1. Thanks for the video , I seen a similar one the other day with a terrible angle and about half a second showing the whale open it’s mouth near the kayak and then they dropped the camera and a minute or so of the camera person’s leg. 😂
    Anyways you found some great footage 😎👍

  2. That’s nothing, in ras Muhammad in the Sinai vacation resort , 3 people were bitten by an oceanic white tip shark 🦈, a 11 year old boy was killed. His mother injured , and a dive instructor lost a leg . It was covered up by tourist police . But obviously it leaked . Oceanic white tips are well known as ship wreck scavengers. Probably the most aggressive shark to humans.

  3. Well they wanted an up close and personal whale encounter… they got it! They interviewed one of the ladies on the news she said she had fish in her shirt when it was over, possibly a new fishing technique 👍🏼
    Thanks for sharing Chuckee
    Cheers 🍻

  4. They definitly showed you how to catch a big fish chuck………And they sure enough had 2time2bsad 😂🤣😅
    Luckely those blue whales only eats plankton…….So always bring a big dagger on open sea…lesson learned (just to be sure)
    He probably mistook the kayak for a big banana

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