Osmo Pocket 2 Test Video – My neighborhood in District 1 at nighttime.

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I just bought the Osmo Pocket 2 Creator Edition and I decided to test it out at night in my neighborhood in District 1. Please leave a comment regarding what you think of the video and audio quality of this new device. Yes, I know the video cut off at the end, I hit the end button prematurely.

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  1. Great quality, pictures and also sounds, congrats for this camera. 399 us dollar here in amazon germany, i check it right now. And 4.5 stars. Enjoy the camera, stay safe and healthy there.

  2. The video at a distance seems to be a lot more “fuzzy” or “unsharp.” I noticed some of the faces looked fuzzy. Perhaps not enough lighting (it is night time) or perhaps the stabilization is a bit off. I would be interested in seeing it work during daylight hours. At 35 secs into the video you make a left turn with the camera pointing to a not well lit window (with plants) and the “noise” becomes obvious. (Def due to lack of light)
    At 45 seconds, on the left side is a woman with blue shorts/blue top sitting on a scooter. He face is definitely “smudged.” The closer you got to her the her face became a bit more clear. At 58 secs, the tall lady in yellow clothing is definitely out of focus.
    This “smudged face” becomes really obvious at 1:12 with the man on the left side wearing a green helmet/jacket and black scooter.
    Would love to see how it works in daylight.
    Just my observations.

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