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  1. I really with you on relationship problems with real young Filipinas. I know when I was in my late teens and early 20s I sure the heck wasn’t mature & changed a lot. I have to laugh when guys date kids and complain that they act like a kid. lol

  2. Paul, I’m sure you’ve taken vaccines before.
    Anyone (over 16) who wants a vaccine, can now get one (US).
    I just checked on the CDC website and these are the numbers: by the end of May, there will be enough vaccines for everyone; since Pfizer and Moderna require two shots, all could be vaccinated by the end of June two shots of Pfizer are three weeks apart, Moderna four weeks); at the moment, only Pfizer is authorized for 16-17 -year -olds.
    Maine has the highest percentage of vaccinated people (58%; Mississippi is at 30%,), but most states are above 40% vaccination rate; all New England states are above 50%.
    In about three months, we should be at herd immunity (70 to 90% of the population); I got my first shot (Moderna) in early April and my second is scheduled for the 6th of May; one schedules online and then is given different locations and times to choose from); I was lucky in that there’s a hospital (walking distance from where I live; and there were many openings to choose from); I asked the lady that gave me the shot how many they gave a day (at that location) and she said 260 people, but there are places that give out thousands daily (convention center, stadium parking lots, where you need not get out of the car, they come to your window and voilà, you’re on your way in less than two minutes; one must stick around for about fifteen minutes in case one has an adverse reaction; most people only feel a little soreness for the first 24 hours; that was my case; after that, it has been smooth sailing; one cool thing about the hospital (catholic by the way) where I had mine: for the first five days they’d text me and ask me how I was feeling or if I had any adverse reaction; now, it’s once a week until my second shot next month. My wife was vaccinated (at a pharmacy) two months ago (her job is deemed crucial to the economy)🤭
    We travel a lot, so we have no choice but to get a vaccine, even if we didn’t want it (we wanted it though); many companies are giving a small bonus to be vaccinated; mine is giving the bonus ($100+ one extra day of vacation )🤭 most of our family lives in Europe or in the Philippines, so wanted to be ready when one is allowed to travel; my mom is eighty-one and initially didn’t want it (she felt she’s healthy and didn’t want to fool around with the vaccine); friends and relatives were able to convince her and she gave in🤭 (she lives in Europe and also got the Moderna one).
    Unfortunately, these vaccine distributions are moving not fast enough in poorer countries (life is not fair after all), but in the US,

    they had bet billions for this, not knowing this would work out); vaccines normally take seven to nine years to develop, but this was an epidemic and urgency was needed, before we all died).
    These updates are the latest (23rd of April); there are apps where you can check all the latest numbers for each country in the world (they’ll give you the infection rate, the recovered rate, the death rate). I try to check daily for the counties where I have relatives and friends, and see if the numbers are improving).
    These are difficult times, unheard of for anyone living today. Please remain calm, stay positive and THIS shall pass.
    Love you all and God bless.
    PS: I like your videos Paul, even though I’ve been married to my Pinay wife for a long time; I try to compare my experience with many here, but so far my story is different (in many ways). I have the most wonderful Pinay one could imagine; words cannot describe her; I’m truly blessed in having her (I’m not implying that all was perfect; it’d be somewhat boring if it was perfect all the time).
    I realize I’ve written too much, but wanted everyone to know it’s all about respect; do that with everyone you meet and karma normally works. Peace and LOVE.

  3. Hi Paul, I totally understand you as far as not being tech savvy … I kinda flumble my way through to some degree of functionality. I have to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Siii and i do not have any techie friends to guide me through this hurdle and yes, I do need an IT department. You found someone to help you and I hope you get everything set up the way you want it, good for you!
    When I came into the workforce a secretary was called a secretary and that’s all there was to it, as to when did it change to ‘administrative assistant’ I do not know but I fail to understand the reasons behind it … crazy! Have a good day Paul & Baby Mae!

  4. I reckon name and shame the bloody bastards Paul and don’t worry if there’re female/Filipina’s either!!! You should feel disrespected, because they are stealing your own ideas! Yeah, if you motor mouth your ideas publicly, then of course people will use that opportunity because as you said information is power, but it’s pathetic they can’t generate their own ideas.
    No dude, name and shame them – you can’t tell a story and go 50% and leave out the rest, if your gonna tell a story, go the full 100% or it ain’t worth lelling.

  5. Guam is a United States territory and as such it is America, like Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands. It is know as where America’s day begins.

  6. Nice to hear you are getting the wireless mics straightened out. You will have a good setup for your future great videos. God bless you and baby Mae

  7. Paul it starts off with someone admiring you. Then you help them. Then they bad mouth you about what a jerk you are. The closet people are the ones that will hurt you the most.

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