Paul and Bud Brown in Dumaguete Philippines

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Let’s Get Caught [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Paul and Bud Brown in the Philippines


  1. I always enjoy this kind of live shows and it seems the chemistry is even better when both are vloggers themselves. I enjoyed when Paul do it with Mark …
    I am so looking forward for Sir Bud to hold the live show with Sir Paul next…
    It is more insightful this way … maybe can even invite Mark to do a 3 person live session..
    How about that guys…

    I am so looking forward to meet you guys in person when the country opens

    Take care and stay safe Sir

  2. Have you introduced Bud before mate? If so I missed it….difficult to watch a live stream when I know nothing of the interviewee.

  3. Ok Paul, Bud, and the rest… You said it was going to happen, here it is. Skype, Viber and others you can use to make toll free calls without having funds on the account but you can’t call or text regular numbers. Keeping a US cellphone – paying the monthly bill + international package, is a minimal expense. So, many decide between Google Voice and Magic Jack.
    MagicJack vs. Google Voice for personal use (Expat)? You know, with Starlink on the way… with a few solar panels there will virtually be NO PLACE ON THE PLANET that you won’t be able to connect to the internet. With either of these, and there are a few other options, they make it possible to make and receive calls and texts to ANY number (including Toll Free numbers) in the US and Canada from ANYWHERE!
    Both are free… oops, no, MagicJack you have to buy the “dongle” and they do charge a fee (currently annual fee of $39.99). You can connect a desk phone to both… oops, wait, you have to buy something like the OBi200 to do that with Voice.
    With the apps for each installed on your phone (Android and Iphone), you have unlimited free calls and texts to ANY US number.
    On your computer? Voice is a website, Magic Jack is a device you have to connect to your computer (If you have Jack connected to your computer, you MUST leave it on constantly to receive calls) or router. Both let you use your Computer/laptop for calls and texts to any US number.
    One-Time-Pins (OTP) Both. 2 Step Authentication/Verification Both. Both have voicemail and voicemail transcription.
    Faxes? Both say they don’t support it “directly” but, I think you can link either with services like “eFax”.

    Magic Jack setup – Some say they had problems with the set-up of the USB device which is simply plug and play, after an online registration process to obtain a phone number. Most said the problem was that they had their browser, Internet Options, security settings set to High. You have to reduce the settings to low to start with, or possibly add a couple of MagicJack URLs to your trusted address list. Voice, of course, being web based, does not have this problem.
    Which is better? That’s your decision but, I chose Google Voice. Being in the Philippines I coordinated with my son to use his cell number to verify (get the code) then after setup was complete, I “un-linked” his number. Now I have a US based phone number for calls and texts that I haven’t paid anything for.
    I have a Smart Phils cellphone, for P449 I get unlimited calls and texts to any network in the Phils and 4 GB of data (You can pay more for larger data amounts but, I have wifi at home so I don’t need more) for 30 days. So I have access to call/text anyone in the Phils, the US, Canada, with no cost other than the Smart package for P449 (currently less than $10) a month. Your thoughts?

  4. So $1500 keeps the lites on, and the ship afloat, but no sailing, correct??
    Meaning, morning folks, no crazy night spending on clubs n pubs, no sailing, meaning, no island hoping or traveling to neighboring countries
    So $1500 does or does not include extras things like health insurance, visa costs (extending time on your visa)???

  5. Cum on, fidelity and schwab covers all ATM costs, so why waste a dime with city bank or any scum bag bank that’s simply ripping one off at $5 plus other bank, plus other fees
    Go with instuites like fidelity and schwab that pick up the tab

  6. Gee on top of cumbersome, time consuming , costly, plus now we have to pay extra to keep USA phone plus international service so zoom can text
    Forget it, fidelity and schwab is so KISS (keep it simple sam) and Free 😜

  7. Bud, when some stranger in FB puts out their βœ‹ to be your friend, just put out your βœ‹ with the middle finger sticking up, just say the others are broke βœ‹

  8. Thats right!
    Solo livestream is the time to interact with the comments.
    With a guest as refined and dignified and gwapo as Bud Brown … I want to hear the conversation/storytelling not have you great story tellers wasting MY time answering comments.
    Good show gentlemen!

  9. Paul: honey, I found the cure for cancer.
    Ex wife: why did it take you so long?
    Paul: silence (buys a ticket to the Philippines)

  10. If the domestic helper steals your money and don’t pay the rent, give a little bribe to the police and they will lock her up. That is the proper response. If you don’t want to lose face, don’t steal. I would make a public announcement on TV at 8pm and tell the whole country what she did.

  11. Speaking about out of stock !! So in N.A., loving, happy, content,honest,comitted to marriage for life , by your side , husband honoring, lovers of family and the unborn!! ETC !! Those females are OUT OF STOCK here !!

  12. You guys are a riot🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣. Please do more live videos like this. I always learn something.

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