Racing a Rental Motorbike in Thailand

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  1. Chad you did it bro! Now next time you need to have a thai teen wearing no helmet and no shoes riding pillion so he can counter balance you to do wheelies

  2. its a tough old life Chad
    How pissed were the rental company that you had improved their bike?
    Glad to see you manned up – but were you last in your section?

  3. Whenever I see one of those dj’s, I wonder if the knobs and switches they are playing with actually do anything or if it is all for show and the music is just pre-programmed.

  4. Great event!! Dude thanks for keeping us entertained while we are going back to a one month lockdown again over here (Netherlands).. Looking soooooo forward to travel to Thailand someday!

  5. I laughed so loud at you on the bike, it reminded me of Mr Bean or Monty Python!

    Oh… and the first lady wearing orange and black – super sexy – mindblowing 😎

  6. Haven’t even watched yet. Hell yes man! Glad you listened. You said, you say it in the comments and I’ll run a rental. You delivered! Make it a shirt! “Rental Racing” I want another CB shirt brother 👍

  7. I’m a new Subscriber to your channel and also an American in Thailand. Would love to buy you a drink next time you’re Pattaya. Come to Assienda bar on Soi Chaiyapoon I’m always there plus we have a Sunday Night Live Pattaya Show and would be great to have you as a guest. Take Care and GodSpeed

  8. 3:49 & 4:38 thailand in a nutshell 😉 drag racing a scooter… with shopping basket on the front and wearing flip flops. oh yeah and pulling a wheelie with your mate on the back!

  9. I like how people in Thailand just living normal life, Here in Philippines if people saw on social Media other people having an event like that they will get angry because of the c0V1d thing.. I hate living here with new normal thing i wish i was in Thailand and having fun without worrying anything cause lets be honest this “situation thing” doesnt really exist

  10. The new modern western woman of today that has increasingly becoming more masculine in both body and mind and should be really jealous of Asian woman, they are feminine and really in touch with their natural biology. It’s no wonder why they rank highest, most popular and on highest demand today. Their skin is super soft and smooth, and its rarely you’ll ever see a fat woman there. This is probably the most political incorrect comment of the day but I don’t care, Chad’s video are a breath of fresh air to me everyday I watch his video, happy I discovered this channel and my god I miss coming home to my country.

  11. Thank you for putting a big smile on my face, makes me miss home. Laughed so hard at the daek waen (Thai slang for teens on customized motorbikes) going full tuck and pulling wheelies in the participant race.

  12. Chad – they should allow you 225 cc’s cause you’re half again bigger than the rest of those guys!
    Btw I’m 5’4″so I can say this. You’re half again bigger than me too! Great vid!

  13. Brilliant and hilarious. Fantastic content as usual. No wonder at your HUGE subscriber rate after just over a year. Keep up the great work Chad 👍👍👍👍

  14. Man.. Thanks for the video.. Too bad.. We frm Malaysia won’t able to go this year.. last year we participate the race also.. BTW thanks man.. CB MEDIA ROCKz 💪💪💪

  15. I once watch a documentary on a young kid that did this they make big big money. It’s pretty fkn dangerous all they do is smoke cigarettes and drive these bikes. God bless them remember when could be at a big party… FKN COVID I HATE IT.

  16. All the other racers looked around at the competition, saw Chad and thought who the hell is the giant on the moped? Then then DJ was shaking it all over son.🤔🥴😳💯💯💯💥👌

  17. What a fun event thanks for documenting it for us guys stuck in the USA lockdown. The way you stuck out like a tall sore thumb in that crowd cracked me up. Keep em coming Chad you Rock.

  18. It Would Simpy Blow Their Frickin Little Brains Out Ifin Someone Brought An Electric Zero Bike There To Rip Them All New Asses In The Drags, Quickly & Quietly! LMAO

  19. Is the distance they race actually 1/4 mile or something close to that. If it is then my brain can understand just how fast these bikes are.
    A good friend of mine owns a NHRA top fuel dragster. They do about 4 to 5 races a year because of budget constraints. Look up ZIZZO Racing.
    They made the final 2 this year and then lost in the final round. Not bad for a team that doesn’t have the big budgets that most of the top teams do.

    If going to turn them on to your channel to see all the crazy drag racing in Thailand.

  20. ผมเป็นคนไทย ที่ชอบดูช่องของคุณมาก ถึงแม้ว่าผมฟังไม่รู้เรื่อง ภาพชัด ภาพสวย ตัดต่อดี ทุกอย่าง ok ไม่รู้จะมีคนไทย อื่นอีกไหมที่ชอบช่องคุณ

  21. I lived in Thailand for two years and I’m still not a fan of that Thai disco trash music…it’s Thailand’s greatest achievement for mankind for being able to cram that many annoying sounds into one music track. I salute them!

    But the bouncing boobies DJ was nice to watch…whether aftermarket or OEM, boobs are still mesmerizing to watch I guess 😄

  22. In this video, Chad explores the secret night party culture of Thailand where we learn that most DJs are hired models with no skills to use a Pioneer DDJ deck. Regardless, he continues his infiltration into the culture to find the true boss of the night party. Tune in next time for the epic battle royale!

  23. why I love yours videos ? : cause it’s still great content, I can understand cause you American is perfect ! no need subtitles !, you live the live you choose to the Max, you are Jaïdee MaaK (good men) and the ladies can feel it 🙂 . thai provers : be GOOD, do GOOD, and Everything will be OK ! Na khapt ! you rules mate .

  24. Haha nice one Chad for getting out there with the most important upgrade a very loud but otherwise useless exhaust 🤣 good work ya messer 😂 …after party looked great 🍻🍺

  25. if you ever saw the movie Mr. Baseball there’s a scene where Tom Sellick is walking down the street in Japan and just towers over everyone on the street.
    Chad, you are this generation’s Mr. Baseball

  26. S.E.Asian Techno is the worst, OMG. Doesn’t even matter which country it’s produced Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand.. They all pretty much sound horribly the same.

  27. @ 1:44 That woman KNOWS how to use highlights! Most times it’s like, yeah, sure, she looks great like all the others. But this one,…BAM!! But it’s probably just the makeup. 😭😭

  28. Chad you are bringing us sides of Thailand that I have never seen despite being married to a Thai and travelling there for the last 16 years, Clearly need to get out of my comfort zones. Thanks for more bucket list ideas for the next trip.

  29. You are such a puss. You should have get you self rain coat at 7-11 for 20 baht and go in the rain …..
    This is part of the fun riding bike in Thailand 👍

  30. Boobs and boost, 2stroke and techno, the events and shirt slogans of chads 2020. Thank you for your epic year of amazing efforts. Epic work. 👍🇬🇧👍

  31. WAY TO GO CHAD!!! In motorsport like that it doesn’t matter if you came first or last, you absolutely got into the spirit and had a blast. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Keep up the great work.

  32. Hey Chad something I’ve been wondering since the first 2-stroke drag racing video where they were going 9s on those unprepped Thai tracks is how they have so much grip on those skinny tires? Could you ask one of these guys to do like a build breakdown on his bike? I really want to know what kind of tires they’re running to get skinny tire 150cc motorbikes into 9s in the quarter mile.

  33. OMG! 9 and 10 second 150 CC “scooters”. Dude, I used to run high 10’s with my 1,000 CC R1. Makes me feel kinda stupid. I was stoked when I’d run a 10.8, now you show me “scooters” that would dust me. I’m sad now.

  34. i miss the sukhumvit 63 bridge racing..used to watch that from my balcony when i first got there , stayed at hi tech tower and ran the pool bar for a year or two un till the thonglor popo started asking for too much dollar hahah

  35. This blog was really good you’re a new computer uploaded it really I don’t know it was what else can I say it looks really good either you’re a pro max or are the computer combined the chair that was a good good one I liked it.

  36. It looks like the film has been sped up when they leave, there’s no way they are going that fast! Next time you have to do a wheelie or the superman XD

  37. Wow. That was rad!!!!
    Proud of my boy Chad getting out in that crazy commotion and taken the old rental out for some rips. Even going to the extent of putting on a super bad ass muffler. That was cool dude.

    Don’t get me started on the ladies. Im here to help the algorithm, not hurt it. Hahaha they are very pretty…

    NICE CAMERA❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I LOVE FROM INDONESIA🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  39. This vlog has it all.
    Motorbikes… after party.
    Some ok looking hotties. (I joke).
    Thanks Chad for sharing your adventures. You do us Americans proud.
    And jealous.

  40. Wow! here I am at full covid lock down in california bored and doing nothing while chad is in full party down in thailand having the time of his life. I must be doing something wrong!

  41. Bwa ha ha ha ha thats just balls man for joining the crowd drag. But if I’m not mistaken the Thais bike drag race is only 201 meters or half of a quarter mile.

  42. Hey friend loving your content lately especially Motorsport stuff 👍🇨🇦. Hope your well. Definitely would like to travel there sometime while I’m still younger haha 🤪. Some of those souped up 2t bikes are no joke those are crazy fast off the line! Wow love it

  43. Oh you should have asked about Hat Yai and the weather! I worked in Songkhla for a while and this time of year it virtually never stops raining. Hat Yai often floods. The bars there and in Songkhla have huge transparent-ish plastic sheets they pull down to keep the rain and the spray from the road out.
    Great video.
    You might take a trip to the Songkhla ‘Dark Side’ the Offshore bar maybe, while you are there. Maybe take in the zoo and aquarium, the old city wall, the Auntie Bar. All near to the Pavilion Hotel Songkhla.

  44. Bikes, Boobies and Chad Beep’s weather challenges.
    Total classic CB. Awesome dude.
    At 3:36 I barely could see CB in the biker mix. LMAO for like 5 minutes. Hilarious.
    Great vlog but too short.
    Cheers 🏍 🍻🍒

  45. I guess you where sleep off that hang over after your drunk live stream last night Chad . You most likely missed a live stream from Miss Jira Thailand , she was asked to do a vblog with you . Us Miss Jira fans cannot wait for that one ….

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