One Morning In Thailand And What I Got Myself Into

Today I decided to go up Monkey Mountain in Prachuap Khiri Khan Thailand. Instead of taking the stairs like most sane 59 year olds would, I decided to climb the mountain. As if that wasn’t enough, I work out afterwards. Needless to say I was wore out after all said and done. Thank you for watching. Please don’t forget to like share and subscribe. Follow me on Instagram at joegreenwtf.


  1. Joe working out , means your getting ready for a mission for the Firm, Black ops ,Mekong River jungles .
    I understand , trained killer , pretending to be a retired tourist in Thailand , good cover lol.

  2. That looked like a tough climb. I was out of breath just by listening and watching you go up. 😌 I think in the heat, my 51 year old ass would find it hard too😅

  3. I wanna drag my 59 year old ass up there too!😂
    Thank you for showing that you don’t quite because you get old! But you get old because you quite!
    I’m coming to Thailand as soon as I can.
    Keep vlogging!

  4. stop monkeying around Joe and get something done! What a beautiful spot. Which side is the escalator on? 555
    Hey, is the sala new or did I not just see it before? I was thinking before that you needed out out there to relax in your yard. great video brother

  5. First gift was a bit worried about you it was thoughtful of her to go along and wait at the bottom for you. Second awesome job on the climb up, thanks for filming it people now know what they would be getting into. Part of the trail is similar to one in medjugorje.

  6. sehr schönes video. würde auch gern dort hoch wandern. hoffe eines tages kann ich auch auf den monkey mountain. aber dazu muss ich erstmal wieder meine ausdauer wieder verbessern. letztes jahr hat mich eine lungenentzündung heimgesucht, seitdem habe ich herz kreislauf probleme und habe auch dadurch ich nichts machen kann zugenommen. jetzt ist es zeit für mich besser auf meine ernährung zu achten und abnehmen. ich wünsche euch beiden einen schönen abend und für morgen wieder viel spass in thailand. schöne grüsse aus sachsen anhalt germany 😉

  7. The scenery at the top is unbelievable are there two ways up to the top of the mountain and can’t believe they build a temple at top thanks for sharing. The new bikes you brought how are they working and how comfortable is gel seat might do that on my next bike

  8. Wow Joe, thanks for taking us along. Truth-be-told there is no other way I’d ever see it. I need to stay in Bangkok, as I have enough of a problem with dogs and cats; monkeys would be completely out of the question. Scenery is breathtaking!

  9. Most people in Vietnam wake up very early , about 5 ish and then head for the beach to either have a swim , do some yoga , play some volleyball, football or just bury themselves in the sand for some therapeutic reason. My wife on the other hand wakes up about 8-30 . Beautiful views great blog thanks Joe .

  10. Great job Joe. Reminds me of the stairs at Doi Suthep temple in Chiang mai. They have a first aid station at the top lol. Beautiful place 👍🙏

  11. Wow , you G, I. Joe ed up the side of that mountain like a trooper my friend ! Thank you Joe for the footage great job . Stay safe and enjoy !!! 👍

  12. The monkeys with the baby are more likely to attack, cos they want to protect their baby. I’ve had a few chase me when I’m riding my bike if I got too close. Good job on making that climb up with your bad knee… That looks like quite a climb.

  13. Thanks for a quick glimpse of Ms. Cookie. She is happy as can be. Thanks again.
    That brings back many memories of my days of Humping and Humping and Humping .

  14. hi,,what a great video,,and what a experience the way you went up the mountain,,must of brought back some memories of your younger days training,,i really did expect to see gift at the top,thought she would might have worked out a easy and quick way to surprise you,,lol,,some stunning views from up there,,its been a exercise day for you for sure today,,,time to relax with a cold beer,,,i think i will have one here in the uk,,,,thanks for the video,really enjoyed it,,,

  15. Awesome…my 59 year old ass…lol😋…grest job old man…im 55…i have many surgeries to go …just had my left-hand done yesterday…1 down 6 more to go…maybe after i heal ill climb monkey mountain…you inspired me…thank you….much love Kathleen from the desert in California…very nice vlog…

  16. Spectacular views. I imagine all those flowers in the morning were quite fragrant. You made short work of that climb Joe. You kicked a**, and then went to pump iron. You Rock my friend. Thank you for the inspiration. All the best. Mitch (a real blessing Gift made the ride with you 👍)

  17. OMG!! What a climb!! I’m 62 and would LOVE to climb that! But I’d have to go down the stairs backwards due to both my super bad knees. I think the monkeys would find this human very strange. Hahaha!! Paul hasn’t seen this yet. He’ll be impressed for sure! Glad Gift made the ride part with you. Love to you both. ❤️🙏🏼

  18. Fantastic Joe & Gift! Wonderful views of my favourite place so far in Thailand. Thank you for sharing with us. Happy for the two of you enjoying Prachuap.

  19. Hi Joe ! You did everything opposite like people are usually do !!! Car to scooter to bike !!! Bike to scooter to car !!! downgrade or upgrade, lol ???? Still missing the jet ski

  20. Man, you are a legend walking up that mountain, total respect to you! I’m 64 and got tired just watching!
    You must be pretty fit dude, gess that Gift helps you out? Greetings from UK

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