Philippines Seeking Fast-Track For Vaccinated Tourist Entry

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    In this video I discuss, “Philippines Seeking Fast-Track For Vaccinated Tourist Entry”

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  2. Wow, thanks for the update Reekay, unfortunately there is a push back in Australia against vaccination passports but in my mind for someone that want’s to return to the PI a Digital Covid vaccination passport issued by the Australian government or even a digital record on my passport that has a digital chip (like a credit card chip) inserted into the passport will be an excellent way of recording vaccination, these chips are read at every entry point by a scanner and it’s part of my passport and really can’t be forged.

  3. Reekay hoping and praying that this can become a reality in the coming months. I am fully vaccinated, and just waiting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I would not go to the Philippines till they remove all their weird restrictions. Drop the age restrictions, lockdowns, masks and face shields and I consider a trip.

  5. Sounds good. It’s coming. I’ve been twice to Thailand n once to small part of Cambodia. Was planning the Phillipines n then COVID struck. It’s been nearly 4 weeks since my Moderna 2nd vaccination at Walgreens. They gave good documentation n I had absolutely no issues whatsoever. I’m ready for later in year or early next year to see parts of Phillipines. Thanks as always for your program.

  6. Help me to understand this Henry, the Philippines can’t get even a 10% of the population to get vaccinated, but let in vaccinated people. You can still get the virus, look at Bill mahr got it after getting vaccinated. So even if all the foreign travelers are vaccinated they can and most likely going to get.
    Personally I don’t believe the hype on the fake pandemic, as far as the stats goes. All deaths are inflated greatly. I just wish they would realize they didn’t really have. With 19k deaths out of 111 million that is so Minuscule.

  7. Thanks Reekay….I got my shots a few months ago so I am hopeful that we can return by this fall if not sooner….Thanks again my friend…

  8. When I received my 2 vaccinations of the Pfizer medication I was given an official card that verified the dates in which I received each dose. Also at the top of the card it states “COVOD-19 Record Card”. Then out to the side there is an emblem and the letters CDC. Additionally on the card there were inscriptions that also showed the vaccine batch number for each injection in which they were different d/t the 3 week wait period. I keep a photo copy of the vaccination card on my cell phone, that way I always have proof with me.

  9. My wife and I both received an official CDC form/card that we were vaccinated. But I suppose that could be easily faked. Maybe proof of appointments would help. I hope this gets approved soon as my Filipina wife and I will be traveling to the Philippines soon. Thanks for passing on this info.

  10. I have a fully vaccinated CDC vaccine card from My In network hospital Can backup on my profile online but there will likely be an App for this also

  11. Let see what happens now. It sounds good but for sure a plan must be worked out and the imagration department need to be fully on board. Intersting though this vedio. Thank you for this and keepoing us imformed.

  12. A lot of brain surgeons in this world.
    Phillipines. Insult 4 billion unvacinated people who could spend money in your country.

    Way to use your heads.

    Whispering. Pst ….. do you really think freedom loving people who have given fauci the proverbial … you are #1 sign (middle finger) are going to be coerced by the Phillipines? …… smile

  13. It’s a vaccine passport plain and simple, pretty soon you’ll need it do go anywhere, or do anything. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is closed at the moment.

  14. What’s an example of a “well-founded concern” regarding getting vaccinated? Around 200 million Americans are now vaccinated, with an extremely tiny sliver having any serious side effects or other problems. On paper, the MRNA vaccines are the safest ever developed. I received the Pfizer vaccine.

  15. Been waiting on a fiancee visa for 1/1/2 years we have approval but the office closed in Manila. Hey Rekay Ed and grace from the social at Ayala.

  16. I’ll bite my tongue on much of the wording here. Keeping up with THAILAND….Thailand has been open since October already…just do 14 days quarantine. Before the latest outbreak they were moving towards LIBERALIZATION of entry to 7 – 10 days…based on PROOF of VACCINATION. Like September? Busting their butts to get Phuket vaccinated to 70% so they can open a group tour bubble fly straight in to Phuket for 14 days and out for what was initially reported as $5000. Welcome to THAILAND Ma’am / Sir. They have already been OPEN to TOURISM VISAs for 8 months…and this is their competitive offering. WELL BRING IT BERNADETTE..ROCK ME…cannot wait for the DETAILS of the competitive offering. The GREAT GREEN LANE….Where do I buy a cute EYE SHIELD to keep myself out of lock up on P BUrgos. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!

  17. The old rusty wheel is trying to turn a little. I still haven’t seen/heard for 15 months the 2 words ” tourist visa “. I understand there’s different visa types & this news may finally be encouraging especially for those who are displaced from there loved ones. Lets see if this IS finally some progress happening or if next week we start all over once again………………………

  18. Apparently the CDC actually has control records, while I’m not 100% sure this is true my own Vaccination card was issued by the CDC and has a control number for the Moderna ( 2 shot vaccination ) I received. Interestingly the card it has several spaces for what seems to be future vaccines, maybe giving us a look what will be more vaccinations coming our way.

  19. I hope they don’t require a quick PCR test. According to today’s video from “Philly in the Philippines” they are bogus and can put you in quarantine.

  20. Hey Reekay my friend, that’s really encouraging. I will have my second vaccination a week from today. So hopefully, at least by September or October, the Philippines will have a plan. Thank you my friend for sharing this important information. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and your family always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  21. Hi reekay
    Thankyou for the info , I can’t wait to get back to the P.I . My wife and I have just finished our house and trying to get back without that money grabbing hotel rip off .
    We have both had our shots so we should be ok to leave soon

  22. Henry another great job digging up update information. This is very promising, I have to leave and come back by april next year. I just received my first Astra Zeneca yesterday. Here in the Philippines I have a card, after my first shot.

  23. Im 39, fair health and was vaccinated back in January. I figured the Philippines would require vaccination for entry. I say its worth it, nothing fell off, everything is working, im not a zombie or whatever people think the vaccine will do to them. In my experience it was comparable to getting a flu shot, feel crappy for a couple of days and that’s it.

  24. Our Supreme Ruler, Governor Andrew Cuomo, instituted the Excelsior Pass phone app as a form of proof of vaccination for us NYers. “Papers, please?”

  25. Another step in the right direction. I will give my 2nd injection next week I am ready to retire in the Philippines and get married.

  26. Most of the people here in the states are not so interested in their medical condition, but their civil rights as a citizen of the US.. I keep telling them that the vaccine is going to be instrumental to their travel aspirations..

  27. I’ve already received both doses of the Moderna vaccine for the explicit intent that I hope it will allow me to be able to travel to the Philippines. And because I care about other people 😁😁😁, but mostly just because I want to travel 😊😊😊

  28. Hello Henry and hope all is well. I personally have written very long letters to at least 6 high ranking Philippines Government officials regarding the Philippines already approve the entrance to vaccinated foreign tourists. Maybe one of my letters hit a bell! In any case, I believe that Governor Gwendolyn Garcia is on par with us tourists to allow international travel already. Time will tell my friend and stay safe!

  29. unfortunately i live in a third world state called florida , Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order prohibiting the use of COVID-19 vaccine passports in the state so i have no to think this news is for other countries not America

  30. Hi Reekay, finally alittle bit of good news and hope! I’m from Toronto, Canada. Had my first shot of Pfizer the beginning of April no side affects. Here as prof you get an email from the municipality stated all the details the the vaccination. Will be getting the 2nd shot in August. Hopefully this Greenlane will be in effect by then so I can get to Manila to see my girlfriend again. We’ve been apart since March 2020.

  31. In the US, besides the CDC card, the County Health dept has the official record. A verification of US covid vaccines could be done through local health depts. I got both pfizers in January at a pharmacy, a week after the second one I had County Health print out and sign my shot record. Covid, Hep A and B, typhoid, MMR, Tdap, pneumovax. All done within the last year. And still have my yellow military shot record

  32. With everything that I have lived in Philippines with…This too would take months to FORM into anything meaningful.

    The issue is not about vaccination or not vaccinated. its the SLOW bureaucracy….and forever taking decision….I see realistically October when they finally decide to do something about tourism when they see rest of the world opening. Philippines would never take initiation on its own..aka don’t get your hopes high …I’m still hoping America and Europe fully opens before asia can

  33. NOTE: Small Working Group (SWG) Contains: Bureau of Quarantine, Bureau of Immigration, Department of Information and Communications Technology, Department of Transportation, Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, and the Department of Trade and Industry.

    LOL…Is it really that SMALL with seven agencies 🙂

  34. No doubt you will have to be quarantined for 10 days upon arrival (at your expense), and once released you have 2 weeks to visit only designated areas.

  35. In China they have a booklet that looks identical to a passport. It has all the persons vaccinations in it. It is in Chinese and English.

  36. Sounds like Great News .. I have been vaccinated ( Pfizer vaccine, No side effects ) Just do it . I was given a vaccine card , with the dates I got my shots and what kind of Vaccine it was .Even Passports and Visas and ID cards can all be faked as can so many other documents. .So if you intend to cheat the system you screw the system and you screw yourself over and the rest of us . So Just get the vaccine ,Stop freaking out over getting vaccinated .If you fear getting vaccinated just stay home. You do not belong traveling abroad with fears such as to taking a vaccine ..

  37. I’ll just stay my azz in the USA. I’m not taking a vaccine that they ADMIT disables any natural COVID antibodies you had before the vaccine. Look it up! They are not accepting donations for convalescent plasma from people that have been VACCINATED because the vaccine wipes out your natural COVID antibodies! And if it wipes out your natural COVID antibodies, wonder what other antibodies it wipes out? For those that think I’m making it up:

  38. That is good news.
    It looks like they are trying to copy the tourist department in Thailand with their Phuket city experiment for vaccinated international travelers.
    I agree with you that it is not easy to prove you have received the vaccine. There is also no international central database of vaccinated travelers. A cheap little index card with a signature from a nurse is very easy to fake from someone with bad intentions…

  39. Notice they ask for protocols to be develop, so you can bet they will create a bunch of hoops to jump through that will all cost money. Not getting my hopes up at all. Just more talk. Just like the required requests for reentry endorsements for 9 A and SRRV. Sounds great. They will let us in. just get the endorsement exemption, which no one is getting from DFA. Why??? because they route the request through PRA, then to DOT, then to DFA. Only problem is none ever make it to DFA. So, they (DFA) get no request so don’t have to issue any exemption endorsements. Or something else like the arrival caps fir international travelers will remain at present or lower numbers.

  40. Thank You for the latest update, you are very informed and a good person. Hope you’re Mother is still feeling well and improving, I am sure just by you being there helped a whole lot. Take care
    Wade McDonald
    Huntington Beach, California

  41. Salamat Henry…i have my vaccination card ready…im in for the green lane …but not the government quarantine hotel stay like you went through…my ldr gf in Duma is anxious… but covid appears to be spiking there now so im not getting my hopes up

  42. vaccines will never keep up with a mutating virus…just like a flu shot…and how are they going to keep up with that when it’s determined the first vaccine is no longer effective against the new strains?

  43. Philippines can fold vaccination requirement into Visa granting process. In old days, You could not get any visa to US from India, unless at the time of visa interview, you could provide doctor’s certificate for having vaccinated for Diphtheria, yellow fever and so on. Philippines does require Americans to have a visa for entry to the country. So they can easily fold vaccination requirement in the Visa process. Case of Thailand is different, which does not require American passport holders to get a visa to Thailand in advance. I do not know, how they will handle it. American Government is dead set against issuing vaccination passports.

  44. In Europe they are working on an app to be ready on 1 July’21, which contains your personalised QR code, if you are fully vaccinated. With this QR code you are able to freely travel to all European countries (the code will be scanned upon departure and arrival at the airport).

  45. Thanks for the update Reekay. I’m retiring in September and my wife (who is a Filipina) and I will be retiring to Iloilo. I plan to work my married retirement visa once we get resettled. I know your not in Iloilo area but I plan to travel and hope to be able to meet up with you later on. Take care and always enjoy your videos.

  46. Great news. Let the vaccinated carry on with their lives and let the anti-vacers stay at home rambling about long term effects and fake pcr tests. I’ll happily get on with life fully vaccinated and let them rant and moan as their time runs out.

  47. Discrimination and Segregation. Just like when the Nazi’s ordered Jews wear the “Star of David”. It will be very disappointing if the Philippines will allow this communistic approach. The C19vac is still an experimental biological agent with no safety data. Clinical trials will end in 2023.

  48. Those of us vaccinated in California received an official CDC card. I received mine from San Francisco VA, which has a government stamp on it and signature of the nurse who administer the vaccine. It’s white in color and a little larger then a credit card. By order of the VA, we are to keep this card in our possession at all times. It’s like having a passport.

  49. Thanks for the update Henry, and also for having a balanced view of the vax. You’re right about the issues with a copy of the card, and there is some evidence of this already. That is why the Uk government, is pushing for vaccine passports for everyone that will go on a National database linked with an app on your phone. At the moment there is a big pushback against it, as it has big privacy issues about what further information will be on it. They have their eye on the Chinese model I’m sure.

  50. If they’re waiting “for the whole world” hopefully the Tourism Minister didn’t mean that literally. If they’re waiting for the whole to open up they may never open up. I’d say this is positive news in the right direction but maybe they could start with vaccinated SRRV Holders first and then gradually open up to general tourism. The problem is now even Residents like single SRRV Holders cannot enter without EED.

  51. So just thinking if VAXed is enough. I don’t see them departing from Thailand regime…NEgative PCR 72 hours before…VAX…2 PCRs and 7-10 days quarantine on landing. Which I would take today….yayhay. In the US, you got 50% Max Virus and 50% Min Virus. Pick your tribe…and push for your side. That is NOT the Philippines. In conversations with 100s of Filipinos over the last 15 months….I cannot find a single Min Virus attitude. About 30% are frustrated with mismanagement. But everyone defends the seriousness of the virus and the need for the government to protect the people. HAPPY HAPPY to be wrong and hear VI tell me that the virus is non-sense. WEEEH! Where on earth do you find people with everyone wearing the ridiculous EYE SHIELDS. ONLY in the Philippines. The Philippines is NOT HAPPY to let a single case slide through the airport without total defense. That’s TEST…VAX…TEST…Quarantine…TEST! Their country…their reality…their welcome to the Philippines MA’am Sir! Let alone if they can execute in the 6 months before Dec 1. Tick Tock.

  52. So one thing to hold a reaonable belief that we do not know as much as we would like about the vaccines. That is wholly different from FORGING TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. If forged documents are a criminal violation…is it worth the risk for many here? I respect PRESIDENTE way too much! 😉 If I choose to enter, only by jumping perfectly through every hoop.

  53. I think they will be asking for digital proof,like the digital card we got in the USA or in Europe ,so they can scan it and get to the source.when i got my shot i got a digital card with scannable bar code

  54. On the PROOF of VAX requirement…I see one country requiring a primary proof document and a secondary document….LIKE WHAT…exactly? Good Lord! I guess save your reservation emails? Oooooooooooopppps

  55. Hello Reekay, UK perspective; Philippines is on the red list ( Travel not allowed there,) anyone from a red list country is dragooned into a 10 day compulsory quarantine at GBP1700 for 10 days. The traveller pays. At this rate Brits won’t be going to the PI anytime soon. To be on the Green list a country has to have high levels of vaccinations. As for Tourism I always had the impression PI was that dependent ( or downplayed it) on Tourism unlike Thailand that is openly pushing for the tourists to return. lastly your route out of PI story was something else.

  56. PH needs to take a page out of Florida’s book and open up all the way and stop discriminating against people. This tyranny will have to come to an end.

  57. PH government needs to be sued like how Florida, Texas and other states are gearing up a MASSIVE lawsuit against the CDC. These acts of tyranny are unlawful and unconstitutional no matter wich side of the ocean.

  58. In Europe we gone have a vaccination pass starting July, on paper form but even better in a smartphone app, more secure against fraude copy’s.This allows free travel without quarantine of covid test on arrival in all EU country’s

    Let us hope later this pass gone be enough to enter The Philippines

  59. Tourism cheif is very slowish and not keeping pace woth the wirld but wieh North Korea hah Jijijijijijijiji thats how the Philippines going to be just like North Korea if they dont open up rhe only way ill teacel there is when theres no green line no red line no yellow libe no Hotel Quaranrine 2 week SCAMS and NO FORCED MINDED VACCINATION when thubg get back to normal thats when ill traveling now is no fun in the Philippines.

  60. They may use a pcr test on you upon arrival and many tourists could experience the “Nightmare” you had trying to leave the country….. Possible that the increase of vaccinated tourists is not enough business traffic to stimulate the growth the Philippines will require to really jumpstart things… May go to Vietnam or Thailand instead with better condo lodgings and food quality and less hassle travel….. Thanks Henry for your excellent updates and research….. You are excellent in what you do….

  61. Right now Philippines is Anti-foreigner , even if you are fully vaccinated, you are not allowed into the Philippines. Not even if you test neg and stay in isolation for 14 days, and being fully vaccinated. No foreigner allowed. This is how they want it. If the Philippines does not open up by Next Jan I would advise all foreigners to take their business elsewhere

  62. My question is this …if you’re fully vaccinated with the covid shot …and you’re sick with symptoms…coughing …runny nose …sneezing etc that to say ..with a covid vac cert’re all good to fly, travel etc ?? You can’t get into the malls here Cebu we are all checked for temperature and cold symptoms first …just flash your vax cert . And you’re good to go …I don’t think so …vaxxed or not …you’re headed to the quarantine facility …ugh…I can’t believe a vaxx cert. Is all you need to fly or travel ..if you got any symptoms of any respiratory illness …none of this makes any sense …unless you believe this was never about safety or a virus …here in Cebu on the ground. .my poor kids are and all kids are totally banned from the malls ..with a 6 pm curfew on just kids ..just added recently ….

  63. Fully vaccinated should be your ticket in and if the door opens door they will still make it EXTREMELY difficult for no other reason than just to make it difficult because they can and you will have to prove it and even that will be a MAJOR obstacle. If they do find a way to open, the airlines should be the one to check on vaccination validity prior to boarding. We don’t want to travel for 20 hours only to have immigration say not enough proof.

  64. Apparently this is simply a proposal for a reduction in quarantine for vaccinated tourists down to 7 days… still not enticing enough for me

  65. That would certainly be a step in the right direction. Seems pretty assinine to treat fully vaccinated the same as those who aren’t. Otherwise, what’s the upside of even being vaccinated.

  66. How much do you want to bet that even if you are vaccinated they will still require you to wear a mask and do a 2 week quarantine.

    Whats the f’ing point of the vaccine then?

  67. I have nothing but respect for you rick, you are the one Xpat that does this to keep us abreast and up to date. I also, like how you stay to yourself, staying out of the politics of youtube . All of the other, Xpats have there own Agenda, and it’s easy to read them like an open book. For example, Calvin. I subscribe to his b.s. as my father used to tell me, you don’t need a rope to hang someone just leave them a enough and they’ll hang themselves. So I listen, and one day I told my Philapena Mother, about some of the things he said, her response he’s fool of shit. As you know, Calvin, is only 57yrs old. And he always mentions, the terrible rat – race in the U.S.A. and because of selling, insurance policies, he gets kick back from 12 to 15 hundred, dallors a month. Plus, donations from youtube, and selling shirts and other items. Well rick, karma catches up to calvin ? Visa, is running out, and you know all the options. For some reason, he dosnt want to go back to work, so he figures he can Island hop, to Guam. U.S.A..and shack up with people for free. I told him, the gig is up, you have to go back to work, full time. And get a part time job, put that money in account to leave all seven kids he has from phillapenas. He won’t do that, because he has an X, wife phillipena, that lives in North Carolina. Who he will try and remarry, so he can coax an balic/bayon Visa, and fly back to his current babys mother, in there house in Negros Oxydental…keep up the real work, Rick

  68. Reekay, I always sincerely look forward to your content, all the best to you, Vi, and your mother! I’m ready to retire, just working and putting some more pints on the board until it opens, enjoy your weekend

  69. Yeah. All I got thru the VA…was a white CDC card with my name,phone,birthdate,stickers with the name of vaccine and lot numbers, and the signatures of the person who administered the shot with the dates recieved

    I doubt very seriously they have a laundry list of names in any database…and it’s a CDC card….dont know what else they could possibly give me…lol the Philippines better not have asinine hoops to jump thru

  70. Omg great news.ive been traveling and staying most of each year in the Phillipines since 2016 on the Visa Free Entry for U.S tourists.I left the Phillipines and my GF/ Fiance and future step son last January 2020 and went back to the U.S for a few months with all intensions of going back to them around March or April.Its beem 17 months now since I’ve seen them and its been so tough .Im now fully vaccinated and this is such great news.Im hoping with this positive announcement that soon myself and others like me can go back to the Phillipines on Visa Free Entry once more and get back to our loved ones.

  71. Thailand should have done this long ago for the expats that have been vaccinated. Instead the scam expensive quarantine and mountains of paperwork.

  72. The PI govt are ignorant period. fed up with them, they cost me thousands of dollars. Been trying to get my refunds for months now. Delta cancelled my flight then fight the credit card company. Fed up with the PI govt. They think they know more than the CDC and science.

  73. Good information, thanks! I agree with you that proof of vaccination will be an issue to work out.

    I was vaccinated with JnJ. It was administered by the Army National Guard in my city. I was only given a blue card with a sticker on it that had the name of vaccine, lot number of the vaccine, and my signature placed on the card.

    So it should be interesting to see what will be required as proof, but I am really excited to hear they are starting to make progress on how to get tourists back in the country.

  74. Vaccine passports are not doable unless your government is willing to stamp one on your passport.

    No one should trust the vaccine records. I’m imagining they’ll come up with such a requirement that you’ll have an easier time just quarantining.

  75. If they are going to doubt the validity of people’s vaccine card then the whole idea will never work. How do you disprove a negative? The Phils is famous for this tactic

  76. I asked Gio he pooh-poohed the idea Please get a petition started we could probably get a hundred thousand names when they see the demand they’ll realise time to open

  77. There have been a couple of demographic studies that have come out showing the anti-covid crowd as being far less-educated. I’m not remotely surprised.

  78. The biggest con known to man. The flu is renamed to put panic and fear into people to control them. Look up mind control, genda 21/30, the great reset, and the list goes on.

  79. How do you prove you had the vaccine 🤣 the governments will barcode you and stick a microchip in you. It’s a depopulation program and people can’t see that.

  80. We can all get vaccinated but they still wont open the borders yet will take ages looks like only 2 special flights per month out of Australia to Philippines and there for Philippines passport holders and spouses but still need a clearance from the government to fly and that’s hard to get wat a flaming mess

  81. Best to let tourism open without proof of Vax…..Test upon arrival during a short hotel quarantine……test again before leaving the country. very easy to produce a fake certificate. all about the money ! wake up.

  82. Great news.Been traveling and staying in the Phillipines since 2016 on Visa Free Entry but left to go back to the U.S last January 2020 and was supposed to go back to my GF/ Fiance and future step son a few months later.Havent seen them in 17 months and its been very tough so this is great news.Thank you so much for clarifying that this will not be for. strictly Visa holders but people like me who have no Visa and have been staying in the Phillipines on Visa Free Entry for U.S foreigners and others.Hoping and praying this happens soon.

  83. Here in Alaska ,The health department has a record of every Vaccinated person in the state. I also have a card that says that I am fully Vaccinated. If you Travel to some countries in Africa you must provide proof of a Yellow Fever Vac. And that would come from your State health department. I hope that my card and some document from the health department will be enough, but we all know how it works in Philippines they will require several documents that may or may not be available and will make it as difficult as possible.

  84. Hi Henry, were you ever offered a 2nd followup PCR test during the time you were moved to the Covid hotel? My apologies asking a question if something was already covered. There are still false-positive results.

  85. I agree with the issue of proof of vaccines being a problem,I work with someone who already has a fake vaccination card made up and proccesed at a major pharmacy who administers vaccines, but he is against receiving the vaccine. I agree it is going to be a problem as it is fairly easy to fake especially if you know somebody who works at a place such as a pharmacy.

  86. I’ve been monitoring fares for travel to the Philippines in anticipation/hope of traveling there in October. I saw a large jump in fares on May 21. I’m assuming the fare increase was related to the announcement. I’m curious to see how this all plays out.

  87. (Web browser – duckduckgo) – Americasfrontlinedoctors org, Stopworldcontrol and (DR REINER FUELLMICH – Crimes against humanity) – (Web browser – duckduckgo) —————— The PCR tests are bogus. We have a PCR test pandemic, not a real pandemic.

  88. (Web browser – duckduckgo) – Americasfrontlinedoctors org, Stopworldcontrol and (DR REINER FUELLMICH – Crimes against humanity) – (Web browser – duckduckgo) —————— The PCR tests are bogus. We have a PCR test pandemic, not a real pandemic.

  89. (Web browser – duckduckgo) – Americasfrontlinedoctors org, Stopworldcontrol and (DR REINER FUELLMICH – Crimes against humanity) – (Web browser – duckduckgo) —————— The PCR tests are bogus. We have a PCR test pandemic, not a real pandemic.

  90. If things work as they do in phils ( snail way) this green lane will take months to create, hahaha, see you next year or beyond, hahaha,,, so lets not blow the whistle yet

  91. With ALL due respect to Bernadette… Duterte: No end in sight for lockdown
    ECQ to be lifted only if cure against COVID-19 is available

    President Rodrigo Duterte said early Tuesday he would lift the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) imposed on the whole of Luzon region only if a vaccine, antibody, or medicine to cure the COVID-19 coronavirus disease was already developed and available to Filipinos.
    Duterte: ECQ to be lifted only if cure is available In a televised address during a meeting with select Cabinet members, Duterte insisted Filipinos stay at home during the quarantine because the country would still need to endure two to three waves of the epidemic before they would see the end of the lockdown entering its fifth week. And tourism is opening…before vaccine, antibody or cure….why do you doubt this president???????????????? Sure like to see you ride jet skis with the President! 😛

  92. One REAL CHANCE for BERNADETTE… Working on 4 M in vaccinated citizens against goal of 70M….meeeh… 14M give or take in MEtro Manila and NCR…prioritize ALLLLL Vaccines to MAnila/NCR which is the only location with real problem…you would have a chance in executing by the fall…slim chance….but a chance. With NCR fully VAXED…Bernadette might URRRRRRRRRRRRRRGE just SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY enough….to open by Dec 1. 6 months….tick tock.

  93. In the UK we have a NHS app where it show you your medical record over the last 30 years , it also has a COVID section that shows the date you had your vaccine type of vaccine and batch number , they have also just started to add a section where I think you can share your COVID record if you are travelling.

  94. Lol, I prepared myself in case there is a problem… I took a video of me, with my face, walking into the V.A. Hospital, to the Covid testing area, getting my shot, and receiving my card, all on time stamped video, that corresponds with the time and date of my Covid Vaccinated card.

  95. I hope it actually happens , but also that they make it easier for tourists to get around ie: no quarantine, no testing everywhere etc…..cause if your vaccinated shouldnt you be free to go anywhere? Common sense says yes. 😁😎

  96. Hello Reekay, This is just one guy’s opinion who’s been there.
    From my viewpoint, I see where this is all madness and if so, it would appear that the ones who are mad with craziness are holding on to straws and throwing up anything and everything thought of to keep the madness going and if something sticks,,, they’ll take it. If folks in significant enough numbers fail to buy into their madness and craziness,, then they will be forced to drop all this as the pressure is surly evident now and forcing the nut jobs to make conciliations. This explains the unexplainable. Conclusion: The more pressure applied, the quicker all this foolishness stops. Just like here in the uSofA, IT’S OUR CHOICE!

  97. I wouldn’t want to get caught in a South East Asian country with a fake shot record ..The US has a serial and batch numbers in the data base with your name which is printed on your shot record..If you want to travel anywhere in SEA you will need proof of vaccine shots period..

  98. As bad as I would love to be in Philippines. I will never take that experimental shot. I’m not the lab rat they are looking for.

  99. Hey bro. Hows everything? Can you answer a question for me? Im thinking of hitting the Phili during December this year and going Cebu. My question is im doing a budget of $100 usd per day for food and lodging. Is this a realistic number?

  100. I just don’t see how they can open up when they are still locking down? In Iloilo right now, you can’t even travel between provinces as a national? Iloilo has the biggest tourist destination with Boracay, But you can’t travel on on Panay island even if you live there, even reguardless of if you have a vaccine.

  101. Reekay, no fast track in Cebu….you will be quarantined no matter what on arrival, vaccine, no vaccine, they dont give a shit here. We are talking ten days, and if you test positive at day 7, there is no information available I see that says what they do to you…..You pay everything of course….I see no tourism in philippines this year at all….no fool is going subject themselves to all this….

  102. According to the wording of the article and questions you had raised from the article, the Philippines welcoming foreign tourists is far away.

  103. Hi Reekay,
    Have a question I hope you might be able to help me with. Other than a passport will my wife and I need a valid state side drivers license for anything there? Both of ours expired and we will only have our passports when we get there? Neither of us plan to drive a car over there and will just use local transportation etc. I’ll be applying for my permanent residence via marriage etc. Will I be able to get an ID card there? Thank you for any information you can share.

  104. I think missing from your video is a 14-day quarantine even if you are vaccinated. Unlike the Europeans most Americans don’t get the luxury of having long vacations. Two weeks in a hotel is ridiculous. I just finished a contract working in a Covid hotel. The most people would stay is 10 days unless they came from a congregate shelter where the rules are they can only be readmitted after 14 days. If they are symptomatic we count from the first day they notice symptoms such as fever, loss of taste, etc. So if they notice symptoms on May 24 and showed up at the hotel May 29 they will be in quarantine at the hotel until June 3 the 10th day post symptoms. That’s when the CDC states the virus would pass through the body. The Philippines and Hong Kong are still doing 14 days– Hong Kong I read one man was in quarantine in a hotel for 21 days. I’ve been to Hong Kong. Their hotel rooms are small. That would drive anyone crazy.

  105. There is an FBI most wanted fugitive that has been spotted in Cebu. His name is Jason Derek Brown. Can you Google him? Look familiar? There is a 200,000 reward for him.

  106. Philippine government has been mighty tyrannical during this whole thing. They should abandon globalism, abandon China, and return to be a strong conservative country and put their people FIRST over all other business!

  107. Hi Reekay I’m returning to Australia on July 2 2021 and I’m unsure about using the Dumaguete BI office or thde priate agent a couple of doors away to get my exit clearance, the private agents say it will take 2 weeks what are you thoughts??

  108. I’ve got a weird question with all the high traffic in the Philippines you ain’t going very fast anyway you think you could get away with just driving around a golf cart? I’m sure you could hook up tail lights and blinkers if you needed to

  109. I am fully vaccinated with 2 doses of Moderna, feel great, have money to spend, and am ready to travel! Just give me the visa! Let’s do this. Enough of the quarantines already.

  110. We can’t help what they give us as proof I ask and the said all we can you is what we already give you to which is a vaccine card

  111. I have an update about travel to the Philippines, as of Friday IATF decided. Persons that are fully vaccinated can travel to the Philippines. But there is a catch to this, you have to be vaccinated in the Philippines. Why you ask, because apparently Philippines infrastructure can only verify vaccinations being done in the Philippines. There are a couple of videos on you tube about it, I can not leave a link that would be dis respectful to Reekay. Search for Breaking news today Philippines covid. Henry I hope things are good with you and your family.

  112. Do you know when project Green Lane will go into action? I ask this because I want to visit my fiancé in October but I was told by her that I will be quarantined for 2 week. I am vaccinated and shouldn’t have to be quarantined. I should be able to stay with my fiancé like I originally planned to do.

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