sure it is just coincidental. You are wearing a Galveston T-shirt on 19 June. On the 19th of June 1865 the Union Navy arrived in Galveston and announced that Lincoln had freed slaves. They were the last slaves to find out. 19th June is a huge holiday now for blacks in America. My black neighbors are partying now. It’s call JUNETEENTH. You knew that. Right? Love you 2. Hope to see you soon when they let me back in. Oh, is that That lady with YouTube channel SINGLE?

  15. I hope you go to markets and eat street food in Khorat. Lots of gorgeous Thai women from Khorat and they really do have a distinct Lao/Thai mix in the way the people look, the food and culture. Thanks for your amazing channel.

  16. We all want it to be over Chuck. Unfortunately I don’t believe it will ever go back to what we once knew. I don’t think that will be allowed in the new global society. Enjoy while you you can.

  17. May I have the recipe of what your mother-in-law made looks delicious? The stir fry part not the chicken curry or the rice, thank you from San Francisco

  18. AWESOME———(You are so Lucky) ———–BUDDHA BLESS YOUR FMAILY!!! Have a wonderful time and while you are gone I will mailing your box!
    Have you ever taken a train ride around Thailand?

  19. A little tip if you want to do a slow-mo video clip like the one you included of the food in Karrat, use a higher fps on the camera if it’s available. It will make the video smoother when you slow it down. Keep up the good work.

  20. Samui is quite a big island. beaches in the south to rocky for swimming. i spent a month there, Lamai area. is really nice. . Koh Phangnan is very cool nicer beaches . Even if you go full moon you can go the the north side beaches there are nicer to get away from party town at Tommy resort. There is also another island near by Koh Tao. wish i was still there. I’m stuck in florida.

  21. Your father in law makes tuk tuks, just a suggestion, i would make myself a custom tuktuk to go places, even ladies can use it to go to market with bucket and storage , would be fun project

  22. I think you can take your SUV on the Pattaya to Hua Hin ferry. Quick way to get across the gulf and save some driving. It’s about 2 hours and would make an interesting video!

  23. I miss Thailand tremendously, I make it by living vicariously through watching your videos. Thanks, I’ll hopefully be back next year.

  24. “Give me a Holla”……. I don’t even know you. lol Ya know because I’ve watched a lot of your videos and never heard you say that. (I think)

  25. This is the best time traveling in Thailand, gas is cheap, hotels are eager to get customers, places are serene but it is only possible for people who are financially free like you! I have to work another 12 more years before retirement. I can travel just few days per year.

  26. Just an idea seeing you have an oven , why don’t you make them baked dinners or casserole dishes on the hotplate in the pot , they just might like it .
    Vary it a bit instead of chop chop , wok wok most of the time.
    Not saying their cooking isn’t delicious far from it , just a different in house eating experience ?.
    Our food takes longer in the oven or cooking in the pot but done properly can be really tasty but one has to get it right .
    I am pretty sure you are up to it after seeing the bread and croissants you have made .
    I can see they trust and enjoy your cooking .

  27. Love the videos . Me and my wife are currently in the UK trying to get back to Thailand will hopefully be able to enter in August . Enjoy the epic tour and keep the videos coming 👍

  28. Went to koh samui in 1981 by long boat we stayed at Peace bungalows 50 cents a nite and they had a pavilion in the middle .they had a kitchen at one end of the pavilion and tables though out . A old coke cola cooler with cold beer and whiskey . Small motorcycles to rent. Everything was ridiculously cheap. At night we would walk down the beach and visit other bungalows ,had a lot of fun. I hear they wreak it with hotels and resorts and millions of tourist. Something you can go anywhere and get. Just saying.

  29. OMG Chuck, Mafia outdid herself. The cashew chicken and green curry looked amazing. I could taste it through the screen. The excitement of traveling again can be felt too. So happy for you guys. I spent the morning getting school uniforms and will be stuck here in Roiet until the next break from classes. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures. I feel like I’m there with you and get a much needed relief from the monotony of raising two children in Thailand. Travel safe and enjoy the new freedom. Can’t wait for this trip to start!

  30. Check out “Pico Beach Bungalows and restaurant in Samui
    Lamai Bayview Resort
    or Cinnamon Beach Villas

    All run by friends of ours in Samui

    Have fun
    and Blessings to both of you

  31. i miss Thailand and delicious thai food, Goa Samui and Goa Phangan are very beautiful places, in my opinion Goa Phangan is heaven on Earth.

  32. Is not too hot to travel? Can you be outside during the day? In the dark everything looks the same and in the day everything is green. Green makes me too tired. like more bangkok and building, market…

  33. Your travel plans sound wonderful. I hope everyone enjoys the beach, and even more so, the adventure along the way. Please stay safe, and of course, keep us posted on the festivities!

  34. My wife is working at a hospital near Chumphon (!), me on the other hand are stuck in a suburb outside Stockholm, working from home… Since many months. All flights cancelled.

  35. Thank you for cleaning the inside of my screen at 17:40
    I’m only at half of this video and it tends towards a Subscriber Tour Summer 2020
    Perhaps you need to rent a bus, and have “The Magical Chuck&Paige Tour” painted on it 😀 . what a journey ahead

  36. Got to do the circuit of islands. Don’t miss out Koh Tao! My personal heaven on earth. Leave the car in Samui (fishermans village is nice with a night market). Lomprayah ferry good and fast to Koh Tao. Many good places to eat, beaches and nice rain forest in the middle. Best diving centre in the world, Master Divers. Have fun.

  37. Wish I could join you for a beer when you stop in Cha am, but I’m stuck in the States right now. Go say hi to Rach’s Beach Bar for me (it’s a little south on Soi Ruamjit, a/k/a beach road, from the main part of town)

  38. When u are near cha am u should visit another youtuber, Simon ” Lost in Thailand” and support his new resort. Would be fun for your viewers to watch!

  39. This is one trip i’m so much looking forward to watching ..Not just to see the face’s of the mafia not having seen the beach once ,but how much Samui has changed once you get there .The videos iv’e watched since i was last there in 2008 reminds me (not that iv’e been ) Ibiza crowd 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  40. on your return,,, take the ferry from Hua Hin to Pattaya,,, then continue over to Koh Chang and island hop those beautiful islands.

  41. Can’t wait to see your next videos and places you’re visiting .. roll on March and fingers x we can enjoy our next holiday there 😀☀️

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