Our Future Plans in Thailand – Self Sufficiency?

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  1. Great to see you both!! I want to go to Thailand for my 7th time but the Thai government makes it very difficult..
    Hope to see more videos!!

  2. The free flow of ideas is essential, and YouTube doesn’t change the rules because there are no rules. You can’t violate a rule that doesn’t exist.

  3. Your idea of sustainability and getting off the grid is pretty interesting.Reminds me of the “Whole Earth” sensibility pioneered by Stewart Brand and those bay area hippies/libertarians back in the 60s.Have you seen “Nomadland”? A whole movement of seniors who are choosing to live off the grid through economic necessity.

  4. I will not take the shot, and I will not get a vaccine passport. Therefore , I cannot travel to Thailand or Vietnam. Sad but true. Thailand is forever unattainable . You will be sorry if you take that experimental gene therapy shot. You will become a genetically modified orgasm (GMO).

  5. I am really glad to see you again, JC. Yours is the best Thailand YouTube channel by far. Watching your videos back in 2016 and 2017 before I moved over here gave me so much to look forward to, even though I’d been a regular visitor for several years before.

  6. Self sufficiency is probably the most important thing in these times of uncertainty and tyranny. Grow a lot of fruit trees my number choice if you have the space.

  7. Always inspiring, love your positive take on things. Wishing you both luck & prosperity on the journey ahead, will be following with luv & best wishes from a fellow expat.

  8. Welcome back on YouTube! Great to see you guys again. Living of the grid hmmm. Where will you guys been doing this? Just asking because of the solar cells/making your own electricity. If you wanna do that like for instance in Pathum Thani: we wanted to put solar on the roof but got discouraged by the government. They protect the electrical company by slamming you with very high taxes and so on…

  9. We are trying to get to Thailand for our 10th visit to our Daughter’s Family (5 Grandchildren) in Tha Sala. The people of Thailand have been wonderful over the years, but some, along with covid, have made it difficult for our return.
    Thank you again JC for your candidness.

  10. Biden is going to announce the new guidelines for covid and the vaccine. The people that have been vaccinated will have more rights and freedom than the unvaccinated. Just another way to divide us and take away our freedoms.
    Good to see you two!
    I’m looking forward to more videos!
    I’m not getting vaccinated so I may not ever get to retire in Thailand.
    I won’t be able to travel internationally unless vaccinated.

  11. Great to see you two are okay. Very smart to be self-sufficient these days. Can you imagine if people had to rely on locally produced food in the US? I’d say 80% of the population would starve within months. Looking forward to more videos!

  12. Great to see you JC and Nat. Missed your level-headed point of view on YouTube and positive energy. However I understand as you said the West has gone off the rails.

  13. So glad to see you! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope to come to Thailand sooner than later! Things are quite crazy here, and I am ready to bail! Take care my friends! ❤🙏

  14. I am so glad to see you guys are back on YouTube. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say thank you for coming back. Look forward to your new project of being self-sufficient and the use of solar panels. I’m building a new house next winter and can use some ideas. I want to be as much off grid as possible but be able to sell my electric to the power company when not using it.

  15. Heeeeeeeeey J C ,, good to see you back again .. I wondered if you had become another of Twitchys statistics 😂😂😂 a lot of other vloggers have taken heed from him dumped their channels and rebooted as their wives channels re their non work visas .
    Mind you they all deny Twitchys the cause 😂😂
    Stay safe J C and Nat , get the Astra Zeneca if you can , just about to get my second shot 👍👍

  16. I have watched many of your videos and you should stick with what you do best. Misinformation regarding the virus and ignoring the medical plans from experts in resolving a medical pandemic is not helpful. People without the expertise needed to discern medical and scientific data, simply unknowingly regurgitate misinformation that is not helpful. Free flow of educated and knowledgeable ideas is important. The free flow of political talking points is not. Baseless political talking points are a poor substitute for education. Please stay safe in Thailand and I hope to see more of your videos about living in Thailand since I hope to return when this virus is better controlled and safe to travel.

  17. Thank you 🙏 for coming back to YouTube. You say the truth about politics everything at Germany 🇩🇪 goes crazy and most crazy goes Merkel she think she can do everything.

  18. Good to see you back JC! My first videos I watched when I started to dream of moving to Thailand! Still my dream and counting down the time I’m in a position to do so! Ignore the negative people and just think of us positive ones 😇

  19. Great idea, young man. This should be interesting. You can do the solar power bit. Most things these days can be run off 12 volts. The inverter process is not efficient and you will lose energy in the conversion process from 12volt dc to 220volt A.C Having the fridge running will be the biggest consumer. You already got Nat’s folks set up with the solar. Air con you can live without. Washing clothes can be done by hand or semi automatic. Can rig a pushbike up to turn the motor.. Good exercise! ..

  20. This is the only social media I watch , I have deleted all the rest because they have become to toxic , and there are to many conspiracy theories, All the negatives I delete and block , love the shirt , haaa

  21. Welcome back JC! Glad that you reject the BS going on here in the west – it’s out of control and can’t wait to get back to Thailand where that shit does not exist. Looking forward to this new direction you’re taking as well!

  22. Hi, JC. It’s great to see you back again. I was wondering if you had given up on making videos. I understand your reasoning for not making videos, apart from all of the negative comments, the last year has been a little like living through an episode of the Twilight Zone. These lockdowns have been a nightmare and in my opinion a very bad idea. There is no correlation whatsoever between these lockdowns and the spread of Covid. All of these countries that let their people know about Covid and gave them information on how to protect themselves have never had a problem with Covid, The only thing that these lockdowns have done is cause severe financial problems for many places around the world, lots of businesses have closed permanently meaning many people have found themselves out of work with no way of knowing when or if they will be working again. This is why your idea about showing people how to be self-sufficient is such a good idea. It is going to take a long time for the world to recover from this Covid situation, and knowing how to look after yourself and feed yourself, etc. is going to be absolutely necessary, And given that this world is within the next year or two going to be going through the worst financial crash we have ever seen, this information is going to be essential. Welcome back, guys.


  23. One of the Oscar nominated movies this year is based on a guy living in his RV (Nomadland). It’s Frances McDormand in the movie. I heard him interviewed. The average social security, he said, is $1200, and he said you can’t live on that in the US. You certainly can in SE Asia.

  24. Covid isn’t about one’s self interests. I wish it were so easy. It’s about science. It’s about helping those who are less fortunate. What we do we do to help the weakest among us. Namely, as for now, the elderly.

  25. Good to see you again. I love the land of Thailand. Been there 4 times. My wife of 15 years was born and raised in Udon Thani. And I have been watching your YouTube for years. But please do not continue bad mouthing America! Freedom has its own suffrage. I know you are aware of the politics in Thailand but not much is ever said about it from anyone living there. We both know the consequences. Americans where able to vote out our King from the last 4 years. That will never happen in Thailand as long as King Vajiralongkorn is in power, The riches king in the world in a poor country. I could go on for a while about Thai authority and how “fluid” it is.

  26. Well said JC. Nice to see your back. We’re living with my in-laws during Lockdown here in Korat my wife’s parents run a farm and we’re self sufficient here Chickens Fish fruit veg so we’re ok, I do Solar in our other house I’m playing with intent to bring it up to my in-laws farm one day.
    Seems exciting JC look forward to watching
    Big thumbs up.

  27. Hey Bubba ! – Good to see You & Sweet Nat !!! – Well, I survived the past year without getting the Covid Crap, ….But now I’m a year older and closer to the end game!! – Still have not sold the home here in Vegas, but will be soon ,and getting a new passport so I can get the Hell outta this county full of ignorance , and go die elsewhere in peace !!!

  28. Glad to see you back…we started construction in PKK….over in a few months….Good luck, we’re going to put some self-reliant power in as well….keep at it, stay safe.
    Oh, and your data questions are spot on…

  29. Very happy you are doing well. You are one of the small percentage of enlightened individuals that truly understand what is happening in the world. I don’t blame you for keeping out of the way of the mind controlled lunatics. Good luck with the future.

  30. Welcome back JC, I thought you were disappeared by the YouTube haters for ever , I guess they achieved there objective up to this point, I watch several other Thailand vloggers all under attack by the YouTube hate crowd , just let them dwell in there own hate. Looking forward to your new Thailand topics.

  31. Thanks for coming back to YouTube JC and Nat, I really am looking forward to seeing what you do with your self sufficiently project. I think you really nailed it with regard to the west going bananas. Keep up the good work.

  32. JC it is wonderful too see that you are back! I enjoy your informative vlogs though I do not always agree with your POV – you have actually angered me on occasions; but hey what the heck. All the best to you and Nat.

  33. I’m slowly going of grid here on the farm, yes in Thailand. I lived on a sailboat for several years and depended on solar, wind and batteries. The main thing I learned was, you won’t save money by going green. If your not maintenance inclined going green isn’t for you.
    Glad your back.

  34. Agree totally! Here in Florida, one of the few States left that is run by conservative , (rebublicans) that still have their common sense wits in control.

  35. Hello JC, I watched your blog since 8 months! Nice to hear from you again👌😉 Now I’m living in Khon Kaen since 2M & look forward in meeting you personally if possible? I really loved the spot of your last video, may I ask you where was it taken? I’m Swiss retired citizen of 64Y, but for sure not a Geek… So I have computer & mobile, but no PayPal account or any internet services! As per these reasons I’d like to meet you & if common interests I’ll then pay you cash my membership? Hopping to seeing you soon kind regards to both of you, take care 🙏

  36. Glad to see your vids again JC. As you mentioned things are insane in the US, but I think saneness is striking back and saneness has some momentum right now. There is a battle going on.

  37. Jc love it my ancestors were Romany gipsy here in uk and lived on the new forest and yes lived off the land rabbit pheasant grew food and self sufficient lovely to have Ducks 🦆 chickens 🐓 and grow your own food

  38. JC..Nat…glad your safe and sound…currently explore options to retire to..always look forward to your videos
    sorry about the Haters on the YT…..USA is changeing fast…
    i want OUT.
    Soft …

  39. I wondered what happened to you. I’ve been subscribed to this channel for many year’s under another account. I found your channel because of a food thumbnail and decided to check it out; since then I’ve watched most of your video’s and a few other expat blog’s on YouTube. I’d never even heard the term “expat” prior to your channel. Well, here I am….year’s later having lived my own expat dream for over three year’s now and my spirit better for it. Your channel has improved my life. Please continue to show folks’ there are option’s and improve someone else’s life as well.

  40. Common Sense seems quite rare these days. Glad to see you guys again, JC & Nat! …& to find so many like-minded people on your channel… & like you’ve always said, JC… “There’s always an option!”

  41. Hey JC, so nice to see you and Nat doing well. We’ve moved back to the states from Pattaya in order that my wife can become an American citizen. Once that’s accomplished, we’ll be coming back to Thailand and to Pattaya to be with our daughter who still lives and works there with a local Visa company there. Haven’t heard from Jim McNalis in a while, and hope he’s doing alright. After we get my wife her American citizenship, we’ll be spending 6 months of the year between Pattaya and I’m thinking currently, Da Nang, then spending 6 months here in the states. If things deteriorate more here, who knows……maybe, we’ll spend more time out of the country. Take care JC.

  42. You had a respected focus and brand but you went off topic with your Covid remarks. It was probably good took take a break and figure out what you want to accomplish with your channel. Good luck.

  43. I left your Membership site because it is no longer a site that gives insight into living in Thailand. It became a platform for you political opinion and I don’t want to pay money for that. Drop your political views and get back to what your were doing 10 years ago…..Giving us information about living and traveling in S.E. Asia…. Don’t be the old man who yells “get off my lawn”

  44. COVID simply sped up the process of people leaving Thailand. The Thai gov has gradually been anti-westerner since the coup in 2014. Over the past couple of years the Thai gov has sent a message too westerners. Thailand is fine for a vacation but not so good for expat life or retirement due to widespread racism with Thais. There are many other places where you can build a future as a westerner in Asia. Thailand is not one of them. Vietnam is. The Philippines is. I know this from direct experience. And I don’t have a financial gain in my views. I’m also a renowned analyst so I might know a thing or two about objective analysis.

  45. Geez ! I need a refund for that long hiatus ! lol …but…nice to see you coming round again, I like your perspectives and looking forward to further content..thx for the vid 🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  46. Glad to see you back posting JC. My internet friend you are so very timely as you evolve from the grand master of retirement in Asia to an “offgrid” proponent of living a sane happy life on the land. I paused this vid 5 minutes in because I’m so taken by your present attitude and plan that I just had to comment.
    I am still planning to go to Thailand asap to find some rai in PKK province.
    Your insight into all things retirement are still the best. I hope you can keep encouraging us all with anecdotes and current info to inspire us.

  47. Thanks JC
    I missed your wisdom
    I’m gonna sign up as a member today..hope to meet you and your lovely lady one day..be safe peace

  48. Great to see you back producing videos. I made the giant leap and retired early with my dream of coming to live in Thailand. I did this amongst all the drama and complexities of moving here during all the travel restrictions etc. I finally arrived here in early December 2020 and yes it was confusing, complex, and expensive to do so but it sure has been worth all the effort. I watched a lot of your early videos way back when I was seriously considering the move here and thanks for all the information and advice these videos offered.

  49. I was worried a little, good to see you both. – You are the reason I made it to Thailand and found a very sweet wife in 2018. I am stuck in California at the moment. Maybe after I recall the Governor I can make it back, but I am hoping much sooner than that. May God bless.

  50. JC has forever humiliated himself by promoting the absurd Q conspiracy theory and cherry picking fringe pseudoscience “statistics” to support his paranoia.

  51. Make video’s about self sufficient. You’ll get a lot of views.
    Thailand is a perfect place with solar panels and using rain water. Grow your own food and using compost. Make your own compost with food waste.
    Small personal turbine might even work at times. Make your own solar stoves.
    A lot of potential JC.

  52. At last the legend is back, you two look healthy! I have been following your channel since the beginning, keep up the good work.

  53. Ironically, It’s the U.S. that’s doing well (vaccine rollout) and Thailand exploding (third wave). I was ready to start my retirement in Thailand in July until they increased the quarantine period from 7 days (for vaccinated individuals) back to two weeks. No thank you, I’ll wait until Thailand gets control of the situation. I agree, however, that the U.S. is “off the rails” politically. That’s not going to kill me though. I’ll wait.

  54. A very good channel that I have been following for a while now and like to improve my English with you, thank you very much.

  55. Hi JC good to see you. Off the grid seems like hard work to me and I’ve been blue collar for 45 years “Ouch”. Anyway maybe check out “Toon and Leigh” Thats kinda what they are doing. Anyway best of luck in what ever road you choose

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