Philippines Beachfront House Build (Week 8)

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  1. Looking good. Don’t forget to leave room for a septic truck to be able to get around to the septic tank. Town water I suppose!

  2. The work between the blocks looks a bit shoddy. Are you concerned with the structural integrity? I know those blocks are not going to hold up the roof but they do need to stay in place.

  3. Looking good, I skimmed over your other build videos but didn’t see you putting coins in the foundation concrete, did you do that?

  4. I know you raised up your house but I still would have built mine on stilts because one big storm and you are still not safe at that height. A super Typhoon can bring a 12 ft storm surge pretty easy. Also since you have such a great view I would have part of my roof as a viewing deck with a hot tub πŸ™‚ Plus all that room under the house for a billiards table and many cars for family and guest would be a perfect man cave.

  5. There she is, one of my favorite hot filipina moms. Ariann is lookin suprisinly stunning even in her denim shorts. I’m ussually not a fan of denim, but it looks great on beach bunny Ariann. Mr. Pete, I hope you pinch yourself often, and remember how lucky you are to be living the Philippines paradise dream. Good onya mate.

  6. Nice… how much for everything to build it, if you don’t mind me asking? Wife and I are starting to build a house on Bohol, too…

  7. Don’t know if you are a fan of the 1969 British TV classic UFO, but just noticed that Ariann looks quite a bit like the co-star Gabrielle Drake. Check out episode 18 where the uber sexy Drake has a larger role than usual…

  8. That access mortar sticking out of each course of block will have to scraped flat for skim coat!!
    Should of been done when mortar is wet + access on trowel can be applied to end of block each side.
    Waste of material and LABOR!! The exterior wall looks correct!

  9. Hi Pete, what happened to your plan to build a house in Alta Vista??
    I am planning to get a piece of land there myself and will visit the Estate this week. Please let me know if there’s an issue on the Estate or something, I’m only here in the Phils for few weeks. 😞
    Thanks you in advance.

  10. Great progress…. smart idea to test buying a few fixtures on line. Looks like you made smart choice… will learn from your experience. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  11. Looks Awesome Peter……oh by the way…,I was on my way out of Subic yesterday on my way home to Clark and ended up getting lost …..and guess where I ended up driving by….ur place at Kalayan.,…saw ur jeep n subaru parked up on the sideπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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