Old Dog with Special Guest

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Special Guest A.J. from the sandbox in Phuket Thailand



  1. Thailand Pass – if you are vaccinated you can enter with a PCR test before you fly and a PCR test when you arrive. You are required to stay in an approved hotel 1 night while you wait for your PCR test result. If you are unvaccinated you will have to quarantine several days (10? 7?) in a hotel or in one of the Sandbox areas. The Thailand Pass website and process had a rough start but is supposed to be better now.

  2. You can travel around the Sandbox areas like Phuket, Samui, and some of the islands. However you can’t fly domestically without being vaccinated. I don’t know but I think you cannot take a train unvaccinated. Bangkok allows alcohol sales in restaurants up until 9am. Bar and entertainment opening has been postponed until January 15th.

  3. I bought Thai health insurance (Pacific Cross) when I was 62 years old. I am now 65. I do have a few pre-existing conditions (cataract, prostrate) exclusions but my 10 million baht policy is just less than $2000/year. Routine care I pay out of pocket and the care is excellent and very inexpensive

  4. I am retired in Bangkok. Once you start extending your visa inside Thailand you extend year by year. The financial requirements are 800,000 baht (about $26,000) in a Thai bank OR 65,000 baht (about $2000) per month.

  5. Hi Paul. Can you give me a link where I can buy the microphone that you showed at 04:30? What is the brand and type? Thanks in advance and greetings from The Netherlands 🇳🇱

  6. I traveled with my Filipina a couple of years ago to Thailand. I hired a driver to take us up to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. There’s a world of difference between the Philippines and Thailand. Thailand has the ‘dynamo hum’ . It’s interesting, that I met a lot of Filipinos working in Thai Restaurants.

  7. All of Southeast Asia is opening for business. The Philippines will not be open for 7-8 months. The Philippines shoot themselves in the foot over and over. Not a good sign for the Philippines ‘ future when they can’t vaccinate their population, and everyone else is. Embarassing.

  8. If I was a Filipino, I would be pissed off. Stupid laws about-face shields and children. What a total phuchup! Last country in the world open for tourism. Unreal…

  9. Hey Paul;

    Enjoy watching you’re channel and the scoops on coming to the Philippines and what to watch out for etc. Love you’re laugh and personality i dont know if i could move out there – i could if i really wanted to but im single w/ no kids; and never married ; retired and i think i would be a prime target with the woman out here as i here that ”sperm is worth more than diamonds” over there [he he] . i am chatting w/ a couple of ladies over there as they think i am quite handsome. im glad that you got off the sugar lost weight – now all you have to do is stop smoking wouldn’t you like to know how much money you spent on cigarettes since you first started and get a refund for the full amount ?

    it is hard to resist the low cost of wanting to live over there but you know the old saying ”you get what you pay for” Paul; i think you are a natural on youtube and think you would be a great journalists . Keep up the great work both of you. Best. Dave

  10. Paul I fear for you if you come to the US after the first of the year I strongly suspect that you may not be able to get back on the plane to the Philippines unless you were vaccinated seem to me that that’s the way things are headed just my opinion that with $1.50 when you come you can get a coffee at 7-Eleven

  11. Took me about 45 minutes because I had to change PDF to jpg to complete the Thailand pass I had made a mistake on the date of arrival I forgot to include the new time zone. total about 3 to 4 business days to get confirmation back.

  12. Street food may or may not be healthy as the oil that is used a lot can be old/not fresh and not high quality. My gf carried her own for the vendor to use.

  13. Hey Paul, Just got back from Vegas and I found it a bit depressing there. Lots more homeless and crime I believe because of Covid. Seems like there’s a shooting or homicide almost every few days especially in convenience stores there. I just read that Las Vegas was rated the 10th best city in the world to live. I can’t believe that Vegas is anywhere near the top 100 after having just been there.

  14. Paul I like your friends Gary and now AJ Thank you for introducing us to them and Baby Mae have you looked at PumpkinJoes channel here is in Duma too a good man a family man he is much younger then us though don’t hate him for that LOL and here is a Kiss for Mae😘 hehehe

  15. I have been watching you for a year now and changed out a few others for and others I think you guys are making me grow in knowledge so thanks you I did not know what to think of you but i have seen most of your videos and you have grown on me hehehe and your my go to guy my base and your a stable base🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩

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