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  1. Just a few rain showers here. I’ve been told that typhoons rarely hit here. There was one about 25 years ago that was very bad, though.

  2. We remember well when Yolanda came across our area 2013, Rod, not a lot of rain but the winds were very strong that day. I closed all the windows in our house to avoid suction and our little girl and i sat at the front door, on the leeward side away from the wind and watched the trees almost bending over with the force of the wind. Some houses around us with weaker construction suffered damage, fortunately our house being of more robust construction had no damage which was a good test for our home. Cheers mate.

  3. Thanks for this Rod. For those interested, ‘The Juicy Vlog’ (George and Lucy, a British couple living in Manila) here on You Tube have a live stream running from the 10th floor of their Apartment in Manila.

  4. Whew! I had a six pack of Budweiser waiting for this storm to pass. Watching the storm pass below us on weather radar was an amazing feeling. No high winds here. When it passed 100km South of us here in Cavite the storm center was 175km/hr (108 mph). Just finished the celebration beer.

  5. Winds were bad East Mindanao. Some just returned home from the floods (East coast). Then Rolly hits. Have not got any information of precipitation yet, believe they have lost internet.

  6. Keep safe Rod. Appreciate the information about what’s happening with the storm. Being a “Florida boy” I have rode out many hurricanes, so I am familiar with the dangers, especially with the flooding. In Florida we call it “hunkering down”, so batton down the hatches and be safe my friend.

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