Philippines Immigration Says Ready For Open Borders

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  2. Well, this sounds like it’s heading in the right direction. It will be interesting to see what “mandates” they try and impose on tourist. Having conversations with quite a few people who would like to visit will wait and see if they will be required to wear one of those rediculoous face shields or face mask. If that will be a stipulation, they will not travel to the Philippines. People have had enough of walking around with diapers on their faces.

  3. My guesstimate is Cebu will be first Airport to open to Fully Vaxxed by Dec 1st. I think the Quarantine will be only 1 night ( Like Thailand). Hoping and Praying all can get home for Christmas. Thanks for the Update 🙂

  4. Unfortunately even if they do open at the end of 2021 or even in 2022 it will not do me much harm as I will not actually get back until 2023 as I will be sailing back to the Philippines but cheers for the info much appreciated

  5. The MAIN QUESTION is, do we have to get the vaxcxxxcxxcc in order to arrive? If they say we can do a quarantine, do you know how many days they require?

  6. One problem here, Immigration doesn’t determine when they are open for foreign tourist. It is the IATF and the president that are the deciders…….

  7. It just means they are ready, doesn’t mean there open, and what’s his name said they will open in due time, lol, I don’t think it’ll open for tourists until sometime just before, or just after the election. Like you said, it’s all over social media.

  8. This is not 2021 FOLKS. No way, no how. Presidential Advisor Harry Roque just held a Media Briefing noting they are making PROGRESS towards REQUIRED vaccination by the END…he said THE END…of December. FilAus YouTuber Jennifer Terri just covered this well — search for her most recent vlog to SEE the PRESIDENTIAL advisor Roque. Roque also noted that the Philipppines will MONITOR the results of Thailand and other countries opening and as always follow the BEST SCIENCE on FULL CONSIDERATION of the IATF in — DUE TIME. Du TERTE Time…same as it ever was. Opening is 2022…same as it ever was. Merry Christmas

  9. LOL no way I’m going to be the first person to jump on a plane to go back to the Philippines when I see your handsome mug in the Philippines then I’ll reconsider

  10. Yeah,… the Philippine government really needs the revenue from tourist and foreign nationals. Especially since they have done an excellent job destroying what little Philippine economy they have. Everything there is a pathetic joke! I’m very sad for the people there, there government doesn’t care about them. ETC!

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