Poor Chinese Girl eats RATS

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  1. The CCP will be utterly DESTROYED, along with all the vampires with them, and the People of China will be FREE from their enslavement.
    Nahum 1 is the FATE of the CCP, and the enslaved of China.
    ~batman 😉

  2. Poverty is not unique to a certain group of people it’s the fault of private company’s greed by putting red tape around free resources that was here before man

  3. Every. Single. Time. you or c-milk show that girl holding that rat, I always get some sort of feels. It’s so sad, because she’s so innocent, but clutching that rat so hard…. I don’t know, man..

  4. Man, that is just sad. I feel bad for the people in rural China. Seems like their government totally forgot about them. Not saying that these kinds of regions do not exist in the west, they do in fact. But damn, for a government that is constantly bragging about how great they are and how much they care for their people, this is just a complete loss of face for the CCP. Anyway, I hope that the situation for chinese people in the countryside will improve.

  5. I really like all videos from this man because I has been born and grown up in the war country. Every things he talk and describes about China is corrected and truth. I would give him a million like if it could be able

  6. China has done an amazing job of eliminating poverty!! Just change how you define and judge poverty and you can completely get rid of poverty from your society.

  7. No offence but a homeless person living in Scandinavia canada and the USA in the northern states with the weather conditions live in far worse conditions than the poorest in Africa china etc etc and i get so frustrated when people say otherwise.

  8. I mean as long as they cook that rat right and kill off the harmful germs snd bacteria its still a meal at the end of the day. But of course I’m not ignorant i can see things must be really bad to resort to rats for a source of food.

  9. Instead of building skyscrapers that will never be used in their entire life just so you’re GDP numbers can seem bigger, why not help these people out. just a suggestion.

  10. Click bait might attract some quick clicks, but such titles could also prevent you from getting attention from people with more positive/neutral views of the CCP.
    Of course I’m no youtuber, it’s just how I see it as a viewer, I know your mission and I love your content.

  11. I was saddened to watch the video, but felt compelled to make me aware of what occurs. Thank you for educating those that haven’t your wealth of experience and knowledge of that part of the world, as you are always honest about your information. Your stories make me appreciate everything that I have, experience living in the States. Keep being awesome and stay healthy with the family.

  12. I really love your video cause you are just full of the truth
    Thanks for this video.
    Look if it was the west they will definitely expose it and try their best to help raise money
    And support the homeless 🙌🏼
    Xie xie🤟

  13. Serpentza in 2018: A channel about life in China, travel, food and culture.
    Serpentza in 2021: A channel about politics, dissidents and the CCP.

    Boy do I miss the good old times.

  14. During my first days in China, I thought I saw squirrels scampering freely near our apartment. To my horror, they were large rats! My wife (Chinese) told me that some people still catch and eat them. I also noticed that most people kept their cats on leashes, so they would not be caught and eaten.

  15. Bro, that’s sick of you. Stay with them for some time. Then you’re going to understand why they’re like that. That’s so bad of you.😔😔😞😞😠

  16. If China were a democratic republic like the USA they would be leaders of the world but because they can’t address their problems due to the regime CCP the people of China are held back from true success and freedom

  17. China is the master experiment of the zillionaires. The one behind it who really pull the strings is bergoglio communist IHS jesuits. Watch out the Fratelli tutti and laudato si social Sunday pagan worship law of vatican.

  18. The Brazilian Worker’s Party did the same thing to raise people out of poverty, they just lowered the cutoff for poverty and then claimed saving millions of people.
    edit: please tell me you didn’t know the meaning of green hat back when you recorded 6:00 lol

  19. Omg you filmed this?! I thought it was some stock footage or something. Its things like this that make me feel so dumb for complaining about my sons zoom class. These things are heartbreaking.

  20. When I see nationalistic propaganda in comments sections from Chinese citizens, I also want to hate China. But when I read books like Dear Leader, just one story of a North Korean trying to flee the country through China, and I read about rural Chinese citizens who give what little they have and break Chinese laws to help them escape, with some even losing their life, I can’t help but feel sorry for what the CCP did to the good people of China.

  21. The country people haven’t been brainwashed or sold their soul to the globalist Lucifarians that have taken over most of the cultures of the world. Their souls are not tarnished by evil music, evil media, evil corporations, evil priests, evil movies, evil politicians. They have clean brains. I envy that.

  22. I would not condone or want to see a child have to eat a rat but I imagine that a clean farm bred rat properly prepared could be interesting.

    Taiwan is a sovereign nation.

  23. All I’ve got to say is: you’re awesome man. And I appreciate all your videos. Thanks for being true and honest in these videos. You gave the poors in the rural areas the voice. Keep up the good work man.

  24. I tuned into Jayoe nation’s live stream earlier – the man has a certain defeat in his eyes that you only see with people who regret their life decisions to this point.

  25. Well said! It’s take courage to face the issue, address it, and make effort to come up with a plan to resolve the issue. However the ‘jong gou’ leaders (they) have no leadership, wisdom, courage, or the heart! They are so corrupted and selfish. Why would they care! They have no dignity, integrity, or shame! All they care about is the growth of their power, influence, and wealth!!!

  26. Shame on you for being so naive, Winston. When I visited the Chinese countryside on my China Radio International sponsored tour I saw nothing but real beauty. The government officials we met for a carefully planned photo opportunity were quick to remind me of how China is the best country on the planet and that poverty has been completely erased there. These images you show have clearly been doctored by your CIA handlers. Meanwhile, my handlers here in the Mainland have been completely transparent from the start just as Xi himself would expect. One slight issue is that I can’t understand their Mandarin despite having lived here for a number of years but I’m sure they’re an honest bunch nonetheless. Anyway, I’m now going to make a video calling you out for your ignorance. I’ll make sure to act sad and disappointed to let my Wumao viewers that you’re in the wrong. However, I’ll also swear unnecessarily while downing alcohol to show that ‘I don’t give a shit anymore’ even if I’m acting incredibly unhinged. Jayoe!

  27. It makes me sad when I see people making fun of the Chinese and other Asians for eating dog, rats, cats, and other things. Most people don’t understand just how poor people around the world are when we are too busy crying about not getting $15 an hour for flipping burgers.

  28. The top down communist authoritarian system is designed to benefit only the few (mainly the CCP cadres) at the expense of many regular people. The only way for China to combat massive and severe income inequality is to allow free market enterprise rather than promote state capitalism.

  29. Hey Serpentza, good show, lovie it! I too, have seen/ witnessed some,, just “SOME” of the similar things , just 2 miles south of our USA Border in Mexico, while living with my first Exxouis Mother in Laws home, in Mexico………. I absolutely LOVE: Mexico, and it’s people. I’ve many friends there , I’ve lived down there between 2-3 years, and go see/ visit my friends still, over 30 years now!

  30. Good work Winston.

    This is like the village my dad’s family used to live in. Some families members are still living there now. This video really brings back memories cause I used to go there during the summer or winter breaks when I was young, I was one of those kids, playing in the muds, farm lands, and river creeks.

    That’s why even when I’m living in Canada and making a pretty good living now I still feel for them. I understand the difficulties of those poor people. whoever denies their existence is just evil.

  31. Such an insightful video,. I hope, when you visit South Korea, you notice similar things. Travellers in S.Korea tend to see with rose tinted lenses, but once you spend time working/living there you see how f*$ked up the society is.

  32. its because CCP propaganda machines often talk about all people as one(人类命运共同体), join us so we can prosper together, China’s prosperity is one of the Selling point of “Communism system superiority”, when people see the vast number of poor Chinese, it will damage their propaganda

  33. but is this actually a symptom of poverty? You’ve reported yourself that the Chinese eat everything. In New York this might be a sign of ill fortune, but in China?

  34. Lost this channel several years ago when my laptop crashed & couldn’t remember name . I was assuming that life was really improving over there and telling people about China, you would think so with the American business enterprise there. You would think it takes boots on the ground to establish an American business over there ? Maybe not , anyway thanks for review , you didn’t lose face and neither did China in my opinion .

  35. Another great piece of reporting Winston. Your genuine love of Chinese people and places is remarkable. Keep reporting the truth. Show the world what the CCP really are. A corrupt organisation, as bad or worse than any crime organisation in the world.

  36. It’s sad to see the poverty that is actually continue going on in the rural side of provinces in China. Unfortunately, the CCP is more focus on the prosperity in the cities to show the greatest of China.

  37. I ate bamboo rat when I was in China. It was heavily spiced and came splayed out and dry like jerkey. Also, my in-laws make me drink that booze when I’m in Hunan China. You can smell a bottle of that stuff being opened from across a large table. I’ve grown accustomed to it but I prefer bourbon with ice or a cold beer without embalming fluid in it.

  38. I live in the Ozarks in America. We have 8 Million tourist a year, you can tell the City people from the Country people like night and day. The City people that come here all have money, luxury and attitudes. The local country people, no money, we eat rats with bushy tales we call squirrels (a Hillbilly delicacy when dumplings are added) and everyone gets along wonderfully. Despite the “apparent poverty and lack of education” we are labeled with by the City folk. We just have a different view of “success” in life, it’s not measured by money, or we would also move to the city.

  39. 13:38 I’ve noticed this in a few videos (the one you took from JaYoe), Didn’t he spell the name of the CCP guy wrong? Shouldn’t it be Shi AnMIN (not Men)? I also heard him mispronounce the city he lives as “NingBow”. Kind of highlights your point about him not understanding Chinese.

  40. This is an amazing video. You show with true class how shallow those shills are, fighting for rich, fat, CCP leaders and spoilt princelings. We must not forget the people who are suffering.

  41. Please let me know why we should care if the Chinese don’t care ? I was all in for Chinese people but I realised that too many Chinese people get something out of keeping their mouths shut. It pains me but hey if the Chinese don’t care to get rid of the ccp why should we ?

  42. The governments in the West are not trying to hide the drug issue, but what they are trying to hide Winston are things like the REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING issue (the monitoring of YOUR thoughts), and things like the targeting of certain people in the West. But you Winston , you will just dismiss the things I am saying as a mental health issue (on my part) and not something that YOU are subject to yourself. You have fallen right into their trap, they knew that you would think to yourself , hey it all sounds too crazy to be true and I would never believe any of this REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING nonsense in a million years, hook line and sinker Winston. Governments in the West have WAY MORE TO HIDE than anyone in Micky Mouse China. Im sorry to break it to you Winston but you haven’t got a clue!!! When it comes to what is and what isn’t in the World is what I mean.

  43. Very Shocking footage. At 1st I thought it was from the 60’s. We only get truth from independent sources. Anything mainstream is some truth mixed with a lot of lies.

  44. A video that is at the same time, both enlightening and tragic. Enlightening in that we see the truth of rural China’s people and their environs, and tragic that it took the necessity of your estrangement from China to allow us to see the harsh reality of what it is. The situation rather well defines the bittersweet experience that is the world today.

  45. rat is actually considered a delicacy just not that kind of rat ,those i think are field rat or mountain rat
    it is pretty tasty and the kind of rat they eat actually have to be raise by man and clean of parasite and disease

    so yeah they are pretty desperate to cook and eat that

  46. ‘I’m glad you are finally out of China and can show the real situation of people in the country side .And because I was really starting to be nervous for your safety . Someone have to show the real picture in China .

  47. So, where are these American TV programs celebrating the homeless or poor people, farmers, ghettos? We only see rich city folks on movies and TV.

    See how this works?

    The people you are showing are not “poor”. They live in the comfort of their villages because that’s what they enjoy. Nobody is stopping them from leaving their villages and moving to cities and towns. Literally 100s of millions of people have done that. I bet you found family members or relatives of almost every household has moved to the city for better life, better opportunities etc… like in every freaking country.

    What do you want the Chinese government to do? Force them? They’ve tried, probably more than any other government has… and gave up because even the CCP realized that you can’t force people to do what’s “better for the economy” unless they are ready and really want it.

  48. Keep it up Winston, glad you never sold out like others in China. Actually impressive in a way considering you were there for so long, sure you were in many positions where you could have traded your morals for cash from the ccp.

  49. China desperately hides poverty and crimes against humanity.
    China has Chinese concentration camps, organ harvesting and systematic rape of Uighurs.

  50. They lifted 1.4 million people out of poverty… because GDP grew… GDP grew because of investment and import/exports…

    The CCP Didn’t really do much, if anything they slowed it down with mercantile restrictions…

  51. It’s actually a really beautiful image.. her mum or grandma tending to her hair with love.. they’re just doing their best.. that’s what good photography is about, the human condition.. good and bad are just an opinion.. they are happy

  52. Awesome video. Your unique perspective as an African(who happens to be white) who has lived in China and traveled via motorcycle for 13+ years and your strong moral compass along with your desire to truly help the Chinese people and humanity as a whole by exposing all of the bad stuff of the CCP makes you somewhat of a hero in my book. And the shills are actually hurting Chinese people by helping keep the CCP in charge of their country.

  53. To be fair the difference between China and America is if you want to build a dirt hut as long as you don’t make them look bad you can build that dirt hut you can hunt for your own food. In America if you were to do any of these things the authorities would stop you and then if you persist you could be using in jail. We’re really not all that different from China and the aspect that our governments both are working towards the removal of our freedoms

  54. Serpentza and C- Milk you always have my admiration for telling the truth about China unlike the arse lickers such as the Barretts etc. Now China has banned the BBC because the CCP don’t like the recent relevations that they were hiding. Keep up the good work and stay awesome!

  55. Long time italian subscriber here, unfortunately I’ve recently found an italian pro-china youtuber living in china with his chinese wife, he has tried to debunk things that were actually pretty true about china and made a recent video on how china has quickly defeated covid.
    After many request he made a video on “Why I never talk about the negative things in china” and he mentioned you and c-milk saying “those guys only made videos criticizing china and eventualy had to flee the country, but even if there were no consequences for me talking about the bad things in china I would still not do it cause I am a guest here and I have to respect china”.

    BTW have you and C-milk ever considered going on the Joe Rogan Podcast?

  56. Serpentza, you rock.
    You tell the truth in an unbiased way.
    Maybe, you can make videos about the role of the CCP in other countries.
    For example the influence of the CCP in America.


  58. I also am very ambivalent about China but I’m not lost on your compassion. There are some warped perceptions and personalities at play here. You do a good job, Winston, at balancing perspective. Thanks. Great video.

  59. You are genuinely a compassionate and true lover of Chinese people. Thank you so much for caring about Chinese though lot of Chinese has become more reluctant to those in dire situation.

  60. is this poverty or living close to the land? the homes are hand-made with the materials available….that shouldn’t be devalued because it isn’t a metal and glass building..

  61. If I told you the story of my personal experience, you would not believe it. At the end of the 1980s, the rural wife of a well-known writer at my father’s work brought his six or seven-year-old son into the city to find relatives. Was received in the canteen of the Writers Association, waiting for the writer to finish the work meeting. The canteen staff brought a plate of boiled eggs to entertain them. The child looked at the eggs in surprise and then looked at his mother and asked: “嬷阿,嬷阿,咯么石头?真漂亮.”

  62. Don’t forget there are also people in the big cities of China who are still poor. Most of them are arrivals from the countryside and they are discriminated a lot by city folk and considered as uneducated, unsophisticated peasants but they’re probably a lot nicer ,welcoming and more hardworking than some of the city people who are “educated” and “sophisticated”

  63. Nutrition is nutrition – cultural imperialism is seeing another culture and way of life with a sense of “judgement”. The rat will provide the child with nutrition. Stop judgements!

  64. I can’t think of a more toxic example of Western arrogance and self-importance than what’s displayed by hacks like @the JaYoe Nation and @Barrett. These guys are hiding behind the veneer of inflated “wokeness”, and they do it by praising a foreign totalitarian regime and then by lambasting anyone who questions its authority. I guess they’re obligated to lick the boots of the people who give them handouts, so to hell with morality. There’s a word for the “work” these guys are doing, but it escapes me. I think it rhymes with boring.

  65. You don’t have to go to China to see poverty and squalor, just look in some areas of the US and Canada, Mexico.etc. it’s all over the world, people survive with what they have, but what you say is true, the Chinese do not want to admit this and again you are right..because of communism. Posted before your insert on skid row..

  66. It saddens me to see some of my peoples (I’m mixed) live in these conditions when the government and nation would have the resources to improve…

  67. Well it’s no longer the year of the mouse but I still like them.
    7:58 One of these days, the CCP will turn on Nathan. And then he will finally see the light. It’s a bit like keeping a pet tiger. The question is not if it will attack but when.

  68. It is a tragedy that so many decent people can be oppressed by such a brutal criminal organization. The CCP is the very thing that makes China lose face with the rest of the world.

  69. Agree. The problem is not the ugly truth about the poverty or social problems as they exist in many countries. Strangely only CCP gets upsets while say African countries don’t for showing the same truth.

  70. Southern state in US, Kentucky, has Doctors Without Borders and other world aid groups help with medical and food services because the people are so poor.

  71. According to a world bank statistic there is significant difference of being young and poor in the US vs China. It is far more likely to escape poverty for the Chinese kid. I do not think China does a good job. But it is obvious that the US fails due to a lack of will

  72. I appreciate and envy your positivity and good will towards those poor people, but unfortunately I am a jaded, cynical asshole.

    I’m poor myself (Yes, I have a internet connection and a computer, but believe it or not, those are kind of the only middle class conveniences I have and I could go into great detail and chew your ear off about all the things I don’t have, can’t afford and never will have.) and I am surrounded by poor people and I learned that poor people tend to be nice and friendly and welcoming and open minded out of fear and a lack of self respect.

    Ultimately it usually is grudging submissiveness, not genuine friendliness.

    Whether you are afraid of incurring the wrath of someone more powerful than you, or whether you are aware of your own lack of worth and that you have to respect those who achieved more than you, you feel forced to be friendly and nice and agreeable.
    Even if you are not outright scared, you still feel like it is not your place to be confrontational or insist on things, or inconvenience others.
    When you lack self respect, you don’t expect respect from others and you feel like you have to kiss their asses in order to be tolerated and not stepped on.

    Even when people tell you otherwise and act nice, make one wrong move, be too uppity or inconvenience them with your personality, say “No” once too often and you get whacked back down and put in your place with one of those “Who do you think you are?” reactions.

    You might consider those poor people your equals, but that doesn’t mean they dare feel the same.

    And the really ugly truth is that poor people tend to turn nasty very fast when they suddenly find themselves elevated out of poverty for whatever reason.
    When you get out of being downtrodden and restricted by lack of resources and status, it is easy to justify stepping on others to yourself.
    “Nobody cared about me, so why should I care about others?”

    Losers tend to get obsessed with their own problems and victim status, become blind for the suffering of others and have an ax to grind, wanting revenge on the world.

    Give some harmless poor loser a little power and authority and see what happens. It never takes long till the asshole comes out.

    Unfortunately venerating and glorifying the poor and downtrodden is often misguided.

    Of course, not every poor person is the same, but in general my advise is to not take friendliness at face value, unless it comes from people who don’t have to be friendly. People who truly consider themselves your equal and have no reason to fake it.

    And no, I’m not just projecting my own shittiness onto others. I have seen this all around me over and over again.
    People tend to be as nice as they feel they have to.

    Money and power doesn’t corrupt, it just brings out the truth. People drop their masks when they feel they can afford to.

  73. outside of the big cities it’s eat whatever you can catch. why do you think there are virtually no small animals around villages, townes, and cities.

  74. Say anything you want about China, just don’t come to China and teach English and I am happy. Oh, wait a minute, you can’t get a Chinese visa anymore. Oh and you quitted China just before it took off. Well, I don’t feel sorry for you but I feel sorry for your wife. Then again, she probably deserves it. Enjoy your falungong money while it lasts, but it won’t last. Maybe for another four years or so.

  75. While much of Guizhou can be really beautiful, there are mines & factories in and around Guiyang, Anshun, and Liupanshui

    Anshun proper looks nice, but the surrounding countryside is thick with old blast furnaces, aluminum smelters, cement plants, and phosphorous and sulfur mines.

    Mostly small operations.

    A major reason for Guizhou’s lack of prosperity is the terrain – lots of it is mountainous, and unsuitable for farming.

    The Han areas aren’t prosperous for the most part, but the hinterlands where the Dong & Miao people live can be truly impoverished.

    While there are some aspects of the province that I miss, the hassles of dealing with Guiyang do not endear the place to me overmuch.

  76. Luckily for me, as a norwegian it’s barely impossible for me to become homeless, due to good social security. And that’s worth sacrificing a lot for.

    Must absolutely suck to end up in a situation like that. Love you for covering this, it’s really interesting

  77. Imagine this; we have people here in the USA wanting to be COMMUNIST! A Liar criminal who stole the election feeding us bullshit while puts people out of work with the stroke of a pen. He is a pedigree piece of feecie.

  78. There’s actually nothing wrong with eating a rat in the country. The social stigma of eating rats, bugs or any other animal that some cultures wouldn’t normally eat is slowly changing. It’s probably a lot better for you and tastier than a chicken raised in a factory farm pumped with antibiotics and living a stressed life. Lobster used to be considered a poor man’s food and was fed to prisoners which goes to show that as long as it’s tasty, people will accept it. Hell, people in Florida are eating pythons and iguana. Who ever thought that would have happened?

  79. Bubonic Plague is caused by Fleas on Rats or other animals. If they’re playing with rats, they have a good chance of contracting the Plague. Doesn’t the government inform them of the possibility of coming down with the Plague? Or is this a way of controlling the population, by infecting them. Amazing. Just like the CCP virus.

  80. *The Philippines 🇵🇭 capital is one of the most overpopulated places on earth.* There are few other areas where so many people live so closely together: On average there are 41,282 people per square kilometre, but in some slum regions there are as many as 88,000 people living per square kilometre.~
    Living place is becoming increasingly satuarated. This overcrowding is causing a range of problems such as pollution, deforestation, loss of wildlife, unemployment, malnutrition, food shortage, clean drinking water shortages, and general poverty. ~
    *Every day, 95 children in the Philippines die from malnutrition. Twenty-seven out of 1,000 Filipino children do not get past their fifth birthday. A third of Filipino children are stunted, or too short for their age. Stunting after 2 years of age can be permanent, irreversible and even fatal. According to the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).* ~
    Worse yet, a good 50% of the Philippines is very mountainous or volcanic, so the land area actually occupied and used by people (especially agriculture) is around half of the total land area of the Philippines. By 2050 it is expected that the Philippines’ population, if it continues to grow at present rates, will be around 150 million people. So an extra 50 million people will need to be crammed into already very crowded parts of the Philippines. And this on top of global warming, which will inundate more and more the land area of the Philippines that is flat and close to the ocean, which is most of the land that is needed for people to live in.

  81. China has 600 million people in poverty and wants to be a hegemonic country in everything. It is common in China, you see a poor guy asking an African why Africans are so poor. The brainwash ate the Chinese neurons, they think they are richer than the Africans.

  82. The effects of the ”Great Leap Forward (into ruin)” still holds the average Chinese in a stranglehold. Yet the majority keeps believing the CCP narrative about eliminating poverty, I wish more people and the media actually listened and looked into the realities of China instead of parroting the narrative painted by the entity holding every Chinese back on a daily basis.

  83. This channel is great because you don’t try to pretend that it’s one way or another. You throw your experiences out there and let it speak for itself. Very good

  84. that’s just lunch. Don’t get me wrong, they are poor. But wild meat is normal

    Parts of Hong Kong Was like that 30 years ago. There is no shame in that.

  85. Thanks for this. You’re doing important work. I’m Canadian. I lived in Canada all my life. When I was a child I was almost as poor as the little girl. I can understand how life for her can actually be ‘good’ despite how hard it looks and how much she wishes it were different. I was lucky. I got to outlive my poverty. Maybe she will too.

  86. Your report on poverty in China is gut wrenching and it’s similar to the conditions experienced in USA by American Descendants of Slavery (“ADOS”). They endure centuries of governmental entrenched racist polices. Such policies known as reconstruction, convict leasing, red lining, G.I. loans, Homestead Acts, etc., serve to force ADOS members into abject poverty while exponentially expanding Amerikkka’s racial wealth gap. So, campaigning USA to pass Reparations for centuries of plunder and thief of ADOS land, resources & intellectual property is a must. Join the movement to make USA pay its debt to ADOS.

  87. Thank you for telling the truth, something appalling I didn’t hear about before even though I am chinese myself! By the way, you seem have lost weight much, look better and fitter!

  88. Your view on poverty is great. Just listened to George Orwell’s The Road to Wigan Pier. You remind me a lot when it comes to his attitude to poverty. A sort of respect for the hardship they have to endure. No shame and no romanticizing. Which was important to him more than you, since he was a socialist.
    It is a problem with the fact that many of us socialists romanticize people who goes trough hardship and poverty. George Orwell Brings that up since it is a problem.

  89. It’s absolutely the same attitude as it was in Soviet Union. Now its gone but the system, the so called deep state, wasn’t destroyed and within 10 years it started gaining power again. And now here we are, under Putin’s regime only without faith in the bright future, fake state. So I think it’s impossible to change anything in China. Where will you get all those millions of people who benefit from the system. It will reproduce itself for sure. Anyway, you’re doing a great job. And the truth is important in itself. Thanks a lot.

  90. Schools, colleges and universities should show these videos and encourage students studying Chinese to watch these videos to learn about modern Chinese culture and the world we live in.

    Awareness will bring change and create a better and happier world.

  91. It seems like China did a purge before the virus happened. I used to watch a few youtube channels of people living in china and all those people are back in America or trying to explore other countries

  92. That is funny . Daliang area and poor Guizhou village can represent all rural life in China lol .that is like when you visit a 5 star hotel and you only point your camera to a dirty garbage bin than tell the world , look this place is dirty and filthy. The hotel manager wants to conceal the truth !

  93. Yes she really yanks your heart out. But I bet she’ll be healthier than her cousins living in Beijing that are constantly absorbing toxic chemicals from their food and air

  94. Believe me why is this a country which eats the most bizzare things in the world which are unsuitable for human consumption it’s because of lack of food in china they have silicon but they can’t eat Electronics so they import meat from Australia and now blames corona came via frozen food. Changing the narrative also the fact china knows nothing about taste they just eat anything boiled 😂.if corona was little bigger in size they would eat that too.😂😂.

    But That’s the wrong way 🥺 well CCp should look into this matter .

  95. If rat or bat is all they can readily obtain for food then I can’t fault them for that. I would just like to see them cook it thoroughly so the viruses and bacteria wouldn’t be contracted to the humans and then spread around the world. Beijing should transfer some of the obscene amount of wealth to the rural areas and give the people access to a better food supply, clean water, medicine and better housing instead of hoarding the wealth amongst the elites. I wish the rural people well. Great video.

  96. Buddy, love your content, but you and the other china Vloggers really need to just do a Zoom call and work out all your differences. If these guys really don’t know what they are talking about then a simple recorded discourse in a conference call where you debate all the topics would really bring light to the situation. Also, it would make for insanely good content.

  97. i m looking at that guy that holds another rat in his hands and some vegetables on his shoulder. That position…..That stance….is the stance of a man doing a lot of heavy lifting work …. I m not a medcal expert but that s lordosis i think…. He s spinal column is deformed….

  98. I love the natural beauty 🙂
    Though I sort of guessed a caste system existed in China (kind of like what India has), it makes me feel better about how thankful I treated all the low paid workers 🙂
    I do not believe I have seen someone being mean to service workers while I was in China for 6 months, but I also don’t speak Chinese so I’m not really a reliable source lol

  99. When I saw JaYoe nation on your channel with that rictus smile it gave me the creeps. I can’t remember but you were sitting with him and describing how a man had been persecuted by the CCP. The vail came down and he was suddenly less vociferous; guarding himself with a dark expression that was telling.

  100. Rodents are usually quite good to eat actually. I mean i wouldn’t want to eat city rats but I don’t see a problem with eating a rat that lived in a field.

  101. its telling that oriental cultures developed traditions of eating insects out of necessity and poverty, and now western corporations are trying to goad us into doing the same.

  102. What do you think of Matt’s gillet latest new year vlog saying how wonderful china is. I would love his view on this vlog how would he explain this away. I feel it is great for his family how wealthy they are but they are not the normal in china what about the hidden poverty he does not show that in his vlogs. He should be more responsible to his followers. Keep up the good work Winston.

  103. I actually heard an American on a news podcast claim that china had completely eradicated poverty under xi and criticism of china was a cia diversion. I was stunned by the flat out propaganda from an otherwise intelligent person

  104. What is it with the stigma of eating rats? I get it that this is a food born out of desperation, but if you look through history people have eaten rats for a really long time all over the world. Granted it is one of the survival type foods but at least the child had people who cared enough to fix her hair and make sure she had something to eat. That to me makes her one of the more lucky children. It’s the kid who nobody cares about who is truly poor.

  105. Great report, Winston !!! I’ve been enjoying your channel for a long time, and you’ve always showed the good, the bad, and the ugly about China in a polite balanced manner. I’m glad you aren’t sweeping the poverty issue under the rug. As for the rats, I’m not squeamish, those things are huge and would make a solid meal ! Well done. Keep em coming.

  106. Thank you very much for speaking about these issues in such a non-patronising way. The shot of the little girl and her family was very poignant and you put it in a compassionate non-condescending context.

  107. Damn Winston. You just open our eyes, show that real situation, usual daily life of China. Not that fake view! You had some bad time there, and after moving, we all see that your content changed a bit. And that is so cool. You show us that real todays China. Your content kinda changes my oppinion about China (political point of view). Thanks for that!
    I’m talking here as a post comunist country citizen. I wish China some day will have what we have here in Lithuania today. Stay awesome, China people!

  108. Have you ever thought of streaming a live debate with JaYoeNation? That would be a great way to show his gaps in knowledge and an opportunity to prove some innocence on your part for his fans.

  109. Dude I was at a Xianxang hotel and this guy was upset about his food being too cold and when the worker offered to take it away for him… he knocked it on the floor and told her to give him another one. And she actually cleaned it up and did that. I told her later because she cried that she was doing a great job and he’s just upset because he is inadequate. My friend spoke mandarin and explained what happened to me. I used a translator to tell her. She smiled and laughed so I think it helped her out a little bit that day.

  110. No argument from me, but at least she got her hands on some protein. We still get the images of starving African kids on our televisions here in Oz, and they dont look anywhere near as healthy as this little girl. Doesnt make it right, but the CCP aren’t known for doing the right thing by the people on the bottom rung of the ladder.

  111. I love this channel, this is really getting down to what people’s lives are in China. The discussions on ADVChina are superb too. Best two experts on China available.

  112. I’ve been watching your channel for a long time now. I just wanted to thank you for recognizing the humanity in the Chinese people while at the same time condemning Communism while it is still possible in the West. Americans need to wake up to the reality of the enslavement (mind and body) of the Chinese people and see in your narrative a case study of a scenario that they themselves could easily experience. Through the prayers of the St. John of Shanghai, may the Lord have mercy upon China!

  113. Many people in China CCP still live in EXTREME poverty b/c China CCP spends billions & billions of $$$ on influence operations throughout the world, especially in the U.S. And, of course, they spend even more $$$ on “internal” security as they fear their own people more than ANYTHING !!!!!!

  114. China is trying to fix these problems though. And that’s the trouble, fighting over Taiwan, every other country, all that has a reason behind it. If the message is that the rich in China should be sharing more than they do, same can be said for any country in the world

  115. It’s high time to “Boycott: Made in China CCP!!!” This is for the WHOLE world, by-the-way. Understand that if this is followed, China CCP will be determined to stop it. Same w/ tariffs; you know they are effective b/c China CCP was DESPERATE to get them removed. They are effective b/c they destroy China CCP in the medium & long term!

  116. In the US, there are still small game seasons in which people shoot and eat squirrels and ground hogs (Pusatawney Phil is just a ground squirrel, really) They are rodents , as are rats. The big difference is that in cities, they live in the sewers. Bjt they also live barns where grain is stored. They are competitors for the stored grain. We are squeamish, and in terms of city rats, justly so, but in rural areas, they are muc less likely to be disease ridden. Remember also that in South America, another rodent also is on the menu, guinea pigs. Mot my choice of cuisine, but to be blunt, it is far better than starving, and for all I know, they may be quite tasty.

  117. Yeah, being poor is just a reality, some more difficult than others. If it takes generations for people’s lives to get better, that is ok. Some of my great grandparents came to the US with nothing but their clothes, but now my cousins and siblings live easy lives of privilege. What I really feel bad for is bad policies having a negative impact on others such as: drug use in the US/Canada causing drug cartel violence in Mexico, or Communists in China’s bad policies especially under Mao.

  118. I don’t know what do you mean that “rat”. That type of “rat” doesn’t come with virus or any bad bacteria. It’s an equivalent of pig/sheep/cow/chicken/fish. I don’t know what’s wrong to take a chicken for dinner.

  119. Truthful, why are these facts so scary? China has to help and not ignore. The problem will not go away. This is why Communism failed, there is always a more important “person”.

  120. Never forget that in addition to Genocide of Uyghur Muslims, suppression of Manchu culture, and a complete societal lack of any awareness for racial discrimination the current government of China just redefined the definition of poverty to “help” these people

  121. Winston tells us what a real China is like. Its not pretty, but it’s so true. Even i know what china is like, your footage still touched my heart deeply. Thank you, Winston.

  122. Thanks Wilson
    I started the day being slightly overweight and because of you I am now slim and in shape and I didnt even have to lift a finger
    You made my day !
    Your kind of journalism is my kind of journalism, mate

  123. My father didn’t have a toilette with water growing up, in switzerland, we’re like known for being rich by now, that what it means lifting peoples out of poverty and still there are peoples that live at the existential minimum, so that whole china has no more peoples living in poverty never seemed feasible.

  124. When did you take the video? A decade ago? Because China has made significant economic strides forward since then. You need to highlight the positive developments as well instead of spinning a narrative of hatred towards the Chinese.

  125. *Media influencers in the West are absolutely ridiculous for socially engineering the young that they should be eating scorpions, locusts, grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms to be more cultured. Literally the ONLY reason they were eaten in China AT ALL because it faced horrific famines recently. IT’S LITERALLY FANTASIZING STARVATION AND IT’S DISGUSTING!*

  126. I grew up in Africa a poverty home. Growing up that way and moved to England made me know that its better to be poor than rich. Cause you have all the money and everything and never happy and always ungrateful but growing up in the poorest part of Africa am privilege for it and grew up a happy kid in my village never lacked going to the farm and eating Bush meat and playing in the streams and rivers . But the get me wrong africa is beautiful but there’s a level of poor and rich it’s called class.

  127. You become great in your videos.
    I like your way of describing your trips as you go through the video.
    I’m really fan of your videos.
    Greetings from 🇨🇦, my girlfriend is Chinese.

  128. ok eating these rats is no different to swiss eating horses and breed rabbits to eat and i had dog smoked in switzerland. My dad told me cats taste like rabbit just differnt bones. I know some country eat guinnipigs. “It can be” deseptive to talk about it in a wrong light.

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