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Expat and tourist news about travel, immigration, and the economy in the Philippines. SM Mall Cebu City, Cebu was my destination today. Few buses and no taxis operating yet so a walk of a couple of km.


  1. Rod, you have mentioned quarantine in your video a few times. Do you know where I can locate information on the 14-day quarantine process and what is involved. I have a Visa as a Filipino spouse and is looking at coming back to Cebu once they allow international fights. I have a hard time located any detailed info on 14-days quarantine protocol. Keep you your good work.

  2. Hi Rod……I went to Ket Kai Mall in CDO today to check on Immigration BUT the passage leading to it from the main sect of mall was flagged off….
    But there is a second entrance to Immigration from the main road thru entry known as GATEWAY…
    I could not get to that section…(Ket Kai is really huge)

    Some fast food stores were having limited seating BUT not well patronized…
    Maybe after two weeks when the first paychecks come in things might change…
    Plenty of stores still closed but still interesting stores open…
    First real day out for a month since our lock down..

    Take care mate…

  3. My filipina friend here in Virginia who had a flight scheduled for June to Mindanao was cancelled and was denied a refund but instead was given a voucher good for 1 year from the airlines.

  4. I used JR too this week. Since my visa expired on March 29 the BI would only give me 3 months to June 29. So I had JR go back to BI for another 6 months out to December 29. Glad that is done. I need to get the SRRV this year. Thanks for the reference he is a nice honest guy.

  5. As of 6/1 we are MGCQ & yesterday I was at Robinsons & they no longer ask for quarantine passes & limited dine-in is allowed now. Today I called BI in Kalibo & they are open & said no appt. needed. Also ceres bus & vans operating & no current travel restrictions now in effect from going province to province on Panay.

  6. In North Cotabato, seniors are now allowed to go to Kidapawan City and M’lang without passes. My lady is 65 yo and she can now leave the house.

  7. We have pretty good transportation available over here on Mactan Island. Tricycles are running with social distance rules as well as multi cab busses. I saw several white taxis out today when I went to market and pharmacy. Motorbikes are allowed solo only.

  8. My visa expired in May, if I go back to the states before July will I have to renew my visa ?
    If I don’t is there a chance Manilla airport might fine me when I try to leave ?
    Great work!!! Appreciate all your help!! Stranded in boracay

  9. People are confused and keep buying tickets. Of course the airlines are going to keep selling tickets because they don’t want to go bankrupt and they want your money. But if you can’t get a visa to enter the country then what’s the point of the ticket?

  10. The government doesn’t even know when foreigners can come. Total ineptness! Was going to retire there, but after this fiasco…no way. I’ll just get my gf out and be done with it.

  11. Glad to see some rules are gradually being loosened up. For any kind of travel, the year 2020 might as well be written off. Given the civil unrest taking place in the U.S., an extended stay in the Phils. might be a better option. Be safe and well..

  12. My visa was expired in mayo but i think the office in jmall its You say bussines who make it for you can do it right now? Thank you

  13. Immigration is open in Bacolod City.. It only took 90 minutes to go thru the process. Cost 9950 for a 6 month Visa and renew my Icard…

  14. Hey Rod, i was suppose to be in the philippines last march when flights were cancelled.. please let us know when the tourists are free to enter the, Thanks

  15. Thanks for the info Rod. Hope things really start to open up there soon. With all the chaos here in the US I can’t get the hell out of here fast enough. Got home from work last night and loaded some 40 and 30 round magazines for my AK and AR rifles just to be on the safe side. First time I’ve ever done that outside of actually going to a range for target practice. That’s how shitty it’s here now. The only positive is at least they’re not talking about the Covid as much.

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