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  1. Boiling 🥵 I don’t understand the need for masks other than to hold up banks. Or…my fuse has been lit and the left loonies continue to advance fear so they can control the masses. The world can’t take anymore of this madness.

  2. USA In the next room gets 10 days or 22 days I don’t know which one I was told they are going to be sending a whole bunch of vaccines to Alvasia Philippines was high on their list of the places they wanted to send to

  3. Hi Paul I missed the livestream. Your logic about the vaccine has convinced me to get it. It will probably be required to travel anyway. I am married to a Filipina and had tried to go to the Phils to see her three times but because of policy changes I am still in the US. One of the things that has kept me sain thru all of this is you. I always had your videos to look forward to. Thank You!

  4. Hey Paul, just want to let you know. The SRRV NEW applications were suspended. Current SRRV holders are good to go. While this suspension was going on (I’m told it will start accepting new apps @ May 10th or so) I renewed mine for another 3 years by sending a couple of emails and a bank transfer of just under P3,000. Now I’m good for another 3 years… no visa runs, no trips to BI every few months. Love the SRRV. Currently if you already have an SRRV and get the DFA Endorsement, comply with the other requirements – pre-book quarantine stay etc., You can enter the Philippines NOW.
    I learned a lot about it and I keep up with it so if you have any questions let me know, you have my email from previous discussions.

  5. Have you considered buying a house instead of renting? Since Baby Mae is ultimately going to want a house why not start paying towards one instead of renting? Paying towards a mortgage and building equity is a smart thing to do. Not even sure if you can get a mortgage there though. Just a thought.

  6. Right now over 107 Million people in USA have been fully vaccinated Most of the folks that are resisting the Vaccines are Republicans……Just the facts not My opinion Don’t shoot the Messenger…lol

  7. Things are pretty good out here in San Diego, gyms and stores are open, indoor dining is open again too and life is pretty normal other than wearing masks and some social distancing.

  8. Greetings Paul from a 98° Vegas. Very excited for you and Mae! I always double up on rents when moving so I can take a whole month to make it happen. Keeps us old guys sane. Also, congratulations to you and Mark for outing each other on all of this 🤣

  9. I went to Walmart today for a haircut. It’s hard to believe that a $20 haircut including tip at Walmart is not as good as I can get in Bayawan for 50 PHP including generous tip. Then I went into the optometrist store to buy some eyeglass wipes. I was chased out, because I wasn’t wearing a mask. I don’t wear a mask anymore as I have had both vaccinations a couple of months ago. This plandemic is making me antsy to get back to Bayawan – the US has gotten very crazy in more ways than I can count.

  10. Paul- Do Your research on tech stuff and crypto in general -We have the internet at our fingertips….Use it Brother! Stop listening to Your 5 Guys…

  11. “Sometimes You have to do things for the greater good” Yay! Way to go Paul! Remember all the sacrifices that our parents generation made during World War 2? That’s all We have to do is get a couple shots for Chrissakes! After watching Netflix for a year….What a sacrifice! lol I got plenty of shots in the service…

  12. USA will never reach 70%. They already have more supply than demand and I think they are only at 40/45% that have 2 shots. Many don’t seem to be going back to get the second one. Also on the restrictions, many are already pushing back. I feel like people are just ready to get their life back. Great video

  13. US: Over 230,000,000 shots delivered so far. Things are ramping back up. Economy up 6.8% in April. Mask restrictions easing. I had both shots and feel fine. I am waiting to see when Phils opens.

  14. The stock market is not rigged. People going on TV and trying to convince you of something is another story.
    Investing in individual companies, for a non professional could be dangerous.
    However, index funds and mutual funds have existed for a long time.
    When you buy a diversified index that holds hundreds of companies, over the long term, its highly unlikely that you would lose money.
    All you need to do is buy some amount every month and do not sell when it goes down.
    People lose money, mostly, because they sell during a down market.

  15. We are lucky here in Australia as the entire country is covid free, except when travellers occasionally slip thru the system. I will eventually get vaccinated but am not in a rush cos there is very little chance of infection at the moment. Things are looking bad in other countries and i understand that this is a global problem which wont be solved until All people have had their shots, rich and poor. Best wishes for the Phillipines and yourself of course. J

  16. I have both jabs as of Tuesday. I worry that it will need to get another shot to stay immune within 6 months. Biden wants to give away Pharmacy technology patents, BUT he might rethink now.

  17. I don’t like being required to do shot’s, but you look at India and the new mutations and variants…. It is a changing world, and it might come down to surviving the new world with travel and CCP being the way they are.

  18. Anyone ever wonder why your MMR, mumps, Hep B, Hep A, chickenpox vaccine keeps you immune from infection from those viruses but the Covid vaccine does not?


  20. Always changing the rules to CONTINUE their corruption, AND THEIVERY of foreign tourist. ALL A BIG FAKERY. I’m not their LAB RAT . SO NOW WE WAIT TO GO THERE; Hoping the INSANITY will come to a end, but I DOUBT IT.

  21. Hi Paul, yes blue hair is ok and politically correct for “”older””
    Men Australia most women past their use by date , dye their hair ( on their head..) purple to get noticed. Thank god for hair dye!!!!! Bummer if your colour blind though.

  22. Hello Paul I hope this message finds you well. Paul I have been a subscriber for quite sometime now and please don’t be upset as I am sending you this message just to let you know I have done what you and a lady you interviewed on your channel has asked as she stated she was looking for a boyfriend. She asked to friend her on Facebook which I did and she accepted my friend request. The first message from her she went right to how bad the Philippine economy is, how hard life is in the Philippines and how she has no income. I understand this indeed may be the case but the when trying to meet a person for a relationship money should not be the first subject out of a girls mouth. I would never send money to someone I have never meet before of course and I immediately blocked this person. Again I just thought you would want to know what’s going on within your channel as sometimes woman have hidden agendas and ulterior motives for being interviewed. So sad they would employ such tactics as soon as they open their mouths.

  23. You look like a ripe tomato, Better get some sunblock dog. We locked down when covid first hit in Australia. We took a lot of flak for that and still cope it for keeping our guard up. We are able to go around most days now without masks but now and then we are asked to put them back on. Our hospitals never got overrun and we are gradually rolling out vaccines. Our economy has made a full recovery and because our tourists now stay home the tourism industry is on the mend. The Sinovac vaccine is only being given to the general population in China. The Communist party are giving their members foreign vaccines. The Chinese officials don’t even trust their own products. If they offer you this vaccine remember this fact.

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